A Little Ways Back. 21

Part 21

Cordelia rubbed her cheek against Angel’s broad chest, nudging, and burying trying to get under his skin. “I wish we were home,” her words muffled.

“Soon, I promise.” Angel whispered stroking the dark hair, holding her tight.

She rose her head, soft brown flitting with golden specks, glowing with love into the dark pools begging for her to believe. “I know.” She smiled tenderly, caressing Angel’s cheek, sitting up. “Hey, caves aren’t so bad.”

Angel smiled. “That’s because it wasn’t your back embedded with sharp stones.”

Cordelia tilted her head. “Are you complaining?”

“Never.” He kissed her soundly.

“I guess we should get dressed, um.”

“Yeah.” Angel sighed, not wanting the warmth to leave but knowing that if Cordy was too be safe they would have to leave the security of the cave, no matter how false it was. Knowledge warred with his need to keep her close.

Angel brought Cordelia into the v of his legs taking the clothes from her hands, caressing as he guided her long legs into the jeans. Cordelia leaned into his chest. “Angel,” she whispered.

“Shh, we’re just getting dressed.”

“Not like this we aren’t.” she half sighed and giggled, turning into his lap

Angel swung a lacy bra. “My only thought is to help”


Angel lifted her arms, slipping the straps over them, his fingers tapping and teasing down her shoulder blades. Angel leaned down brushing his lips over the tip of her nipple, tonguing at the nub, suckling until it peaked firm in his mouth.

Cordelia made a soft sound as her knees buckled, her hands going to Angel’s shoulders.

Angel’s lips moved to the other full breast as he hooked the back of the lacy bra closed.

Cordelia whimpered as he lifted his head, pulling the material securely hiding the moist flesh, the straining nipples scrapping against the fabric begging to be free.

“Angel.” Cordelia moaned as the material separated her from his lips.

Angel responded by kissing along her collarbone, nudging her arms into her shirt.

“Angel.” She wined.

“Shush, almost done.”

“No,” she pouted

Angel gave a soft laugh, fully enjoying the soft gasp of breath and pout.

“Tease.” She tried to pull away.

“So says the master.” Angel nuzzled back into her neck, gripping the unclosed material of her jeans, slipping his fingers under the denim to stroke at the soft skin, swirling deft fingertips closer delving into the soft folds.

Cordy’s nails pierced into the vampire’s shoulders as her weight slumped into his fingers, the tingling starting in her toes, branching out, growing.

Cordy gasped, falling into the crook of Angel’s shoulder, her chest panting as her release rippled through liquefying her muscles.

Angel slanted, brushing his face against the head hugged into his shoulder. It would be so easy to get lost in the bouquet that floated around Cordy, the scent of the culmination of her pleasure, what he caused. Angel stilled his desire; calling on all of his control, smiling as he gently moved her, zipping and snapping her jeans, pulling down her shirt. Leaving Cordelia, standing completely clothed, unsure, and flushed.

“Angel.” She reached for the naked aroused vampire.

“It’s dark out,” he gently tapped her nose then reaching for his pants.

Cordelia licked at her lips,” but…”

“But, we have to get home. I want you home. And when you’re safe, I want to make sure that Cordelia Chase is safe here so when the time comes she will be you, badgering me to live, being there for me always, allowing me too love you,” gently cupping her face.

Cordelia gasped at the tender gesture, the words melting her quicker than the tantalizing touch had. “I love you,” Cordelia truly hoped that the vampire would never get tired of hearing it, because she would never get tired of saying it.

Angel smiled. “I won’t.”

“That was just spooky.”

“It’s the hellmouth, Cordy.” Angel shrugged.

Cordy snorted.


“Angel, the way I see it, we just avoid Angelus 2, stun Angelus 1,” she held up the tranquilizer gun that Angel brought with him, “open the portal, send him back, leave this body,” she waved the gun towards her 17 year old form,” nice in safe in my bedroom, then go home.”

“Avoid Angelus 2? How would we do that?”

“Angel, I can’t think of everything,” she huffed.

“Sorry.” Angel rolled his eyes snatching the gun out of her hands and concealing it in his jacket.

“Hmmph. It’s not like we can’t tell them apart.”

“There’re identical, Cordelia.”

Cordelia shook her head. “I told you Angelus 2 wears red silk- flashy, Angelus 1 is still going with the monochrome blackness that Wolfram & Hart first put him in. And Angelus 1 calls me Cordy and 2 calls me Cordelia.”

“Cordelia, I am not risking you’re life on clothes and name calling.”

“How do you plan on telling them apart then.”

“I don’t, I see one, I’ll shoot him, I’ll worrying about which is which when they’re both unconscious and chained.”

“ Angel, if you….” She quieted as Angel growled his human face receding, pulling her behind him. “What is it?” She asked trying to see into the darkness Angel was focused on.

Angel growled louder, his yellow eyes gleaming towards the opening of the cave.

“Guess sneaking up on you was a bit of wishful thinking on my part.” Angelus poked his head around to wave at Cordy. “Hello, Cordelia, long time no see.”

Cordelia stretched her head over Angels’ shoulder, nudging the vampire to notice the bright silk shirt on Angelus. “2, see flashy and…”

“Cordelia, shut up.” Angel growled.

Angelus crossed his hands flamboyantly over his chest. “Is that any way to talk to your soul mate? You put up with that,” he blinked wide-eyed towards Cordy,” I thought you had more spunk than that. Guess I was wrong.”

“You,” Cordelia moved, only to be tugged back by Angel.

“Stay put,” Angel ordered.

Cordelia glared but stayed behind Angel.

“What do you want?” Angel growled.

“Hey, does that mean I confused myself.” Angelus laughed.

“It’s not that hard to do, dumb ass.” Cordelia peeked over Angel’s shoulder.

Angelus laughed harder. “Was that an insult to me or you?” He jerked his head towards Angel.

Cordelia blinked wide realizing how her intended cut to Angelus may have sounded to Angel. “Sorry,” she whispered up into Angel’s ear.

Angelus chuckled at the exasperation on his souled counterparts face. “Sure, you want her as a soul mate? She talk’s a lot. In fact, the only plus I can see with having her,” Angelus sniffed around the air,” is that she needs to be fucked at all hours like a cat in heat or a good whore.”

Angel’s hand shot out holding Cordelia from charging Angelus. “I said stay put.”

“You’re not the one he’s calling a whore, hey, do something.” She smacked him.

“Cordelia, be quiet, please.”

“Hmmph,” Cordelia turned her back crossing her arms.

“You’re making a lot of noise and still not explaining why you’re here.” Angel faced the other vampire.

“Undeniable curiosity about my future. So, is Buffy dead, that why the soul so convinced that she’s the one you want? Did I finally get around to killing the love of you life?” Angelus jumped on a rock, swinging his legs casually.

Angelus laughed as he saw Cordelia peek around to study Angel. “Come, girl, you don’t really think those marks mean that the soul loves you it just means the demon wants to get between your legs, enjoying the warmth while killing you slowly. Blood during sex, is quite….yummy.” Angels smacked his lips. “And you are the willing little slut.”

Angel shot his hand out again to stop Cordelia from moving, growling more in frustration rather than anger when she kicked him in the shin. “Talk or…”

“You’ll kill me?” Angelus laughed. “Had a talk with the past us, did some research, you can’t, but it seems you’re expendable.”

“Hate to break it to you, but so are you.”

“Not while the old guy is running around.”

“So, you’re going to kill me and what- share Sunnydale, Drusilla…” Angel paused pointedly, “Cordy?”

Angelus growled, jumping to the ground. “Who says I want her?”

“I do, past Angelus does, you’re in the middle,” Angel laughed.

“No. The slayer is the one I’m obsessed with. Remember, the love of you’re souled life.”

Angel smirked. “I also remember seeing Cordelia in 1898, wanting her, marking her, needing to keep tasting at the blood that burnt through my dead veins, pounding a desire through me, feeling the softness hidden under layers of clothes, wanting that body to be mine, knowing that Darla would kill her no matter that I had claimed her, deciding then that I would forgo the warmth to have the body and fire of the girl herself with me always, planning to turn her to be at my side, and then killing Darla. I also remember the rage and frustration at being thwarted. I remember the dreams that waned over time of a beautiful spirited brunette- all of it- the fire, pain, rage, and need.

I remember getting my soul and pushing the dream back, the soul regretting the fear that I had inspired, abhorring the need that belonged to the demon. I remember seeing Buffy for the first time after decades of hiding from the guilt, I remember being pulled by her innocence, fragility, and strength- a feeling not tainted by the demon.

So, yes, I remember loving Buffy, just like I remembered wanting Cordelia with a single-minded purpose, surpassing any other want. Just like I know, that had I noticed who Cordelia was, like you have, I would’ve forgone my obsession to hurt Buffy for making me feel human and concentrate on the obsession that followed me for a century. Don’t forget who you’re bull shitting.”

Angelus forced down his growl. “It was worth a shot, the soul always made me less than perceptive of the demon’s needs. Seems I might’ve been wrong on this one.”

Cordelia listened hanging on every word, slowly moving away from both vampires.

Angel had told her about the dreams and his fear of what could’ve happened had Angelus noticed her. But, he never explained the mindset of Angelus. She was marked because the demon wanted her. She licked at her lips, glancing up at Angel.

His soul wanted Buffy. He would’ve never chosen her if he realized when they were in Sunnydale, because his soul wouldn’t have wanted her, she was tainted. With a soul he wanted Buffy. In an instant, all the drama of Buffy and Angel’s tragic love affair flew through her mind. For the first time, since Angel told her that he loved her, Cordelia, began doubt the vampire’s love.

Angel moved, returning his body in front of Cordelia, grabbing at her hand, sensing the woman’s growing fear. He growled at the other vampire. “Don’t.” He warned Angelus not to take advantage of what Angelus surely sensed also. “It won’t help you accomplish whatever you are trying to do here.”

Angelus considered. “But, it would’ve been fun.” Angelus shrugged silently agreeing for the moment not to push at Cordelia’s obvious vulnerability.

“Get to the point.” Angel glared.

“I have a deal.”

Angel raised his brows.

Angelus started to pace. “We both know we can’t kill the past guy. But, he can’t stay here, because you’re right, I won’t share. You’re here, so you must know how to get rid of him without creating major time fuck ups. But you’re going to need my help or at least my agreement of noninvolvement and then well, you and…”

Angelus stared at Cordelia. “Her eagerness to jump in the sack, and humorless old guy’s talk of going back and forth through the time line indicates that she’s with you from the future, but she looks as young and fresh as when I saw her enjoying the moron in the back seat of her car.”

“I never…”

Angel pulled Cordy back again.

“Oh, maybe it was a supply closet. So, how’s that done?”

“I believe you and what, you’ll just let us go?” Angel raised his brows.

Angelus shrugged. “You know me, I just want you both-my past and future to go. I figure that once done, I can get on with my present, who says that I will get the damn soul back, or won’t get the girl, or kill the slayer- You? Why should I take your word for it just because you show up all souley and fucking the prom queen.”

“May Queen, actually.” Angel smirked.

Angelus narrowed his eyes. “Deal?”

Angel laughed.

“I can kill you and take the girl.” Angelus growled.

“And then what, kill Angelus number 1 or are you back to sharing again.”

Angelus licked his lips trying move around Angel to get another look at Cordelia. “I think after you dead, that I will get to have that blood that I crave, the softness that I haven’t touched, I think I can make my Cordy scream until she tells me what she knows about returning the past to where it belongs, if that doesn’t work before too much damage is caused, I’ll just turn her and she’ll be happy to help, that’s what I think.”

Cordelia hugged up against Angel’s back. Her doubts shoved aside by the need for Angel’s hard body against hers giving her reassurance.

Angel kept his body still letting Cordy mold into him but otherwise never acknowledging her need. “What you haven’t experienced yet is the knowing that the soul doesn’t weaken the demon, that it can be ignored, that on one issue the soul and demon are compatible and each urging and wanting the same thing- the protection of what is loved and owned. I don’t have to kill you, I just have to break you, and I will. If you were smart, you would go back to the mansion, heckle Spike, use Dru and wait for the soul to come back, then you will actually be a happy vampire.”

Angelus growled.

“Or not.” Angel pulled out his tranquilizer gun shooting into the vampire, pellets peppering his body. “I think that you’re non-involvement is for the best.”

Angel gently moved away from Cordelia and knelt to study the fallen vampire.

“Come on,” he beckoned to Cordelia. “We’ve only about twelve hours to find Angelus 1, before this one wakes up.”


Angel moved grabbing at the girl’s shoulders. “Don’t Cordelia, we don’t have time for me to reassure you with soft touches and words. Know, I love you. YOU. Only you. Wait until we get home to get insecure. I love you. And will be happy to prove it, but not now, okay. I love you.”

Cordelia bit at her lips, studying the intense glare on Angel’s face. She smiled. “Duh.”

Angel shook his head at the amazing woman. He kissed her quickly on her pursed mouth. “Let’s go.”

“Where? Nevermind,” at the look Angel shot her.


“Angel” Cordelia had remained quiet, not plaguing the vampire with her many questions, but now she just had to speak. “That’s Buffy’s house.” She pointed up the sidewalk where Angel had stopped.

“Yes, you are going in there and staying until this is over.”

“No. What? Buffy, no way.”

“Yes, way.”

“Angel, we can’t tell her whats going on.”

“You won’t. Just tell her that Angelus has been hanging around your house and you’re scared.”

“Tell her I’m scared, no way, “ Cordelia repeated.

“Do it.” Angel pushed her towards the house.

“No,” she tried again.

“Yes,” he ordered.

She glared at his tone. “Fine. But, how will I know it’s over. You can’t just coming knocking at the door.”

“Just keep looking for me, I’ll be the one wearing your father’s sweater.” He kissed her again. “Go.”

“Angel.” Cordelia bit at her tongue to stop her desired yell as he disappeared into the darkness. “I’ll get you for this, you just wait.” She said lowly, knowing that while she couldn’t see the vampire he could hear her.

She knew that he was close waiting for her to get into the safety of Buffy’s house. Cordelia took a deep breath and ran to the door, pounding on the wood and yelling with all her might.

Part 22

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