Into the Past. 19

Chapter Nineteen

Cordelia lay overtop Angel, her body draped around his. “Are you sure you’re okay. You took quite a beating.”

Angel laughed.

“I meant…”

“I know what you meant….” Angel pulled her face down for a kiss. “But one beating was definitely more enjoyable than the other. And I am fine, very fine.”

Cordelia snorted. “Cocky aren’t you.”

“I don’t know, am I?”

“Stop. That’s was just bad.” Cordelia giggled and tried to roll off Angel. He pulled her back over top of him. “You’re warm. I do love you.”

“I believe you.” Cordelia smiled, happier than she had ever been. “I love you. There I said it. Aren’t you proud? Angel?”

Angel had gone quiet the playfulness gone as he stroked the slight wounds of Angelus. They were still there, in a day or two they would be gone but the memory would still remain, not only his of finding out, but of Angelus as he tasted Cordelia. Angel closed his eyes, trying to block out the images, the feelings, and the need.

“You hate it, don’t you?”

Angel looked into the caring eyes of his seer’s. “I never wanted Angelus to touch you.”

“But he did,” Cordelia scooted away and studied Angel. “What is it you really want Angel? For it not to have happened or for it to happen again?”

Angel moved away from Cordelia. “What?”

“Angel, history was changed, not by much, but it was changed. You said you remembered me at least, so that means you remembered tasting me.”

“I remember how it was done, I remember Angelus terrorizing you, promising you Molly’s life only to………”

“kill her. I remember too. Your memory is a century old, mine a week.”

“You must hate me.”

Cordelia laughed softly. “My feelings for you have already been discussed and hate was not a part. I hated Angelus, for what he did to you.”


“Okay, I disliked him immensely for what he did to me. But, it wasn’t real, not really, because I knew that you would save me, and if you didn’t I knew that you would still be you, in time. That’s all that’s ever mattered to me. But when he bit me, it was real, it did something…it….I want you to take it away. I don’t want that memory.”

Angel died in that moment. He hadn’t saved her. He hadn’t protected her. He had hoped that their love would have been enough. “I can’t take it away.”

“Yes you can.”


“Angel, you want it gone to.”

“I can’t take it away, it happened. I…it happened.” Angel’s voice choked.

“Don’t get sad. Get mad. I saw you in that alley. I saw both of you. And for a moment, you were one in the same, two vampire’s fighting to destroy the other, both claiming me as theirs. I’m not flattered or proud, but it did happen. You, Angel the vampire with a soul, claimed me with as much violence and ownership as Angelus. I will not be owned, but I will give myself freely to you, Angel and to everything you are. Make the touch of Angelus go away, make these go away.”

“No. You don’t’ know what you are asking.”

“Angel, I know exactly what I’m asking, but I will not spend the rest of our lives with Angelus between us. You try to hide it, but you can’t not from me. I know it. You blame me for allowing it to happen, you were willing to kill Angelus because of it.”

“I never would blame you.”

“Angel.” Cordelia took a deep breath. “You don’t want to, you feel guilty for doing so, and you hate that you do, but you do. So fix it.”


Cordelia got up from the bed. “A century for you a week for me, so let me remind you. I went to Angelus, I was scared, but I went, my blood was pounding. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. He held me, those arms held me.” She pointed to Angel, “that face leaned in and licked and kissed at my throat. I almost didn’t feel it, it stung for a moment, then there was a coolness, by mind drifted and do you know whose name I said. Do you want to know? Don’t you remember?”

“Cordelia don’t.” Angel struggled. The memory overpowering him, the taste coming back Cordelia’s scent intensifying it.

“I said Angel. The bastard probably thought I meant him. But it was you I called for, you I wanted, but it was Angelus that marked me, that’s what he said. He said I was his. Is that what these mean, that I’m Angelus’. Am I his?”

“Never,” Angel growled. Angel had Cordelia on the bed in an instant, his hands laying claim all over her body, his mouth, kissing and licking at her throat. Cordelia relaxed and let her body respond. This was not Angelus; this was her Angel whose every touch gave her safety, love, and pleasure. Angel’s demon went wild, thrashing within, but Angel cried for patience. He would not violate the trust that Cordelia had given him, he would love her, and he would feed.

But first, he would worship her for allowing this. Angel would take away Angelus’ stench with every kiss, with every touch and his demon would feel satisfaction, all because his soul had already found it with in Cordelia.

Cordelia moved to draw Angel up her body. Angel gently brought her hands off his shoulder, alternating kissing the tips of each of her fingers. Once all ten digits were kissed, he moved her hands away, settling firmly on her body, his mouth trailing down her chest as his hands traced the skin below her breasts. Cordelia sunk deeper into the mattress, her eye closing at the sensations being played on her body.

A slow tingling began to build up and throughout her body, starting in her blood and pressing up to her skin. Small tears formed in the corner of her eyes, Angel with his hands, his mouth, and his face was discovering every inch of her flesh. Cordelia forced herself to breath as Angel nuzzled his face into her belly, his hands fondling her hips.

Cordelia breath exploded. She had forgotten to breath again. It just wasn’t natural, the way her body was responding. Her mind had lost all control over her reactions; her body was only listening to Angel and his manipulations. She called for him, but no sound came out, her breath once again stuck in her throat.

“So beautiful.” Angel kissed up her throat. Not kisses exactly but actions of his mouth, that incorporated everything, his tongue, his teeth, his lips. Cordelia rested her hands on Angel’s back, lazily, tracing along the broad muscles. She could feel his tension, his strength. Cordelia opened her eyes into Angel’s as he entered her. Cordelia smiled sweetly, her teeth biting at her lip as her body instinctively enfolded itself around Angel’s, bringing their contact closer.

She clutched at his shoulders, her head nuzzling in the crook in his neck as the strokes became longer and harder. Cordelia’s mouth latched on to the straining muscles of Angel’s shoulder, her kisses became frantic as she tried to taste him. Angel bent his head into her neck. Cordelia never felt the penetration; she was so lost in the sensation of her nerves trying to escape her skin. Slowly a coolness swept throughout her body, stalling the explosion of her nerves, steadying the pressure’s rise, prolonging her pleasure.

Smoothly, the pressure and pleasure began to rise, reaching an unbearable point, until it all exploded. Her nerves pulsated in a tingling crescendo, her body contracted, and her mind was nothing but colors as she floated above her body. Cordelia’s mind and body didn’t become one again until she felt Angel shuddering against her, his lips kissing her up her neck until reaching her bruised lips. “Mine.” His words vibrated against her mouth. Cordelia clutched harder as Angel’s kiss became everything; love, possessiveness, gentleness, hard and soft.

At the release of the kiss, Cordelia’s head fell back her shoulders and neck stretching into the bed.

“Cordy, are you all right?” Angel was nervous, scared even. He knew that the experience had been one of love, joy, satisfaction, and completion for him and his demon. But Cordelia’s reaction, he was unsure of. She seemed all right.

Cordelia giggled her eyes closed. Her fingers blindly found Angel’s face, cupping and stroking the planes. She smiled and opened her eyes. “I am wonderfully loved, safe and” She yawned, stretching again. “Exhausted.”

Angel kissed her gently and shifted onto his back keeping Cordelia close. Cordelia snuggled along his body, curling her head down onto his stomach. “I love you, Angel.” She yawned, her eyes closing, the smile still on her face.

“I love you, Cordy,” Angel smiled gratefully and closed his eyes, his hands still holding her close.

The End


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  1. I loved it! It was an amazing story! I always loved Cordelia and Angel as a couple! Thank you for such a wonderful story.

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