A Little Ways Back. 16

Part 16


Cordelia sat on the couch. How long? Did the letter even get there? She prayed. It had been a horrible day, she had seen more money pass to different hands in all of her past three years.

Except when David Nabbit showed her his petty cash, the sweetie hadn’t even noticed when she started to drool. She wished she had been able to go to his wedding but demon crisis had interfered, all the papers said it had been a gala affair. She sighed. Cordelia loved dorks, why couldn’t she just love zillionaire ones, oh well.

It had taken her best clothes and fake smile to get the lawyer to agree to keep her letter safe and to mail it three years later. She wasn’t sure she understood the dynamics of her plan, hell she knew she didn’t. But, the cop in the movie didn’t have to wait 30 years for the wallet to show up.

But, Cordelia did understand banks and lawyers. The lawyer had agreed after he called the bank to confirm that there was 10,000 dollars accruing interest waiting to be handed over when the letter was delivered and signed for. Cordelia shrugged about her gold card. If it worked, she didn’t care. She’d be home and if it didn’t she just go back to forgery or stealing the family silver to get her start in LA.

Cordelia stared at the clock and scrunched up her face, as the insistent knocking on her front door got louder. Was Xander actually checking up on her?


Christ. Cordelia flinched. Would the vampire ever realize that the knocking thing didn’t work? She wondered which evil dumbass was at her door. Like it mattered. She swung open the door. “Go away.”

“Cordy, its me.”

“Uh duh,” The retort slowed as she stared. As far as she knew, neither Angelus was capable of such a pathetic puppy dog look and both had been injured, this one looked fine. She narrowed her eyes, taking in all of the vampire, from the tip of his gelled hair, the leather coat, the purple shirt, the black pants, the black boots.

Her eyes went back up to the purple shirt. THE purple shirt…. Cordy’s jaw dropped, hope, and relief flooded her suspicious glare.

“I love that shirt.” Cordelia happily squealed, recognizing the shirt that Angel had bought in an attempt to impress her, the one that had previously identified her Angel when she had been confronted with two unconscious vampires- one evil- the other a Sweet Gorgeous Dork. It was the shirt she told him in her letter to wear.

“You hate it. You said it doesn’t go with my skin tone, I need the blue based.”

“I love it. I love you. Oh God.” Cordelia yanked at the vampire, “Get your butt in here.” The door was barely closed before Cordelia was in Angel’s arms. “You figured it out, I knew you would.” She mumbled pressing kisses all over his face, her legs, and arms wrapped around the vampire, pushing Angel back against the door.

“The letter…Wes…” Angel tried in between the lips that were roaming all over him.

“Shut up and kiss me.”

Angel shut up, adjusting Cordelia’s body tighter to his hips, cupping his hand through her hair, pulling her face back to him, and capturing her lips. Angel groaned into the kiss, his tongue urgently tasting the flavor offered, his fear and anxiety diminishing as each second past with Cordelia in his grasp. The sight of her, lying so still, her body present but her essence her life out of his reach had threatened to destroy Angel. But now, he had her. The rest would be easy as long as he knew that she was in his reach, with him.

Cordelia tugged at his coat, her hands urged for what her lips were too busy to demand.

“Cordy, wait.” Angel pulled away, settling her on her feet.

“Uh,” Confusion took over Cordelia’s flushed face.

“Breakables in my jacket.”

“Uh.” She said again.

Angel shrugged out of his leather coat, moving too put it safely on the couch. He scanned the room quickly and was back to Cordelia in an instant. “Your parents are gone for the week?”

“My what?” Cordelia’s confusion grew, as did her frustration.

“Mother, father….”

“Next week. Yeah.”

“Anyone else showing up?”

“No. Angel?”

The vampire quickly kissed her forming frown. “Where’s your bed.”

Cordelia blinked understanding that question. She grabbed Angel’s hand and dragged him to the stairs.


Cordelia wanted to jump up and down, dance, skip, swirl, and laugh with joy. Her Angel was here, nothing could be that bad if he was with her. Actually, she didn’t want to jump up and down, she just wanted to jump him.

However, she didn’t make it from the closed bedroom door that she had been leaning on. Her back hit the wood as Angel pressed up against her, hungrily attacking her with his mouth and hands. Cordelia laughed, copying his frantic attempts to rid both of them of their clothes.

Angel growled at the sound, her laughter filling his ears with the music he had been scared he had lost. Angel tore at her shirt, his lips leaving hers, to rain moist nips and kissing along her cheek and neck, his hands holding her possessively against his body.

Cordelia moaned, hugging his hips in the cradle of her thighs, her arms pressing his lips against her neck, her head falling back, exposing more of her skin to vampire.

A low growl vibrated through Angel’s chest as his lips targeted the marks on her neck, tonguing the permanent scars of his making. Angel secured Cordelia to the door as his hands made wide sweeping motions, his thumbs, lifting and rubbing at the underside of the cotton that contained her full breast.

Cordelia arms slid around, holding on as Angel leaned back up to seize her lips. Angel slid his hands cupping Cordelia’s head and ass, taking her from the door, moving with strong strides never leaving the warmth of Cordelia’s lips.

Angel tumbled Cordelia on the bed, urging her arms away and pulling her shirt from her body. Still kissing, Cordelia use her free hands to wiggle out of her stretch pants. Angel fumbled at his belts, reluctantly standing to yank at his pants and shirt.

“Wait.” Cordelia knelt on the bed.

Angel hands stalled, looking at the young woman clad in white thin panties and a sport bra that hugged her breast not hiding her straining nipples. “That’s not going to be possible.” He growled.

“Your shirt, don’t,” She whined as he proceeded to rip it from his body, popping the buttons. “That was my favorite.” She pouted as the purple material landed on the floor.

“Get a new one.” Angel kicked off his pants and leaned in on one knee, pushing Cordelia back on the bed.

“But it was a lucky shirt.” She scramble back as Angel crawled up her body, caging her with his arms.

“You can pick out the next lucky one.”

Cordelia considered. “You’ll go with me?” Her eyes twinkled at the thought.


“Why not, you said you liked it.”

“I did not, I said that I thought you would like it if I went.” He growled, trying to pull at her sports bra, getting in caught over her arms. “Get this thing off.”

Cordelia pushed at his hands. “You’re getting it all tangled.” She grabbed the bra and pulled it off easily.

“That’s why I told you to take it off.” Angel insisted, bringing his mouth back to her lips to cut off her retort.

Cordelia brushed at his shoulders, dragging her nails down the vampire’s spine, delighting in the shivers along Angel’s skin. She drew her finger back up, gripping at the shoulders she had left.

Angel placed his hands between their bodies, finding the edge of elastic, tugged ripping the flimsy material.

Cordelia broke from the kiss, cradling Angel’s face. Her fingers caressed wide along his strong jaw, her eyes boring into his, a soft smile appearing as she stared. “You’re here, you found me,” she said in love and amazement.

“Always,” Angel growled, reaching for her lips as he moved his hips, embedding deep into the hot welcoming walls. He propelled his hips taking him further, filling Cordy to her core.

Cordy gaped out, tightening her legs, squeezing, holding him impossibly close and then slowly beginning to mimic Angel’s rhythmic pace. Angel groaned at the soft friction, jerking as he moved with more force to capture it again and again, harder and longer.

Tears squeezed out of the corner of Cordy’s eyes, her nerves pushing against her skin. The knowing that Angel was with her, in her, intensified the pleasure. The breath caught in her throat, the blood heated, skin tightened as the nerves were pushed to the breaking point. She cried out, her body shuddered, surrounding Angel in its pleasure. Angel soaked everything in, the sounds, the feel, the fragrance, allowing it to take him over. Angel shouted out her name as he came, burying deep as he fell.

Angel gathered Cordy in his arms, remaining quiet, listening as her heartbeat, and breathing slowed reaching equilibrium. Cordelia licked her lips. “So you missed me?”

Angel chuckled. “A little.”

“That’s good to know.” She smiled, curling up in the safety of his embrace.


Angelus stood straight as his mirror image jumped on the fake balcony. Both vampire’s stared through the window. “She’s mine.’

“There seems to be a differing opinion on that.” Angelus shrugged.

“You’ve been injured.”

“So, have you.”

“Her?” he jerked towards the woman writhing underneath the vampire with a soul and their face.

“Yeah, and the slayer.” His eyes glued to the scene.

“I can’t even imagine. You sicken me as much as him.” Angelus glared.

“Yeah, well, he’s got the girl.” Said the Angelus of 1998. “Damn, do you know how long she’s been under me? Fuck, soul boy turned her down when he first met her here. All, in love with the slayer.”

“Just proves that I got stupider as time went on.” Angelus growled.

“How’d you get here?”

“Lawyers, they want them destroyed, seems they’re soul mates in the future.” He looked again. “Angel’s Investigations, helping the helpless. It’s disgusting.”

“Soul mates, uh? Buffy’s going to be so pissed, she thought it was her.”

“You still think about the slayer, fool. That’s who belongs to us, me. She’s the one, fire, and strength. I would’ve killed Darla for her. Instead you kill Darla for some skinny blonde.”

“You know you’re future, and it wasn’t me, that was the soul boy.”

“Close enough.” Angelus growled into the window. “You smell like her.”

“We had an encounter, I think she likes me.”

Angelus growled. “My Cordy will pay for her choices then we’ll hunt the night together.” He jumped to the ground.

Angelus shook his head. Melodrama without the sense humor. Angelus could’ve of sworn he was much more fun back in the day. Angelus stared into the window. Soul Mates, uh. Well, he didn’t have a soul or particularly what a mate. Yet, he did remember how Cordelia Chase’s blood had tasted so long ago, how her lips and chest felt pressed against him more recently, the fragrance of the woman clung to his clothes making him wonder how set he was on not having a mate.

He stared; he never envied his soul anything. But, as he watched his body possess the young woman and her fervent responses, again he wondered. She fit him perfectly. Cordelia Chase knew how to use that body of hers that was sure. His eyes glowed yellow and growled as the vampire in the bed moaned sinking once again into her body.

What had she said? Angelus hadn’t put enough feeling in their kiss. Well, he would the next time. She would feel everything he had to offer, the pain, and the pleasure. Chuck it up, soul boy. Angelus grinned. His time was about to end. Angelus jumped to the ground searching for a body to relieve the burning ache in his cock.

Part 17

Cordelia woke. Something was different this morning. She opened her eyes and took in her surrounding. Well for starters it wasn’t morning, but the biggest and best thing that was different from her prior mornings was standing at her dresser, fingering the items displayed.

“What are you doing?”

Angel picked up the picture of her and Xander, scowling as he showed her.

“Don’t tell me your jealous.”

“Your letter said you were dating the moron.”

“Angel,” she threw her pillow. “Little preoccupied with life and death issues, no time to sit back a enjoy the horrors of dating Xander.”

Angel brightened. “It was horrible.”

“Angel. Pfft. Xander’s cute and sweet…” she scrunched up her nose. “Lot of the times.”

Angel put the picture done with grunt, not believing it. “I’ve never been in here before.”

“Well, duh, Sunnydale. I wasn’t too big on inviting vampires in to play.” She hugged at her knees.

“I had soul, I do. You could’ve invited me in.”

Cordelia raised her brows. “You wanted to come over for coffee, help with my homework, what? Pfft. Didn’t notice me, remember?”

Angel shook his head and sat on the bed. “I don’t know why not, you’re certainly noticeable.” His eyes grazed over her sheet-covered body up to her eyes.

“Um, how about because you were in love with little Miss Slayette.”

Angel frowned. “Still.” He tugged at the sheet, uncovering the rest of her body for appreciation. He pushed her down on her back, his hands tracing the curves. His fingers swirled on her lower belly searching, his frown still evident.

“It didn’t’ happen yet.”

Angel nodded, and leaned over gently kissing the skin that in a matter of months will be ribbed open.


“I don’t want you to be hurt like that.”

Cordelia shrugged. “I will but I’ll live. I did. Hey, my tattoo’s gone too.”

Angel frowned again. “I know. I miss it,” still examining her body with his intense gaze, his hand testing the weight of her full breast.

Cordelia scrunched down her nose at the vampire. “You don’t seem pleased.”

Angel’s hand stalled. “I don’t.” he chuckled.

“You keep looking at me and frowning. Don’t force yourself to touch me if you don’t like it.”

Angel laughed, his hand resuming its previous caressing. “Gee, here I thought I hid my disgust pretty well when I ‘forced’ myself to make love to you, burrowing to the hilt, stroking into you screamed out.” He raised his hooded gaze to Cordelia’s.

Cordelia gulped, feeling the heat pool in between her legs, she wetted her lips. “That’s not what I meant.”

Angel gave slow smile. “Your body’s different. It’s lacking the sun that I love to kiss, its free of the pain you will experience, it’s strong, but not as strong as you will be, it’s less rounded and lush, but still so beautiful. I’ve never touched this body.” He whispered into her flat belly, darting out with is tongue, savoring the flavor of the skin. “It tastes the same, though, still uniquely you.” Angel lifted his head to catch Cordelia’s eyes. “Are its secrets the same? Will my slightest touch cause tremors and your breath to choke on the pleasure?” He cocked his head.

“You did.” Cordelia licked again at her lips.

Angel shook his head, his deep brown eyes maintaining contact with Cordelia’s darkening ones. “That could’ve just been luck, I have to know for sure. I need know that this body also belongs to me. I’ve loved it now I need to possess it.”

Cordelia slightly nodded mesmerized by the dark stare and low growl coating Angel’s words. She leaned back closing her eyes as Angel’s head lowered beginning his assault, with hands, lips, and blunt teeth. Angel left no area free from his need.

Cordelia jerked her hips as Angel’s kiss explored her center. Cordelia twisted the sheets in her fists, biting at her lips to keep from screaming out, the tangy taste of her blood appeared underneath her teeth.

She couldn’t stop her voice, Angel’s name came out in loud gasp as the vampire tongued her inner folds, relentless seeking out the evidence of her arousal, creating more on its quest.

Low growls hummed in Angel’s chest as drank in the moisture. His tongue concentrated on the bud pulsating out of the pink petals. He swirled, nicked, and soothed as Cordelia screamed his name and her muscles convulsed furiously.

Cordelia blinked into the yellow glowing eyes under the ridged brow. “Mine,” vampire said plunging his fangs into her neck as he plunged into her very core reaching back to touch the end of her womb, thrusting in and out as he took her blood, possessing her body completely.

Cordelia’s body arched into a taunt wire, breaking as the combined sensations claimed her, depriving her mind and body of any thought or feeling expect that of intense unbearable pleasure.

Angel growled loudly, increasing his powerful strokes moving past the contracting muscles as Cordelia’s life filled his veins, becoming his own. Angel jerked up his head as the painful pressure in his balls burst forth in joy. His powerful body weakened crushing Cordelia with his spent body, nuzzling at Cordelia’s neck, kissing and licking at the blood spotting the smooth column.

Cordelia lifted her arms hugging at the vampire, her hands smoothing the tremors that wracked his body. “Satisfied?”

Angel leaned up, kissing now at her lips, sucking at her bottom lip, taking the blood from the small cuts caused by her teeth. “Always.” He said with a final kiss, shifting his weight.

“Oh,” Cordelia rubbed her cheek against his chest. “So, I guess you won’t be needing to do that again anytime soon.”

Angel eyed the dark hair covering his chest. “I don’t know, Cordy, I’m a pretty insecure vampire, I’ll probably have to do it all the time.”

“Thank god for your issues, then.” Cordelia smiled.

Angel laughed.

Part 18

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