Betrayal. Book Two. 32-Epi

Part 32

Cordelia started to stretch but hesitant when she realized exactly where she was and what she was lying on. She moved her head slightly deciding that she didn’t want to wake Angel quite yet, she looked down from her position on Angel’s firm stomach.

Ah. Morning erections, you just got to love them. Cordelia grinned as she scooted closer, pausing when Angel’s hand slid up to her hair. Cordelia considered for a moment. The bad thing about sleeping with a dead guy was she couldn’t tell if he was awake or not.

No change in breathing or heart beat, because there weren’t any of either. Hmmph. No more movement from Angel’s hand. Cordelia slowly lifted her arm, taking Angel’s hand and removing it from her head. She waited. Satisfied, she moved closer to her goal.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” Angel lifted up on his elbows.

Cordelia propped herself up on Angel’s stomach using her elbow and palm to support her head. “How long have you been awake?” narrowing her eyes.

“Long enough to know that you were going to take advantage of my vulnerable state.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes. “If you knew why’d you ask? Well since I’ve been busted in my nefarious plans, I guess there is no point to continue.”

Angel considered. “Then, of course, I could just be talking in my sleep. Yeah, just talking, still sleeping, nefarious plans may continue.” Angel fell back on the bed.

Cordelia laughed pulling herself up over top the vampire. “I’ve a better idea.”

“Better than nefarious plans, I don’t know, I really like nefarious plans.”

Cordelia rested her arms and chin on Angel’s chest, scrunching up her face at him. “Pooh, no manacles and don’t want to break the bed anyway, need it to sleep on.”

“The hotel is full of beds and I’m sure I can get some manacles from somewhere.”

“Pfft. Shower.”

“Mmm. Shower, as in cold shower, I don’t think so. Why?”

“Angel.” She glared at his teasing tone.

“Oh, all right,” Angel sat up taking Cordelia with him. “I guess we can think of something nefarious-like to do in a shower.”

“Hmmph. You guess? What happened to all those fantasies? All talk weren’t you, buster.”

Angel cocked a brow. “You’ll just have to decide for yourself,” pulling the young woman after him towards the bathroom.

Angel leaned twisting and turning the nozzles. Once he was satisfied with the pressure and temperature, he stalked towards the young woman waiting. Angel encircled Cordelia’s waist picking her up. Cordelia giggled bracing her hands on his grip. With a quick kiss, Angel deposited Cordelia in the shower, following close behind. Cordelia turned to face Angel.

Angel leaned in to kiss her again,” #17”, he explained as he turned her back around under the pounding spray.
Cordelia turned back around. “The shower was MY idea”, taking the soap from Angel’s hand.

The vampire grinned brushing the wet strains from Cordelia’s face. “By all means, please, expound on YOUR idea.”

Cordelia gave a teasing glare. “Hmmph,” slowly rubbing Angel’s chest with a soapy washcloth. Her other hand mimicked the circular of the path of the cloth on Angel’s firm stomach. Pearl teeth chewed on a full bottom lip as Cordelia centered her concentration on the skin she touched.

Angel placed strong hands on either side of Cordelia waist, his thumbs continuously sweeping the flesh of her belly, his fingers spreading over the small of Cordelia’s back. Cordelia stepped closer the washcloth and a bare hand encircled around Angel’s leans hips. The cloth dropped to the porcelain as Cordy’s fingers and palms pressed and fondled over slick muscles of Angel’s backside. Cordelia ran her tongue over her lips, moving even closer, pressing soft breast to hard chest, tip toeing up to whisper, “You really do have the best ass,” in his ear, her tongue following her words as her body avoided Angel’s hands and slid around to his back.

“Cordy,” he growled, trying to her pull her back to his front. Cordelia laughed pressing her chest against the broad planes of his back her hands caressing over his chest, stopping to tease the hard male nipples. Again, she tip toed up,” Patience, ‘grr’ guy”. Cordelia stepped back.

Angel turned around. “No,” pulling Cordelia back to his chest cupping her ass towards his hard erection. Angel stumbled as delicate fingers encircled the base of his penis stroking up to the swollen head. Angel growled, moving her hands as he turned her away. Angel pulled up her hands urging her fingers to hold on the towel rack mounted on the far shower wall. Cordelia clenched the bar as Angel bent her towards the wall pulling her rounded ass towards his erection. With deft fingers Angel pinpointed Cordelia’s center and thrust embedding himself completely. Water pounded on Angel’s back as he moved in and out. Angel steadied his stance bracing himself with one strong arm against the wall as his thrusts become stronger.

Cordelia’s grip tightened on the bar, her face turning into her shoulder catching her moans.

Angel’s arm held Cordelia’s hips steady as his mouth latched on her back, trailing kisses and nips up to her neck. Angel’s arm became tighter as Cordelia’s legs buckled and he heard a crack. Angel stilled his thrusts, moving his arm up from Cordelia’s hips, the other moving to her hands, straightening her up as he slowly withdrew.

“Angel?” Cordy whimpered at the lost.

“Shh,” Angel kissed at the crook of her neck. “About to go crashing, finish in bed.”

“Uh,” she blinked up, trying to regain her normal breathing pattern. Angel lifted over her to release her still clenched fingers. “Oh.” Cordelia said as she saw the split in the plastic. Cordelia tested the bar with a quick tug. Angel caught her as she stumbled back as the bar split.

“Couldn’t believe me, could you? Just had to break something.”

“Hmmph. Weren’t you saying something about finishing in bed,” stepping out of the shower.

Angel quickly turned off the water. Angel yanked at the towel Cordelia was wrapping around her body and picking her up.

“Hey. I’m wet.” Cordelia scrambled on the bed, the cover already pushed to the floor.

“I know.” Angel smirked crawling over her positioning himself between her legs.

“You don’t know any good jokes, so now your just going for smutty vamp humor, aren’t you?” rolling her eyes as she clutched at his shoulders pulling him down.

Angel chuckled seizing her lips reclaiming their bodies’ earlier rhythm.


Angel lay on his back, one hand curled around the sleeping body pressed to his side, the other reaching along the floor. With a satisfied grunt, he pulled up the comforter around Cordy’s body tucking it close.


Cordy stirred, slowly opening her eyes. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Angel leaned down to kiss the young woman.

“Mmm.” Cordelia squirmed closer to the hard body that held her. “You were staring again.”

“Can’t help it, you’re beautiful.” Angel leaned in again to taste the soft smile. “Why?”

Cordelia raised a brow at the question. “Well, Mom and Dad might not have been the best parents but they had great genes.”

Angel smiled, pulling down the cover softly tracing the new mark on her flesh. “Why?”

Cordelia watched Angel’s fingers circle around the wounds. She scrunched up her face. “Hey, you made it look better.”

“Cordy.” Angel shook his head at her nonsensical observation that more marks on her flesh were better.

“Okay, I like it better then. Look, you barely even see the skewer scar anymore. You gotta like that.”

“That was the point, but Cordy….”

“Angel, the first one didn’t mean anything, this one does that’s all.”

“And what does it mean, Cordelia.”

Cordelia sighed, positioning her self on Angel’s chest to look him in the eyes. “It means that I love you, that I believe you will always try to do what is best for our family, that you will try to always remember that together we’re stronger and lying is very very bad and it means that I wholeheartedly agree that I’m yours….oh, and that your mine all vamp stuff included.”

She perched her chin on her hands, her gaze never wavering. “I’m thinking though to be fair you should get a big fat tattoo screaming I belong to Cordelia Chaseright smack in the middle of your chest.


“Eww, don’t you dare, we’ll get a T-shirt.”

Angel laughed hugged the young woman tightly, thanking anybody that would listen for Wesley and alternate curses and anchored souls but mostly for the beautiful giggling woman in his arms.


“Okay, now we have to really get up.” Cordelia swung her legs off the bed.

“Why?” Angel threw out his arm.

“Why? Is that all you can say now a days?”

“But, Cordy, we can stay in bed as long as we like, no paying by the hour or anything.”

“Angel,” Cordelia knelt back on the bed. “Gotta work, gotta eat, gotta get up.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Come on you big baby, think how much fun it will be to get back in bed later for free. Think ice cream, Angel, ice cream.”

“Oh, all right, but we’re going to bed early.” Angel grumbled pulling Cordelia towards the shower.

Cordelia tugged back. “Angel, I mean it.”

“If you don’t break anything else we’ll be fine.” Angel yanked again.

“It wasn’t my fault.” Cordelia whined following.


“What part of I mean it didn’t you understand?” Cordelia glared trying to move past the vampire down the stairs.

“Hey, you broke the shower curtain, can’t finish a shower without a shower curtain- water gets everywhere.” Angel shrugged, stepping to keep ahead of Cordelia.

“Oh, but it’s okay to drip water all over the bedroom and lie around in soaking sheets. Hmmph. I’ll probably catch a cold.”

“I don’t think you could classify what we were doing as simply lying around and you didn’t seem cold at all.” Angel stopped on the steps, holding Cordelia from proceeding ahead. “I say very warm, hot even.” Angel smirked into her ear, his hands skimming up underneath her shirt.

“Angel,” Cordelia slapped away his exploring fingers. “We are going to make it down stairs before tomorrow, so hands off.” She pushed ahead practically running down the stairs.

“I don’t see why we have too.” Angel grumbled and quickly followed.

“Cordy?” Angel questioned at the still young woman at the bottom of the steps.

“Look,” she pointed.

Angel stared. Connor was leaning over the lobby counter listening intently as Wesley, Gunn and Fred argued about the proper distance a car must stop from a railroad crossing.

“Connor,” Angel stepped up, noticing a plate of half-eaten pizza crust and glass of milk on the counter.

The teenager jumped and turned towards his father. “You said I could stay if I was tired.” Connor asserted defensively.

“You stayed?”

Fred leaned up over the counter. “We ordered late pizza last night, so, of course, Connor stayed,” smiling at Angel and Cordelia.

“Pizza? I’m starving,” Cordelia looked around for any more evidence of food.

“Man, girl, it’s late all the left-overs are accounted for.”

“Damn.” Cordelia grumbled, glaring at Angel.


“You are so going out to get me some food.”

“You’re blaming missing pizza on me.”

“Damn tootin’ – you’re the one that kept…..” Cordelia trailed off seeing Connor’s inquisitive stare and the amused glances of her friends. “Yes, I am.” She ended firmly and quickly.

“Cordy, it’s still daylight out.”

“Barely,” Gunn motioned to the darkening sky. “I say we all could go for some more food. Boy-hoover- wonder snagged the last piece of pizza. I’m hungry. Anybody else”.

“I am.” Fred raised her hand.

“Yes, I believe I am as well.”

“Me, too.” Connor added.

“Man, boy, you’re always hungry.” Gunn shook his head. “So, who wants what?” Gunn held up some menus.

“Pizza.” Cordelia raised her hand. “With Pineapples.”

“We just had pizza, you missed your chance.”

“But, I haven’t had pizza in forever.”

“Not our fault. I say, Chinese.”

“Mexican.” Fred called out.

“NO.” The room called out.

“I’ve haven’t had tacos in months.”

“We just had breakfast burritos, that counts.” Wesley insisted.

“I’m with English on that one, Sorry, girl.”

“I want pizza,” Cordelia whined again.


Angel sighed and sat down. By the time everyone figured out what to eat it would definitely be dark enough for him to act as food delivery guy. It wasn’t really fair- he didn’t even eat. Then again being able to keep Cordelia in bed for most of the day was definitely worth the aggravation.

“Here.” Angel looked up at his son and the pad of paper Connor was holding out.

“What’s this,” Angel took the papers.

“What I did wrong when I was driving.”

Angel looked at his son then at the papers trying to hide his surprise. Angel never figured that Connor would actually do what he said. Angel quickly read through the writing. “This is good.” Angel glanced back up to Connor.

Connor shifted on his feet and shrugged. “Fred gave me a book to read, and they’ve been quizzing me. Well, at least when they weren’t arguing.”

“Good, that’s smart to read about the rules of the road. Good.” Angel nodded, a little scared to smile at his son. Angel took a deep breath and tried a small one. Angel raised his brows. It was quick, but Angel swore he saw a responding quirk on Connor’s lips. Angel took another breath. At least the teenager wasn’t scowling.

Cordelia crossed her arms in thought, listening to the arguing around her. She really wanted pizza. She had been thinking about pizza for the last few hours. Well except when she was thinking about Angel was doing to her.

Cordelia needed a plan. “Fred, if we order pizza from D’Angelo’s they have this Mexican Pizza to die for, sour cream, peppers, salsa. It’s a pizza burrito.” Cordelia nodded encouragingly at the light in Fred’s eyes.

“Why haven’t I had one of those before?”

“D’Angelo’s is across town, expensive and don’t deliver, but it’s great.”

“No fair, come on English, say you want Chinese.”

“To avoid Pizza, especially Mexican pizza, I agree. It’s a tie. We flip.”

“Angel hasn’t voted.” Cordelia called out. “Angel.”

“No way,” Gunn yelled before Angel could answer Cordelia’s glare. “He’s a blood sucker and YOU’VE got him whipped, his vote doesn’t count.”

“I’m not whipped, right Cordy?” Angel asked not quite sure what it meant. He hadn’t been whipped in centuries and surely not by Cordelia. Though in the context of Gunn’s shout Angel wasn’t at all sure the literal definition was proper.

“Told you.” Gunn pointed. “Ah. The vamp asks her if he’s whipped, how whipped is that.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes at the vampire. “Great defense there, buster. Geez.”

Angel winced.

“Connor.” Cordy asked sweetly. “What would you like, delicious pizza that both Fred and I would love to get or dumb Chinese food that those idiots want,” she tossed her head over at Gunn and Wesley. “The Pizza restaurant is across town- Chinese delivers. I’m sure that Angel will let you go with him maybe even drive to D’Angelo’s.”

“Uh, Cordy.” Angel lifted his finger trying to get her attention. Connor did seem to recognize what he did wrong from the last time but Angel still remembered the experience and it had been terrifying.

“Stop her, she bribing the kid with Angel’s inability to say to no her. It ain’t fair.” Gunn called out to Wesley.

Wesley cleared his throat stepping up. “Angel, do I have to remind you of all the near accidents Connor almost caused. Think of your car.”

“Hey,” Connor called out. “I read the book.”

“Angel, no man, think of your car. Your great complicated car.”

Fred entered the negotiations. “Angel, Connor did read the pamphlet and he got all the questions right. So, if Connor should decide that Pizza would be the better choice, I’ve no doubt that he would do just wonderful driving there. Connor, dear, what would like to have for dinner?”

“Connor, before you answer, Angel hasn’t actually said you could drive.” Gunn interrupted. “Girl, you’re wicked.” He whispered to his girlfriend.

“I want the Mexican Pizza,” Fred whispered back.

“Connor, honey” Cordelia smiled. “It’s me Aunt Cordy, I changed your diapers, sang to you even, floated just for you to get that cute smile on your face.”

“Foul, low blow, we all changed his diapers.” Gunn shouted.

Angel stood up. “Guys, all of you shut up. Yes, you too,” Angel put his finger up to Cordelia’s lips, ignoring her glare. “Connor, you will have to eat whichever you decide, so pick what you like best.”

“Will I be able to drive?” Connor asked.

“Angel, don’t do it. Your car.” Gunn said.

“Angel,” Cordelia yanked at his hand. Angel drew his arm around Cordelia’s shoulder, bringing her in close. “I’ll get you your pizza, now, please let my son make up his own mind, I’m the one you have twisted around your little finger, not him.” He whispered. Angel paused. “That’s what Gunn meant wasn’t it.”

“Yeah.” Cordelia giggled.

“Great.” Angel rolled his eyes.

“Connor, honey,” Cordelia giving Angel a reassuring pat. “You make up your own mind. If you don’t want pizza, your Dad will take you out driving later. So, don’t let that influence you.”

“Cordy,” Fred whined.


Angel blinked. Connor called him Dad. “Um, I told you that if you figured out what you had done wrong, I would take you out again. And you did, so yeah. I’ll take you out no matter what you decide.”

“Sorry, guys, I’m with Cordy and Fred. I like pizza better than Chinese.”

“I’m not eating pineapple.”

“I’m not eating Mexican.”

Angel growled. “Small okay Cordy, Fred?”

The women shrugged a happy okay.

“One small pineapple, one small Mexican- Connor?” Angel called to his son.

The teenager shrugged. “I like pineapple and Mexican.”

“Okay, one med….”

“Angel, he eats a lot, really a lot.” Fred interrupted.

“Okay, one large- pineapple, one large- Mexican. Wesley, Gunn.” Angel growled again at the two men engaged in a heated debate over sausage or pepperoni and green peppers or olives. “Guys, put your order in now.” Angel said loudly. “Or the bloodsucker’s doing the choosing.”

“Aw, man. Why did you have to say that,” Gunn shook his head.

“One large- sausage and olive and one large pepperoni and green peppers.” Wesley said decisively.

“Naw, the other way.”

“I’m leaving now, Connor, here.” Tossing his keys. “Remember, eyes ….”

“Eyes on the road, red means stop, green means go, yellow means speed up,”


“Joke, Dad.” Connor pushed passed the vampire flipping the keys in the air.

Angel stared at the door with a stunned look on his face. He ran back to Cordelia. “He called me Dad and told a joke.” He grabbed Cordelia by the shoulder looking her in the eyes a wide smile on his face.

“Yep” Cordelia kissed Angel quickly. “Now go or he’ll take your precious car out for a joyriding night on the town.”

“Right.” Angel nodded running out the door.

“Man.” Gunn flopped down on the desk.

“Oh, Charles, don’t be a sore loser.” Fred said.

“It aint’ that- what if the kid crashes, we’ll never eat.”

Fred bit her lip as Cordelia scrunched up her brow and Wesley looked worried.

“Good thoughts, everyone, good thoughts.” Cordelia urged. “And finger’s crossed, I’m starving.”


“Angel, get up.”


“Angel.” Cordelia wrapped a sheet around her. “Fix the bed.”

Angel grumbled getting off the floor, pushing the mattress and bedsprings back together. “Well, just don’t stand there.” Angel flopped on the bed. “And get rid of the sheet, I can’t see you in a sheet.”

“I’m getting the blanket, ‘Mr. I’ve the body temperature of an Eskimo.’ Hmmph.” Cordelia stood at the foot of the bed and floated the sheet she was wearing over the bed and vampire. The comforter soon followed.

“Cordy, the pillows.” Angel pointed, leaning up against the backboard, appreciating the back view of Cordelia bending over and picking up a pillow. “Here, lazy ass,” throwing the pillow at that grinning vampire. “Where’s. How did get over there.” Cordelia walked over around the dresser and bent down to pick up the other pillow. “Hmmph,” She said, slamming the pillow at the cozy vampire.

Angel grabbed at the pillow. “That’s how it started last time.” He warned waving the pillow in front of her.
“Oh give me my pillow.” She tugged, settling under the covers.

“Your just mad that I won.” Angel pulled Cordelia close into his body.

“You didn’t win.”

“You said uncle, first.”

“You cheated.”

“How’d I cheat, I beat you fair and square. I held back, you were the one getting violent and I swear you glowed, so if anybody cheated it was you and you still lost. Ha.”

“You disarmed me unfairly and I did not glow, cheater.”

Angel shifted leaning over the pouting young woman. “And just exactly how did I disarm you unfairly,” Angel grinned slowly, the corners of his mouth curving into a dangerous smirk, his voice low and teasing. “Hmm,” he rubbed at the pouty lip, with one thumb while the other hand disappeared under the covers.

“Ooh, Damn’t, uncle.” Cordelia choked as Angel’s fingers found the moisture that was once again was pooling in her center.

“But, I’m not done playing yet.” Angel smirked as his lips replaced his thumb.


Angel slowly caressed the smooth back of the young woman draped over his chest. “Connor’s staying again.”

“I know I said good night to him when I brought towels to him AND he didn’t wreck your car. It’s a good night.”

“He did better. Fred was right to give him the book. Still goes too fast but at least he stopped at all the lights. I didn’t think of giving him a book, I didn’t even know they had books for driving. But, I should’ve, I knew you had to take a test before you got a license, if there’s tests, then there’s books, I should’ve known.”

“Angel, you did good.” She leaned up easing the worry that suddenly appeared on the vampire’s face. “You are a great father and Connor is beginning to see that. Two nights in a row, he’s coming home. It is will be all right. “

“No,” Angel grabbed at Cordelia’s hand, raining it with small kisses. “It’s better than all right because of you. I love you.”

“Me, too. How long do you think ‘all right’ will last?”

Angel shrugged tucking the young woman back into side. “Maybe until next week or until Wolfram & Hart think up something new or maybe the apocalypse will happen.”

“Next week-that long, God you’ve turned into an optimist.”

“Your fault.”


Lilah juggled her keys, briefcase and plastic bag in her hands as she pushed her apartment door open with her hip.

With a sigh of relief she dumped everything in the foyer of the high-end expensive tasteful apartment.

She scowled, as she looked at damage in the first class living room, rolling her eyes at the fallen silk Japanese plant, the ripped five hundred dollar pillow it’s white goose very expensive feathers scattered around it. Lilah with trepidation looked around the corner in the expansive dining area. Lilah slumped as she saw her new original silk designer flower arrangement shredded into bright tiny bits.

Lilah went into the kitchen and quickly closed her eyes. She squinted only focusing on the wine rack on the edge of the dining room and kitchen. She quickly poured a glass of red wine keeping her eyes averted to the mess in the kitchen. Taking a deep breath she went to back to living room wine in hand. On the way she picked up her briefcase and took it and her wine to the beautiful soft supple leather couch.

Lilah pulled out the file she had been working on at the office and putting the wine glass on the low glass table in front of here. Lilah leaned in studying the glass, looking at the smudges and marks that were all over the table. Lilah leaned back with her file. Something more disturbing than the smudges on the glass top caught her attention, Lilah really wanted to just close her eyes, but she looked. Her beautiful expensive one of a kind leather sofa had been cut with deadly precision. Lilah leaned back into the couch. Just read. Lilah took a deep breath and opened the file. Lilah pondered the material it could work. She went to turn the page over when a hiss and ball of little fur landed smack in the middle of the top-secret file.

“I was wondering where you were.” Lilah said disapprovingly in the gold eyes of a fury fuzz ball tabby kitten.
The kitten crawled up Lilah’s silk blouse, it’s tiny sharp claws poking holes in the delicate material, rubbing its puffy vibrating body across Lilah’s face.

“Connie, I’m trying to read here. This is important stuff,” Lilah moved her hand around the kitten. “Destroy Angel and friends and world in bargain important stuff, but I need to read it. So,”

Connie peered her golden eyes at the woman and turned and pounced on the papers.

“Connie, you’ve already destroyed my apartment, do you have to destroy my work,” Lilah asked the small ball fur that was smacking at the hand holding onto the file.

Connie rushed up the silk blouse as her oversized kitty ears twitched at the sound of her name; small repetitive mews came from her mouth.

Lilah cupped the bundle of purring fur scrambling up on her shoulder bringing the kitten close to her intense gaze. “You, Conscience, are a very needy thing.”

Connie purred, swatting at the woman.

“Okay, you win. The diabolic plan can wait, probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.” Lilah got up and picked up the plastic rod with a large feather attached to the end of it, dangling the toy for the happy leaping kitten.



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