Title: Swordplay
Author: Nickle
Posted: 04/04
Rating: NC-17
Category: Smut
Content: A/C
Summary: I have seen Zorro wwwaaaayyyyyy too many times.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
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Cordy trotted downstairs at the Hyperion to pause at the bottom, watching Angel as he swung his claymore in practiced arcs. His body shone with sweat, and the tank undershirt molded to his body as the black sweats rode low on his hips.

His body was grace and strength, and she watched him quietly, not wanting to disturb him. She turned to go back upstairs just as he stopped and turned around to face her.

“What is it?” His voice was low and controlled.

“Nothing. Just checking on you. You’ve been down here a while…”

“Yeah. Training.”

Cordy nodded. “Right. Training.” And she turned to go upstairs.

“What did that mean?” His voice was very close. She spun around, looking up into his eyes as he towered over her. She really wished her angeldar would kick in and warn her when he was going to do that stealth thing.

“Nothing. You’re training.” Her fingers made airquotes. “Working hard.” She tilted her head. “Although some would call this “training” an excuse to not be upstairs, you know….with people who do have hearts and get tanned.”

“I’m training, Cordelia.”

“Yeah. I was just admiring the way you sliced that thin air in two.” She turned to go up the stairs and found her way blocked by a hulking vampire, lean and muscled. His brown eyes glinted with something unfamiliar, and she stepped back, trying to laugh off her nervousness. “Joke, joke. Yes, I can see you’re wanting some quality time with your sword. Jeeze.”

Angel looked down at her for a moment and hefted the sword from one hand to another lightly. Training was over. Now for some relaxation. “You think this is easy?”

“No, not easy.” She backed down the stairs a bit and Angel followed, holding the sword to his side. “I mean, that whole swinging thing must be….strenuous.” He held her gaze a moment before walking past her and picking up a smaller sword, handing it to her without a word. She took it, confused, and looked back at him. “What’s this?”

“You said it’s easy.” His voice was calm. “Show me.” He picked up his sword and clanked it against the one she held loosely in her hand. She jumped at the sound and stepped back. He advanced a step, casually clanking his sword against hers again. She raised it defensively and knocked his sword away.

“Stop it. I don’t know how…”

“C’mon, Cordy. It’s just swinging around…” He advanced again, lazily tapping her sword with his again. “…slicing thin air. You can do that.”

Her chin raised at the challenge in his voice. “You know you’re the pro here….the only thing cutting about me is my snark. Knock it off….” As he grinned at her, touching her collarbone gently with the tip of his sword.

“Scared?” She slapped the sword away.

“Yeah, that’ll work. No, twitman, I’m not scared. You’re just the swordsman here, I admit it, I’m gone.”

She dropped the sword and turned to walk up the stairs, barely hearing his quiet, “Yeah…wouldn’t be fair. You being a girl and all….”

She whipped around, stalking back to him. “Listen, Spud. I’m as tough as the next…seer…in a…..demon detective agency.” His eyebrows raised as he tilted his head, listening. “I can hold my own, and then some.” He nodded. She was so easy.

“Sure you can, Cordelia. I was just kidding. Run along, now.”

She bristled at his patronizing tone. “Oh, I don’t think so. You think a little pat on the head and I’m outta here? You think I’ve been standing next to you all this time doing my nails why you make with the slaying and the…fighting….and…you know….the slicing and dicing?” Her hands waved in the air as her voice became more agitated.

“I can more than take on a dork with goofy hair.” She swept down and snatched up the sword, waving it around wildly. Angel watched her with detachment before casually flicking his sword and knocking it from her hand.

“Ok, now, I wasn’t ready for that….hang on.” She picked it up again and held it tighter, biting her lip as she leaned forward a bit, planting her feet apart to steady herself. She tried to hold it the way he held his, but her hands had begun to sweat and the hilt was slippery to her.

Angel grinned to himself, watching her bounce around, trying to look like she knew what she was doing. This was going to be fun. She blew her hair out of her face, trying to concentrate, and he was mesmerized by the look of determination in her eyes.

He could hear the thud of her heart as it pumped a solid beat, licking his lips at the thought of how that pulse between her breasts would taste on his tongue….he shook his head briefly, distracted, and she grinned, swinging her sword in a wide arc and whacking him on the shoulder with the blade flattened.

He staggered back a step and his eyes flared a brief flash of gold as she danced up and down, gleeful. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, go me…..” He watched her a bit, slowly bringing his sword up so she could see it poised.

She crouched forward again, looking like she was waiting for her tennis opponent to serve. He easily clanked his sword against hers, circling her slightly as he casually fenced with the sword, slowly and carefully. She swung haphazardly, but he could tell there was some raw talent there…and she did pay attention.

He played her lazily, never putting her in danger but making her work to keep up. He grinned as he noticed the damp glow on her forehead; he feinted right, and when she countered he quickly changed the arc of his sword, neatly slicing through one thin shoulder of the white cami that she wore.

The broken string strap hung over her breast and she stopped, shocked, and looked up at him, anger shooting through her as well as a flash of heat. “YOU DORK!” She backed him up a couple of steps when anger gave her swings heft, and he held his smile in check, watching her movements. She was the picture of a warrior right now.

You could beat her, taunt her, wound her, but never, ever touch the clothes.

“Always anticipate your opponent, Cordelia.” And he spun around, shifting his weight, leaving her open. His blade sliced through the other strap, causing the cami to sag over her full breasts. She shrieked and held it to her with one hand, waving her sword at him in angry, choppy movements. “Be prepared for surprises.”

“Are you crazy?” She lost all sense of timing and balance, slicing her sword uselessly through the air as she backed him up. He casually deflected her thrusts before flicking his sword out and casually slipping neatly through the tie at the waistband of her sweats, causing them to sag and begin to fall to the floor.

She threw her sword at him and grabbed at the fabric, holding them up as she raised furious eyes at him. “What is your deal?” She clutched her clothing to her, not realizing how she looked…rumpled, tousled, bare flesh peeking out of clothing that draped over curves and taut lines.

Angel turned to gather up her sword when he caught a scent. It was heady and potent and cloudy with want. It was her heat, and it filled him and lifted him till he threw his own sword down and stalked to her, dark intent in his eyes.

Cordelia looked down, not seeing his face at first, examining her ruined clothing. “You’re paying….” She looked up and stopped, seeing the raw determination on his face as he towered over her, seeming to expand in bulk as he leaned down and lifted her hair, inhaling the natural scent that wafted off of the curve of her throat.

“Um….Angel…..” ohgodohgodohgod……she couldn’t think. She sucked in a breath, feeling his cool tongue as it licked at the pulse along the sweet skin. A soft whisper shivered down her spine.

“Keep your opponent off balance.” And his hands tugged gently at hers, unfolding her fingers from the grip they had on the loose waistband of her low-riding sweatpants. She felt the pants swoosh gently down her legs and pool on the floor around her feet, and tried to focus, cool air wafting gently around her bare skin.

Anger seemed to melt away as strong hands gentled in her hair, tugging at the silken strands as he tilted her head to the side and trailed lips down the vein that throbbed down her skin. She pulled back, her eyes wide…startled. Her hands clutched the ruined cami to her breasts, not realizing that the plump curves of her breasts pressed out around her spread fingers.

“What the hell are you doing?” If there had been genuine panic in her voice…..if she had told him to stop…he would have. At least he told himself he would. But there wasn’t panic pouring off Ms. Cordelia Chase…there was heat, and there was want, and there was wet slick honey pooling between her legs, but there was no fear.

And anger. He did love the anger. She wore it well. Almost as well as she would wear him.

He watched her calmly as she backed up…..that’s it, sweetheart…just a few steps more….heat poured through him as her feet tangled in the dropped sweatpants and she tumbled back onto an old sofa, shrieking as she kicked at the tangled fabric around her ankles. He strolled over to her and stood over her, leaning slowly down to casually kiss her lips.

He broke off and leaned down, his face shadowed as he casually yanked the bunched fabric from around her ankles. She seemed to be frozen, her hands pressing the ruined cami to her body. Angel stood and looked down at her as he tugged his shirt off over his head. A muscle in his jaw clenched as he saw the raw need in her eyes while she watched him.

His hands reached down to hook in the waist of his sweats, and he pushed them down and stepped out of them. He seemed to flow over her, all taut muscles and sculpted lines. He tossed the sweats aside and reached down to tug her to her feet, turning so that his back was to the sofa and she faced him. He ran his hands down her back, over the curves of her ass, and grinned slightly, stepping back and dropping to the sofa. She looked down at him, confusion in her hazel eyes.

“To the winner go the spoils, Cordelia. Strip.”

Cordy stared down at him, her mouth going dry. She could run upstairs…..she didn’t think he’d follow her all nakedy……she could scream for help…Wesley and Gunn would come running and save her. She had options….she had several. She chose…

“Now, Cordelia.” His voice was calm and low.

She peeled one side of the soft cami top down and then the other, holding one arm over her breasts as she shimmied out of it and dropped it to the floor. His gaze traveled up and down her body, and he relaxed back into the sofa as his hand slowly reached to stroke his cock, thick and jutting out from the dark curls between his legs. Cordy licked her lips and held still, mesmerized by the lazy movements of his hand.

“Turn around.” His voice was even lower, and sounded a little rough. Cordy slowly turned around and heard a soft groan as he saw the view from the back. The small, thin red thong rode high on her asscheeks, partially covering the elegant lines of the tattoo at the base of her spine. “Take it off, Cordy.”

Cordy dropped her arms from over her breasts and slowly worked the fabric down over her hips, keeping her legs straight and slightly apart as she bent at the waist to pull them off. She heard another groan and raised back up, slowly. She raised her arms and covered her breasts again, slowly turning to face him, her body flushed. Her eyes were almost black the pupils were so wide, and he imagined drowning in the depths and finding nothing but light.

Cordy watched him and shifted on her legs slightly, biting her lip as she watched his hand stroke slowly up and down the thick length of his erect cock. Her arms slid across her breasts and her hands cupped the generous mounds, gently rubbing the soft undersides. Angel watched her intently, not moving except for the slow, steady rythym of his hand.

“Playtime.” His voice was almost a whisper. Cordy trailed her fingers over her nipples, feeling the already pebbled tips seemingly harden even more as she gently rubbed them between her thumbs and forefingers.

“Good girl.” Cordy sucked in her breath at his voice, hearing the animal in it. “Harder.” Cordy whimpered as she tugged harder, pinching the tips and tugging them out, lifting her breasts with the pull. She shifted, feeling the wetness between her legs grow hotter and thicker as he watched her, his face expressionless. The only sign of his arousal was his clenched jaw and the rock-hardness of his thick cock.

“Do you want this?”

Her eyes fixed on his hand, stroking a little harder….slightly faster. She licked her lips. “Yes…godyes.”

He watched her a moment longer. “Where?”

It was getting harder to breathe. “Anywhere….ohgod, Angel, just give it to me.” Her voice was a begging whisper and her hands kneaded and tugged frantically at her breasts.

He lifted his hand from his cock and looked up into her eyes. “Come here.” Cordelia felt a sigh of relief tremor through her as she stepped to him. She stopped, looking down at him. He smiled slightly and took her hands, tugging her onto his lap. Cordy stradled his thighs, holding onto his shoulders as she sat poised above him. He leaned up and grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her head down to his and whispered “take it all” just before his mouth pressed to hers in a devouring command. A jolt ran through Cordy and she pressed into him, slowly reaching down to guide his cock as she took it in….

One inch…stretching her and teasing her with a small push..another…another….Cordy groaned into the kiss as she felt his cock pressing in…more and more….it filled her and stretched her and took control of all her feelings…all possible thought.

“That’s it, baby…” Angel’s voice was ragged and guttural, his lips gentling even as his hips began rocking slowly into her body. She teased him, pulling back a little and tugging at his bottom lip with her teeth as her body slowly rose and fell again…his cock rubbing against her as it slid in and out of her tight clenched walls. Her hands gripped his shoulders like they were lifelines. In and out of her body he flowed, languid ease over solid steel. They rocked together, the gentleness giving way to a harder, more desperate rhythm…frenzied….harder…faster…..

Angel settled a fist in her hair and pulled her head back so he could see her eyes. His own were fierce and primal, and he felt his body tightening up more and more with each thrust…feeling his muscles bunching as her body fisted around him, wet and sweet like a peach.

Cordy panted, her body’s control lost to her as she rocked up and down frantically, staring down into the possessive pools of brown that caressed her and owned her with their intentness. Her mouth opened slightly and her brow furrowed as heat poured through her, seeming to suspend her body in midair…in midthought. Angel moaned as she clenched around him and held…the shivers and tremors of her orgasm rippling up and down his cock. Throwing his head back, his body became taut and still as he poured into her body, filling her with all he had to give.

Cordy almost sobbed as her body began to calm. Silence hung in the air as she slumped forward, resting her head on the back of the sofa over Angel’s shoulder. She felt his shudder as his body became lax and still. They both remained motionless except for the gentle caress of his hand up and down her damp back.

Silence filled the air. A sated, thick silence. Cordy finally stirred and raised her head, looking down into brown eyes that glinted with satisfaction and humor.

“Think you’re big stuff because you’re the swordsman?”

“I didn’t hear any complaints from you.”

“Yeah, well, now we’re even. I won last night at monopoly, you win today.”

“Except I didn’t jump up and down and shriek “Sex slave! Sex slave! I got a sex slave!” after I beat your ass.”

“Nope. You got right down to business.” Cordy grinned down at him. “Wanna go for two out of three?”

The End -?



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