In the Dark. 14

Chapter 14

All time stopped. The air was thick and silent, and Angel felt his chest constrict as the silken shirt slipped from suddenly nerveless fingers and pooled gently on the ground. All he knew and wanted, and it came alive with four little words.

Come on in, Angel.

Like a man in a trance, Angel slowly stepped easily into the apartment, stopping at the threshold until he felt Dennis’ gentle shove. He stumbled slightly as the door closed behind him quietly, closing and leaving him standing in paradise.

Actually, paradise was strolling down the short hall, firm and supple and olive-skin damp and dewey. Musky vanilla that mixed with the ambrosia of Cordelia’s arousal wafted to his senses, overpowering him. He stood uncertainly, not sure what to do.

Cordelia’s heart thudded in her chest….solid and rapid. She felt his gaze on her back…on her legs….her ass….a tingle at the base of her spine. She stopped moving and turned to face him, a flush heating her skin as she met his gaze evenly, her body on display for him to see.

And he did see. He saw sensuous curves, taut curves, and soft skin. And more than that. His gaze slid from her slender feet up her long legs…up up up….over the shadowed juncture of her thighs…the lines of her tightly sloped abdomen…up over the generous swell of her breasts, tipped with coral satin…up the graceful length of her throat, and finally his eyes rested on the gentle determination in her eyes.

“Change your mind?” Her voice was a husky tease. “I thought this was the plan.”

Angel opened his mouth and tried to speak, but all he could manage was a garbled cough. Cordelia grinned slightly. “Thanks. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s not said to me.” Angel’s eyes flared with fiery gold flecks as his hands clenched. “I don’t know if this is really smart, Angel. But I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering. I wanna know. I wanna know you. What do you want?”

Angel suddenly felt his feet unstick, and he covered the distance between them in three large steps. He cradled her face in his hands and kissed her, devouring her mouth with his hungrily. Cordy moaned and rose onto her toes, leaning into him as her hands rose and gripped his shoulders, flexing against his skin as his tongue stroked hers….stroked the heat of her mouth.

His lips gentled, nipping at hers as he leaned his forehead against hers. His hands slid down over her face gently, before his arms wrapped around her body, holding her close. Cordy lowered her head and pressed her face to his chest. He felt her heart thudding against him, seducing him with the soft muffled noise as her blood pumped through her body, calling to him with a siren’s voice. He pulled back slightly and looked down at the top of her head.

Cordy drew a deep breath and looked up at him. He kissed her forehead. “Last chance to bail, sweets. Once we do this, there’s no going back. Only forward.”

“Yeah. Forward. I got that. Forward means…no more games. No more plans.” Angel nodded. “No more secrets. No more hidden agendas. No more withholding of the news that ye olde gypsy curse no longer applies, for example.” Her eyebrows rose. “Had to get that piece of news from Wesley. Who pretty much knows that you’re out on a bootie call.” Angel shifted, nodding.

“Yeah. No more….” His mind searched for the right phrase. “Broodmeister.” Cordy smiled. “It’s….all new from here. I just don’t want you to wake up tomorrow and wish you could take it back.”

Cordy sighed. “Yeah, like I’ve pretty much always known you can’t take back sex, Angel.” Angel started to speak and she placed two fingers over his mouth. “Nope. I know what I’m doing. I want to make love to you, and with you. A lot. I want you over me, and under me, and around me, and in me till I don’t know where you end and I begin, and I want it over and over and over. And I want it now. C’mon, Angel….” Her voice lowered to a whisper…”Don’t you still want my heat?” And she stretched up to bite gently at his lip, tugging it out before licking it.

With a fierce rumble, Angel swept her up and stalked down the hall into her room, dimly lit by the full moon shining through the open blind slats. He lay her gently on the bed and leaned down to kiss her softly, feeling her tremble as he kissed her lips….her throat….the soft tip of a plumped breast. He straightened at her soft groan and stripped the t-shirt off over his head, kicked his shoes off, and shoved the shorts down his body in quick, succinct movements.

Cordy rose onto her elbows and looked down his body, muscled and strong. Her eyes widened as she saw his cock, thick and fully erect. She raised her hazel eyes to his and solemnly said, “Angel, you completely have my respect.”

Angel groaned a chuckle as he climbed onto the bed, covering her body completely with his. They both pressed into the bed, skin to skin. Angel’s hands slid up her sides and stretched her arms over her head, his arms stretching and his hands gliding over hers, his fingers locking with hers. He looked down at her, intent.

The clearest, most honest eyes he’d ever seen stared back up, filled with want and need and something…..something he didn’t know that he’d ever seen from a woman before. Something…giving….something that was…..trusting. That was it. Trust. Cordy’s fingers tightened between his slightly.

“What is it?”

“You. It’s just you. Wanting this.” They both spoke in hushed whispers. Angel looked over her face, memorizing each line and curve, committing this moment to his memory. “All this time….I thought about…”

“Naked me?”

Angel grinned. “Naked us.” He leaned down and softly kissed her lips, trailing lips over her cheek and along her jaw line. Cordy tilted her head slightly and he licked down the length of her throat, pressing his lips to the steady muted thump of her pulse. “So, so sweet…” He murmured, kissing the pulsepoint gently. “So warm….” Cordy shifted her body under him, feeling the thick ridge of his cock pressing against her lower abdomen.

His fingers untangled from hers and his legs shifted as he scooted down a bit, gently nipping and tugging at her skin as his mouth traced a path down her shoulder and over the ridge of her collarbone. She held still, feeling his mouth, firm and wet, as he softly kissed the upper swells of her breasts, his hands cupping the mounds and pushing them together.

“God, Cordy…” His voice was rough. “All a man could need….so perfect……” He flicked his tongue at one distended nipple, savoring the taste of the satiny skin. Cordy whimpered and he grinned up at her briefly. “Like that? How ’bout this?” And his mouth opened, taking the tip completely into his mouth, sucking and taunting the pebbled peak with his teeth.

Cordy’s breath caught in her throat and she reached down to run her fingers through his hair, holding his head gently to her. “Angel….”

Her voice was a whisper of heat that floated down to him. He nipped at her again before releasing her breast and moving to the other one. He sucked and bit softly while his hand tugged at the other nipple. Cordy’s breath came faster as her body arched into him. Fire seemed to pour through her body, pooling between her legs. She wanted more…wanted all of it…..she grabbed at his head.

“Angel” her voice was urgent. He looked up at her and saw the fierce need in her eyes. “Now. I want you now.”

He didn’t think he could possibly be harder, but at her demanding voice sent tremors through him, his cock seeming to swell even more at her words. “Cordy…” thinking was becoming more difficult. “Foreplay….”

She stroked his arms, her nails raking gently over his skin. Her voice was husky and almost desperate sounding. “Later. After. We’ll have….afterplay. You’ll see. It’ll be fun.”

He choked off a laugh as he reared up and kissed her hungrily, sucking on her tongue as his mouth ravaged hers. Her legs parted and he settled between them, feeling the sleek limbs brushing against him as his hips met hers. He reached down between them and gently stroked the slick hot flesh between her legs. God, she was wet and ready….and sooo needy. But he needed, too, and his cock was straining as he shifted, pressing the blunt tip into the wet heat of her center. He raised his head and looked down at her his eyes fierce…..his own demon shining out in golden glory.

“Who am I?” His voice was a ragged demand. He held his body still, his cock pressing just into her entrance. She looked up at him, trying to wiggle her body so that she took him deeper. “Say it. Who am I?”

“Angel…you’re Angel.” Her voice was a whimper.

He pushed in a little deeper and pulled out again. “Who belongs to me?” She looked up at him, biting her lip. He rocked his hips a bit, pushing into her body and pulling out again. “Say it, Cordy. Take it all. Who do you belong to?” She gasped as his cock stretched her as it pushed in a little further. He held his body still. “Say it.”

She groaned, spreading her thighs wider and raising her knees as she tried to pull him in more. He shook his head, lifting his hips a bit. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “You want my cock…you take all of me. Who do you belong to?”

“Oh god…you. You. I want you….please…..ohgod….” Angel reared his head back and growled, a guttural, animal sound, as his face slid into the harsh lines of his demon. His eyes glowed yellow as he seemed to flow over her body. His hands gripped hers as he leaned down to nuzzle into her neck. His body tightened as he plunged into her wet clenched heat, pumping into her body with a force that shot through every nerve in her body. Cordy cried out, wrapping her legs around his hips and they both held still, suspended in time for a moment. He groaned again as his hips rocked, pushing in…pulling out….god she was tight. She clenched around him, caressing his cock with each stroke.

He felt his body, straining, reaching….he listened to the muted roar of her blood, racing through her body…her heart, pumping faster and faster. Her legs tightened around him and her hips slammed into his with each thrust. Her skin was flushed and damp, her fingers stiff as they flexed in-between his.

“Harder….god…..harder….” her voice was almost tortured sounding as he rammed into her. She felt a wave of heat begin to pour through her….an icy fire that gripped her body….”Angel….ohgodplease…….” Her body clenched around him and she threw her head back as her body arched, taking him in deep, against her womb. Angel roared as her body milked his…his senses overrun as he felt the cold seed pour out of his body and fill hers. He pressed his face deeper into her throat and sank his fangs into the succulent flesh offered to him, gulping the honeyed, coppery blood that filled his mouth and coated his tongue with its spice. One swallow….two…..three…..he sighed lustily, slowly pulling his teeth from her flesh and licking at the punctures to seal them.

Cordelia lay beneath him, her body floating back to her. She felt boneless, and her legs unclenched from around Angel’s hips and dropped down to the bed. Angel lay on top of her body, still, propped up on his elbows. Cordelia’s breath came in short pants as her heart calmed, and she pressed gentle kisses into Angel’s shoulder. His face slowly slid back into human visage, and she stroked at his cheeks and forehead as it did.

“You’re Angel.” And she pressed a kiss softly onto his lips.

“Yeah. And you’re mine.”

Cordy smiled up at him. “Wow. I have never….I mean….it’s always….not like….” She broke off. “Wow.”

“Right there with you.” They both grinned at each other and Angel kissed her before rolling off and settling on his back, pulling Cordy to his side and anchoring her there with a firm hold. She rested her head on his shoulder and stroked the sculpted plains of his chest as they both calmed. They were silent for a moment, and Angel was content. A silent Cordy could be a good Cordy. It meant her mind wasn’t turning down all the roads he didn’t want to go.

Cordy giggled a bit. “Who’d a thought that the man I can never get to talk would be so chatty during sex? Is that a vampire thing?” And the content feeling was gone.

“Oh, couldn’t help myself. It’s a thing.”

“Ahhh…an Angel thing.”

He thought a moment, choosing his words carefully. “No…you were right the first time…a vampire thing.”

She raised her head and looked down at him. “You mean each time we do the horizontal hula you bite me? Not an endless supply of plasma here, bucko.”

“No, no, it’s a sometimes thing. It’s a first time thing. It….” He sifted uncomfortably. “It kind of seals the deal.”

“Seals the deal.” She repeated, her eyebrows raising. “OK. Spill it.”

Shit. He’d been hoping to put this off. Kind of sad if they ended the evening by Cordelia cutting off his balls in anger, it having been such a nice night so far and all. He needed to be very careful here.

Veeewwwwyyyy careful….he was hunting wabbit. What he said next would be the most important words he had ever said to a woman. He’d never said them before, to anyone. They had to be perfect. They had to be gentle, and sweet, and loving.

“I own you.”

Silence. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

He mentally said goodbye to his balls. “I kind of claimed you a while ago, you know, while we were….”

“Coming like a freight train? That was the bite? You were claiming me?”


Cordelia stared down at him. “Is that some kind of vampire sex ritual?”

“Sort of. Yes. It is.” He held her to him more firmly to stave off the inevitable slapping and whacking. “Cordelia, the thing is, I claimed you to be mine. In vampire vernacular, I own you.”

Cordelia was silent. “In Cordelia vernacular, fuck that.” She was silent again, thinking. “Did you know you were going to do this?”

His eyes met hers. “Yeah. I knew. I knew back when you came for the books. I think I knew it then.”

She stared into his eyes. “Ok. Ok. We’ll deal with that later.” She pushed away from him, sitting up. Her body was still damp, and his eyes traveled lazily over the taut line of her back as she pulled the sheet up to cover her breasts. She leaned back against the headboard and looked back down at him. “What, exactly, is claiming?”

“It’s…a taking. It’s establishing…” he tried to think of how to put it so she’d get it. Without getting it. “…a relationship. I’m telling others…you know…hands off.”

“So, it’s kind of a protection?”

“Exactly!” Angel grinned up at her. “Our business and all, you know. We have the fun, you have the protection.”

“OK. I get that. Not happy, but I get it.” She looked down at him suspiciously. “Is that it? Is there more to this?”

“Um…no. That’s pretty much it.” He looked up at her. “I didn’t hurt you, did I…”

“No, no. It was….” Cordelia’s hand slowly raised and her fingers traced over the healing puncture marks. A shimmer ran through her body at the touch, and she lifted her fingers as though she had received a small static shock. “It was actually….” She sighed. “Wow. It was completely wow, Angel.” She looked down at him. “Like you haven’t heard that before.” He grinned up at her.

“Not from anyone who mattered. Not from you.” She looked down at him and lay back down, her head on his chest.

“So….you’ve claimed me.”

“I own you.”

“Right. That will so happen.” Angel closed his eyes. They’d fine tune this later. “Anyways. Here we are.” She stroked his chest softly. “One thing has gotta change. I meant it. No more secrets, no more brooding, no more in the dark alone.”

Angel was silent for a moment. “You don’t get it, Cordy. That day…” He trailed off. Her hands patted him reassuringly. “that day, I think you chased some of the dark away. You didn’t know it, but you did. You reached me, and whatever part of me wasn’t locked away in nothingness heard you. No one else could have done that. Just you. This is right for us because you’re right for me.” Cordelia sighed against him. “You…you pull me into the light. It’s you.”

Tears rolled out of Cordy’s eyes and she impatiently brushed them away. “I hate it when you do that.”


“Become all gooey on me. Now I have to just….” She broke off. “I just have to like you.”

She raised her head and smiled down at him. “Welcome to the light, baby. I’ll see to it that you enjoy your stay.”

He grinned up at her, feeling her pressed to his side. Warm, thick blooded, smartmouthed, curvy, loving Cordy.

The End…?

And they all lived happily………..oh crap, you know they did not. But it was a pretty interesting trip.


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