Boxers or Briefs? 17-Epi

Chapter 17

Cordelia had barely gotten through with tossing the last piece of clothing in her bag when Angel grabbed her by the arm and propelled the young girl to the door.

Just as Cordelia was about to go through the open door she tensed. Angel gathered his seer in his arms as she started to tremble in pain, Cordelia’s head falling on the vampire’s shoulders. Finally, she looked up trying to clear her mind of the pain of the vision.

“Angel, we both have to stay. It’s not just the psycho love confused human Elliot, it’s Eros, well, it’s not Eros, but some sort of demon with illusions of godlike grandeur. It’s coming down there.” Cordelia pointed to the floor.

“We have to stop it, otherwise, next year, it will be the same thing. It will keep killing and tearing apart soul mates. We have to end it.” She pulled away from the vampire.

“Cordelia, I will come back, but you have to go.”

“No, Angel, the demon won’t come unless it is called and that will be only if we are both there.”

“Cordelia, I will not risk you, I will…”

“Angel, you can’t do anything if the demon is not raised, or nothing that will matter, anyway. We have to both be there.”

“No,” Angel growled more to himself that at her.

“Angel.” Cordelia caressed his handsome face. “The vision. We have to…

Elliot’s voice interrupted her. “Cordelia, Angel, you weren’t planning to leave us,” Elliot called from down the hall, gesturing at their clothes and bags.

“Uh, no, I just wanted to see Angel in his black on black ensemble, it was what attracted me to him in the first place.” Cordelia forced out a laugh ignoring the guru’s motion to the bags.

Elliot smiled. “Well, I am glad that you both are here, I want to talk to you both.”

“I thought the sessions were over until tomorrow.” Cordelia smiled gripping Angel’s hand attempting to prevent the vampire from attacking.

“The formal sessions are, but I think that you both still need some private counseling,” the pony-tailed thin man said walking closer.

Angel turned quickly as he sensed another presence coming up behind him. The handsome vampire smothered a growl as he saw Gerard and two other Center’s employees moving up from behind.

“Angel,” Cordelia whispered caution. “We have to get to the ceremonial site and stop the demon. They don’t know you are a vampire, now. It’s is an advantage,” she quietly reminded the enraged vampire. Angel forced his demon down and slowly nodded.

“Follow me, please,” beckoned Elliot in a smooth voice.

“Sure, why not? It might be fun. Come on, Angel, everything else has been pretty cool. We were just about to go for a moonlit stroll, maybe stop at the pool, go for a skinny dip. Bob and Carol were right; the non-clothing thing becomes easier. But I guess, we could do that later, I mean your impromptu talk won’t take too long, will it?” Cordelia babbled.

“No, of course not,” the guru said smiling as he came along aside the couple. “But, Cordelia, I am sensing that Angel isn’t quite as willing and that won’t do.” Elliot smoothly pressed a hypodermic needle in the vampire’s neck.

Cordelia cried out as Angel slumped to the floor. “What did you give him?” She yelled going to the floor terribly afraid remembering the Rebecca incident. Oh wait, she thought, no more Angelus, but still…

“What have you done to him?” Cordelia jumped up striking out at the long haired guru.

“Now, calm down dear child, he will be fine, he will wake up soon enough. Just as you will,” Elliot said soothingly as Gerard inserted a needle in the side of the frantic young girl’s neck.

Chapter 18

Cordelia felt strange. She could hear her name drifting through the fog the that clouded her mind. She shook her head trying to clear the confusing haze. Cordelia heard her name again, this time it seemed to be coming from close by. She strained to focus on the voice.

“Cordelia, Cordy,” Angel called again.

The dark haired girl slowly opened her eyes. “Angel,” she mumbled.

The vampire sighed in relief. Cordelia had been unconscious for what seemed like hours. Angel knew that it was not actually that long, but he had regained consciousness fairly quickly, the sedative working through his system at a faster rate, and each minute that he was awake and his seer unconscious induced panic in his soul.

Cordelia groaned as she tried to stand. “Ow,” she complained as the chains around her wrist dug into her skin as she moved. “Angel?”

Cordelia looked around the room. Obviously, they were in the ceremonial site. The big room was filled with candles; a large stone altar was in the middle of the room. Directly in front of the altar on a raised platform stood Elliot and Gerard.

Gerard was lighting the candles as the tall gray haired man beckoned hooded black robed figures into the room. Elliot’s plain white robe was replace with a black silky one, covered in the gold embroidered design that was tattooed on his forearm.

“Come, children.” Elliot gestured for the worshippers to take their place around the altar. “It is almost time for ‘HE’ to arrive. Prepare yourselves.” The followers all bowed their heads and started chanting quietly.

“Angel?” Cordelia whispered repeating herself.

“Yes, Cordelia.”

“Do you have a plan? I mean how are we going to get out of this? What?” she said at the vampire’s raised eyebrows. “I said that we needed to be down here, sure. But, I meant as the ‘avenging’ hero type good guys, not as the sacrificial love lambs. Geez.”

Angel smiled. Even chained to wall and facing possible death, Cordelia didn’t quit. God, he loved her. He better start thinking of a plan or he would never hear the end of it.


“I am working on it, Cordelia.” Angel said testing the strength of the chains.

“No, not that. Angel, where are our clothes,” she asked quietly. Cordelia had to ask why they both were chained up to a wall naked, even though she just knew that she wasn’t going to like the answer.

“Over there.” Angel motioned to the pile of neatly stacked clthes by their bags.

“That’s not what I meant,” she whined.

“I know, but I am not sure and I doubt seriously that you really would want to know the answer, if I did.”

“Your right. I don’t. Get us out of here,” she demanded. “Goody, look whose coming,” she grumbled.

“Cordelia, Angel, welcome. You both are about to be a part of a wondrous event, the raising of ‘HE’.”

“‘HE’?” asked Cordelia.

“Yes, ‘HE’.”

“What, your demon doesn’t even have a name, what is this? A sacrificial rite being held for the demon ‘formally known’ as Eros,” she sniped.

Elliot stared in momentarily surprise. “You know of Eros?”

“Duh, Greek god of love, or more commonly know as the Roman version, a fat baby with a bow and arrows. Somehow, I just don’t see that little love arrow piercing toddler a part of all of this.”

“The Romans,” Elliot said in disgust. “They bastardized Eros’ true godhood, they commercialized ‘HIM'”

“Right, the ancient Romans were really big on the Hallmark sales, get real. You and your freaky offshoot are the ones that bastardized the meaning of Eros. Love god, not soul sucking bad demon want-a-be god,” Cordelia huffed.

“Cordelia, shut up,” Angel ordered.

“She does talk alot, doesn’t she,” Elliot said to the vampire. “Interesting, not many, actually, none of the chosen knew of the sect. How did you know?”

“Lucky guess,” mumbled Cordelia. Damn, she really did have a big mouth sometimes, she chastised herself.

Elliot looked speculatively at the chained coupled. “Angel, why do you carry around these wooden stakes?” Elliot held up the handful of stakes that had been hiddin on his body and in his coat. Cordelia and Angel were silent. The priest guru kept looking at them waiting for an answer.

“Vampires,” Cordelia finally said.


“Sure, you know Dracula, the Lost Boys, Lesat and Louis, blood sucking creatures of the night, etc. They are out there you know. Haven’t you ever watched the X-files, it’s all true. We never leave home with out the appropriate protection; you know stakes, garlic and holy water. Right, honey?” Cordelia turned to Angel.

Angel didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he did neither. “Yes, vampires are real, one should always be prepared,” he said calmly.

“Vampires,” Elliot said in disbelief. “Foolish children, vampires are just old myths made up to explain the more ancient barbaric cults,” he said patronizingly.

“Uh,” Cordelia exclaimed. “You believe in a whacked out version of the love god, but you don’t believe in vampires. Let me tell you…”

“Cordelia, shut up,” Angel said loudly. “Elliot does not want to hear our beliefs on the existence or non-existence of vampires. I am sure he has something he wants to explain to us.”

“Oh, right,” she said a little sheepishly.

“Angel, is correct. You both are here because I found you two to be the perfect soul mates for the gift. ‘HE’ will be pleased by your sacrifice.” The pony tailed priest smiled. “‘HE’ will be here soon, but first you both must be prepared to call him.” Elliot leaned into the vampire injecting the vampire in the neck with another drug.

“Now, what did you give him,” Cordelia yelled.

“Don’t worry, Cordelia you won’t be left out.” Elliot moved towards the young girl. Angel growled and lunged towards the robed man. The sound of the vampire’s growl stalled the man momentarily. Elliot looked back at Angel. He turned back to Cordelia, as he saw nothing out of the ordinary about the struggling handsome man.

Elliot pressed the needle into Cordelia’s neck. “There, now you will be relaxed and receptive to the upcoming ceremony.” Elliot smiled and walked back towards the altar.

“Angel, what did he give us? I feel funny.”

Angel’s body tensed as he felt the effects of the drug take effect. He looked at Cordelia and clenched his eyes shut as he saw her nude body and heard her voice.

“Cordelia, don’t make a sound or move in anyway close to me,” the vampire struggled.

“But, Angel?” she asked trying to get closer to the vampire.

“Don’t.” Angel’s vampire visage flickered on and off his face. “Elliot gave us an aphrodisiac. Don’t do anything,” he growled. Angel fought to gain control over his demon. The drug was effecting him instantly. His lust was becoming unmanageable.

Angel’s demon was crying for release, the smell of Cordelia, the sight of Cordelia was unbearable. Everytime, she spoke or moved a flame of intense desire ran through his body.

Cordelia watched as Angel struggled to maintain his human countenance. Shit, she thought, as a warm need spread through out her body as she stared at her naked vampire. Cordelia closed her eyes and tried to ignore the the feelings of desire arising in her, just as she tried to ignore the vampire chained up next to her. Cordelia could feel the aphrodisiac take effect.

Obviously, it influenced Angel faster, she thought, as she heard him growl to himself. God, Cordelia needed him in her. No, she tried to calm herself; she would not lose control here, in front of the nutty weirdoes.

Chapter 19

“Well, that was quick,” Elliot said. “Take her.”

“No,” Cordelia yelled as the robed men unchained her and dragged her thrashing to the stone altar. Elliot looked again at Angel as he heard a low menacing growl. But as before, all he saw was the young handsome man straining against the chains.

Cordelia fought against the metal clasps snapped on her wrist and ankles.

“Soon,” Elliot promised.

“Angel,” Cordelia whimpered both in artificially stimulated sexual need and in real fear. She gasped as Angel’s nude body was thrown over hers.

“Angel,” she whispered, tears pooling in her eyes.

“I am sorry.” Angel fought against his demon’s desire to take the beautiful you girl violently and his desire to save her. Cordelia saw the pain that the vampire’s inner battle was causing him. All thoughts of how horrible it was for her flew out of her mind as love and commonsense took over.

“Angel,” she whispered straining up to meet his body. “We have to do this, the drug, the demon. If this is how it is called, then we have to. Don’t worry. I am okay. Just make sure that when the demon is called you go all bad ass ‘grr’ guy and kill it, really meanly,” she demanded, thrusting her body again up against the vampire’s tense body.

Angel heard his seer’s words and felt her body push towards his. Angel growled and thrust into her warm center, moving in and out in a rough rhythm. Cordelia closed her eyes at the sensation. It wasn’t the same gentle love making that she had experienced earlier, but it was just as intense and satisfying.

Cordelia forgot about the room and the onlookers; she just concentrated on the vampire and the exhilaration he was causing through out her body. It wasn’t until she heard Angel’s grow that she came to her senses. Angel was loosing control of his demon. Elliot and gang couldn’t know that he was a vampire, not yet, she thought.

“Angel,” she whispered. Angel growled and lunged towards her chest.

“Angel,” she whispered again yanking her breast from his descending fangs. Angel growled and forcibly brought her back.

“Angel, no,” she whispered again. “Neck,” she ordered throwing her head back. Angel stilled in his descent toward’s the young girl’s breast. He stared at the neck, memorized by the pumping pulse underneath Cordelia’s delicate skin. His eyes glowed yellow.

“Now,” Cordelia urged. Angel lunged into the slim column of her neck and drank. Cordelia gasped at the penetration and leaned into his embrace. Her dark hair covering his demon face. Cordelia gasped again as her orgasm filled her. As she slowly came back to earth she heard the chanting of the room.

Angel’s weight fell on her trembling body as he got his release. “Cordy,” he growled

“Angel, the demon,” she whispered.

Angel could only stare at the woman he loved tethered to the stone altar with his body over top her. Angel felt a flash of shame at what he had done, that he hadn’t been able to control his urges. Cordelia immediately saw the remorse and guilt flicker over Angel’s deep brown eyes.

“Now, you are just being stupid, Angel. Big, bad, evil, love DEMON, is now entering the building,” she whispered harshly.

Angel growled as he felt his body being pulled away from Cordelia. The room darkened and an eerie voice filtered through the air.


“Angel,” Cordelia screamed. But she needn’t have worried. Angel reached out and broke the chains at Cordelia’s wrist and ankles, as he pulled away at the humans that grabbed at him. Angel pushed Cordelia to the floor as he took off flying towards the demon, his own demon loose.

The vampire and the large demon battled violently against each other.

The worshippers looked in shock as their ‘god’ was being attacked by their supposed sacrifice. The room errupted in chaos as the followers started scrambling for the exit.

Cordelia frantically felt around on the floor, she grunted in truimphant as her fingers found the heavy candlestick holder that was at the side of the altar. She grasped at the heavy object swinging it towards Elliot who was standing tranfixed at the sight of the two combating demons. Her blow hit him in the legs, knocking the priest to the ground.

“I told you there was such things as vampires, and my ‘grr’ guy is going to so kick your stupid demon’s ass.” Cordelia paused in her next swing. “To be fair, I guess I should thank you for binding Angel’s soul. So, thanks,” she cried belting the man again with the candlestick, this time on his head.

Cordelia ran towards where the demon and the vampire were battling, running past the other occupants of the room’s panicked flight.

“Oh, you sick middle aged robe wearing freaks,” Cordelia yelled as she noticed Bob and Carol in the retreating group.

Angel in full game face was pummeling the larger demon with all of his vampire strength. But no matter how powerful Angel’s blows, the demon remained standing. Cordelia looked around desperately for any possible weapon that was more lethal that the candlestick. Cordelia dropped the candlestick as she saw her and Angel’s bags and clothes nearby. Cordelia rushed to Angel’s bag scrambling inside.

“Angel,” she yelled.

Angel looked up a caught the sword as it came flying through the air. With a quick turn and flick of his wrist, Angel plunged the blade into the demon’s torso, ripping the sharp edged metal up to it’s throat. Angel growled in victory as the demon fell gutted to the ground.

Cordelia slumped down her hands on her knees taking great deep breaths of relief. Angel came to her and lifted her up tenderly. Angel stared intently at his seer searching her face and body for any injuries.

“I am fine,” she said softly. “You?” Cordelia asked rubbing her hands along her chest.

“Fine,” he answered pulling her into his arms.

“We can go home now,” she whispered into his chest.


Angel woke up in his bed alone. The vampire growled in frustration and disappointment. He had hoped and somewhat expected that Cordelia would still be curled up over his body. Angel read the note left on the bed.

‘Had to go do some stuff. Be back, soon. Love C.’

The night before, Cordelia and Angel had met up with Wesley and Gunn on the road from the Center to LA. Wesley and Gunn had followed them back to the Hyperion, to get the details of what happened at the Eros Center.

So, after Angel called Kate to give her the information about Elliot and Gerard and their connection to the murders of Betty Macdonald and Bill, he sat down to go over the events of the night.

Both Cordelia and Angel decided that the vampire would be the one to explain everything to their co-workers. Cordelia ignored their questioning looks as she went straight up to Angel’s suite when they reached the hotel.

After Wesley got over his initial shock at the news that Angel and Cordelia’s souls were bound, he became philosophical about the matter. “I am really quite pleased for the two of you,” was all he said as he and Gunn left for the night. Cordelia had already been asleep when Angel went upstairs.

She had rolled into his body as he got into bed.

“Angel,” she said trying to open her tired eyes.

“Sh, sleep,” he said kissing her on the head, pulling her body over his to blanket himself with her warmth.


Angel went downstairs to wait for Cordelia’s return. He kept looking at the clock getting more and more anxious at her absence. He was about to call Wesley, when the young girl came breezing into the hotel.

“Hi,” she smiled.

“Where have you been?” he growled impatiently.

“Don’t get all growly. I just had some stuff to do.” Cordelia dropped her bags going up to the vampire and kissing him on the cheek. “Now go away.” She pushed the vampire towards the sewers.


“Go wander the sewers for awhile. I have to do stuff.”

“What stuff have you been doing and what stuff do you have to do?” Angel growled.

“It’s a secret. Now go,” she said mysteriously.

“Cordelia, I don’t want to go,” he said pulling the young girl into his arms. Cordelia returned his kiss passionately.

She sighed and pulled away. “Go, Angel,” she ordered.

A confused and frustrated vampire left the hotel. How did Cordelia do that, the vampire wondered. How did a twenty year old mortal girl so completely wrap an almost 250 year old vampire around her finger? Angel growled in self-deprecating disgust as he wandered around in the sewers.

As soon as Angel left Cordelia went out to Angel’s car and got more packages. It took her a couple of trips up the stairs before she got all of the bags into the empty room beside Angel’s suite. Cordelia busied herself in the room, humming a happy song as she worked.

Finally, she was done. Cordelia smiled at her accomplishment. She quickly changed her clothes and waited for Angel to return.

Angel returned back to the hotel. Cordelia better have done whatever she had to do, because he was not leaving her again, he growled to himself. His seer could whine, pout, huff and order, but he was not going to leave, Angel promised himself.

It had been too long since he had held his beautiful seer in his arms. Angel sensed that she was upstairs. He went straight towards the bedroom.

“Wrong room, ‘grr’ guy,” Cordelia said from the doorway of the next room. Angel turned and stared at the beautiful girl wearing nothing but a white robe.

“Yours.” She handed him a matching robe. “Clothes are just one of the many distractions to true relaxation,” she lectured with a slight teasing smile on her face. “When you are ready.” Cordelia went back into the room.

Angel looked at the robe then at the closed door. A low growl vibrated in his throat as he tore off his clothes. Dressed only in the robe he opened the door. The vampire stood in the doorway amazed at Cordelia’s preparations.

The room had been transformed into a replication of the Center’s mediation room, down to the massage table, water fountain and large floor pillows. Cordelia was standing in the middle of the room with a bright smile on her face.

“I believe it is my turn,” she said patting the massage table.

Actually, the vampire knew exactly how the beautiful mortal wrapped him around her little finger. Angel smiled and closed the door.



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