Fine Tuning. 1

Title: Fine Tuning
Author: Nickle
Rating: R/N-17
Category: kinda smutty, humorous, angst.
Content: C/A
Summary: Follow up to In the Dark. Ya got some getting to know you, a little Darla, some crankiness.
Spoilers: AU S2 post Epiphany
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Feedback: needed like air to breathe. Unless you’re a vampire.[then like nice, rich blood!]

Chapter 1

“MmmmHmmmm….” Cordy tried to pay attention as Wesley droned on about their latest case.

It was arguable that trying to pretend interest while cool, insistent fingers stroked at the v of your clenched legs, teasing them to open, was pretty damn good acting. Cordy shifted away from Angel slightly, her legs gripped tightly together.

Under the cover of the table cloth, His hand had begun by trailing over her thighs, gently teasing patterns on her skin. Cordy had casually reached down and pried his hand away and had tried to cover by dropping her fork and leaning down to pick it up, punching Angel in the leg and mouthing ‘cut it out’ when he looked down at her.

But…Angel didn’t take orders. Nope. Cordelia found herself getting warm. He gave them. Even without speaking a word. His hand, for instance, was demanding that she part her thighs just a little bit….just enough….to slide under her skirt…..tug aside the damp thong…..

“God!” Cordelia leapt up, startling Gunn. Wesley stopped speaking, looking at her askance. Angel regarded her with a solemn expression.

“What is it, Cordy….vision?” He was all tender concern and caring. She was going to kill him.

“No! I mean…no, no vision. Just….God, Wesley. You work so hard…’s just so….Wesley of you.” Her eyes closed a moment then she sighed. “Headache. Be right back.” And she shuffled off to the bathroom, trying to ignore the wet slickness between her legs as she walked.

Wesley watched her go, a resigned look on his face. He turned to face Angel, who looked back at him with a determinedly blank expression. Gunn rolled his eyes and looked over at Angel.

“Dawg. All for the makin’ of the happy, but damn. Do we have to watch it?”

“Yes.” Wesely added. “While my cable package doesn’t include cinemax and you both fill that void nicely with your daily show of hormones gone wild, would you please attempt to rein in your….”

“Gropin’ of the Barbie.” Gunn finished.

“Yes.” Wesley sighed. “Exactly. Please do your…Barbie groping….in a more conducive setting.”

Angel grinned and tried to look shamefaced. “Allrighty. I get it. No more public displays. I’m tryin’ here, guys. Really. But…”

“It’s new and fun, and….hey, no evilness. End of a loonngggg dry spell for you, man. I totally get that one.” Gunn nodded. “But, it’s..ya know. Cordy. Don’t know whether to congratulate you or whack you upside the head.”

Angel laughed. “Being with Cordy is like a little daily dose of both.” He and Gunn laughed together and quickly shut up as the door to the bathroom opened and Cordelia walked out, smoothing her skirt down.

Casually, she walked back to them and past the table, sitting down on a sofa nearby instead. Carefully avoiding Angel’s gaze she looked at Wesley. “So…where were we?” Wesley shot a warning glance at Angel and picked up his notebook, continuing.


Later that evening, Angel stopped by Cordy’s desk and looked down at her, hands in his pockets. She bit her lip and looked up at him. His gaze was level. “Stored some boxes in the attic. Think I packed a claymore away….wanna help me look?”

“Of couse.” She rose, walking ahead as he motioned her to. She climbed the stairs, up past the second floor…up past the third….feeling his gaze on her…

“You’re looking at my ass.”

“I’m always appreciative of fine art.”

She grinned to herself and kept climbing. She was a little sweaty by the time they reached the attic and opened the door to the musty room. She turned to look at him. “OK….where’s the box?”

He yanked her close to him, grinning down in to her face with a leer. “I got your broadsword right here, baby…”

Cordy groaned. “Oh god, please don’t tell me you worked on that one all the way up the stairs.”

“Nah….that was a gimme. All the way up the stairs, I was thinking of fucking you till you passed out.”

Cordelia felt her body tense at the rough words. Seven days of being with Angel, and one thing she had learned….her ‘on’ switch was pretty easily tripped with him. He could get her with crude words…with rough hands…with soft whispers….with soundless touch.

Two nights ago, over at Wesley’s, she had been sitting at the table trying to balance her checkbook while he played Gunn at the playstation, and he had looked up and caught her eyes licked his lip, once, slightly. She had sucked in a sharp breath and had to cover it with a cough.

He had casually risen, finally, and said he had to be getting home, and she had followed suit 5 minutes later. He had met her out in the dark street and had taken her, right there, against her car.

“Sound good?” he leaned in close to her ear. His hand raised her short skirt and stroked at her ass while his other hand gently trailed over her face. “You gonna finally open those legs for me?” His hand lightly tapped her asscheek…not a painful swat, but one that teased and hinted at darker things to come. “C’mon Cordy…let me have some fun”

She tilted her head so he could lick at her throat and her legs parted of their own volition. He breathed “good girl” against her skin as his hand worked around to the front of the juncture of her thighs, pulling aside the wet thong with little preliminaries. His fingers glided over wet smooth bare silk of her skin and he stopped, surprised, and raised his head to look at her.

She reddened, and looked away but his fingers pulled her face back to meet his. “You’re full of surprises, Cordy. When did you do this?”

She sucked in a breath as his fingers trailed over the full lips between her legs, stroking the slick puffiness gently. “Umm…..this morning….I…I thought you’d like it….”

His body tightened even more. He shifted, his cock pressing uncomfortably against the confines of his jeans. “Oh, baby, I do. I like it a lot. Smooth….” One finger parted her flesh and glided through the wet petals within…”soft…..” another finger joined the first, and his thumb found and flicked at the hard swollen bud of her clit. “….wet….” and she cried out as he pressed two fingers into her tight channel, spreading her legs wider as he twisted his fingers, pulling them back out in a smooth stroke.

He backed her to a wall and yanked her skirt up around her waist, ripping the thong so it fell from between her legs and reaching to unfasten his jeans with a blur of speed. He gripped her and hauled her up onto her toes and kissed her with a wicked heat before spinning her around and bending her over at the waist, leaning around to slap her hands flat on a small stack of boxes.

He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “We’ll do slow and easy later, baby…right now…” his voice was urgent. “I want it just like this. I want it hard..and fast….and now.”

Cordelia looked over her shoulder at him, hair falling across her face like a silken curtain. “Then get it. Now.” Angel reached down and yanked at his belt, unfastening it and unzipping his jeans in one smooth move. Cordelia shifted impatiently, and he looked down at her bare ass, her skirt bunched up around her waist.

He groaned as he reached down between her legs and stroked her again before gripping her hips and pulling her up onto her toes, positioning his cock as she parted her legs even wider and tilted her hips so that she was ready for him.

“C’mon, Angel….Baby…..c’mon.” Her voice was a husky invitation that made him glad he didn’t breathe, because just the sound of her voice, all heavy with need, was enough to make a man unable to think straight or draw breath. He pushed into her heat a bit and held still, feeling her grip at him with her inner muscles. He leaned into her and wrapped one strong arm around her abdomen to support her, another hand at her back, stroking up and down the taut length as he surged in.

Mother of God. . She was all wet juicy heat, engulfing him as he pushed all the way in. “Take it.” His voice was dark and faintly menacing….shivers raced up her spine. She shifted, parting her thighs even wider and lifting herself higher on his hips, slightly off of his cock. She relaxed and slid back down, feeling him fill her once again. His hips began pounding into her as she rose again, one lonnnnnnggggg slow stroke….another….another……she felt her body tensing…her head tilted back…her mouth open as shallow pants puffed out.

His hands held her firm, and she felt him flex with each thrust. Without warning, she came, heat pouring through her as she let the fire grip her from head to toe…her body taut and gushing around his cock. He groaned a guttural sound as his back went rigid and he slammed into her, cumming and cumming as he filled her. God…..even a quickie could go on forever with her.

They remained still, the sound of her heart racing like a freight train pounding in his ears. He groaned, burying his face in the damp curve of her throat. They both stood there, clammy and hot and replete, and a low rumble sounded from his chest.

She looked over her shoulder at him, a sated grin on her face, and took in the masculine satisfaction stamped on his face. He laughed, low and sexy, and murmured, “Next time, we find a bed.”

“Hey, all for it, Mr. Hey This Kitchen Counter is Just the Right Height. Believe me, right there with you.” Cordelia managed the words with only a little panting….her heart still thumped and thundered loud enough to wake…well…the dead.

Angel kissed the back of her neck gently and pulled out of her, his body replete. Cordelia slowly straightened and arched her back, all feline grace, turning to grin at him as she stroked his lips gently. “In a hurry, were we?”

“Always in a hurry for that.” Cordelia looked at him, steadily. “Somehow, that just didn’t come out right.”

She laughed. “You got the take your time thing down just fine, Big Guy, no worries there.” She leaned in to kiss him gently, stroking his lips with her tongue, her skirt still bunched up around her hips as she cupped his face with her hands.

“Angel?” Wesley’s voice sounded down the corridor, coming closer. Angel groaned and leaned his forehead against hers, grimacing at her giggle as she reached to tug her skirt down over her hips back in place. His hands reached down to fumble his jeans back into place, zipping them up just as the door opened.

Wesley poked his head in, looking around. “Angel?” He stopped as he saw them, standing side by side, Cordy smiling and waving a cheery little wave. “Oh for the love of God.” He stared at them both before resting annoyed eyes on Angel, who looked down and shuffled his feet. Ignoring the undercurrents, Cordy spoke up.

“Angel thought he might have left some weapons here, and needed help finding them.” She grinned widely at Angel. “Well, no Box O Weapons here….” The silence finally registered. “Welllll…..gotta go. Someone’s gotta man…woman…the phone….” And she brushed past Wesley and left the room her footsteps fading down the hallway.

“Yeah, we were…um….looking….” Wesley ignored Angel’s muttering as he leaned over to pick up a scrap of torn red silk, holding it out with two pinched fingers.

Looking down at Cordelia’s thong dangling from his fingers Wesely said, “Yes. I see Cordelia at least found your sword.”

Angel glared at him and snatched the silk out of Wesley’s hand. Wesley looked at him steadily and turned to go to the doorway. He paused, and, without turning back to Angel, said casually, “Of course you’ve gone over the ramifications of the claiming with her.”

“Well, yeah. Sure.”

“And by that you of course mean no.” Wesely sighed. “I only bring this up because Gunn and I would certainly like good seats and popcorn to watch the inevitable bloodbath. Yours, not hers.”

“I’ll tell her soon, Wesley.” Angel looked grimly at the underwear in his hand, the afterglow of the quickie all forgotten.

“Yes. Do that. Keeping her ignorant of what exactly she has chosen is…’s cruel, Angel.” And he went out the door and disappeared down the hall.

Angel stood a moment, alone, thinking. Wesley was right. This wasn’t fair to Cordelia. It had come time; no, it was past time to….fine tune things.

Part 2

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