Great Minds. 10

Part 10

Angel sat on the floor, leaning against the sofa with an ice pack on his forehead, soothing the bump from when he had hit the wall. His ears were stilling ringing loudly and his head throbbed from the noise. He glanced over at Cordelia, who was now being thoroughly fussed over by Wesley and Gunn.

Her head lay squarely on Gunn’s chest and her breathing was heavy and uneven. Angel wanted to reach out to her, bury her in his arms and never let go, but his own pain was too vast to even contemplate moving.

“Cordelia, what did you see?” Wesley asked cautiously, eyeing Angel from the corner of his eye, as though suspicious of what had just occurred. Cordelia shuddered and buried further into Gunn, sobbing lightly. The black man only tightened his arms around her and looked at Wes, the helplessness evident on his face.

“Cordy?” Wesley tried again.

“Vampires.” Cordelia choked out, “Oh God…they’re gonna rape her Wes.” Her breath caught in her throat and she gagged.

“Who? Cordelia, who are they going to rape?” Wesley was insistent, hating himself for inquiring her so furiously while she was in such a dishevelled state, but aware that it had to be done.

“A little girl. She can’t be more than ten. They’re gonna tell her they know where her mother is…God, she’s so scared!” Cordelia rasped. Gunn grasped her hand and looked at Wes.

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s go save her.”

Wesley was hesitant, taking a moment to look at Angel. “When Cordy?”

“Now…an alleyway behind that Chinese place…Chopsticks. There was a big, red sign above the alley though. Something about half price child wear…” Cordelia dug both palms into her eyes, fingers randomly massaging her forehead. Wesley patted her shoulder and stood, walking over to Angel.

“Angel?” The ex-watcher asked, nudging the vampire carefully. “Angel, what did you see?”

The vampire’s face jerked up in confusion. “What?”

“I…did you see the same thing?” Wesley asked, unsure. Angel shook his head, then groaned at the pain that went racing through his skull.

“I didn’t see anything Wesley. I just…I heard vampires laughing…and screaming. I heard the little girl screaming…loudly, so unbelievably loud…” he buried his head in his hands, rubbing his brow, trying to stop the incessant ringing.

“You…oh my.” Wesley said in awe. Gunn looked at him warily.

“Now what?”

“He only heard the vision…he didn’t see anything…my, my.”

“Wesley, what do you mean?” Fred asked, impatience creeping into her tone. Wesley turned to look at her.

“He’s a vampire.” Gunn rolled his eyes. “No, I mean, he’s a vampire and therefore, he has heightened senses. His hearing capabilities are far higher than the average human being. In fact, Angel’s are probably higher than the average vampire.” Wesley added.

So give the vamp a medal!

Angel glanced over at Cordy who looked as though she was about to blow…and not in a good way. “Uh Wes…”

Lorne gasped. “Oh! Oh, poor Angelcakes!”

Poor AngelCakes? Hello? What the hell happened to my pain???

Unaware of Cordelia’s protests, Wesley continued. “He’s been cursed with the power to hear Cordelia’s thoughts, thus when she was laden with a vision, he heard it. The visions emphasise themselves in vivid colour and flashes of light, as well as excellent sound effects. Screaming, crying, laughing…Angel heard all that Cordelia saw. Only he heard it about twenty times louder. Am I right?” Wesley addressed he vampire still rested on the floor.

“Sounds right.” Angel managed, grabbing the edge of the couch and adjusted himself so that he was able to stand. Gunn helped up Cordelia who leaned on him for a moment’s support, before gathering her own balance.

“Wesley! Science lessons later alright? There’s a little girl to save!”

Wesley cleared his throat. “Right, of course. Lorne, Fred, please watch these two, make sure they don’t drive each other mad. In fact, put them in different rooms. As far away from each other as possible.”

“Wes…” Cordy whined.

“I’ll have none of that Cordelia.” Wesley stated. “Different rooms until I get back and perform the spell. Then you can spend as much time around each other as you like.” He swiftly turned around, not giving her the chance to interrupt and grabbed his jacket. “Gunn…”

“I’m comin’, I’m comin’…” Gunn grumbled. “Damn white man…thinkin’ they all that…I ain’t a freakin’ dog…”


“Fred…” Cordelia tried for the fiftieth time in a hour but the petite Texan refused to comply.

“No Cordy. I’m sorry, I know how much you love spending time with him, especially since you’ve just made up but I don’t want you two going crazy. You have to stay apart. Doctor’s orders…” she smiled softly. Cordelia simply scoffed.

“I’d hardly call Wes a doctor. Mad scientist maybe…”

Fred grinned. “Nope. That’s my title. Don’t you dare go stealin’ my title.” Cordelia laughed at her friend, rolling her eyes good-naturedly. Of course, that was until she was once again bombarded with thoughts and images of a smooth, glistening, white chest, muscles twitching under her touch, arms like steel bands surrounding her, lips that were soft and pliant kissing her breathless. The seer sucked in a breath and quickly pointed somewhere behind Fred.

“Ooh, look!”

Fred turned hastily, a split second before realising she’d been had. Cordelia leapt off the bed and made another attempt to escape the room, but was quickly stopped by Fred, who slammed the door and put her weight against it, so that Cordy would have to physically move her to get through the wooden frame.

Cordelia almost growled. “Fred…”

“No Cordy.”

“Fred, honey, if you don’t let me out of this godforsaken room right now, I swear on everything good and holy that I’m gonna either jump your bones or break your legs. It’s your choice but I’m pretty sure you don’t swing that way and you like walking…”

Fred’s jaw dropped. “You’re that sexually frustrated???”

“I’m dating a really, really hot vampire with 250 years of incredible experience, a face that makes men consider changing their sexualities and a body that was designed to make women drop their jaws and produce excessive amounts of unnecessary saliva…what do you think?”

Fred’s eyes widened and she gaped like a fish, once again stumped by Cordelia’s bluntness. “I…I…I think I’m gonna move now.” She inched away from the door and sat down on the bed, contemplating the wonder that was Angel’s body.

“Hey.” Cordy called out, causing Fred to glance up. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ll try my hardest not to go wacko.” With that, she slammed the door, leaving Fred to worry about whether or not Wesley would throw a fit when he returned.


Cordelia slowly tip toed down the basement stairs, the sight before her making her breath catch in her throat. Angel stood in the centre of the room, dressed in a pair of black slacks and a black T-shirt that emphasised every muscle, every movement, clinging to his body like a second skin.

Her heart pounded in her chest as he swung his blade, creating an invisible arch in the air, muscles tensing and then relaxing as he swayed. All coherent thought left her at the sight.

It was times like this when she realised how lucky she was. To have a man who loved her so unbelievably much with a body that possessed enough strength to catch her if she ever fell. A body that made women glare at her when she walked down the street with him, arms linked together, laying her claim.

A body that made her own hum with desire for him, made the ardour beat through her body as quickly as the blood flowed through it. She gulped hastily as immense arousal flooded her. She wanted it him. She wanted him now. She wanted to tell him that she wanted him now. But all she could manage was Wow.

It was enough though because Angel heard. Swinging around, his dark eyes locked with hers as she slowly made her way down the remaining steps and stood before him.


“Yup.” She raised an eyebrow, trying not to glance at the way the shirt clung to him. She took a step forward but he turned around and bent down, retrieving a sword from the floor and throwing it to her. She caught it with one hand, confusion spreading over her features.

“What’s this?”

“A sword.”

“Yeah, I know that dumbass, why have you given it to me?”

Angel glanced at her. He didn’t say a word but the corners of his mouth tipped up slightly. Then without warning, he swung his own sword at her, careful not to hurt her but throwing her off balance all the same, as she ducked to avoid the blow.


“You gotta be prepared Cordy.”

The seer fumed. “Oh, I’m prepared. The question is, are you prepared to have your ass handed to you?”

Angel grinned wolfishly. “Talk, talk, talk Cor.”

Cordelia glared and lunged forward, swinging her weapon so that it reached him, swords clanging in mid air as Angel used his own to defend himself. The vampire pushed his sword with such a force that Cordelia spun around, trying to maintain her grip on the weapon at the same time.


Ooh, somebody’s sore…Angel’s eyes roved over her body as he moved towards her with predatory grace. He licked his lips as a trembling bead of sweat made it’s way down her neck and underneath her top.

Bite me. Cordelia swung again, missing the vampire as he jumped to the side. Angel smirked arrogantly.

“Come on Cor, I thought you were gonna hand me my ass?”

“Oh, don’t you worry about that Deadboy.” Angel growled playfully at the name making Cordy smirk. “I’m just making you exercise beforehand so that it’s a little less heavy when I hand it to you!” This time Angel growled angrily, raising his sword high in the air. Cordy lashed out, kicking him in the stomach with her foot, sending him stumbling backwards.

Cordelia – 1, Angel – 0. Cordy smiled at the vampire. She could feel the sweat slowly making a path down the arch of her back, the muscles on her arm flex as she and Angel danced in a thousand year old battle. Every part of her hummed with adrenalin and arousal. Angel broke the dance, swinging his blade again, hard, slamming it into Cordelia’s, making both pieces of metal vibrate violently.

We’ll see.

Angel pointed the sword at her, twirling it slightly in a comedic fashion, one hand on his hip as he moved forward. Cordelia laughed and kicked the tip of his blade, making the sword fly into the air. Angel made a dive for it and caught it before Cordelia was able to.


I know.

Cordelia swung again, only this time, her blow was slightly too far to the left and Angel reached out with quick reflexes, pulling her back flush against him, his other hand holding her wrist so that she couldn’t move her sword.

Ah, ah, ah Cordy. She struggled against him, which only made his grin widen, and he hardened in response. She felt him hard against her butt, heightening her arousal to a peak. Feeling mischievous, she ground against him, making the vampire groan and bury his face into her neck. He inhaled deeply, whispering softly against her ear. The smell of you drives me wild Cordelia. Angel bit down lightly, causing Cordy to shudder against him.

It’s a gift.

It’s a good one.

She sighed, arching slightly when he licked her jaw, nibbling softly at the flawless skin he found there. Rearing her head back, she had precisely a second to look into his eyes before he was kissing her furiously, hot, vigorous kisses that made breathing an option she was willing to disregard. She couldn’t move because both hands were pinned by the vampire kissing her breathless, his fingers rubbing slow circles into her palms. But she kissed him back as hard as she could, his tongue rapidly caressing hers, making her ache with need.

She pulled away slightly, gasping for air, looking at him dazed, before he placed his closed mouth on hers again, kissing her once, twice and then abruptly pushing her away, a brutal smirk once again on his handsome face. The seer stumbled slightly, confusion and arousal colouring her skin as she turned to face him.


“Aren’t we meant to be training Cor?” he asked, the large grin still plastered on his face.

She gaped at him in shock and then in outrage. “You are such a…” Angel grabbed Cordelia when she pounced on him, managing to maintain his balance for a split second before he lost it and they both when tumbling over, landing hard on the basement floor. Angel groaned as a blunt pain went shooting down his spine, glancing down at the head of brown hair that was nestled under his chin.

And then she was kissing him, passionately, desperately, all the built up tension between them exuding from their bodies, arousal drenching the room and making Angel dizzy as he breathed it in, hands coming around Cordy to grasp her to him, rotating her hips so that they were in direct contact with his hardness.

Her hands wound themselves in his thick, dark hair, hips grinding down onto his, making the vampire moan into her mouth. Angel lifted her slightly, squeaking when her hands reached in between them and squeezed his crotch through the material of his pants. His eyes rolled back in his head and she smiled against him, her lips barely touching his now, a smug look appearing on her face.

My turn to be the tease.

With that, she got up and got off him, leaving him staring at her open mouthed. Both of them were still desperate for some contact, but Cordy held her ground and defiantly crossed her arms over her chest.

“Oh come on!” Angel protested, unable to move because he was so hard. Cordelia lifted her sword and raised it to his neck so that it settled underneath his chin.

“I could have my wicked way with you right now and you wouldn’t be able to do a thing.” She grinned evilly. Angel gulped.

“This isn’t quite the wicked way I had in mind…” he said, glancing down at the blade under him. Cordelia narrowed her eyes.

“Tell me I rule.”


“Tell me.” She pressed the blade slightly harder against him, careful not to break the skin.

“This is so unfair.”

“You’re staving Broodboy. That’s my job. Say it.”

“No!” Angel grabbed the tip of her sword, pushing it away and standing up, with some difficulty, retrieving his sword before she had the chance to kick it away.

“Hey!” Cordelia struck out with her sword again, Angel raising his to meet her blow. Their swords met directly in front of them, forming an X as they held them tight, opposite each other, neither willing to back down. The tension and the arousal was almost suffocating as brown eyes locked with hazel, speaking of want and desire and determination.

Then it all happened in flash. Warrior and seer dropped their swords, the metal of both weapons noisily clanking to the floor, mouths finding the others, ready, hot and heavy. Angel grabbed the back of Cordelia’s head, his hands fisting violently in her hair, pulling back, giving him better access to her mouth. Her nails scratched down his chest, lifting up the black t -shirt at the bottom, desperate to feel cool, smooth skin.

The vampire growled, lifting her legs and wrapping them around his waist, slamming her hard into the basement wall. Cordelia released his lips, the urge to breathe far too strong to ignore. Then, unable to stay away from his wet messy kisses, she grabbed his head from where it was buried in her neck and kissed him again, aggressively biting his bottom lip, making him slam her hard once again into the wall.

She ground her hips against his, feeling his evident reaction to her touch, feeling wanted, loved. He growled again, large hands lifting up her tank top and pulling it over her head, kissing down her neck until he finally reached the valley between her breasts. She held him to her, hands running restlessly through his hair, soothing him with her voice, whispering his name again and again and again…

And that was when Wesley decided to walk through the basement door.

Part 11

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