Great Minds. 11

Part 11

Gunn jerked his head up. “What the hell was that?”

Fred looked at him, eyes wide, false innocence all but strangling her answer. “Um…what was what?”

Lorne glanced towards the basement door, then over at Gunn. “Sounded like someone screaming.”

Curious chocolate brown eyes met suspicious crimson ones and sudden understanding dawned. They both turned around and stared at Fred.

Fred gave a small, sheepish smile and shrunk back. “What?”


“Oh my God! MY EYES! My bloody eyes!” Wesley screamed out, turning quickly, facing the wall.

Cordelia scrambled out of Angel’s arms and grabbed her discarded top from the floor, her face reddening. Angel reluctantly let her go, hands flying up to straighten his shirt.


“No! I don’t want to hear it! What part of ‘Stay in separate rooms’ did you not understand???” Wesley ground out, his face a deep crimson, still facing the wall as though desperately trying to avoid looking at the couple he had seen writhing against the wall seconds before.


“Christ Cordelia, I’d expect this from you but Angel! Good God man, ever heard of restraint?”

“Ever heard of knocking?” Cordelia muttered, glaring over at Angel when he sshed her, shaking his head.

“Well I was hoping to find Angel training! Alone! I didn’t expect to walk in on…on…on what I walked in on, did I?” Wesley finally turned around giving Angel and Cordy both a disappointed look that made them duck their heads in embarrassment and look anywhere else but at him.

“Sorry.” Angel said quietly.

Wesley softened slightly, glad that they were acknowledging that they were wrong. He felt slightly guilty for coming down on them so hard. He could understand. After all, they both loved each other excessively and the fact that they both looked the way they did didn’t escape him either.

“Well…good. I…I’m sorry too. I’m just concerned for your welfare.”

Angel nodded, remaining silent.

“And, I realise I tend to overreact a little on occasion…”

Cordelia snorted and Wesley glared at her.

“Yes, thank you Cordelia. Well. Since you’re both now clothed and decent…” he cleared his throat and coloured. “Let’s get this curse out of you so that we can all maintain our sanities, hmm?”

Angel smiled at his friend. “You translated it?”

Wesley raised an eyebrow. “Yes. I did it as soon as we got back. Then I came to get you…” he trailed off, blushing furiously. Cordelia couldn’t help but laugh, despite the fact that she was incredibly embarrassed.

The situation was just hilarious. It was like the older brother she never had busting her and her horny boyfriend. She cracked up.

Both Angel and Wes looked at her like she was mad. “So, this curse lifting thing is sounding good.” Angel said, glancing over at Wes and then back at the hysterical girl next to him.

“Uh…yes. I’ll give you two a moment to gather yourselves.” Wes said cautiously as he ran up the stairs. Neither Angel nor Cordy saw the small grin on his face as he went.


“Girl, you were meant to keep her in your room!” Gunn exclaimed. Lorne nodded enthusiastically.

“She threatened me with sexual assault!” Fred said, desperately trying to defend herself, looking hopefully at Lorne for support.

Gunn grinned and raised his eyebrows suggestively. “And you said no?”

“Really Gunn, I don’t believe Fred or Lorne asked to hear your explicit fantasies about Cordelia.” Wesley said smiling as he came through the basement door.

“I’m sorry.” Fred said guiltily.

Wes smiled warmly at her. “Not to worry. I should have known Cordelia would have wormed her way out of that room somehow.”

Lorne grinned. “She’s quite persuasive our little Cordelicious, isn’t she?”

Gunn shook his head. “When she wants something? Hell, it’ll take Satan himself to stop her. And even then, I don’t think he could. She’d probably trick him into condemning himself or something.”

Wesley laughed fondly and then remembered the matter at hand. “Right well, Lorne, I need you to draw a circle over here.” He pointed at a spot in the lobby. “Fred, could you hold this?” He gave her the crystal. “And Gunn. Hold this.” Gunn wrinkled up his nose when Wesley handed him some herbs.

“This smells like crap by the way.”

Wesley frowned. “Well, they don’t usually perfume them Gunn.”

“The way these smell? They damn well should.” Gunn retorted, holding the herbs as far away from him as possible. Then he glanced over at Fred with a glint in his eye. “I still can’t believe you said no.”


“Cordy?” Angel touched her shoulder tentatively. “Cordy? You’re scaring me.”

Cordelia was still laughing. She was bent over, clutching at her stomach because it hurt from laughing so hard. Angel looked at her half worriedly, half amusedly, touching her other shoulder with his free hand. “Cordy?”

She straightened suddenly and buried herself in his arms. Instinctively, Angel’s arms went around her and he rested his chin on the crown of her head. She shook slightly, still recovering from hysterical laughter and then looked up at him.

“Aah, that was funny.” She brought one hand up, wiping tears from her eyes. “I just…Wesley’s face!” she snorted, then sobered. But there was still a twinkle in her eye. So…wanna go get de-cursed?

“I don’t know.” Angel grinned, squeezing her slightly. I kinda like it here.

Cordelia smiled, rolling her eyes and then bringing both arms around his neck. “Me too. But…” she grinned suggestively, one arm coming down, fingers tracing his bottom lip. “The sooner it’s done…ah!” she jerked back her finger when he tried to bite it. Dumbass…“the sooner we can…” she winked at him, pulling away and stumbling slightly when he refused to loosen his hold.

“The sooner we can what?” Angel leered, lowering his mouth to hers.

Cordy grinned. “Well, if you don’t know then I don’t wanna do it with you!” Angel kissed her soundly, shutting her up, pulling away so she could breathe.

“You sure about that?” He smirked.

“No.” Cordy smiled, pushing away from him and heading for the stairs. But a girl can change her mind can’t she? She held out her hand for him and he slipped it into hers. But instead of following her, he pulled her against him and kissed her once again. It was several seconds before he released her lips. When he let her go, hands still intertwined, she was breathing heavily, forehead resting against his.

God Angel, at this rate we’re never gonna get up there.

Would that really be such a bad thing?

Yes. Cordy forced herself away from his kisses, and jerked his hand. Angel groaned, his sexual frustration completely unsatisfied, and followed her up the stairs. “This bites ya know?”

“I know.” Cordelia grinned down at him. “But so do you.”


“Ah good, you’re here.” Wesley smiled as they entered the room and pointed at the circle in the centre of the lobby.

“Wes? Just promise me you’re not gonna open another portal and I’m good.” Cordy said, drawing a gasp from Fred.

“P…portal? Where?” Fred asked, eyes wide, expression one of terror.

“Shush Fred sweetie. There are no portals opening in this lobby. No siree. Cordelia was just being silly.” Lorne wrapped an arm around Fred’s shoulders and squeezed reassuringly, giving Cordy a small glare.

“Yeah, sorry. I was just joking.” Cordelia cleared her throat and squeezed Angel’s hand once before she walked over to the circle and glanced up questioningly at Wesley. “Where do I stand?”

“Right. Well, it’s complicated. Because this cure is usually meant for one person, I’ve had to alter it slightly. Using my calculations…”

“I don’t like the sound of that.” Gunn said sceptically.

“At least you won’t be the one who ends up with two heads or a tail or something gross like that!” Cordelia exclaimed.

“How the hell do you know? I’m gonna be standing in the damn circle!” Gunn replied.

“Thank you all for the overwhelming faith.” Wesley drawled sarcastically. “According to my calculations, which Fred has also checked, this way works perfectly well and is suitable for two people.”

Gunn and Cordy looked as though they were about to protest again but Angel beat them to it. “Guys, I’m sure Wes had checked this over a million and one times and he’s positive nothing’s gonna happen to us…apart from, obviously, not being able to hear each other’s thoughts anymore.” He gave Cordy a reassuring smile and relaxed when she returned it.

“Thank you Angel. It’s nice to know someone has faith in me.”

“Aw come on Wes, we have faith in you.”

“Yeah, we just don’t wanna end up looking like Lorne. No offence.” Gunn held his hands up when Lorne gave him a blank look.

The green demon cleared his throat. “Well I happen to be beautiful for my kind, thank you very much. But you? Hell, you’ve gotta compete with the likes of Will Smith and Denzel and…”

“I don’t think this is incredibly relevant do you?” Wesley interrupted, shaking his head at the look of outrage that settled on Gunn’s face. Wes walked over to the circle and took Cordy by the arm. “Alright, Cordelia, stand here. Angel…” he beckoned the vampire with his hand. “You’re here.” Angel stood directly opposite Cordelia, winking when their eyes met.

“Fred, please place the crystal in the centre of the circle.” Fred came forward and carefully positioned the sparkling jewel so that it was in the middle. Wesley took his place at the 12 o’clock point of the circle and pointed opposite him. “Gunn, grab whatever axe you think allows you to assert the best aim and stand over there. Oh, and put those herbs at Cordelia and Angel’s feet. Lorne, Fred. Just stand by in case we need you.”

“Aye aye, captain!” Lorne saluted, receiving a glare from Wesley. He shut up and timidly moved behind Fred.

Everyone quickly took their positions in and around the circle. Wesley held a small piece of paper in his hands. Once everyone was ready, he began to read in Latin.

I’m gonna miss this.

Me too.

Gunn raised his axe, positioning it directly above the crystal. Wesley continued to read the words aloud.

Is this gonna hurt? I forgot to ask if this was gonna hurt.

It doesn’t matter Cordy. It’ll be over soon.

Fred looked from Wesley to Gunn anxiously, waiting for the spell to finish.

Angel, I don’t want to grow a tail. Or another head. Or sprout horns…

We won’t Cordy.

It’s easy for you to say! You’d look good if someone grew antlers out of your butt!

Angel gave her a weird look and let that visual sink in. Then he raised an eyebrow. And you wouldn’t?

Pfft. Hardly.

Cordy, no one’s gonna grow anything okay? Wes is the next Einstein, we’ll be fine.

Cordelia smiled at him. The anticipation in the room grew as Wesley continued to read in Latin. By the time he was on the last words, Gunn’s arms were shaking as they drew the heavy axe back over his shoulder. Wes looked up at him and said the final word.


Gunn brought his axe down hard, shattering the crystal into a million different pieces, littering the lobby with shimmering pieces of stone. A bright blue light flashed in between the four figures in the circle, exiting and spreading around the room like a blinding blur. Cordelia felt the air rush out of her lungs as a cool breeze filled her, swirling around her mind like a whirlpool. She lost all ability to speak as she felt some sort of suction taking place inside her head. Nothing was visible before her other than the blueness.

Then, suddenly, it stopped. The light subsided as quickly as it had flashed and Wesley, Gunn, Lorne and Fred watched through horrified eyes as champion and seer gasped raggedly once, before collapsing to the ground, still and unmoving.


“Oh God!” Fred said, running to Cordelia and grabbing her by the shoulders. “Cordelia? Cordy! Wake up!” She shook her incessantly until the seer slapped her hands away and raised herself on her palms, one hand going to her head.

“Okay…that wasn’t ow-less.”

Wesley sighed, glancing over at Angel, who was coming to. Lorne gently lifted the vampire’s shoulders and helped him stand up.

“Did it work?” Gunn asked, curiously glancing at Angel.

“I can’t hear anything.” Angel rubbed his head, listening closely. “Nope. Cordy, you thinking?”

Cordelia didn’t say a word. Wesley narrowed his eyes. “Cordelia?”

“Cordy?” Gunn tried.

“Shut up!” Cordelia screamed, jumping up and startling everyone in the room. “Stop thinking! Jesus Angel, you are driving me CRAZY!!!”

Angel’s eyes widened and Fred felt her heart sink in her chest. Wesley gulped.

Cordelia looked around at everyone’s shocked faces and then, unable to contain her amusement, broke out into a gigantic grin.


Nobody said anything for a moment. They were too shocked to even speak. Then Angel rushed at her, tackling her and making them both land on the couch in a tangled heap. Gunn jumped up laughing.

“No Angel man, no way, you can’t have her all to yourself! I want me a piece of pain in the ass!” He lunged onto the sofa, tickling Cordelia mercilessly, just as she had done to him a couple of days before. Cordelia laughed and gasped, yelling the occasional protest and lashing out with her hands.

Wesley breathed a sigh of relief and sank down onto the floor. Fred smiled and took a seat next to him. “You did it Wes.”

He turned and looked at her. “We did it Fred.”

She grinned and looked back at the sofa where Angel was now hugging Cordelia, and Gunn had backed off, collapsing against the couch.

“Girl, I can’t believe you did that! If you weren’t a lady…”

“Aw come on! You should have seen your faces! Wesley looked like he was about to pee in his pants!” Cordelia giggled against Angel’s shirt.

“Why am I always the one doing the most humiliating things?” Wesley asked good-naturedly, standing up and offering his hand to Fred. She took it, laughing.

“Because you scream like a girl?”

“And kiss like a fish?”

“And dance like you have a severe medical condition?”

“OH!” Lorne and Gunn said at the same time, pointing accusingly at Angel. “You can hardly talk my friend!” Lorne said, grinning.

“What? I don’t dance.” Angel answered defensively.

“Yeah but I bet if you did, you’d suck bigtime.” Gunn said, smiling sweetly at the glare Angel sent his way. Cordelia hit Gunn on the arm.

“He can dance! He’s danced with me. And he dances well. Of course it was only slow dancing…”

Gunn turned around and grinned. “You danced with her? Without me? I’m hurt. Truly.”

“Well at least all of you have heard Angel sing. I haven’t even heard that.” Fred added to the conversation. Lorne laughed.

“Believe me sweetie, you don’t want to! He butchered a classic. Hearing birds squawk in heat is more tuneful.”

“Hey! I am sitting right here!” Angel waved his arms towards himself emphatically. Wesley smirked and then stretched.

“Right-o children. It’s been fun but it’s been equally exhausting if not more for the past few days, so I’m going home and off to bed.”

Gunn yawned. “I’ll give you a ride. Lorne you coming or staying here?”

“I’ll skedaddle. I’m in desperate need of a seabreeze anyway.” Lorne got up and ruffled Cordy’s hair. “You gonna stay here with tall dark and handsome or dawdle with the three merry men?”

Cordy laughed and pointed to Angel’s arms that were restraining her from going anywhere. “Well, as tempting as the latter sounds, I have some unresolved issues that need to be resolved with the undead.” She winked at the green demon who caught the hint and followed Gunn out the door.

“Thanks Wes.” Angel said to his friend as he walked out behind Lorne. “You’re a lifesaver.” Wesley smiled and said goodnight, then made his way out of the hotel.

Fred looked at the couple from where she was standing. “I’m gonna head upstairs too. You guys probably have stuff you want to do…” she trailed off blushing, remembering her earlier conversation with Cordelia.

Cordy smirked at her friend and then looked at Angel. “Can you give me a minute? I’ll be up as soon as I’m done.” Angel glanced at Fred and then back at Cordy, then nodded and headed up the stairs. Cordelia turned around to face Fred.

“Fred, I just…I just wanted to say thank you. For everything you’ve done these past few days. I know it must have been hard trying to calm me down when I was being hysterical and weepy and uber-bitchy but you still managed to. And you made me feel a hell of a lot better. So thank you.”

Fred smiled warmly. “Oh Cordy, you’re welcome. You took care of me when I was all upset about Angel and Lilah…only Angel wasn’t Angel he was Marcus so that doesn’t really count but still…I like the idea that occasionally I get to take care of you. I know Angel likes to do it, I know all the boys like to do it. But once in a while you need that woman’s touch ya know? And it makes me feel like we’re friends.”

“We are friends Fred. My God, you have no idea how fun it is to have another woman around. Sure, who doesn’t like being surrounded by three delicious men and getting all the attention cos you’re the only chick but…I like having you around. I like us being friends. Kinda gal pal-y but I like it.”

Fred grinned. “Good. Me too. Plus, I’m sure it’s nice to have one friend around who doesn’t want to jump you.” The Texan slapped her hand over her mouth as Cordy’s eyes widened.


“N…nothing!” Fred stuttered. “I just…I just….Gunn said…” she blushed furiously.

Cordelia’s eyes narrowed. “What did Gunn say?”

Fred grinned, despite her embarrassment. “Well…I…let’s just say that if you had given him the choice that you gave me in my room today, he’d be a very happy man.”

Cordelia’s jaw dropped and she was speechless for a moment. Then she giggled. Fred chuckled and soon both girls were laughing. Cordelia straightened and reached over, squeezing Fred’s hand. “Thank you.”

“Anytime.” Fred squeezed back, then pointed up the stairs. “You should probably go. After that incident with Wes I’m guessing Angel’s gonna need a little luvin’.”

Cordelia’s eyes widened for the millionth time that night. “God Fred, you will never fail to surprise me.” She grinned and turned, heading up the stairs. But then she stopped and quickly faced her friend.

“Hey Fred?”


“I know you’re tired so I’ll um, try to keep it down.” She winked and ran up the stairs, leaving a flushing Fred to gape at her back.


She found Angel on the balcony when she entered his suite, shirtless, dressed in only his grey slacks. Cordelia walked up behind him, slowly and as quietly as she could, placing both arms around his waist and resting her head between his shoulder blades.

His skin was cool and soothing and she pressed herself slightly closer to him, allowing him to absorb the heat from her skin.

Angel smiled and covered the hands encircling his waist, taking them and pulling Cordelia around so that they swapped positions. Her back was now to his front and she was standing in front of him, body pressed between the vampire and the railing.

“Hi.” He kissed her neck, settling his chin on her shoulder and gazing at her profile.

“Hi.” She grinned at him, turning to kiss his nose once before relaxing against him and looking out at the night sky. He pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek and then pointed upwards.

“You see that?” She followed his finger along the horizon, pointing at the stars that painted the midnight sky.

“See what?”

“That star.” She nodded when she caught sight of the shining jewel, sparkling brilliantly against the deep blue background.

“I was just thinking…that star reminds me of you. So beautiful. So full of life. Shining brightly despite the darkness around you. That one little star has so much courage, so much beauty behind it. So much amazing power that it’s unaware of. The power to light up someone’s life by simply sparkling. The power to light up my life with one smile…”

Cordelia breathed in heavily, eyes closing as he continued.

“But she’s fading out slowly. Her sparkle, though always beautiful and internally eternal, is fizzling out. Because she’s so determined to shine for everyone else. So resolute on brightening up everyone else’s sky. She forgets about her own…”

Angel turned Cordelia in his arms and brushed away a tear that escaped from beneath a closed eyelid. He cupped her face in his hands and whispered her name. “Cordy? Open your eyes.” Cordelia complied and was surprised to find that Angel was smiling at her. She figured he’d go into full brooding mode, which made her sad and annoyed and frustrated because that meant no sex for Cordy tonight.

“Cordelia?” Cordy was snapped out of her reverie when cool lips brushed her own. Then he pulled back and smiled again. “I’m not gonna lose you Cordy. I’ll never let anyone take you away from me again. I don’t care about anything, Powers be damned. I won’t let you go without a fight. And I won’t let the fight end without my having won. Okay?”

Cordelia nodded, unable to say anything more due to the depth of emotions she saw swirling around in his eyes. He was so tenacious in his words, so reassuring that she wanted to believe him. And a wave of relief flooded her senses when she realised that she did. She really believed him.

Hell, she wasn’t willing to go without a fight either. She loved this man too much to leave him, to ever even contemplate leaving his side. She squeezed his hand and Angel kissed her forehead and pulled her through the balcony doors, back into his suite.

“Come here.” Angel pulled her into his arms as soon as they were inside, his presence comforting and loving as he stoked long fingers up and down her spine and into her hair. Cordelia murmured her contentment at being held by him and snuggled into him further. But before she could get really cosy, strong hands had grabbed her arms and twirled her around so that she was now backing him.


“Ssh…” Angel moved aside the curtain of hair that was covering her neck and slipped his arms around her, hands coming together at her belly and holding her close. She felt cool breath on her shoulder, whispers of air he blew out, air she knew he didn’t require in order to survive.

His hunger for her was so evident, so raw she almost drowned in it, as he pressed his hard form against her back, two bodies moulding together like an ancient Archaic sculpture, forming one entity, both breathtaking and beautiful.

Angel placed one arm around her waist, protecting her, imprisoning her against his front. Cordelia shivered as the tip of an unnaturally cool index finger rested on her shoulder momentarily, only to continue its journey down along her upper arm and then down her forearm, leaving goosebumps in its wake. When Angel’s finger reached Cordy’s wrist, his large hand opened out like blooming flower, covering her smaller one and intertwining their fingers, the back of her hand cradled gently within his palm.

“You’re so beautiful…” Angel whispered in her ear, hairs on Cordelia’s neck standing straight up, alert in pleasure. He sucked on the tip of her ear, tracing the very back of it with his tongue, bathing the fragile skin.

“Angel…” Cordelia whispered back, too lost in the sensation of being devoured by the man she loved to say anything else.

“And you’re mine.” Angel said, hint of a growl evident in his voice as he tightened his arm around her and kissed her pulse point, before gently suckling on her earlobe, nipping it with blunt teeth, making her arch into him.

His finger walked lazily across her shoulder, resting on the thin strap of her top. He buried his face underneath her ear and took a deep breath. “You smell…delicious.” he licked along her jaw line, making Cordelia purr. His finger slowly slipped aside the material of her top, revealing bare, bronze skin that made the vampire moan.

He bit her jaw bluntly, then soothed the area with his tongue. “Beautiful…Mine. You’re all mine Cordelia.” The seer only groaned in response, tilting her head to give him further access. The vampire’s hands slipped down the side of her waist, smoothing over every dip and curve, making her tingle with anticipation, until they reached their goal.

Grasping the underside of the tank top from either end, Angel gently removed the offending clothing from Cordelia’s body, drawing it over her chest and above her head, brushing her breasts with the back of his hands as he did so.

Cordelia sucked in a breath when cool lips slid down the column of her throat, leaving wet circles along the way. Angel’s hand slipped down her front, tracing intricate patterns on her skin, while the other hand held her firmly against him. The hand that was on her stomach slowly made its way down, stopping above the elastic of her sweats, lingering there. Cordelia pinched Angel’s arm in impatience and the vampire chuckled, his hand moving once again, not stopping until it was underneath the soft fabric and in between her thighs.

Cordelia’s hips lurched forward at the first stroke of his fingers. She moaned his name loudly and tilted her head to the side, biting her lip and then biting his neck in order to stop herself from screaming. Angel growled low in his throat at the sudden stab of pleasurable pain that went shooting through his system. His hand continued to torment the delicate skin it found between her legs, arousal racing through his body as he sniffed the precious air, coated with the smell of her sex.

One cool finger slipped inside her and Cordelia gasped, crying out softly against his skin, hips rocking against his hand uncontrollably as he stroked her, pulling out slowly and then pushing in again, stretching her and making stars dance behind her closed eyelids. The arm that held her against him slid upwards and pinched a nipple lightly. That was all it took. Cordelia cried out his name and arched against him as everything shattered into a million pieces and she came all over his fingers, the orgasm washing over her like a flood.

When she opened her eyes, head still resting against his shoulder, he was looking at her, smiling slightly at her flushed appearance. He brought his hand up in between them, still streaked with her juices, warm liquid sparkling in the moonlight. Slowly, so slowly, he sucked his fingers into his mouth, savouring the exquisite taste. When he removed his hand, he pushed back the sweaty hair from her face and smiled again, circling her nose with his own.

Cordelia smiled at the tender gesture, pushing up on her toes to kiss him softly. Her hands moved down his chest and slid around to his back as she moved her own body behind his, lips tracing his chest, then his shoulder, then his shoulder blade as she walked around him.

Cordelia kissed the tattoo she found on his back, tracing it with her tongue, tasting him. Angel shuddered against her, arms reaching for her but she slapped them away, teeth bluntly trailing down his spine, lips kissing their way back up. She bit his neck sharply, eliciting either a groan or a growl from him, she couldn’t tell. Her hands scattered over his back and then around his front, grabbing his hands and turning him around.

Face to face, she cupped his cheeks and kissed him, long languid kisses that made him moan into her mouth and attempt to grasp her waist but she stopped him, hands intertwining, fingers squeezing lovingly against each other.

Cordy pushed him towards the bed, never losing his kisses, hands still tightly wound together. She pulled away to breathe and then kissed him again, tongue stroking softly against his. Feeling his legs hit the back of the bed, she placed both hands on his chest and pushed him slowly. Angel rested one leg on the bed and then eased them down slowly, still kissing Cordelia as though she was made of glass, so precious that he was privileged just to be able to touch her.

Angel felt his back hit the soft covers and looked up to see Cordelia crawl over him, kissing his stomach first and then up his chest, placing loving nips here and there. His fingers wound in the silken strands of her hair, guiding her slowly towards his mouth where he kissed her, unable to keep away from her kisses for too long. She smiled against his mouth and placed an elbow on his chest, face resting against her palm.


Angel laughed at the huge grin on her face. He reached up, stroking her cheek, running his thumb across her lips. His eyes slid shut when she opened her mouth and sucked it in, heat enveloping the digit, spreading warm tingles through the vampire’s entire body. Then she bit down on it unexpectedly, making him yelp softly and grab it back. He stared at her wide eyed when her grin widened.


“You’d make one hell of a vampire, you know that right?”

Cordy’s grin widened even more and she got up until she was on all fours above him and kissed him again. She kissed him gently at first, deepening the kiss gradually and slipping her tongue into his mouth, chuckling softly when he growled and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down roughly against him. Both of them moaned when her breasts came crashing down against his chest, bodies in complete contact, nothing unreachable.

They kissed passionately, both refusing to leave the refuge of the other’s mouth, lips slanting hungrily and fervently against each other’s. Angel slid large hands down her back, unclasping her bra and pushing it away from her shoulders, relishing every touch as his fingertips skimmed over her skin. Cordelia jerked up, gasping in a lungful of air. Angel grabbed her head and kissed her again, rolling them both over, body covering hers, mouth still firmly attached to her own.

His mouth trailed kisses down her throat and the valley between her breasts, stopping, hovering over one nipple until her hands wound themselves through his thick, dark hair and pulled him down against her. His lips closed around the nipple, sucking gently, revelling in the way Cordy’s fingers restlessly stroked his hair and the way his vampire hearing picked up soft mewling sounds in the back of her throat.

He suckled hard, once, and Cordelia moaned, hips bucking into his. He pushed his hips down into hers and she groaned, hands skating down the broad planes of his back, muscles twitching as she skimmed them, grabbing his ass and pressing his entire body against her, desperate for more contact.

“Angel…” she whispered, unable to think or speak or move or do anything other than concentrate on the way he was touching her.

Angel pulled his mouth away from her breast, hips still thrusting into Cordelia’s of their own accord. His eyes locked with hers, hunger and love and need swirling in them. “Yeah?”

Cordy opened her mouth but no sound came out. She bucked her hips into him to show him what she wanted and his eyes closed in pleasure. Frustration overcame her when he reached back to claim her lips again and she reached down between them and grabbed his pants, jerking down and taking the boxers with her.

The light bulb seemed to go off above Angel’s head and he scrambled up, removing his remaining clothes completely and then reaching for the waistband of her sweats. He stopped suddenly, grinning up at her mischievously. Cordelia raised an eyebrow at the wolfish grin that spread over his beautiful features.


Angel kissed her stomach, tongue dipping into her belly button, making the seer gasp and lean back, her elbows giving out underneath her. Angel kissed his way down her stomach, slowly pulling down the grey material of her sweats to reveal black lace. He groaned, breathing her in, discarding the unwanted material and gently slipping his cool tongue into the warm, moist heat.

Cordelia shuddered, her mouth opening in a silent scream as she reached down and with a strength she didn’t know she possessed, grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up. Confused and lusty eyes met her own and she smiled reassuringly, smoothing a hand over his brow.

“Sweetie, as good as you are at that, I’m going to die if you’re not inside me now.” She emphasised ‘now’ and Angel smiled in understanding and kissed her, nuzzling her nose once before running his hands down her sides and spreading her thighs slightly. He slipped into her effortlessly, his eyes sliding shut from pure pleasure and Cordelia threw her head back in ecstasy, gasping at the sensation of having him fill her.

“Mmm…” was all she could manage as he began to move inside her, thrusting steadily, only to pull out and come back again, gently peppering her face, her neck, her shoulder, anywhere he could reach, with kisses as he moved within her and she thrust back with equal fervour.

She cried out when he pressed a finger against her clit, stroking mercilessly. Tears pricked at her eyes from sheer rapture and she wrapped both legs around his waist, taking him deeper inside her and grinding her hips against his as he thrust again. Angel’s free hand palmed her face.

“Cordy. Cordy, look at me.”

Cordelia’s eyes fluttered open and her mouth opened slightly, warm breath warming his face and neck.

“I love you.” He leaned his forehead against hers as he said the words, eyes locking with her own, finger applying pressure incessantly at her clit. And just like that, it pushed her over the edge. She screamed out his name, loudly, fireworks going off throughout her body, hips thrashing wildly against his for a second before she relaxed and drifted back down from where she was floating, breathing heavily all the while.

Angel thrust twice more before he too shuddered in pleasure and released his cold seed into her body, his own still warm from her borrowed heat and still shaking with pleasure. Cordelia bit her lip, hands sliding through strands of spiky hair in an effort to hold him to her but he slipped out of her body gently, kissing her shoulder once before he rolled over onto his side and sucked in an involuntary breath.

Cordelia slid across the covers and into his waiting arms, slipping her own around his waist and kissing his chest, just over where his heart would have beat. Angel’s hands stroked comfortingly down her back, tracing her tattoo and pushing her closer to him. He grabbed the covers with one hand and pulled them over himself and Cordy. Cordelia raised her head, spooned in his strong embrace, eyes fluttering open and closed sleepily. “Angel?”

“Hmm?” He glanced down at her.

She grinned, leaning up and gently pressing her lips against his before snuggling back into his chest.

“I love you too.”

Part 12

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