Out of Whack. 40-42

Part 40

Angel drank into Cordy’s lips trying desperately to give as much as he took. Angel’s mind kept repeating ‘Cordy needs me’ and ‘I make her feel safe’ as his lips, hands and body tried to reaffirm the new founded realizations.

Cordelia needed him as much as he needed her. It was like when he realized that she loved him only better. Angel finally got it. He didn’t just take what she offered. Angel gave her something she not only wanted but also needed in return. They were more than friends, more than lovers. They were a necessary part of each other. They were soul mates.

Cordelia gasped as Angel nudged her over releasing her lips trailing blunt bites and flicks of his tongue down her jaw line.

Cordelia reached up her nails scratching a trail along the broad planes of his back. She whimpered in pleasure at each tingle and twitches that shivered along the broad back at her touch.

Angel nuzzled his lips down the path his hands created pausing to swirl and nip at the extended nipple begging for his attention. He palmed the soft weight of the other neglected globe, his fingers worshiping the nipple. Angel left the lovely breasts over the soft breathy protests of the young woman. His lips continued their journey.

Angel sounded a low combination of a growl and moan as his lips and hands teased at the softness of Cordelia’s belly and crept closer to the source of her woman’s scent.

He tongued along the dark curls that protecting the source licking and kissing in the crease of her firm thighs and womanhood, touching everywhere except at the center of the heat.

Cordelia whined as her body tensed in anticipation. Her hips moved trying to direct Angel to her need. The vampire acknowledged by cupping her ass lifting her to create better access.

Cordelia’s sharp intake of breath and lower body’s jerk signaled Angel’s success. Angel kissed at Cordelia’s pink intimate lips, tonguing them as if they were a mouth to taste and plunder. The darting and penetrating actions changed into broad strokes. Cordelia’s hands floundered from the strong shoulders to the bed, twisting into the sheets as the pleasure built causing her body to tense. The young woman’s writhing stalled, Cordelia scared that any movement would interrupt the steady pleasure.

“Angel,” she choked out in a whisper as the vampire’s hand left the cheek of her buttocks and wrapped a caress around her thigh targeting the blood entrenched small bud between the delicate folds.

Angel’s thumb worked the bud as his tongue delved deeper duplicating the rhythm of the other. Angel concentrated on the pleasure he was giving, using each touch to assure the young woman that his love and care was a surety. That she was home and that she was safe. He drank her scent’s promise to him of the same. The wonder of the woman underneath him would always amaze him but he was learning that he needed to accept it or he could lose it.

Cordelia squeezed her eyes closed as her breath stopped in her chest. The pleasure building up, tightening her muscles, pushing her nerves to their breaking point. She was going to implode.

She begged as Angel kept up the steady pressure, teasing, tasting, and taking the evidence of her life and love into him. With a slight quick flick he gave her release. He stayed harbored in the sweetness of her thighs soothing the trembling of her contracting muscles soaking the scent and moisture.

Cordelia fell limp against the bed, her fingers flitting over the broad shoulders. She gulped and sighed, tugging at the vampire. “Kiss me.” She licked her lips.

“With definite pleasure,” Angel responded with a low thick voice.

The kiss was gentle, loving, and all encompassing. Cordelia sighed, pushing Angel away as she took a deep breath.


“Angel.” She smiled urging him off her and on to his back. She scooted making room for her kneeling body in between his legs. “You are beautiful,” she whispered dropping long, slow, quick kisses along his jaw and chest. Her tongue stalled to twirl around the short hard nipples, leaving as soon as Angel’s growl and hands urged her back to his mouth.

“No.” Cordy giggled. “I’ve my own plans.” She looked up from his stomach.

Angel groaned or rather purred as her lips and hands descended further.


“And isn’t it lovely,” Cordy said as she swallowed Angel’s solid shaft. She roamed moist lips and blunt teeth in a pattern along the hard flesh. Her hands stroked at the tense balls below as she wrapped a delicate fist around the base. Cordelia squeezed as her mouth sucked and manipulated the shaft in her possession.

“Damn’t Cordy,” Angel groaned.

“Oh,” she licked her lips as she left Angel’s aching organ, her hand still there. “You are the only that can tease unmercifully.”

“I…just…” Angel gripped her hair pushing her back to her original action.

Cordy giggled as she worked Angel’s penis using her mouth and fingers. Angel’s low growls, purrs, and jerking hips spurred her on.

Cordelia smiled as her last action caused a salty cool liquid to coat her tongue and a shout to echo throughout the room. She lapped it up gently releasing the spent organ, kissing it as she lifted her head and body.

She wiggled and crept in the manner of a cat, licking her lips, rubbing her body up Angel’s prone one. “I love you,” she murmured into Angel’s neck.

Angel reminded himself that his repeated need to breath was a figment of his imagination but the warm body that coated him, the taste that was still on his tongue, the scent that swirled in the air counteracted the reality of his physiology. He needed to breath.

The pleasure and love that encompassed him and the warmth that seeped into his body caused his penis to firm into a hard aching organ.

Cordelia smiled as she felt the change. “Another advantage of love-lust vampire,” she adjusted her hips to swallow the evidence.

“I love you, Cordy,” Angel groaned flipping their enjoined bodies. He thrust into the snug velvet channel frantically bringing their mutual pleasure to an intense satisfying conclusion.

Part 41

“Where are you going?” Angel reached out as Cordelia swung her legs off the bed.

The young woman shrugged. “Operation ‘Teach Evil Toadies a Lesson’.

Angel leaned up on his elbows a frown gracing his handsome face. “Are you sure?” Angel scooted closer encircling Cordelia’s waist, his head settled on her lap. “I can hold you for longer, I don’t mind. Really.”

Cordelia cocked an elegant brow. “Really? You don’t mind.”

Angel blinked his dark eyes’ innocently. “No, not at all. I mean if I have to I have to.”

“Oh. Well. I don’t want to burden you.”

“It’s the life of a vampire with a soul. Burdens, sacrifices,” Angel breathed a loud drawn out sigh. “But, I don’t mind.”

“Oh, you jerk,” she laughed smacking him lightly on the head.

Angel leaned up hugging her from behind. “Are you sure, Cordy? Wesley hasn’t raised the immediate to ‘IMMEDIATE’ and I really really don’t mind,” he nuzzled into her neck. “Not at all,” he nicked at the skin.

Cordy squirmed. “Hey that tickles.”

Angel chuckled as he continued to nick at the sensitive spot on the underside of her chin.

“Hey. Stop that,” she giggled and twisted in his maddening embrace.

“No, it’s fun.” He laid her on the bed, his fingers working lightly and rapidly on her waist.

Cordelia squealed with laughter. “Angel, please.” She batted at his shoulders. “You’re being mean.”

“Mean? I’m a nice vampire.” He rolled over taking Cordelia with him reaching up to brush hair behind her ears. “Cordy, we don’t have to go downstairs just yet.”

The young woman rested her head and arms on Angel’s chest. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could stay up here for ever, just us.” She sighed wistfully.

Angel gave a slight smile. “Give up food and shopping?”

“Catalogs, pizza. Dennis could bring you your blood.”

“Like I’d trust that ghost- he’d probably spike it with holy water.”

“Angel, Dennis wouldn’t do that.”

“Sure, he wouldn’t.” Angel rolled his eyes.

“Pfft.” She got up.


“Angel, we might as get this over with. I’m okay. Really.” She leaned down to give the vampire a kiss. “Once, Wolfram & Hart is dealt with we can stay up here for a really long time. I’ll probably be scared again. In fact, I pretty sure that I’m scared of taking a shower. How about you protect me from the soap.”

“Showers are pretty dangerous.” Angel jumped off the bed. “But don’t worry I’ll save you from that evil body wash.”

“My hero.” Cordelia laughed.

Part 42

Wesley rubbed his eyes before glancing back at the small archaic print of the text. He was hopeful with the proper adjustments the spell he was researching could very well work.

Gunn turned to Fred grumbling. “He ain’t even looked up from that damn book.”

“He’s busy.” Fred frowned. Wesley hadn’t asked her to look anything up in the computer in over an hour. She wanted to help.

“Yeah,” Gunn rolled his eyes. “How about some chow?”

“Okay,” Fred got up from the chair. “Wesley,” she called.

“He ain’t listening.”

Fred sighed and followed her friend out the office. Both stopped at the sight of Angel and Cordelia strolling down the stairs, their fingers intertwined tightly.

“Where were you two going?” Cordelia asked.


“Ooh, pizza.” Cordelia nodded encouragingly. “Then we can decide what to do about Wolfram & Hart.”

Gunn jerked his head to the door of the office. “Research mode, not talking.”

Cordelia peeked over Gunn’s shoulder. “What’s he researching?”

Gunn shrugged. “Time shit.”

Fred frowned at the black man, “tracking of temporal anomalies.”

Angel narrowed his eyes. “There hasn’t been a time change.”

“Yes, but Wesley wants to find a spell that will warn us if Wolfram & Hart uses the time portal.”

Angel glowered and spun on his heel stomping as much as his inherent grace allowed into Wesley’s office.

“What’d I say?” Gunn moved along to follow with the two women.

The humans entered the office in time to see Wesley jump as Angel growled his name loudly.

Wesley removed his glasses using the action to calm his racing heart. “You wanted something, Angel?” He stood calmly.

“I WANT Wolfram & Hart stopped, not a spell that let’s me know that they put Cordelia in danger again.”

“Angel, the spell…” Wesley’s began defensively at the vampire’s tone.

“Wait,” Cordelia called in between the two men. “Gunn, Fred, you were going to get Pizza?”

“Uh, actually Mexican.”

“Like I said, you were going to go get Pizza, go. Wesley, finish your research if you can. You,” she pulled at Angel,” come with me and I’ll get you some blood. Then we all will gather like the happy loving family that we are and Wesley will explain his plan.”


“NOW, Angel,” Cordelia smiled through clenched teeth.

Angel took a deep breath. “I am hungry.” He glared at Wesley and hurried to follow Cordy.


Angel leaned up against the counter with his arms crossed frowning as he watched Cordelia get a carton of blood out of the refrigerator. She turned to the vampire. “You didn’t eat hardly at all when I was in a coma, did you?” she scolded.

“I ate enough.” He grumbled.

“Hmmph.” She scrutinized the scowl of the vampire’s face for a moment, reached into the high cupboard, and pulled out a large container of cinnamon.

Angel’s scowl changed to a resigned small smile as the young woman doused his blood with the spice and placed in the microwave.

He caught her waist pulling the young woman’s back up against his chest. “You know I hate that.”

“You need it. It will calm you down. You were getting grumpy at the thought that Wesley’s plan might deprive you of beating up more lawyers.”

Angel nuzzled into her neck. “I do hate it and it doesn’t calm me. What calms me is the love behind the stupid spice.”

Cordelia titled her head up her hazel eyes twinkling into his dark eyes. “Then it does work. Now, eat.” She grabbed for the mug as the ding of the microwave sounded.

Angel wrinkled his nose at the mug shoved in his hand. He sighed and drank it.

“Better.” Cordelia nodded in confidence.

“Much better if I got a kiss.” Angel’s gaze was the perfect imitation of a little boy begging for dessert after eating his required loathed vegetables.

“Hmmph. If I have to, I have to.” Cordelia rolled her eyes, tiptoeing up to grace Angel’s slight pout with a kiss.

The little boy pout disappeared as the softness touched it. Angel reached up entangling in the lushness of the brown silk, fisting it to angle Cordelia’s lips making the innocent kiss deeper.

The couple stayed up against the counter lost in the kiss, lips and tongues exploring the each other as if they were discovering a brand new phenomenon.

Angel pushed with his hips, his hands now at the small of Cordelia’s back, taking their bodies away from the counter.

Cordelia’s back thudded against the refrigerator. She took a deep breath before Angel’s mouth devoured hers once again. Cordelia secured herself against the vampire’s onslaught with her arms and legs tight around his body.

Angel groaned releasing her lips, continuing his fervent attack on the length of the delicate skin of her cheek and neck. The taste of the young woman, so uniquely hers, given to him freely, would always overwhelm him. Angel could never get enough of it. It proved that what he did mattered that he somehow he was worthy of her gifts. Angel knew he would never have the flowery words to express his appreciation and love so he did what he did best and showed her.

Angel jerked her from the refrigerator placing her on the table settling in between her thighs, blunt teeth tugging at the neck line of Cordy’s T-shirt as his hands traveled under the hem, bunching the material.

Cordelia’s breath choked as the onslaught of hands and lips touched her with love, her head flung back as her nails clutched into the broad shoulders. It was times like this that Cordy didn’t need the words from the vampire. Angel was showing her how much he loved and needed her. She felt exceptionally beautiful, sexy, special and wonderfully safe.

The unabashed delight and desire Angel took in her body stirred a mutual reaction in Cordelia. Wanton lust inspired by love drove any or all thoughts of modesty or restraint from her mind each and every time.

Cordelia’s fingers brushed at the edge of Angel’s sweater trying to reach at marbled chest that the material hid from her touch.

Angel leaned up bringing her hands back around his neck over the young woman’s disappointed whine. He smiled at her pout as he pushed her cotton shirt up to expose the lace that bound the fullness of her breast. Angel’s lips wetted the lace, using a moist tongue and firm touch to create a friction against the material and the extended covered nipples.

Cordelia’s moan choked in her throat as a squeaky yelp and rough loud ‘shit’ echoed from the doorway of the kitchen.

Angel growled lifting his head at the sound of scrambling feet left the kitchen.

Cordelia hid her bright red face in his sweater mumbling about the vampire’s super senses going on the fritz.

Angel smiled as he made out her words. “My super senses were preoccupied.” He pulled down her shirt and lifted her face to his laughing eyes.

“Hmmph.” Cordelia jumped off the table, only to stumble on her wobbly legs. She steadied her feet and went to the fridge to get a bottle of water taking a long gulp. “I guess we have to face them, uh.”

“Give me a minute.” Angel responded in a pained voice.

“Do you need more blood?”

“It’s not the lack of blood, Cordelia, it’s too much in one place.”

“Oh.” Cordelia blushed again.


“In the kitchen,” Gunn grumbled tossing the carry out pizza on the lobby counter.

“We should’ve knocked.” Fred gulped.

“You don’t knock to go into a kitchen.” Gunn protested. “The table? I eat on that table, Damn’t. This is got to stop.”

“It is Angel’s hotel.” Fred shrugged.

“We work here, hell girl, you live here too. We have the right NOT to be exposed to that…that…them. They have a bedroom.”

“The kitchen is new and they were dressed, mostly.”

“New, my ass. This is just the first time we caught them, I bet. Aww, man. I eat in there.” He rubbed at his head furiously. “Rules have got to be made.”

“What kind of pizza did you get?” Cordelia decided the best approach was one of nonchalance. She put down plates and napkins next to the box.

Angel followed leaning casually on the counter ignoring Fred’s blush and Gunn’s glare. He didn’t have to decide anything. He didn’t care what the others thought.

“You two,” Gunn started but stopped when Fred hit him.

“We got one with everything and one with just pineapple.” She finished for the black man.

Cordelia smiled gratefully at the other woman. “Yum.” Cordy grabbed a plate and a piece of the pineapple pizza. “I’m starving.”

“I’ll bet,” Gunn grumbled, reaching for a slice topped with everything.

Part 43

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