Mastering the Bait.

Title: Mastering the Bait            MtB ficpic
Author: Lysa
Posted: 08/04
Rating: NC-17
Category: Smut; Humour
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Sequel to Baiting a Master Vamp. Angelus decides to take the bait.
Spoilers: BtVS Season 2, After Episode: Killed by Death
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Anywhere…please let me know.
Notes: I got a little sidetracked when working on the next story from my Challenge Thread. Angelus seduced my muse into making me write this one first.
Thanks/Dedication: Ficpic by DamnSkippy. Thanks Deb!!!
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Dark clouds swept past the circle of the moon, obscuring its bright glow as Angelus stalked his prey. Night vision provided a clear view of the foursome. His stealthy steps went unnoticed by all. Even the werewolf failed to sense his presence nearby. With the Slayer still ill, her little Scooby Gang was out and about fighting evil in her stead, but only one of them held his interest tonight: Cordelia Chase.

She looked more suited for the Bronze than the local pizza parlor: long supple legs under a too-short skirt, her feet in high heeled sandals, with a crimson dress hugging every luscious curve. Her dark hair was worn in a twist leaving the elegant line of her neck exposed to his view. Cordelia dressed her part to a tee: the perfect vampire bait.

After the activities of the night before, Angelus felt it was time for a taste of pleasure. Watching her through the glass doors of her balcony had been fun, especially considering Cordelia’s reaction to finding him there. The mix of shock and arousal on her face as she watched him stroke himself to an orgasm made the wait worthwhile.

Safe behind the mystic barrier that locked him out, Cordelia’s bravado had only turned him on, made him want more. Angelus wondered if she’d be so calm tonight. He planned to do far more than tease them both, but this little game was only beginning.

Get your hand off her ass, Harris, Angelus caught the sly move as the teenager’s left hand slipped down below Cordelia’s waist long enough to cop a feel of her ripe, rounded bottom. His fangs flashed in the darkness at the mental image of ripping away that hand, arm and all. I’ll have to teach you not to touch what’s mine. After tonight, there will be no mistaking it.

Stopping in her tracks, Cordelia looked irritated with Xander for his roving hand. “Hello, personal bubble. Save the groping. Public location, here.”

Any groping will be handled by me. Angelus paused under the striped awning of the flower shop, the roses, lavender and a mix of other floral scents surrounding him as he watched from across the street.

With a sheepish grin, Xander lowered his hand to his side. Quickly changing the subject, he commented, “Oz and Will are already getting ahead of us, Cor. We should catch up.”

Though she couldn’t possibly know he was there, Cordelia glanced over her shoulder, eyes scanning the crowd along the sidewalk. Her gaze lingered in his direction, but Angelus was cloaked in deep shadows, undetectable. Time and again humans amazed him with their sense of preservation, something innate that told them danger was near.

Some let curiosity lead them to their deaths, others managed to stick with the crowd and hope there was safety in numbers, but most ran straight home. He already knew Cordelia was the type to follow her instincts, so what happened next came as no surprise. “Xander, I have to go.”

“But we’re going for ice cream,” his face drooped into a pout as he jammed his thumb in the direction of the café. In fact, their two friends had already gone inside. “I owe you a double scoop of mint-chocolate chip.”

Cordelia stepped back as he held out his hand to her, shaking her head. “Raincheck.”

“Is it because I…” his eyebrows shot up as he waggled the fingers of his groping hand at her.

“No! It’s not that,” she hastily assured him. Angelus could tell that the boyfriend wasn’t buying it. Skittish behavior wasn’t usually in Cordelia’s playbook. “You go ahead. My car isn’t that far away. I just…need to be somewhere else right now.”

Xander loped off toward the café, hands stuffed in his pockets looking a little dejected. He obviously had plans that didn’t involve Cordelia leaving him quite so soon. When the café door closed firmly behind him, Cordelia dashed across the street, presumably in the direction of her car.

Her path took her directly to Angelus.


One moment Cordelia was rummaging through her purse to find her car keys. In the next she was hauled off the sidewalk and into a narrow alley. An instinctive scream rose to her throat, smothered by the large hand that swept up to cover her mouth. Reeling in terror at the strength and speed by which she was taken, Cordelia’s eyes clamped shut expecting a bite that would mean her death.

Without seeing him, she knew it was Angelus. Every instinct screamed recognition as she breathed in the tantalizing male scent of skin and leather. Sensitive pressure points at her breasts and hips tingled as his heavy body covered hers, reacting automatically to the fact that she’d been there before. Only now, rough brick scraped against her back instead of the grassy turf of the cemetery.

Seconds elapsed and the bite never came. Only the sinfully husky sound of his voice as it rasped in her ear, “Did you dream about me last night, Cordelia?”

Her eyelashes fluttered open, hazel eyes focusing on her captor. Up close and personal, the bony ridges of his face and the sharp fangs now seemed all too familiar. His question caught her off guard. The fear tightening in her chest was nothing next to the automatic bloom of heat across her cheeks.

Beneath the slide of her hands, Cordelia felt the intractable ladder of his ribs under the silk shirt. Pushing did nothing to separate them, but she had to try despite knowing that his superior strength could snap her like a twig. Angelus only shifted his body against her causing her breath to catch in her throat. “Relax, you’re not going anywhere.”

Angelus’ hand slipped slowly from its position, his thumb trailing across her lips in a soft caress. The pressure he’d applied in covering them left them red and swollen. Without a thought to the consequences, Cordelia opened her mouth and chomped down on the pad of his thumb.

A startled growl sounded and before she could move more than an inch, Angelus had her pinned against the wall again. “Just a hint, Cor. That isn’t the best way to avoid my fangs. While I don’t mind you taking a few love-bites, we’ll save that for later.”

“You wish!”

“Just answer my question,” Angelus smirked as she squirmed against him, a deep purr rumbling in his throat, vibrating against her chest. Realizing all she was accomplishing was his arousal, Cordelia froze in place, shocked to find her own body tingling. “What did I do to you in your dreams last night?”

Hotly, she denied it, “Nothing. You weren’t even there.”

“Liar,” his hand curled around her slender neck. She could feel her pulse thrumming fast under the light touch of his thumb. “Tell me the truth and I’ll let you go.”

Eyeing him suspiciously, Cordelia let out a soft huff of disbelief. “Pfft! I don’t trust you. Why should I tell you anything?”

“Because your life is mine,” Angelus answered simply, “anyway you want to look at it. If you want it to end in this alley that can be arranged.”

The demonic eyes held a dare. As if he wanted her to defy him. To give him reason. Not that he needed one other than the desire to do so. Though he wanted her, Angelus would gain just as much pleasure from taking her life as he would by claiming her body. Death was definitely a turn-on considering his words last night.

“Ecstasy and death will come so close,” he’d promised darkly, “and then you will learn what it is to be mine.”

Shuddering against him, Cordelia pushed futilely against his chest trying to gain a tiny bit of breathing room. If anything, her efforts only caused him to smooth his hands down her sides bringing them into closer contact than before. Her breasts crushed up against him as her hips cradled his; the leather of his pants was smooth against the bare skin of her legs. She cursed herself for quaking in her shoes, but it was a lot easier to be brave last night with a barrier between them.

Finding Angelus on her balcony, fisting his hard cock as he watched her get ready for bed had been more than just a shock. Cordelia had been angry, disgusted and turned on all at the same time. The kicker was that he’d been right.

When sleep finally came, her dreams were all of him, of them together. Reluctantly, she admitted, “Okay, so you had a guest spot last night.”

A triumphal gleam appeared along with that trademark smirk. Cordelia wanted to scratch his eyes out and wait to see if he was still pleased about it. “Did you like having a demon in your bed, baby?”

Cordelia gasped in reaction, heat curling low in her belly. “That’s none of your business.”

“Oh, I think it is,” Angelus countered as his mouth pressed cool kisses along her throat. “Your fantasies are my business. Think you’re ready for the real thing?”

“You’re the one who’s fantasizing, Angelus,” Cordelia snapped back. She was in no way ready to acknowledge anything about her dreams except that he was in them. “I answered your question. Now let me go.”


Angelus took one small step back, bringing Cordelia with him, the move just enough to allow his hands to roam freely down her spine. His large hands closed over her bottom, palming the firm cheeks barely covered by the clingy material of her short skirt. “Do you honestly think I’d let you go back to Harris without an understanding between us?”

“What’s to understand except that you’re an evil, psychopathic vampire?” Cordelia’s thin brows arched challengingly. She refused to react to his intimate touch. Though he could probably tell it left her far from unaffected.

“After tonight, you’ll be mine, Cordelia,” he explained, choosing to ignore the attempted insult. Being a demon, he took it as a compliment.

Making a serious attempt at getting out of his arms, Cordelia hit and twisted and kicked at him until she was nearly breathless. Angelus took it all, moving only when her knee would have made things uncomfortable. He shoved her against the wall again, pinning her there, a dangerous growl sounding in her ear. “Fight it all you want. Just stating a fact.”

“How can you do this, Angel? To me? To Buffy?” She couldn’t fight him physically. All that was left was the proverbial stake through the heart. Assuming the soulless vampire had one. She aimed her barb perfectly, “You loved her.”

The growl deepened. “This has nothing to do with the Slayer. It has nothing to do with any pathetic sense of feeling. There are no bleeding hearts here, Cordelia. This is you and me. I want you. I’ll have you. It’s as simple as that.”

Cordelia’s head rolled back against the brick, a hard reminder that this wasn’t any part of the nightmares that had transformed into lustful dreaming. Angelus was all too real, here and determined to make her his. Staring at the small stretch of sidewalk at the end of the alley, she watched as random people walked by unaware of what went on in the shadows.

“I could still scream,” she sounded out the idea and then caught her lower lip between her teeth. Cordelia knew it wasn’t an option.

As soon as her gaze met his, Angelus confirmed the notion, “I’d kill anyone who comes down here. They’d be dead and you’d still be mine.”

“Just do it. Get it over with,” she demanded, leaning against the wall, resolved. She had to know, “Are you still planning to let me go, or were you just teasing?”

Angelus had his little game planned out far beyond tonight. “Do as I say. I’ll let you live. Keep in mind that I can still get off on you saying no. Do you prefer to try pain instead of pleasure?”

Tensing, Cordelia realized the only way out of this alley was cooperation, even assuming that Angelus would own up to his agreement and let her go. “Bastard,” she muttered, not caring that he would hear.

Hazel eyes glittered with hatred, which only seemed to excite him. His dark gaze slowly slipped down to her mouth, parted and panting. “Did you kiss your demon lover in your dreams last night?”

Since when was he so chatty? Angelus was in the mood to hear himself talk… or listen to her voice. Figuring she could handle that, Cordelia moistened her lips unaware of the way the action caused his eyes to follow the slick slide of her tongue across her plump mouth. Talking meant less of the roving hands and lips that turned her brain to mush despite the fear that accompanied the sensations.

“Yes.” His expression of pure male glee nearly had Cordelia rolling her eyes in response. Without thought of consequences, she wiped the smirk off his face by adding, “Actually, it was Angel.”

Anger swept through him like wildfire. His fingers tightened for an instant. Then the soft gasp of pain escaping Cordelia’s lips reminded him of his goals. Tonight was not a night for punishment, even if she dared to dream of the pathetic wretch that was the Soul. Not that he really believed it, but Angelus decided to play along.

Bone shifted beneath his skin as Cordelia watched his demonic visage slip away replaced by the softer human features so familiar to her. Angelus had made a point of maintaining his vampiric form as a way of reclaiming himself. But he was up for any trick in the book as long as it led where he wanted.

“Show me.”

“Eew! No way,” that was taking cooperation a little further than she planned. Standing there and letting Angelus do what he wanted was one thing. Willingly kissing him wasn’t gonna happen. No matter that she’d thought about his mouth, those tempting lips on hers more times than she wanted to admit to herself.

“Do it, baby. Kiss me,” Angelus encouraged from only inches away. “Unless you’re too scared.”

That deceptively soft tone wasn’t fooling her. The Big Bad Wolf was definitely hiding behind that Angel face. Vampires got off on creating fear. Cordelia wasn’t about to give Angelus anything but defiance.

“Pfft! Technically, you’re a corpse. I’m just picky about where I put my lips,” Cordelia countered swiftly. Not that that particular fact had stopped her in her dreams last night. The temptation to make that a reality was starting to get to her. Especially since Angelus chose to ignore her little barb, his mouth drifting above hers. All she had to do was lift her head a little and…

His lips were cool beneath hers, softer than expected as Cordelia’s closed mouth pressed one swift kiss onto his.

Angelus held still, lips curling almost imperceptibly at the corners. “There’d be more to it,” he knew. She was capable of far more than something so tentative and sedate. “Let’s try that again.”

Her mouth trembled beneath his half expecting something harsh, but his kiss swept her up with its sheer gentility; a tender exploration that left the taste of him on her lips and had her leaning in for more. Beneath the jacket, her palms slipped around his back, just holding on.

Fingertips curled along her cheek. Her mouth opened to his. Soft, lingering kisses came one after the other. The wet velvet of his tongue slid across hers. His other arm wound around her, splayed fingers sweeping up and down the curve of her spine in a tantalizing slow caress.

Cordelia quivered under his sensual touch. The clip binding her hair fell to the ground as Angelus reached up. Long waves of chestnut silk poured into his waiting hands as he imagined it draped across her golden skin, just as she would be draped across him. He moaned into her mouth, receiving an answering murmur as her hands began a slow slide from his back, up the muscular planes of his chest and further still to cling to his broad shoulders.

Eyelashes brushed her cheek, eyes closed against reality. Caught up in swirling sensation, Cordelia became lost in an eternity of lingering kisses. The soft sucking of his lips against hers, sweet licks felt deep down inside leaving her aching and making her body flush with heat as it pressed up against him.

Her skin tingled everywhere he touched. A sultry moan escaped her lips as Cordelia felt his fingers flutter against the curve of her breasts before skimming back down to her hips. Just the barest touch and she undulated instinctively against the hard thigh now sliding between hers.

For a moment, Cordelia forgot everything except the feeling of being in his arms, his cool lips trailing fire along her jaw, fingers electrifying her flesh even through the silk barrier of her dress. There was only his mouth and his hands and the way he felt beneath hers. He was hard and angled, bulky and lean at the same time, certainly in all the right places.

The rhythmic slide of leather against silk now came with the added slickness of wet heat as Cordelia’s panties soaked with creamy arousal. Each tiny curl of her hips brought her closer to the growing bulge that bumped into her soft belly and lower still. She stood on tiptoes to get closer, one leg curling higher along his hip while his hand rubbed a path of pleasure from her knee to the bunched edge of her skirt.

His tongue toyed with the golden hoops in her ear jingling them against her skin. Nipping her jaw softly with his teeth, he followed it with his lips. Then the cool night air whisked between them as his head lifted. Cordelia let out a little moan of protest at the loss of that contact. When he palmed her face, her lashes lifted slowly to reveal the depths of arousal glittering in her dark hazel eyes.

“Say my name.” Rasping the command, he curled his fingers into the silky strands of her hair. The other hand clasped her bottom, keeping their lower bodies in close contact. “I want to make sure you know who’s kissing you.”

A glimmer of defiance broke through the haze of lust as he held her gaze. Some internal battle was raging inside her. Just when the demands of his own body were threatening to take over, Cordelia’s lips parted to acknowledge him, “Angelus.”

“That’s right, baby,” he felt like crowing triumphantly or howling at the damn moon in exultation. Instead, he just purred softly in her ear. “I was the one in your dreams last night.”

Cordelia felt breathless, but managed a tremulous admission, “Yes.”

Enough talking, Angelus decided. He much preferred her with her mouth on him. Let her think too much and it would be all about trying to talk her way out of this. Get her started and Cordelia could probably fast-talk her way out of just about anything. Not this. Never this. Nothing would stand in the way of his plans for this brazen temptation, not even her.

Angelus claimed her mouth again. Gone was the whispering touch, replaced by a fiery hunger that devoured her whole. His lips tugged at hers. Mouth sweeping firmly, pressing hers open, capturing her tongue. Cordelia’s fingernails curled along his nape as Angelus sucked on the tip of her tongue. He released it, and then darted teasingly in and out of her mouth.

He groaned deeply at Cordelia’s passionate response. Kiss-swollen lips swiped his just as voraciously. Every curve of her luscious body pressed into him. Sliding his hands up to cup the firm mounds of her breasts, he teased the hard peaks of her nipples eliciting soft mewling sounds of pleasure from her parted mouth.

Cordelia moved to kiss the line of his jaw descending to his throat. Instinct had to bring her mouth there, pressing hot kisses and a daring sweep of her tongue across his throat. Certainly, she had no idea just how good that felt to a vampire and the sensation went straight to his loins. His cock was hard, straining against his pants. Though it demanded attention by throbbing painfully, Angelus beat down his demonic urge to throw Cordelia against the brick wall and simply take her.

He wasn’t about to cheat himself out of getting everything he wanted. It called for utter control and this passionate young woman had a way of making him forget that. Angelus thrust his hips forward repeatedly, relishing in the contact of his raging erection against her clothed heat.

Just her scent alone was driving him crazy with want. Her heat warmed him. The thrum of her pulse beat its pleasure in his ears. Angelus wanted to rip away the barrier of her dress and fill his hands with flesh. Let his fingers tweak her nipples, dark against those pale golden mounds that made his fangs itch to sink into.

Bone shifted under flesh as Angelus let his human mask slip away, his fangs descending in a tight slide from their protected housing at the roof of his mouth. The sensation itself made his cock twitch.

“Angelus,” the strangled gasp sounded as Cordelia jerked reflexively in his arms. Seeing him this way shocked her into remembering that this wasn’t just a part of her dream. Fear started to creep along the base of her spine.

Shushing her with soft words and the gentle touch of his fingertips massaging her scalp, Angelus leaned down to kiss her again. The return of those soft caresses soothed the raw nerves exposed at the sight of his demon features, making that tingling feeling along her spine hum with need.

She whimpered against the increasing pressure of his mouth, the sound low in her throat. The sharp fangs nipped her lips and tongue with tiny pinpricks barely felt until the salty, copper taste of blood swirled in her mouth. A primal moan followed as Angelus lapped up each drop with tasty kisses that left her head spinning, too caught up in the sensation to protest the deliberate act.

“OhGodOhGod!” The impassioned cry sounded close to his ear as Cordelia reacted to the slide of his long fingers beneath the sopping surface of her panties.

“I thought you knew the name,” Angelus smirked as he swirled his fingers along her slick folds teasing, but not touching the hard little nub of her clit. “Say it again, Cordelia. Tell me who’s about to make you come.”

Clenching her lower lip between her teeth, Cordelia closed her eyes and rotated her hips in a maddening circle trying to rub against his hand. Those elusive fingers continued to deny her what she wanted until finally, she panted out his name followed by, “Arrogant bastard.”

Cordelia knew she should be fighting him off, telling him to take his tempting kisses and his sinful touch somewhere else. Only she wanted it.

She’d called him an evil, psychopathic vampire not so long ago and now she was riding his thick probing fingers and demanding more. That was so wrong, Cordelia told herself as her slick passage instinctively clamped around his fingers. Moaning into Angelus’ ear, wrapping her arms around his neck, she panted hot air against his skin. Her head nuzzled into his shoulder as he held her close, his fingers working their magic.

Angelus felt the hot clench of her tight passage, his fingers sliding in and out spreading her creamy arousal. The heel of his hand kept nudging her clit as his fingers curled inside. His own body screamed for a release he planned to deny for now. There was only one thing on his mind aside from giving Cordelia pleasure and it certainly had to do with his own.

Just as Cordelia wailed at her intense release, Angelus’ hand fisted her hair tugging her head to one side and sinking his fangs into the pulsing flesh over her jugular. Cordelia clutched his shoulders, still reeling from her orgasm, feeling another sensation tugging at her pleasure center at the slow draw of blood from her throat. His fangs released her flesh after that first deep prick replaced by the soft movements of his lips and lapping tongue.

Cordelia shuddered against Angelus, half in pleasure, half in the dawning realization that she had a vampire at her throat. He was purring against her throat as he tasted her. The sound ran right down to her loins where his fingers were still sliding along her sensitive flesh.

“Angelus,” she sounded out his name on an uncertain plea.

Lapping up the last droplets of blood from her throat, Angelus raised his head, his amber eyes dark with lustful satisfaction. He slipped his fingers from her warm depths, sticky with come and sucked them into his mouth as she watched wide-eyed.

A tiny murmured, “Eew,” followed as Cordelia licked her lips and felt the sting of the cut left by his fangs. Her protest wasn’t as loud as it might have been because she already felt the loss of his touch.

“You taste so good,” Angelus savored the sweet and salty mixture now swirling in his mouth. As he started to straighten out her clothes, his tones dipped low as he told her, “Next time you can taste me.”

The circle of surprise that formed on her mouth was captured by his as Angelus kissed her one last time. Lingeringly, their lips met and Cordelia could not suppress her moans of pleasure as their bodies connected again. His strong arms encompassed her in a band of steel, yet his touch remained surprisingly gentle.

“You’re letting me go?” Cordelia asked as Angelus stepped away, his body obviously still aroused. The ache at her throat and the throbbing between her legs distracted her from the fact that she should probably be running by now.

Angelus reminded her, “I promised I would.”

“Pfft! Like I believed that?” Cordelia wrapped her arms around her waist and held tight as if trying to hold on to the reality of what had happened. “I thought…”

“Do you want more?” queried Angelus with another smirk. He ran a hand down his chest to clutch at his belt drawing her gaze down to the bulge in his pants. “It’s right here if you want it, baby. Ready when you are.”

Cordelia swallowed down the thick lump of nerves gathered in her throat. The sinful, arrogant beast standing in front of her was daring her to ask for more. What he’d done to her exceeded anything she’d imagined in her dreams, the feelings far overshadowing the elusive visions. Though he’d also taken her, filled her up with every inch of hard flesh that he showed her last night and now he was leaving her wanting. Unless she answered yes and demanded more.

Shaking her head, Cordelia told him, “No, never.” As he reached up to gather her hair in his hand, exposing her throat to his view, Cordelia tried not to flinch, while wondering if Angelus planned to finish what he started and drain her completely.

Touching the sensitive skin of her throat just below the bite, Angelus simply looked smug as he said, “You’re mine, now. I’ve marked you, claimed you, Cordelia.”

Those hazel eyes widened again, a hint of panic returning.

“You’d better let Harris know,” Angelus warned all too seriously, “because if I catch his scent on you, he’s not going to enjoy the last few hours of his pitiful existence.”

Cordelia tried not to sound scared as she countered with, “As if torturing Xander wasn’t always on your list.”

“True,” Angelus chuckled, adding a shrug. “The boy tends to annoy me.”

As if their words acted as an omen, Xander’s voice cried out from nearby, “Cordelia? Cor where are you? Cor!”

Willow and Oz joined in with the calling of her name, the trio obviously searching for her. “Looks like one of us needs to go,” Cordelia felt her fear trickling away at the sound of their approach. “One Scooby rescue coming up.”

Angelus looked perturbed at the interruption. He was still holding onto Cordelia when the Three Stooges appeared at the entrance to the alley, running into each other in their haste to stop and their mouths falling open in surprise one after the other.

“C-C-Cordelia?” The stuttered sound came from Willow’s throat as she stared at Cordelia and the vampire. “We saw your car, knew you were around and thought you might be in trouble.”

Finally breaking the strangle-hold of his stunned silence, Xander pointed a finger toward Angelus, demanding, “Get away from her, you bastard!”

Cordelia heard the anticipatory growl low in Angelus’ throat as Xander took the first two steps toward them. Remembering what the vampire had said earlier about killing anyone who dared enter the alley, she held up a hand to her boyfriend, “Stop, Xander. Wait right there.”

“I can’t stake him from here, Cor,” grumbled Xander as he looked around the alley for something to use as a weapon.

Rolling her eyes, Cordelia turned back to Angelus, “Going now.”

“Have fun breaking the news to Harris,” Angelus cupped her cheek again and in full sight of the gaping Scoobies bent down to press his mouth to hers. “Too bad I won’t be there to see his reaction.”

Watching as Cordelia fought to hold her tongue, Angelus had no doubt she would leave out all of the details and deny that his claim meant anything. Anticipation of proving her wrong made him anxious for their next meeting. “Sweet dreams, baby. I’ll catch you again, soon.”

Before Xander, now running down the length of the alley with murder in his eyes, could reach them, Angelus shimmied up a drainpipe along the side of the building. He stood on the ledge of the rooftop gazing downward, eyes gleaming triumphantly in the darkness.

The End

3: Hooked on the Bait.


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