A Soul for Angelus. 35-Epi

Chapter Thirty-Five

Angel had felt Cordelia’s essence fluctuate and finally start to get stronger, then suddenly lessen. He had to get to her. Angel hadn’t even seen the nurse attempt to stop him; all he saw was an obstacle between him and Cordelia.

A voice suspiciously like Angelus told him that the obstacle had to be removed by force or death if necessary.

Since Angel was in total agreement with the voice, he didn’t pay it much attention. Nor did he realize that Wesley had intervened, he just knew that the obstacle was gone. Angel rushed to Cordelia.

Angel sat at Cordelia’s bedside clutching her hand in a fierce grip. With his other hand he caressed her forehead. “Cordy, come on you can do it,” he whispered. All of the vampire’s attention was on Cordelia. Angel didn’t even notice that the monitors at the bedside started to beep and make odd sounds.

The nurse at the front station, got up in alarm as the monitors went off. She rushed towards Cordelia’s room with Wesley and Gunn close behind. The nurse grabbed at Angel’s shoulder trying to pull him away from the bed. Angel growled and faced the interruption to his concentration. The nurse gasped in shock at Angel’s vampire visage.

Wesley stepped forward quickly pulling at the nurse. “Uh, I…”

The nurse shook off the former watcher’s hand and ran out of the room. She didn’t know what was going on but she was going to get a doctor, perhaps security. The patient was dying and that man wasn’t a man, she thought as she ran down the hall. The nurse grabbed the first doctor she found.

It happened to be an intern who had just got on duty. The young resident knew nothing about Cordelia’s condition, but followed the frantic nurse as she described the dying girl’s condition and the monster man in her room.

Angel ignored the nurse’s panicked flight and grasped Cordelia’s hand tighter. Angel went into Cordelia’s mind seeing himself standing at a doorway that he couldn’t pass, urging, begging Cordelia to come to him. He could see her faraway looking at him, begging for his help. She was running towards him, but she couldn’t seem to get any closer. Angel concentrated on the girl, trying to force her to move closer.

He tried promises, cajoling, begging and finally threats. Angel yelled, telling her that she had better move or else. The image of Cordelia stopped. “Or else what, ‘grr’ guy,” she demanded, wiping her eyes.

“Cordy,” he ordered.

“Oh, all right, but it is only because I want to, remember that.” She griped. With all of her strength, she ran and leapt towards him. “You better just catch me.”

Angel chuckled. “Always,” he said as he wrapped her in his arms.

“I love you,” she whispered as Angel smiled and faded away.

Angel lifted his head up from her chest and watched as Cordelia’s beautiful eyes slowly open.

“We did it,” she whispered.

Angel nodded.

Just then the doctor came in and stopped in amazement. The young beautiful girl was awake gazing into the eyes of her very handsome husband. The doctor glared at the flustered nurse following him closely.

He would have to give that nurse a very strong lecture about her over-active imagination. It was obvious that the girl was not dying and that her husband was just a normal, if not an above average looking male, not some sort of monster.

“Um, well, good, you are awake. How are you feeling?”

“Okay, I guess, but I do kind of hurt.”

“Yes, well, let’s just see what your records say,” the doctor said, glancing at Cordelia’s medical chart. He looked up again at the monitor, then at the beautiful girl and back to the chart. The medical charts depicted a fatal wound followed by an extensive surgery and a hopeless prognosis.

“Um,” he started then looked back incredulously at the chart, then the monitors and then at the wide awaked girl. “Um, yes, well, I think maybe, sir, you should leave us right now while I examine your wife.”

Cordelia’s eyes widened, Wife? She mouthed to Angel. The vampire remained quiet as he sheepishly shrugged his shoulders. Cordelia giggled and then gasped at the pain in her chest. “Owww.”

“Sir, please go,” the doctor said again.

Angel didn’t budge from Cordelia’s side.

“Um, sir, please.” The doctor said again, trying to move the immovable man.

“Angel,” whispered Cordelia.

Angel nodded and reluctantly got up, moving only just enough to allow the doctor to squeeze next to the bed.

“Angel,” Cordelia exclaimed in exasperation.

With a frustrated growl caught in his throat, Angel moved to the other side of the bed to give the doctor room to examine Cordelia. The young resident went to lift up Cordelia’s hospital gown.

“Angel, no,” Cordelia chided as she felt some definite angry feelings coming from the vampire. The doctor looked up to Cordelia then to the man at her side. Her handsome husband hadn’t moved, but the intern was getting some definitely bad vibes from the grim man.

“Doctor, please, go ahead.” She shot a warning glance at the vampire, telling him silently to curb his possessive streak.

The doctor hastily finished his examination. “The wound seems to be healing well, and you seem to be doing much better than the original prognosis. But you do need to rest. However, I do think we can unhook these machines.” The resident started to remove the wires and IV from her body.

He stopped when he saw the jarring wound on the young girl’s neck. “How did this happen?” He said offended by the ugliness that marred the beautiful girl’s smooth skin. “You know with a little bit of plastic surgery we can remove the scar tissue, and make your neck as pretty as new.”

Angel could feel his demon rise at the doctor’s words. No, Angelus’ voice came back into his head, it is MY mark.

Cordelia’s eyes widened. She knew with the utmost certainty that it was Angel standing there, but the rising violent emotions she sensed from the vampire had a definite feel of Angelus.

“No, thank you,” she said softly to the young doctor, her eyes never leaving the vampire who was struggling to control his rage.

The doctor tried again to convince the girl. “No, please go,” she said her eyes still on Angel. The doctor left the room, deciding not to try to figure out the tension in the room. He ran straight into a concerned Wesley and Gunn.

“Doctor, how is she is?” they both asked.

“Oh, she is doing very well actually, surprisingly quite well. But…” The young resident looked back into the room at the dark handsome man standing still and the young girl watching him closely.

“Something…” He shook his head and decided that it was none of his business.

Chapter Thirty-Six

Wesley went past the doctor to look in the room. “Cordelia, Angel?”

Cordelia broke her gaze away from the now horrified vampire. “I’m okay,” she said softly. “Wesley, please give us a few minutes,” she smiled at the former watcher.

Wesley left the room relieved that Cordelia seemed to be well, but unsure about the anxiety in the room.

“Angel,” Cordelia questioned. Angel didn’t answer. Angel was mortified at his reaction to the doctor’s last statement. Angelus had made that scar in lustful violence. He had shown no concern for the pain it caused Cordelia. Angelus had just wanted to make a permanent reminder to all that Cordelia belonged to him.

The forming scar was an abomination, it should be removed. But Angel didn’t want it gone and that is what disgusted him. His revulsion at how the wound was made was at war with his vampire’s instinct. The demon in him rejoiced that Cordelia would be forever labeled as his.

“Angel, please come here,” Cordelia coaxed in a soft understanding voice.

Angel hesitated but he couldn’t resist her plea. Angel sat on the side of the bed.

“Angel, what was that about? You know I wouldn’t…” She touched the scaring tissue at her neck. Angel moved to get off the bed.

“Angel, don’t please. It makes me ill when you get all broody,” she whispered. Angel’s expression became even more guilt-ridden.

“Cordelia, I am so sorry,” he whispered grabbing her hand.

Cordelia lifted his hand to her lips. “I know. But don’t be. I don’t regret any of it. It all had to happen to get us where we are now. And no, I won’t have this removed.” She touched her neck.


“But, nothing.” She paused. “Angel, do you want me to have it removed?” Angel remained silent. “Angel?”

“No,” he growled possessively and shamefaced at the same time.

“Well, I don’t either. Maybe, I am a little sick,” she laughed softly. “But now that we know your soul is permanent I kind of don’t mind it. Weird, uh?”

“But, Angelus…”

“Angel, your soul is permanent. Angelus accepted it. But in doing so, you also accepted him, which means I accepted him, too.”

Angel looked at her in disbelief.

“What? I was paying attention. Angel, it is okay. Angelus was way overbearing and really nasty, but he…well, he loved me, sort of, in a weird sick way, but what he felt was more than the bond, I know it and it was because you loved me. Angelus is part of you and your soul. So, that just means, when you get all “grry” over a doctor examining me or suggesting that I remove your mark, you won’t actually torture or kill him, you will just growl, make that cute vamp face and get all broody.”

Angel looked in amazement at his soul mate. “How? How can you…?”

“What, love you? I don’t have a choice remember. It’s my fate,” she said in false despair. “I have to love you. Then there is the stupid bond thing.” She laughed and lovingly reached up to caress his handsome face. “You know, Angel, you never have actually said that you loved me. Maybe, you don’t. Maybe it’s just a ‘grr’ thing, you know, because of the bond and all.” She raised her eyebrows at the shocked vampire.

“Cordy! You know, I love you.”

“Really, how am I suppose to know that, I mean, gee, the last time I saw you, you were explaining how you didn’t love me as you fulfilled my needy feelings, then poof, Angelus. And, it’s not like he told me he loved me. All he did was get all mean, lusty and possessive.” Cordelia tried to stifle the giggles that were rising in her throat as she looked at Angel’s stunned expression.


“Repeating yourself much, ‘grr’ guy,” she broke out in a weak laugh, wincing at the pain in her chest. “Angel, please come here,” she said blocking out the pain. “I need you and more importantly I love you.”

Angel could feel the pain, love, desire and need flowing from the still pale girl lying on the bed.

“Cordelia, the doctor said you have to rest,” he said trying to control his own burst of desire and need.

“Now, you want to listen to the doctor?” she grumbled.

“Cordelia, you are hurting, I can feel it.”

“So, you will just have to be really careful,” she whispered.

Angel closed his eyes struggling with the battle between his desire and concern for his beautiful seer. Cordelia reached out to him.

“Cordy, no,” he said huskily as he sat on the bed. “You aren’t strong enough.” Angel tenderly brushed her dark hair away from her flushed face.

“Maybe, but I still need you,” she whispered.

Angel slowly nodded. He also needed to touch her and taste her bittersweet blood. The vampire pulled down the thin sheet and removed the tissue-like hospital gown off her. Cordelia sighed, her desire overpowered all the aches and pains in her body.

Angel sat down next to Cordelia, gazing her body. His demon rose in lust, but Angel quickly tempered the lust with love. Angel smiled and placed kisses down her collarbone. His hand lightly touched every part of her body, taking care to avoid the bandage on her chest. Angel tenderly pulled Cordelia to her side as he laid down next to her.

Cordelia’s hands caressed his chest and glided down his strong arms. “Angel,” she whispered. Angel growled and trailed a hand down between Cordelia’s thighs. His long fingers delicately probed and manipulated her clit as he lovingly bit into her neck and sampled a small sip of her blood. Cordelia gasped as a small exquisite orgasm rippled through her body. Angel wrapped his body along side Cordelia’s taking care not to place any of his weight onto her.

“Angel?” she asked sleepily reaching down to touch his hard member.

“No,” the vampire sighed bringing her questing hand up to his lips. “You need to sleep. There will be plenty of time for that later, when you are stronger.” Angel kissed her on the side of her head and pulled the sheet up around Cordelia’s body.

“Now, sleep,” he said going into her mind willing her to rest.

“Not fair,” she murmured.

“Yell at me later.” He softly chuckled. “I love you, Cordy. You are my soul.” Cordelia smiled in complete contentment as she fell asleep.

Wesley stared at Cordelia’s hospital room. It had been more than a few minutes and Angel had yet to come out of the room. He was getting worried. Wesley cautiously peeked into the room. The former watcher sighed, as he saw Angel wrapped around his seer. Both of them were sleeping soundly with soft smiles on their faces. Wesley backed quietly out of the room. He turned to Gunn. “I think that the danger is over, Cordelia seems to be fine.”

“And the vampire?”

“Angel,” he emphasized, “is sleeping. They both are sleeping. I think that you can go home. I will call if there is any change.”

“I am not leaving. Not until, I know the Barbie is going to be okay and I find out if we have to worry about the bad ass vamp showing up again.”

“Fine, but I believe that Cordelia and Angel will be just fine.” Wesley looked towards the door. The former watcher yawned, he was exhausted. “I suggest we try to get some sleep, we won’t be getting any answers right now.” Wesley headed towards the waiting room to grab a couch to lie down on.


Cordelia had been home for about a week and she was getting truly and utterly bored. Every time she tried to move from the bed and go down to the office, Angel would get all ‘grry’. His over protectiveness was about to drive her batty.

He wouldn’t even make love to her properly. Angel still continued to just to hold and caress her, as if anything more would cause her to break. It was very nice, she admitted, but she was getting frustrated.

The need that originated from the bond was always satisfied, but she wanted more. She needed and wanted to feel all of the vampire that she loved with all of her heart. But Angel wouldn’t let her, every time she tried to take the lead or pleasure him, he resisted and told her that she was still to weak and needed to rest.

Well, at least, Wesley had accepted their explanation of what had happened. And after a few days of attempted coddling and receiving sharp retorts in response, he began to treat her like she was a real person and not an invalid. Also, Wesley had been able to resume his previous relationship with Angel without much trouble, unlike Gunn.

The street kid was still hesitant to welcome Angel back with open arms. Cordelia had tried to convince him that every thing was okay, but he remained suspicious. Well, she would convince him, because everything was fine, more than fine, they were wonderful.

That was, things would be wonderful, if she could just induce Angel to believe that she was well and strong, she grumbled to herself.

Cordelia looked at the bedside clock; it was almost nine o’clock. She sighed, soon Wesley would be up to say his ritual good night. God, she was bored. Cordelia hadn’t had a vision since the last one and there had been no new clients. And while Angel didn’t mention it, she knew that all of his attempts to find Darla had failed. Cordelia was relieved. It wasn’t that she was worried or jealous that Angel would be drawn to the bitch vampire, Cordelia knew with a certainty that was almost frightening, that Angel loved and wanted only her.

But Cordelia didn’t like the idea of Angel going after Darla, it would be too dangerous. Cordelia knew that the blonde evil vamp would stop at nothing to destroy them, given the chance. Even without a vision, she didn’t doubt that Darla would come after them sooner or later; Cordelia just wanted it too be much, much later.

Cordelia looked up as Wesley knocked at her door. “Cordelia, I just wanted to say goodnight.”

“Don’t go, yet. Did you convince over protective boss ‘grr’ guy that I am well enough to go back to work?” she asked hopefully.

Cordelia really did look healthy. “I tried, but no,” he sighed.

“Ummph. I haven’t seen Gunn today. Is he behaving nice to Angel?”

“He is getting better. Gunn will come around soon. He just needs a little more time to see that Angel is back and his soul is permanent.”

“Well, it better be soon, Gunn’s less than friendly attitude is making Angel go all broody,” she grumbled.

Wesley smiled at his beautiful friend. “Goodnight, Cordelia.”

“Umm, Goodnight, Wesley. Hey research guy, I will be back to work tomorrow,” she swore.

Wesley smiled at her determination. He just hoped that he wasn’t around when the fireworks started flying when she forced Angel to see that she was all healed.

Cordelia waved a quick goodbye. Angel was still downstairs, but he would probably be up soon after Wesley left the hotel. Angel didn’t like leaving her alone for too long. Well, now was the time to test her powers of persuasions, she thought smiling, getting out of the bed.

Angel heard the shower running as he entered the bedroom. Stubborn girl, he grumbled. Angel had told her that she shouldn’t shower or bathe unless he was near by. What if she got dizzy or something, she could fall and injure herself. Angel moved quickly into the bathroom.

“Cordelia, if you wanted a shower, you should have told me, I would have come up sooner.”

“I can shower without a chaperone, Angel,” she called over the sound of the shower.

“Cordelia, you still aren’t strong enough.”

Not strong enough, Cordelia grumbled to herself, she would show him. She swung back the shower curtain. “I am not getting out. You can stand there and watch or you can join me.” Cordelia turned back to the spray of water. She picked up a body sponge and started to rub it down a raised long leg. The sponge left a trail of soapy suds along her skin.

Angel stared, memorized by the sight. His eyes followed the sponge as it moved slowly down her leg. Damn’t, his cock was already hard, he moaned, in frustration. Angel forced his eyes closed. He had promised himself that he wouldn’t make love to Cordelia until he was absolutely positive that she was well enough. But, damn, it was almost impossible to control his desire for his beautiful seer.

“Angel,” Cordelia called. “Why are your eyes closed? You have seen me naked before,” she asked innocently.

“Cordelia,” he growled opening his eyes. Angel knew damn well, that she could sense his struggle.

“What?” she asked, maintaining her blameless guise.

“Stop it,” he growled.

“I am just washing myself,” she murmured innocently. Angel watched as the sponge moved to her torso. Moving in wide circles around her stomach, every once in awhile brushing her full breasts. She was doing that on purpose, he growled to himself.

Cordelia closed her eyes, imagining that it was Angel’s hand brushing the soapy sponge along her sensitive skin. She moved the sponge to her chest, washing and fondling each breast slowly. Cordelia shivered, as her nipples became erect. She continued to stroke her breast as she slid her other hand down her stomach to the dark curls between her thighs.

All thoughts of whether Cordelia was strong enough or well enough vanished as Angel watched Cordelia begin to pleasure herself. If Angel could have breathed, he would have stopped then at that moment. With a growl of pure lust, he ripped off his clothes and got in the shower behind Cordelia. Angel took the sponge from Cordelia’s hand and began his own exploration of her body. A warm ache pooled in the pit of Cordelia’s belly at his touch. She leaned back into Angel’s body rubbing against his hard shaft.

Angel groaned and pulled her wet body closer. He dropped the sponge as he ran his hands down Cordelia’s soapy body. Cordelia slipped around in his grasp and pulled his face down into a ravenous kiss. Her tongue pushing against his lips, demanding entry. Angel opened his mouth, his tongue meeting hers in a frenzy need.

Cordelia whimpered thrusting her hips into his body, one leg around his pulling their bodies closer. Angel growled and pulled away. Cordelia’s desired filled hazel eyes met his flickering yellow demon eyes.

“Bed,” he growled. Cordelia nodded, her breath coming in short gasps. The vampire got out of the shower cutting off the water, then picking up Cordelia. Cordelia eagerly wrapped her legs around his waist and brought his head back down in a kiss.

Somehow they made it back to the bed. Angel leaned Cordelia on the bed; she smiled and pulled at him so that his whole weight fell on her. She immediately wrapped her legs around the vampire. Her small hands stroking and caressing every inch of Angel’s muscular back down to his buttocks. The vampire groaned as the sparks of heat traveled down his backside. Angel ignored Angelus’ growl of final satisfaction. He concentrated on kissing and sucking each of Cordelia’s beautiful breasts.

Cordelia slid her hands up the vampire’s cool skin until they rested on his strong shoulders. With a grunt she shoved the vampire onto his back. Cordelia rolled over top of him, biting her lips as she grasped Angel’s rigid member and guided it into her center.

Angel took an unneeded breath as she brought her hips forcibly down until he was fully sheathed in her warmth. She slowly began to move her hips up and down. She took her time. Cordelia closed her eyes and marveled in the sensations flowing throughout her body. Angel growled in frustration at her slow pace. He grabbed her hips and flipped her over. Angel began to thrust hard and long, his pace quickening as Cordelia’s whimpers of pleasure became faster.

“Angel,” she cried as she felt every nerve in her body on the edge. Angel bent down and pierced the skin above her breast. His love for Cordelia threatened to overwhelm him; he opened his mind to share its intensity with Cordelia. Tears of joy and pleasure overcame Cordelia as she felt the full force of the vampire’s emotions. She moaned as every nerve in her body exploded in ecstasy.

“Angel, I love you,” she gasped through her tears. Angel growled his release at her words. He rolled her to his side never withdrawing from her warmth. His lips kissing at the new wound. Cordelia continued to caress Angel’s body in attempt to calm both of their trembling bodies. Finally, Cordelia felt like she could speak coherently; she leaned up to look at the vampire. “Angel.”

“Mmmm,” he murmured in perfect contentment.

“I am going back to work. I am strong enough,” she said.

Angel opened his eyes into her determined ones. “Yes, I guess you are. But can we wait until tomorrow?” He chuckled.

Cordelia smiled a bright happy grin. “I guess so,” she laughed.

“Good,” he answered pulling her back onto his body. Cordelia curled up happily against him.

“Life and/or unlife can actually be okay, can’t it?” she said sleepily.

“Yep,” he said listening to Cordelia’s steady heartbeat settling into a restful rhythm.

“Very okay,” he whispered falling asleep.

The End


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