A Little Ways Back. Epi

Epilogue: 1998

Angelus woke up growling. The girl got away. He slammed his head against the ground. Damn, he hated that dream.

The culmination of the need and desire created by the image of the young dark haired woman from so long ago was always crushed by rage and pain at her disappearance.

He couldn’t even see her fuckin face. He wondered if he even ever really saw her so long ago. Fuckin brunette would drive him crazy if he let her. God, he still wanted that image to be real.

Angelus staggered to his feet. What the fuck? How in the hell did he fall asleep in a cave halfway cross-town from the mansion? Angelus groaned as he tried to remember. Nothing, nothing but the remnants of his past’s dream, so much more vivid than it had been in decades.

He needed some blood and to focus on something real, like the mental torture of one blonde slayer.


“Miss Chase, Miss Chase.”

Cordelia groaned as the voice penetrated her unconsciousness. She felt like she was run over by a semi. “Marie, I’m up.” She cried out, hoping to stop the voice and the knocking on the door.

“Very well, but do hurry, breakfast is downstairs. You don’t want to be late for school.”

“I want to go back to sleep,” Cordelia grumbled climbing out of her bed, struggling to the shower, trying to think of the perfect outfit to wear.

Cordelia glanced in the mirror the shower had done wonders. She felt human again. Cordelia combed out her wet hair. She paused, pulling at the wet locks. She squeaked as she saw two perfect holes on her neck. She peered even closer, her finger brushing at them, they were healed over, and yet- she winced a little as her finger touched a tender spot. She looked even closer into the mirror.

A delicate pinkness was centered in each hole, a fresh pinkness. Cordelia staggered back. If those weren’t vampire bites she was a bag-wearing freshman. Oh my god. When had she become a walking happy meal? She screamed.

“Miss Chase.” Marie came back running.

Cordelia winced. “It was nothing just a roach.” She lied.

“A roach?” Marie let out a squeal of her own. “I’ll call the exterminator.”

Cordelia listened as the footsteps ran down to the hall. She narrowed her eyes at her reflection studying the marks with disgust. She would have to change her whole outfit to hide those stupid things. Damn. What had those freaky Scoobies got her involved in now?

The End


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