Phantom Hand of Fate. 4


At the restaurant, Angel waited as long as possible having made polite conversation.

He was just too distracted by thoughts of making love to Cordelia without having to hold anything back to get interested in Harry’s discussion on the familial ties of Daro demons even though the subject seemed to enthrall Wes.

Cordelia passed the time enjoying the vibes that passed between Wes and Harry as they conversed on their favorite subject: research. Multitasking, while managing to keep a straight face, Cordelia played footsie under the table with Angel.

The teasing touch of her toes sliding up his pant leg kept drawing his intent stare. As she made her way up his thigh, Angel accidentally knocked over his wine glass.

All eyes turned to him and Angel saw the naughty sparkle in Cordelia’s hazel orbs as she waited for him to explain his sudden clumsiness. Her toes kept wriggling their way up his thigh now climbing a large bulge that seemed to hold particular interest.

“Well, I think that’s my signal,” Angel’s voice sounded gruff and a bit strangled. “It’s been great seeing you again, Harry, but since I don’t normally eat food and Cordelia is too busy…playing around…with hers, I think it’s time we left you two alone.”

“I’m surprised you’re still here,” admitted Harry with a grin. Having been told that the potion permanently counteracted the effects of the happiness clause in Angel’s curse, she could imagine that the two of them wanted to test out its effects.

On a serious note, Wesley commented, “Perhaps I should be around when you two… you know.”

Harry looked amused by the fact that he couldn’t actually say the words ‘have sex’.

Angel instantly responded, “No.”

Looking at Cordelia as if he’d get a more reasonable response, Wesley suggested, “I think some chains and a tranquilizer gun might be in order, just in case.”

While having Angel chained to his bed wasn’t exactly a new experience, the last time had nothing to do with making love to him.

Cordelia silently admitted that she had a few fantasies about having her vampire helpless beneath her, but the thought of Wes standing by with a tranq gun was not part of the picture in her head. “Romantic, much? Pfft. Harry, I really don’t think he’s that hopeless.”

There was laughter in Harry’s bright eyes as she attempted to hold back a response.

Reaching beneath the table, Angel grasped Cordelia’s foot and returned it to the floor. “I’m not opposed to having a little fun, but I think Cordy and I will hold off on playing bondage games for now. They’re hardly likely to induce bliss if I can’t have Cordelia in my arms.”

Wes glanced over at Harry half expecting her to react with embarrassment at the subject matter. Instead, she calmly suggested, “Perhaps Dennis could stand by.”

“You aren’t shocked?” asked Wesley.

Confused, Harry queried, “At what?”

“Erm…the talk about chains and games and such,” explained Wes with color flooding his cheeks.

“Angel is a vampire,” reminded Harry nonchalantly as if that explained everything.

Relaxing, Wes realized that Harry’s knowledge of demon behavior put her at ease with the whole topic. It was quite refreshing to have someone who understood the nature of their business and possessed detailed knowledge on the subject.

Then Cordelia chimed in, “And it’s not like Dennis doesn’t already watch us when we have sex.”

The waiter had just walked over to help clean up the spilled wine and refill Angel’s glass. He looked at them with a bug-eyed expression, asking Angel, “Will there be anything else, sir?”


Beating a hasty retreat, their waiter disappeared amongst the tables leaving them all laughing. Cordelia simply added, “Well, it’s true.”

Their voyeuristic ghost simply observed the experiences of a physical life now denied him. It was in his nature to do so and his presence had never bothered them before except when Phantom Dennis had interrupted them.

So Angel had to admit that it was actually a good idea to use the ghost as their backup.

Taking hold of Cordelia’s hand, he threaded his fingers between hers. “There is no guarantee that this potion worked despite the light show. You know what will happen if we make love.”

Cordelia squeezed his hand, “Bliss, I know. I’m willing to take the chance because I know that Wes is capable of doing anything he puts his mind too. He’d never risk it if he doubted that it would work.”

Across the table, both Wes and Harry had tears in their eyes and were hastily trying to appear unaffected by Cordelia’s words.

“Enjoy the rest of your dinner,” Angel told them never taking his eyes off of the woman he loved. He released her hand so they could get out of their chairs, both of them rising simultaneously.

Angel tossed down a couple of large bills onto the table and walked over to grasp Cordelia’s hand again before leading her out of the restaurant.

Watching them go, Harry asked Wesley, “Do you ever wonder if people are simply fated to be together?”

“I never really thought about it,” Wes admitted just before adding, “until today.”


Cordelia and Angel stumbled through the doors of the Hyperion already half way to being unbuttoned.

They paused at the front desk as Cordelia tossed her purse and shoes onto the countertop. She barely had time to set them down before Angel turned her around and proceeded to kiss her breathless.

Just a little payback for the things she had done to him in the car on the way home.

He gripped the edges of her silk blouse and pulled them apart sending the remaining buttons popping in all directions and exposing her lace-covered breasts to his view. Those lush mounds curved deliciously beneath the silky barrier and his hands slid up the smooth skin of her torso to test their weight against his palms.

She let out a little moan as his thumbs brushed along her pebbled nipples and then the sound deepened huskily as Angel sucked one hard nub into his mouth. His teeth nipped gently, tugging on it through the silk and leaving a moist spot behind as he moved over paying equal attention to its mate.

“Oh, God, just rip it off,” Cordelia demanded on a groan wanting his mouth directly on her skin.

She was too busy yanking his shirttails from his waistband to do it herself, her eager fingers slipping beneath to feel his cool skin against her hands.

Angel lifted his head for a moment, long enough to see the matching lust in her eyes that signaled she didn’t want this to be soft, slow and romantic. Since he wasn’t sure he could manage either one of those things right now, Angel figured it was just as well Cordelia wanted this as badly as he did.

He curled his fingers around the loose collar of her blouse, gasping the straps of her bra at the same time, quickly pulling them down and effectively trapping her arms against her sides.

She let out a little yelp of surprise and struggled to get loose until Angel returned his attention to her mouth. Grasping her jaw, he turned her to face him, opening her mouth and invading her with teasing kisses that left her moaning for more. Drawn into his mouth, Cordelia ran her tongue along the sensitive roof skimming over the housing to his fangs eliciting a deep growl of pleasure from the vampire.

Panting in triumph at his response, Cordelia snatched that second of distraction to rub her aroused breasts across the soft material covering his muscular chest. She wanted her skin against his and the barrier that remained only made her whimper in frustration.

The little sound caught Angel’s attention, but he only wrapped his arms around her, one hand buried in the loose waves of her hair to bend her back across the edge of the desk exposing her neck and breasts to his intent gaze.

Laving at her pulse point, Angel nipped at the flesh of her throat then pressed hot kisses over the reddened spot, his body already heating up with its close contact to hers. Cordelia arched upward as his mouth descended to her breasts, calling out his name as Angel teased her sensitive flesh with his lips and tongue.

He could scent her arousal in the air surrounding them like a cloud of pure desire as liquid honey pooled between her thighs. Cupping her through her pants, Angel felt the tempting heat as his fingers moved against her.

“I need to touch you,” Cordelia reminded him that her arms were still trapped. The look he gave made her wonder if he wasn’t planning to leave her that way, but then Angel moved his hands to grasp the material of her bra now stretched around her arms and waist. With one tug, the silk ripped like tissue against his strength and he slowly pulled the shredded bra and her blouse down over her wrists to drop them to the floor.

Now free, Cordelia couldn’t make up her mind what part of him she wanted to touch first. Running her hands from his shoulders down the length of his torso, she cupped Angel’s erection with both hands. One swept below to his balls and the other mapped out his considerable length through the barrier of his pants. Just long enough to feel him and hear his responsive purr rumbling in his chest.

Then she was yanked up against him, her arms pulled up to his shoulders as Angel pinned her hips against the front desk with his own. Cordelia wound her legs around him holding on tight as Angel pressed his face close to her neck and thrust against her at a frenetic pace. The friction and the feel of Angel’s large hands squeezing her ass in time to the rhythm of his thrusts caused Cordelia to build quickly to a climax that caught them both by surprise.

As her keening cries filled his ears, Angel lifted his topaz gaze to hers, unnecessarily breathing hard. In a graveled voice, he remarked at the sudden realization, “We don’t have to do it this way anymore.”

Still panting in reaction to the shuddering waves of pleasure, Cordelia touched her mouth to his ear. Her hot breath covered him as she reminded, “All safeties are off, Angel.”

He set her down on the ground noting that she swayed a little. “Can you stand?”

There was a grin curling at the corners of his mouth as Cordelia nodded. Then Angel leaned forward to place one soft kiss over her already swollen lips before taking hold of her hand and pulling her along behind him toward the stairs.

“I said I could stand,” laughed Cordelia as he pulled her along behind him, “not run a marathon.”

Angel stopped so suddenly that she ran into him just as he turned around. Now off balance, Cordelia knocked them both over so that the vampire was sitting on one of the steps and she was sprawled on top of him. With a playful laugh, she shifted on his lap, “That was fun. Now I get you right where I want you.”

“On the stairs?”

“Beneath me,” she curled her tongue around her front teeth licking her upper lip just as her hands reached down to undo the remaining buttons holding his shirt together.

As Cordelia pushed the shirt off of his broad shoulders, he joked, “Are you upset that I said no to the chains?”

Her eyes twinkled as she answered seriously, “No, I want your hands on me. You know how I like to be touched.”

Angel’s hand wandered up to slide along the outer curve of her breast on its way to cupping the nape of her neck. They kissed until the need for more overcame them in a hot flash of renewed desire. Cordelia fumbled with the buckle on his belt finally winning her battle and yanking the leather belt through its loops before tossing it down the stairs.

Unbuttoning his pants, Cordelia was about to reach for the zipper when he growled, “Not here,” and pulled them both to their feet.

Hastily making their way to Angel’s bedroom, they both stripped off their remaining clothes, eyes intent upon each other, and fell onto the bed in a tangle of limbs. Kiss for kiss, their passion built again, hands wandering over hard angles and soft curves. They were so used to foreplay being the only-play involved that it was vital to their pleasure.

Rolling along the bed, Cordelia found herself hovering above him gazing down into his topaz-tinted eyes and seeing something there that told her their games were now moving onto the next stage. His hand tangled in her hair again, this time nudging her downward just enough to get the point across.

A wicked smile played across her mouth as she curled her body with catlike grace along his to take his cock in hand rubbing its blunt tip across her softly swollen lips. Angel released a low moan of need, his hand sliding down her spine as Cordelia moved and grasping her hip to lift her so that she straddled his chest.

He wanted to taste her as she went down on him.

It had always been one or the other, her pleasure or his; never both at the same time. There was too much of a chance that they’d lose themselves in sensation. Now if both theory and potion were correct, they could have it anyway they wanted.

Cordelia tried to concentrate, but the things Angel was doing with his tongue kept distracting her from the hard shaft in her hand. She ground her hips back against him moaning wantonly as he latched onto her clit then released her to tease her silky folds with his fingers.

Reminding herself that she wanted Angel to experience bliss during their lovemaking, Cordelia returned her lustfully wandering focus to him. Her fingers curled along his rock-hard member, sliding up and down the thick erection teasing him with the slide of her smooth nails. Enclosing her mouth around him, she sucked on the tip curling her tongue beneath to waggle along the sensitive foreskin.

When his hips jerked off the bed, Cordelia raised her head, smiled at herself for his response and licked her lips before doing it again. She was determined to make him come first and put every bit of imagination and enthusiasm she possessed into it. If Angel’s hoarse moans against the wet folds of her sex were any indication, Cordelia was getting to him.

As if he sensed what she was planning, Angel pressed his mouth and fingers to her most sensitive spots sending her crashing into the wall of her inescapable orgasm. Then tasting her hot honey against his tongue Angel thrust his hips off the bed spurting liquid ecstasy into Cordelia’s ready mouth.

Swallowing down every drop she could catch, Cordelia kept her mouth on him as he softened beneath her taking the opportunity to go deeper than before. She continued to sound little moans of pleasure as Angel eased her down from her climax gently stroking her inner flesh and pressing kisses long her inner thighs. Under her careful ministrations, Cordelia realized that this was one time she was going to benefit from vampire stamina as Angel’s erection twitched back to attention within a minute of his orgasm.

They’d never got to play together twice in one night before, she thought with an eagerness that left her heart racing. Excited at the idea, Cordelia stroked him back into a rigid state, moaning softly hearing Angel tell her how much he wanted her and what he planned to do next to the sweet flesh he’d been playing with.

Cordelia nearly came again just hearing the earthy, naughty words on his lips. Angel never talked that way except when they were together like this and the surprisingly sensual sound of it never failed to turn her on.

With a swift move, Angel had her on her back, kneeling between her legs and gazing down from his vantage point above. His hands roved across the smooth skin of her thighs, thumbs circling inwardly. Stars glinted in Cordelia’s eyes, the emotional impact of what they were about to do finally sinking in through the haze of her own desire.

Angel waited. Purposefully, he waited until the anticipation of the moment could no longer be denied, until Cordelia squirmed against the sheets and reached out for him, her fingers just a bare whisper over his engorged flesh. It was just enough to break down his resolve to wait a little longer, to tease her with his cock until she begged him to take her.

Then remembering they were no longer trapped in an endless cycle of word games and teasing caresses that were never enough, Angel brought them together in one long smooth stroke. Cordelia stretched around him holding him tight, her arms and legs encircling him as he held still within her allowing her to adjust to him and to give himself a moment to gain hold of his own suddenly overwhelming emotions.

To be inside her locked within Cordelia’s intimate embrace feeling her warmth surrounding him and the pulse of life beating within her all came together gathering like a hot fist of feeling in his chest. Then Angel heard her as if from a distance. She repeated her words and they flooded his heart.

“I love you,” Cordelia clasped him closer as he began to slowly thrust within her. No sooner did he echo those words than further efforts to voice his feelings became too much.

They rocked together, curiously, cautiously at first, hands roving along each other’s skin. Kisses, licks and nips tasted the salty moisture gathering across their skin as heat and friction turned to slick sweat and building need. Faster, further, harder they moved, each flex of their hips bringing them closer as if trying to merge together so that no one could ever take them apart.

Then Cordelia called out his name as her body reached a climax like no other he had given her before. She shuddered around him, holding tight and with those final short strokes that brought him deep inside her, Angel felt the wave of his own release as he followed her on the road to ecstasy. He pressed hot kisses against her neck and shoulders as his hips bucked hard and then slowed their frenetic pace to a smooth slide of flesh on flesh.

“Don’t leave me,” Cordelia whispered against him as Angel moved to withdraw. “Stay with me.”

Gently, Angel rolled them into a side-lying position, pulling her leg over his hip. “I love you, Cordelia Chase,” he repeated the words he’d said earlier. “You know I’d never leave you given the chance.”

A smile played at the corners of her mouth, “I meant inside me.”

Kissing the tip of her nose, Angel tucked a strand of her damp hair behind her ear and leaned in to say in a deep throaty voice, “So did I.”

“Feeling anything you shouldn’t?” Cordelia asked hesitantly. Their lovemaking had certainly resulted in a blissful state on her part and it was only with the tiniest grain of doubt that she managed to ask him the question.

Angel knew what she was asking, but there was nothing to indicated that he was about to lose his soul. The potion actually worked, he realized with a burst of joy that added to the sheer contentment he’d been feeling. Even his inner demon let out a whoop of excitement realizing that there were no more barrier to being with Cordelia and now they could be together any time, place or way that their imaginations would allow.

“Just getting the feeling that I want you again,” Angel admitted as his body started to respond in the direction of his thoughts. “Think I shouldn’t?”

“Oh, no,” Cordelia pushed him onto his back managing to straddle him and stay mounted at the same time. She let out a sharp gasp at the sensation and then gave him a wicked grin. “I’d say that was something I want you to feel all the time.”

Their enthusiastic lovemaking eventually proved to Phantom Dennis that it was safe to move onto other activities. It wasn’t as if he was going to get to use any of the valuable tips he was quickly learning while observing the pair.

Gathering up all of the discarded clothes he had collected on their way upstairs, he floated them together into one large bundle and released them over Cordelia and Angel’s heads before darting out of the room. He heard them both shriek his name, “Dennis!” just before their laughter followed him down the hall.


“It’s here somewhere,” Harry assured the group as she searched beneath the couch cushions. “I just saw it last night.”

Wesley, Angel and Cordelia stood by in quiet observance as Harry was initiated into their movie night ritual of searching for the remote control. For the last couple of weeks, Wes and Harry had been seeing quite a lot of each other.

To the point that she had unofficially joined the A.I. team since Wes didn’t seem to want to let her out of his sight or vice versa during their off hours.

Harry’s knowledge of demonology combined with Wesley’s research skills made them a formidable team, but that wasn’t the best of it. They both had a quirky side that Cordelia hadn’t anticipated making them a perfect match for each other.

As for Harry’s ability to withstand their prankster of a ghost, when she located the remote control within three minutes of beginning the search even Dennis was impressed.

Considering all of Cordelia’s scheming even with Angel assisting her in finding Wesley a girlfriend, it had taken a little nudge from his phantom hand to push them in the right direction. All in all, Dennis was satisfied by his work.

The people vibes at Angel Investigations were humming with positive energy and what made them happy kept him that way.

Then again, he got a kick out of other emotional reactions too. Realizing that he had already seen the movie, Phantom Dennis suddenly wondered what Wesley would think if his reference library was suddenly rearranged and floated off in the direction of his new office.


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