The Necklace. 73-75

Chapter Seventy-three

“There,” Cordelia pointed.

Angel looked at the rolling meadow. In the middle of the grass sat a very old Indian.

Without moving, they were suddenly before him.

“Healer, thank you.” The Wise One nodded his head to the young woman.

“Is it going to be a poof thing or do you want me to just give it to him?”

“Which would you prefer?”

Cordelia shrugged. “I guess I would like to give it to him, I want to make sure he realizes what he is getting into. You would probably just zap him and expect him to just know it.”

The old Indian chuckled. “So be it, when you are ready give it to him. And you are a Healer.” He reassured her before he disappeared.

“Cordy?” Angel asked.

“The necklace. It really does belong to John. I just got it, so that we or rather you could kill Bathym. A really long, convoluted, unnecessary part of the story. The Power’s could have made it a lot simpler if they had just hit me with a vision. But for some reason, they wanted to do it this way.”

“Seer,” voices called from the clearing.

“Now, we may or may not find out the whys,” Cordelia turned to the Oracles that appeared before them.

“Seer,” they called.

“I’m here, paying attention, get on with it.” She grumbled.

Angel glanced at Cordelia and then at the Oracles. She was unfazed and unimpressed. Granted, he had begun to feel that way too, but Cordelia hadn’t ever been in their condescending presence or at least that he knew of. But then again, he guessed the visions that she experienced gave her the right to the ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ rule.

“You have fulfilled the destiny of the necklace. But, we don’t appreciate your divergence from the path.”

“Get over yourselves, will you. You never gave me a path. And anyway, even if you had I would have healed Angel’s soul, anyway. You are just going to have to find something else to use as your stick rather than Angelus. Got it.”

“Wait?” Angel said confused. He felt like he was dropped in the middle of a movie.

“Warrior,” the male oracle said patronizingly. “Your seer took it upon herself to heal your soul. I told you she was unreliable. Humans weren’t meant for the role,” he shot to his sister.

“Well, up yours,” Cordelia shouted. She really didn’t like the male oracle. He was rude.

The female ignored her brother and Cordelia. Her attention was focused on Angel. “The seer has enabled you to enter this spirit world. She has given you your soul. But we can still take it way.”

“What?” Cordelia yelled angrily.

“Silence,” The oracle commanded, her voice resounding throughout out the air.

“But, we will allow you to keep it. But only on one condition. Think before you agree Warrior.”

“What is the condition?”

“Hold on, this is not fair,” yelled Cordelia. “Angelus is gone. Angel’s soul is permanent. I did it.”

“Cordelia,” Angel called. “Be quiet.”

Cordelia shut up, but her body showed the rage that she was feeling.

“The condition is that your soul is bound to the lower being,” the male interrupted, pointing to Cordelia. “Think warrior, she may be a seer, but she really is nothing but a lower being.”

Cordelia, Mocha, the black wolf all growled. Tweety tried but it didn’t work, but her wings beat at a furious pace, keeping in time with the other low guttural sounds.

Angel stood silent for a moment then spoke. “You always told me I was a lower being, so I’m not really seeing the dilemma.”

“You are a warrior. It has been foretold that your destiny was that with another warrior. You have fought for that right. Would you be willing to give it up?”

Cordelia’s anger left her. She slumped to the ground. Even the Oracles wanted Buffy with Angel. Who did she think she was? It didn’t matter what she did or suffered. It would always be Buffy and Angel forever. It seemed to be the refrain from above.

Cordelia ignored the three animals that circled around her, trying to offer her comfort and hope.

Angel glanced at the young woman crumpled on the ground and the three animals circling her protecting her. The large black wolf nudging at her begging for a response.

“Give up? If it was really foretold then it was a bad prophecy. Because the bond between warriors doesn’t have the staying power, the acceptance, the forgiveness or the love that the bond that a warrior has with his seer. I suggest if you want to make it worth everyone’s while then you find Buffy Summers her own seer or at least someone that can give her the unconditional love and understanding that my seer gives me. Give up? There was nothing to give up on, only something to grab and hold close. I accept your condition without reservation and happily. Cordelia already holds my heart and soul. I have no problem with making it official.”

“Fool,” the male oracle grumbled. “She is not worthy.”

“Shut up,” his sister retorted. “So be it. Good luck,” she smiled briefly before they disappeared.

Angel went over to Cordelia. The animals parted giving him room to settle close to the young woman. “I love you, only you,’ he whispered.

Chapter Seventy-four

Cordelia opened her eyes. That was nerve wracking she thought, rubbing at her red eyes. She glanced over to the sleeping vampire next to her. She smiled. He chose her. The Oracles gave him a choice and he chose her. She was tempted to pounce on him right then and there. But she had something to do first.

Cordelia crawled out of the bed, trying not to wake Angel. She rifled through Angel’s closet. She grabbed the black silk robe that matched the pajamas that she and Angel been wearing earlier. She tied the belt tight around her slim waist.

She was going to have to ask Angel about it. She had given him the pajama set ages ago; he had said he liked it. But, if he liked it, then why did she have to search in the depths of his closest to find it. Cordelia had spent a lot of money on the silk stuff.

Cordelia moved silently through the hallway of the hotel. She knocked at the door of the guestroom. After getting no answer, she walked in.

“John,” she whispered. “John,” she said louder after getting no response.

“Wha..,” John struggled up. “Cordelia?” His eyes widened at the sight of the young woman wrapped in black silk. Her hair was mussed and her eyes glowed. She was beautiful. “Cordelia?” he gasped again.

“Hi, I had a dream. Here.” Cordelia reached behind her neck and easily unclasped the necklace. She reverently held out the turquoise and silver piece of jewelry to John.

“It’s yours. But, please be careful. Even though the Big Ugly is dead, there are probably more like him out there. So, be careful, cause this thing has an awful back kick. Not everything that causes pain is physical. It gives life, but it also can suck the life out of you. But it is worth it.” She smiled, urging the Indian to take the necklace.

“Cordelia, it belongs to you. The Powers…”

“Those obnoxious beings, as well as the Wise One want me to give it to its proper owner. Take it, it’s yours; protect your people. Do it for your father.” She smiled again.

John took the necklace from her, holding her hands for a brief moment. “Thank You.”

“Your welcome.” Cordelia got off the bed. “You know, I kind of like turquoise now, it will never take the place of diamonds or rubies, but all and all not a bad stone,” She grinned, heading for the door.

She stopped as she came face to face with Angel.

“Professor,” Angel acknowledged the Indian.

“Angel,” the Indian said, trying to hide his nervousness. He had seen Angel’s possessiveness over Cordelia. He didn’t like to think what Angel might do after seeing the young woman leaving his bed.

“Good night,” was all Angel said as he held out his hand to Cordelia.

Chapter Seventy-five

“Will you be wandering away from me anymore tonight,” Angel asked Cordelia as they entered back into their bedroom.

“I had a dream,” Cordelia tried to explain. Angel didn’t seem all grry, but Cordelia knew from her most recent experiences with the vampire, he could be quite possessive and stupidly jealous. She scrunched up her face.

“I know, so did I. I like your dream place. And Mocha and Tweety seem quite nice.”

“You really were there?” Cordelia exclaimed.

“Yes, and if you ask me, I think the stuffy male oracle is just jealous.” Angel commented as he untied the black silk robe that covered Cordelia.

“Angel, he is an Oracle,” she said shocked.

“He still a guy, I guess,” Angel shrugged, tracing his finger along Cordelia’s throat, to the exposed cleavage peeking out from the black pajama top. “And you are exquisite.”

Angel smiled as Cordelia turned bright red at the compliment. He tugged at the top button of the shirt, trying to reach the hidden flesh. “Where did these come from,” he grumbled as the button got stuck. He started to rip the button off.

“Stop, this is real silk,” Cordelia cried. “I gave you these, the first Christmas, You said you liked them.”

Well that answered that question, Angel thought. He again gently tried to unbutton the top.

“You don’t like them, you lied to me.” She started to pout.

“No, I do like them. On you. But now, I want it off,” he growled frustrated at the stubborn buttons.

“Stop,” she clutched at his hands at they were about to rip the shirt in two. She quickly brought the shirt over her head. “Jeez, see how easy. And I don’t think you have ever worn them. You don’t like them.”

“I sleep in the nude. And now so do you. But, if you want I will let you wear all the silk you want for all of the two minutes necessary for me to appreciate it then take it off.” Angel propelled the young woman back towards the bed.

“Angel,” she protested.

“Cordelia,” he growled.

“You still wearing the bottoms. That’s highly not fair.”

“Not for long, now shut up.” He said as he pushed Cordelia onto the bed. He leaned up grabbing at waistband of his pajama bottoms.

“Silk, Angel, silk,” Cordelia cried out.

Angel glared at the young woman as she scooted back on the bed smiling. Her thighs separated, her arms outstretched waiting for him.

With a low growl, Angel ripped the pants from his lean hips and lunged onto Cordelia. “You can buy more next Christmas,” he growled, burying his body into her welcoming one.

“Not if you are just going to destroy it,” she giggled.

“Shut up and make love to me.”

“It’s really over isn’t,” Cordelia murmured, clutching Angel to her body.

Angel nodded as he kissed and sucked at her breast. He lifted his dark head. “And thank god, for happy endings,” he nuzzled into her flesh.

“Happy ending, is there really any other type ending,” Cordelia snuggled closer to Angel.

“Not for us,” Angel stressed pressing his body further into Cordelia’s. “Now, sh, and make love to me.”

“Okay,” she giggled happily, her kisses, hands and body giving safe haven and pleasure to the vampire.

The End


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