The Succubus. 9-Epi

Chapter Nine:

Angel pulled up in the dark alley where the club was located.

“Ewww. Why couldn’t our demon chick like the nicer type places?” Cordelia grimaced. She looked at the rundown facade of the club.

Above the iron door was a blinking neon sign flashing ‘Late Nite Galley’ or would have if the bulbs in the ‘L’ and ‘G’ hadn’t been busted. “Obviously, it would have been more appropriate for me to have worn cheap leather and chains.” She stared at the two leather clad tattooed bouncers standing at the door. Cordelia started to rummage in the weapons bag in the back seat.

“What are you doing?” Cordelia ignored him as she pulled a chain out and started to wrap it around her small waist. Then to Angel’s surprise she ripped off the sleeves to her jacket.

“I am getting into the atmosphere,” she explained. Cordelia began to tease up her hair and apply more makeup to her face.

“Ready. Let’s go.”


The bar was dark and smoky. Angel laid a protective arm around Cordelia’s chained clad waist. She shook his hand off. “You go for the evil tacky blonde over there.” She pointed to a petite woman wearing a very short red leather tube dress surrounded by men. Her platinum blonde hair was teased up around her heavily made up face. Despite the gaudiness of her appearance, she exuded sex appeal.

“I’ll go for that big loser over there. It shouldn’t be that hard to get him away from…. Angel?” The vampire had moved away from the young immortal and was gaping at the demon. “Angel,” she said sharply. “You can’t think that cheap thing is attractive?” Cordelia looked at him in disbelief.

“Um.. of course not.” Angel was jarred out of his stupor by a sharp elbow to his side. “You better not,” she warned.

“I don’t. But the demon does seem to give off some sort of…vibe..”

“Her?” Cordelia looked again at the cheap blonde.

“Obviously, it only effects the men. Look.” He pointed to the group of surrounding men. Every male in the demon’s vicinity seemed to be enthralled by her.

“Well, just remember that you are not one of those idiots. You are an ‘grr’ guy, my ‘grr’ guy.”

“Of course. I was just surprised, that’s all.” Angel squeezed Cordelia’s hand.

“Okay.” Cordelia relaxed. Angel’s focus had returned to the mission. Cordelia slid away from Angel and moved towards the bar. She sat at the empty bar stool next to the man in her vision. She motioned for Angel to go to the teased blonde.

Angel moved through the men gathered around the bar. He worked his way up beside the demon. “Um, hi.” The vampire said to the woman.

Cordelia rolled her eyes at Angel’s lame attempt at temptation. She leaned into the man next to her. He was gazing intently at the blonde. He was sitting a few feet from the demon. Cordelia placed a small hand over his and said, “Dance with me.”

The man looked up at the beautiful dark haired woman, then back to the blonde. A look of confusion came over his face. Cordelia grabbed at his hand. “Come on,” she coaxed. The man followed her reluctantly to the beer stained dance floor.

The succubus noticed as soon as the man left. She started to put her hand out to touch the man when Angel leaned towards her. “Hi, do you want to go somewhere?” Angel tried to leer at the woman. The woman started to pull away from Angel, then stopped and looked him up and down. A small seductive smile spread over her face as she stared at the handsome vampire.

“Where did you have in mind?’

The blonde touched his arm. Angel gasped at the contact. He felt a surge of desire go through his body as the demon stroked his arm. This was more than some sexual vibe. Damn, he thought, Cordy’s research didn’t mention anything about the succubus being able to inspire such lust in its victims.

Angel fought to control the rising heat in his loins. “My apartment is close by,” he struggled. His demon screamed inside for release. Angel’s last coherent thought before the lust took over his entire being was that Cordelia was going to kill him.

“I don’t think I can wait that long,” she purred. “There is a hotel through the alley. Let’s go there.” Angel nodded and let her pull him outside.

Cordelia watched the couple leave the bar. She swiped her dance partner’s hand off her breast. Once the man had been removed from the demon’s presence, he developed an intense interest in the beautiful immortal. Cordelia swiped again at the man’s groping hands.

“Look, you Neanderthal, just be grateful that you still have your throat. Because that is as lucky as you are getting tonight.”

“Hey, little girl, you asked me to dance.” The big man lunged at Cordelia. Cordelia let him grab her, then kneed him in the groin.

She looked down in disgust at the squirming man. “Men.” She stomped off the dance floor after Angel and the demon. Angel’s expression of lust was just a little too real. That was taking the job way too seriously, she worried.

Chapter Ten:

Cordelia saw the demon pull Angel into a ravenous kiss. Oh, that bitch is so dead. Cordelia watched in disgust as Angel responded aggressively to the blonde’s mauling. Angel’s hands were running up and down the demon’s back.

His lust brought out the vampire. In game face he pulled her neck towards him.

“A vampire.” The succubus hissed pushing at Angel. The vampire growled and tried to grab the blonde.

“Enough,” yelled Cordelia. She pulled at the chain around her waist and looped the links around the succubus’ neck. Cordelia yanked back, pulling the demon to the ground. Angel’s mind cleared as soon as the physical contact with the demon broke.


“Shut up, I will deal with you later. You, you demon bitch, I will deal with now.” Cordelia raised her sword to the now grotesque demon hissing in front of her.

The petite blonde had transformed into a large hissing demon. Her blonde blue eyes were bright green and two rows of sharp teeth protruded out of her stretched red lips. Deformed muscles bulged all over her once slight form.

“He is my vampire, bitch.” Cordelia swung her sword through the demon’s neck. Cordelia jumped back in an attempt to avoid being splattered with blood. “This has been such a truly horrible night.” She swiped at the yellow slime on her shirt.

“Cordelia, um I…,” started a sheepish Angel.

“Don’t bother, I am so disgusted right now. You wanted her, yuck.” Angel tried to pull the pissed brunette towards him.

“Do not touch me, you…You MAN. You wanted that…that thing.” She stomped out of the alley. Angel ran to catch up with her.

“Cordelia, you know I didn’t want her…I mean, not really, it was some sort of vibe that she gave off. That’s all.”

“Whatever, I need a bath.” She got huffily into the car.

Chapter Eleven:

“I am not talking to you,” yelled Cordelia from the bathroom.

She shook her head and submerged her whole body in the sudsy bath water. Where was Dennis, when she need him? He was in her stupid old apartment; that’s where. If he was here, he would have ran the bath for her and gotten her a glass of wine.

But no, all she had in Angel’s stupid apartment was a stupid vampire, who hadn’t even offered to get her some wine.

Nope, all he was doing was pacing in front of the bathroom door, begging her to talk to him. Well, she wasn’t going to talk to him. She was still fuming. Angel had been pawing all over that yucky demon. Of course, she realized as soon as she saw them kissing in the alley that he had to have been under some sort of demon magic. But still, he had been all over her, kissing her.

“Ewww,” she said out loud, sinking back under the bath water. She needed the calming presence of Phantom Dennis. Cordelia jumped out of the tub and grabbed a towel. She pushed past Angel and ran up to the office.

Cordelia was sitting impatiently behind her computer when Angel came up the stairs. He stopped and stared at the beautiful girl behind the desk. Her damp hair looked almost black against her pale shoulders. The towel showed a hint of her breasts.

Damn, he wanted her. The desire that coursed through his body was real. It was not some artificially induced vibe. As Angel looked at his immortal lover, he couldn’t image how the succubus had ever affected him. Cordelia was the only woman that could truly make his dead body become alive.

“What are you doing, Cordy,” he asked hesitantly.

Cordelia didn’t look up; she was busy reading the piece of paper she had printed from the screen. Fear crept into Angel’s soul. He hated it when she was mad at him. What if she left him? He started to get angry; Cordelia had to know that he loved her with every fiber of his dead body and soul.

“This is stupid, Cordy. You know that I love you that you are the only woman that I want to be with. Stop ignoring me.”

“Sh, of course you love me. I love you. Now be quiet. I have to understand this.” Angel stared in amazement at the girl. He should have known that she would surprise him.

“I think I’ve got it, ” she exclaimed. Cordelia beamed at Angel.

“Got what?” He moved behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He was gratified when she placed a delicate hand over his.

“Willow e-mailed me the right spell. I really like her. Do you want to make up for that disgusting display of yours in the alley?” She squeezed his hand to take the venom out of her words. Angel was confused, but considered that the smartest thing to do was say yes. Cordelia kissed his hand.

“This spell can transport Dennis here. I want him here.” She turned in her chair so that she was facing Angel.

“You want Dennis to live with us?”

“It is okay, isn’t it? He cleans and he is, well great, he does stuff…he is my friend and he is lonely. And he has the great ability to make me see reason, more quickly than most, when I become unreasonable.” She shot a big smile at the vampire.

Angel looked at the immortal that he loved. He chuckled. “Of course, he can.” Angel brushed his fingertips across her collarbone. “Cordy, you know that I was under the succubus’ influence, don’t you?”

“I know, but seeing you being mauled and mauling her made me very, very angry.” She placed her hands on his chest.

“I think I even growled. You are mine.” Cordelia pulled Angel’s head towards her. The vampire leaned into her kiss. Angel ran his thumbs under the edge of the towel wrapped around Cordelia. Cordelia closed her eyes as her body tingled at his touch.

“I love you,” she moaned.

A burst of relief and fire spread through Angel’s body. He pulled Cordelia up from her chair and placed her on the desk. She gazed in his eyes and smiled. He pulled her back into a kiss. Angel’s tongue greedily tasted all of her mouth. Cordelia moaned and pulled him closer.

“I love you,” he said huskily. Angel pushed all the items on the desk to the floor.

Cordelia giggled as she heard the computer crash to the ground. Angel growled as he pushed her down on the desk, pulling the towel from her body. He stared at the naked form in front of him.

“You are beautiful.”

“Better than that icky demon?”

“Cordy, shut up.” Angel took one of her breast in his mouth. Cordelia shut up and pulled his head closer. She closed her eyes in pleasure. Angel’s hands stroked her body. She moaned in delight as his lips and hands moved down her body. Angel reigned in the vampire as his lips slowly worked downwards. He savored every taste of her delicate skin. Angel’s tongue licked in and around her belly button. Cordelia gasped and sighed at the exquisite sensations coursing through her limbs. Angel pushed her long legs wider as his head went between the apex of her thighs. Cordelia’s hips jumped off the table.

“Oh, my god,” she whimpered.

Angel leaned in. He kissed and licked at her center. His hand held down Cordelia’s hips as they thrust upwards. Angel sucked at Cordelia’s redden clit. Cordelia’s thrusts began more frantic.

“Oh, please Angel,” she cried in frustration. He was teasing her, bringing her so close to ecstasy, then moving his lips away. Angel greedily sucked and licked at her. He never tasted such sweet nectar. Cordelia’s unique beautiful flavor, it was his, forever. Angel’s demon came forth in a feeling of love, lust and possessiveness. Angel growled as his fangs grazed her clit. He gently bit, drinking in the small drops of blood. Cordelia screamed out in joy. Angel yanked at his zipper. He growled his frustration as he ripped his pants from his body. His penis sprung free. Cordelia’s body was still trembling, when he thrust his hard cock into her wet center. She moaned and pushed upwards with her hips. Angel thrust hard and fast. Cordelia’s body tightened around his hard, cool shaft at each stoke. She was close to another orgasm. Cordelia pulled her lover’s fangs to her throat.

“Angel,” she screamed as he drank her blood. Angel gasped as he pumped his dead seed into Cordelia’s body. Both Angel and Cordelia trembled as their releases overcame them. Angel pulled Cordelia close to him, wrapping his arms tightly around her. Cordelia breathed in his scent and nuzzled at his chest. She wearily looked up.

“The door is locked, isn’t it?”

“I have no idea.”

Cordelia laughed. “Can you move?”

“I’m not sure. You?”

“Not, yet.” Cordelia pushed aside his shirt and kissed his chest.

“We will never move, if you keep that up,” he growled.

She giggled and started licking at his nipple. The phone interrupted her exploration of Angel’s chest.

“Don’t answer it,” she begged, clutching the vampire closer. The phone kept ringing and ringing. “You didn’t turn on the answering machine, did you?” she grumbled into his chest.


“Damn, we really need to go over the benefits of modern technology.”

Angel kissed her on the forehead and answered the phone. “Yes, it’s no longer a problem,” he said into the phone. “Kate, it is over, the demon is dead.” Angel moved the phone away as Cordelia came up behind him and started to take his shirt off.

“um, Kate, got to go, bye.” Angel pulled Cordelia around and kissed her. She leaned into him, only to jump back as the phone rang again. This time she answered it.

“What now?” she yelled into the phone. “Oh, hi Wesley, how is England? Really. Great. When? No, you didn’t interrupt anything. Bye.” She hung up.

“Assuming that the spell to transport Dennis takes an hour and there is no interruptions from the bobsy twins, then we have approximately 23 hours to make love on every piece of furniture in this place, before Wesley gets home.” She looked expectantly at Angel.

“I think we can do it,” he smiled. She laughed and jumped into his arms.

“Good, but lock the door and turn on the answering machine.” Cordelia pulled Angel into a kiss.


“Tell me again, why he is here?”

“Stop whining. He is my friend. And stop yelling at him. You will make him mad.”

“I don’t see why we just didn’t exorcise him, bloody ghost.”

Cordelia laughed as Wesley ducked a flying book.

“Guys,” Angel interrupted. “Wesley, Dennis is here to stay, so make friends.” Angel took the mug floating before him. “Thanks, Dennis. You know, he really is quite helpful.”

Cordelia smiled smugly and took the bottled water traveling towards her. “Thank you. Wesley, you really should be nicer to Dennis.” She laughed at Wesley’s expression.

Wesley grumbled and went into the kitchen to fix a cup of tea.
The End


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  1. The sequel to ‘It Really Is Forever’..was just as as wonderful and amazingly funny! I enjoyed reading it so much!

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