Double Take. 11

Part 11

Turning in his arms, Cordelia wanted Angel’s mouth on hers, an escalating hunger driving her to act first. Angel smiled at the move, his lips curling at the corners even as hers connected with his.

He held her close, purposefully letting her take the first lead in exploring what was only their second kiss. Smoothing his hands across her back, he molded their frames together feeling the soft press of her breasts against his chest

Cordelia kept her eyes open for a moment, gazing into his as she pressed a series of soft kisses along his mouth. Then closing those hazel orbs leaned in as Angel’s lips came down to tease hers barely making contact with a whisper of a kiss that left hers plump and pursed looking for more.

A hand softly caressed her cheek as Angel’s mouth moved along her temple, over to the spot between her eyes and then down to the beauty mark that graced her cheek.

A sigh sounding on her lips, Cordelia tilted her face toward his roving mouth wanting it on hers. Finally, he kissed her again, this time contacting her lips with a soft touch that felt like a caress in itself. His hands never stopping in their exploration of her skin, Angel’s fingertips grazed the curve of her bottom while the fingers of his other hand tangled in her hair.

Feeling certain that she could simply kiss Angel all night and be perfectly content to let him do so, Cordelia wound her arms around his neck opening her mouth as his tongue licked at her bottom lip seeking entry. After that, the slow seduction of her mouth became heated; Cordelia’s fingers curled into Angel’s short spiky hair, her body leaning hard into his and legs parting to the press of his muscled thigh.

A hiss sounded as her clit rubbed along the fabric covering Angel’s leg and the hand gently increasing the pressure on her hips suggested he’d done than on purpose. As her eyes flew open, Cordelia saw the lights dancing in his dark eyes as he elicited each reaction from her aroused body.

On the bed behind them, Angelus watched as Angel slowly seduced Cordelia. He was certain she did a little seducing of her own, but the vampire definitely had the edge in experience. Those two were hot together, Angelus decided, almost as hot as him and Cordelia.

Teasing himself as he observed the kissing couple, Angelus lay on his side running a hand up and down his torso, fingers grazing his taut belly and going lower to follow the path of hair leading to his cock. It lay long and erect across his thigh, the veins bulging and the tip swollen in angry recognition of its currently untouched state. He purposefully did nothing more than grip the base in a tight hold choking off his need for a quick release.

That didn’t mean he planned to wait all night for it or simply play spectator. Clearing his throat, Angelus reminded them he was still in the room. “Not that I don’t enjoy a little tonsil hockey, but it’s hard to join the game if you two don’t get the hell into bed.”

Cordelia buried her face into Angel’s shirt laughing at the sounds of amused irritation mixing in Angelus’ voice. She peeked over her shoulder to see his rampant erection straining for attention. Feeling a hot flush, Cordelia thought about Angelus having watched her kissing Angel, hearing her moans and seeing the way the other vampire touched her all the while touching himself. She wanted to reach out and take hold of him, using her fingers to bring those deep rumbling purrs to his chest, but there was one thing Cordelia had to do first.

“Angel,” she turned back finding him gazing intently at her curves. His hands moved up to palm her breasts and sweep across her pointed nipples with his thumbs.

Lust warred with Angel’s desire to bring Cordelia gently into this arrangement. While his head counseled him to take it slowly, to seduce and arouse her by small measure with the skilled use of his hands, mouth and words that spoke of her beauty, Angel’s body had a more insistent view. As usual, his vaunted control threatened to pull its usual disappearing act when it came to dreaming of Cordelia only finding the reality more exotic than the fantasy.

Her scent surrounded him, the taste of her still on his tongue and adding to his need as Angel drank her in with his eyes. The sudden need to feel her skin sliding across his made him realize, “I’m a little overdressed.”

Cordelia’s hands were still on his shoulders and a mischievous look twinkled in her gaze as Angel commented on his clothed state. Grabbing two fistfuls of material, she tugged planning to rip the shirt open to expose the hard planes of his chest beneath.

Only…she tugged again, this time a little harder. To no avail, Cordelia grumped with disappointment as the buttons refused to break free. “What the— did they use steel thread or what?”

While Angelus roared with laughter, Cordelia didn’t find it quite as amusing. “You did the shirt ripping the last time,” she pointed out to the vampire on the bed. “I wanted a turn.”

“Just do it slow and steady, sweetheart,” Angel’s suggestion came accompanied with the gentle nibbling of her earlobe and then the soft sucking sensation of his mouth at a sensitive spot behind her ear, “one button at a time.”

Angelus would have protested if he wasn’t completely aware that Cordelia’s state of excitement was only escalating. He could tell in the flush of her skin, the pattern of her racing heart and the increasing scent of her honeyed response in the air. There was a purpose here tonight beyond his pleasure and that kept him focused. Intent upon the idea of Cordelia bearing his mark…their mark, Angelus forced himself to hold his tongue.

Just tear the fucking shirt off yourself, he thought about it instead sending out mental vibes that went ignored by the oblivious pair standing just a few feet away.

One by one, Cordelia slipped her fingers along the front of Angel’s shirt, pushing the buttons through their tight loops. With each inch of chest revealed, her eyes darted back to his face as her hand swept lower across the newly exposed skin at the ever deepening vee. Halfway down, as she glanced up again, Cordelia saw the indulgent gleam had left his eyes.

“That’s far enough,” he said sweeping her off the floor and into his arms. Carrying her over to the bed, Angel set her down next to Angelus who immediately moved in to touch her. Claiming her mouth with one brief, scorching kiss, Angel took one step back from the bed and began to expediently remove his clothing.

“You’re so turned on, baby,” Angelus purred in her ear as he pulled her back to lay against his chest, his cock still hard between them. He reached around to caress her breasts, cupping them, tweaking her nipples until her hands came up to cover his.

With her eyes still on Angel she squirmed restlessly against Angelus, the slight shift of her hips causing little pleasure shocks. Following the taut slope of her belly, his hands moved down to her legs opening them wide and exposing the pink folds that guarded her sex to Angel’s view.

The souled vampire continued to remove his clothes and now stood shirtless, his belt hanging loose and his hands on the button of his pants. Pausing for a moment, he watched Angelus’ fingers trailing back up to the apex of her thighs delving into he soft brown curls, two of them running in an upside down vee along her outer lips.

Angelus continued to caress her, teasing Cordelia with his skilled touch as he spoke to her of pleasures to come. Grasping onto his thighs, she leaned back into his chest as he grazed her clit, gathering moisture with his fingers and moving with a knowing rhythm that left her bucking into his hand.

Hooking the other hand beneath her thigh, Angelus brought those fingers into play. Cordelia cried out in relief at their entry, turning her head and shoulders just enough to gaze hotly into his eyes and palm his face in her raised hand. He bent his head to take her lips almost savagely, pressing hard even as his fingers kept up the action below.

Having dropped his clothes to the floor and not bothering to fold or put it on the bedside chair, Angel listened to the lusty little moue repeatedly sounding out from Cordelia’s throat. He took a moment longer just to look as she lay against the edge of the bed with Angelus behind her, open and aroused, climbing that long ladder of shooting sensation that led the way to ecstasy.

Edging up to the bed, he ran his fingers across Cordelia’s shoulder, letting her know by touch that he was there. Parting from the steamy kiss she shared with Angelus, she turned her heavy-lidded eyes toward Angel who looked deep into her lust-laden gaze as he said, “I want to kiss you.”

Cordelia lifted her already kiss-swollen mouth only to find that Angel was smiling. It suddenly occurred to her that wasn’t the kind of kiss he meant. Her mouth formed a perfect circle of surprise soon followed by another soft moan as the weight of Angel’s upper body came down on the mattress with the press of his hands as he leaned in to trail kisses down the cord of her neck, nuzzling there just a fraction longer before using that agile tongue on her breasts.

“Is that where you want his mouth?” Angelus purred the question into her ear even though he knew his double had no intention of stopping there. He wanted to hear her say it, demand it with one of those throaty pleas that revved him up.

“Yes,” Cordelia liked the feel of his mouth there, but she couldn’t deny wanting even more. Changing her song as she smoothed a hand up and down the nape of Angel’s neck, “No, no, I want it there.”

His long fingers worked her from the inside and out, still avoiding the swollen nub of her clit for anything except a quick flyby caress. “Here?”

“Mmm. Uh-huh!” Cordelia managed to moan as her head lolled back against his shoulder. Angel continued to stroke her breasts, giving equal attention to both, his ears burning at the lustful plea that finally sounded on Cordelia’s lips at Angelus’ prompting. “Lick my clit, Angel. Put your mouth on me. Oh god, yes, keep touching me, Angelus.”

Angel’s cock jerked in reaction and he reached down to give it a long stroke before lowering himself to his knees at the side of the bed. He glanced up at them both, the lust in their eyes as apparent as his own. Angelus slipped his right hand up to his mouth while keeping the fingers of his left busy with their slow thrusts; he sucked at his sticky fingers lapping up every drop of liquid sex.

Drinking in her exotic scent, Angel nuzzled her soft curls before pressing one soft kiss just where she wanted it. Then using his fingers, he took up where Angelus left off, moistening them along her folds and lowering his mouth to lick at her exposed pink sex. Cordelia curled her nails into Angelus’ thighs.

“Just…more,” she gave a gasp. “Almost there, almost there.”

Hooking two of his fingers, Angel slipped inside filling her, his long digits moving in sync with his brother’s, the angle allowing him to hit her sweet spot. His lips teased her petaled folds, lapping up the creamy nectar clinging to their fingers and when Cordelia’s needy moans escalated, Angel moved his mouth back up to her clit and gave it one strong suck before working it with his tongue.

Reaching her peak, Cordelia heard Angelus whispering crude little expressions in her ear. The soulless vampire certainly had a way with words as he promised to fuck her senseless. Lifting his fingers away as Angel’s tongue delved in, his mouth ravenous as he ate out every drop, his hands now clutching the soft globes of her ass as her hips bucked up against his face.

“Taste yourself, baby,” Angelus smoothed his fingers across her lips until she opened up to lick at the tips. Then taking them further, sucked on them, enjoying the feel of them in her mouth. The way she moved her mouth and tongue reminded Angelus of the blowjob she’d given him last night and the fact that Angel fantasized about it.

Getting impatient, his own cock nearly painful in its excited state, Angelus let out a little growl, “Quit playing around down there and get the fuck up on the bed.”

Cordelia laughed even as her body shuddered with another mini-orgasm. As Angel rose to his feet in one smooth move of muscular balance drawing Cordelia’s eyes down the long frame of his aroused body, he saw her focus on his tumescent sex. Reaching out with her fingertips, she darted her eyes back up to him, “Now it’s my turn.”

With a groan of anticipation, Angel climbed into the bed, the mattress shifting with his weight and bouncing a little as Angelus and Cordelia maneuvered. On their knees in the center of the bed, Angel faced Cordelia, tilting her jaw with one finger tucked under her chin. He kissed her softly, the taste of her still clinging to their lips as he did so, and then moving his head to her ear whispered words of reassurance.

“I love you,” echoed Cordelia and with a naughty grin glanced over her shoulder at Angelus making certain that he knew the sentiment was also meant for him too.

The vampire simply smirked, taking hold of her hips and pulling her back so that his hard cock rubbed along tight line of her buttocks. When Angelus ran a hand along her spine gently applying pressure, Cordelia instinctively knew what he wanted and positioned herself on her hands and knees. Angel’s hands wandered again, touching with purposeful measures from the gentle massage of her scalp to a soothing hand circling between her shoulder blades.

He watched intently, a mix of arousal and possessiveness lighting his dark gaze as Angelus slowly entered Cordelia. Instinct had him wanting to throw his double off of the bed and show Cordelia just who she belonged to, but knowing that he was really the third party here, Angel kept a tight reign on those urges.

Angelus inched his way forward through a series of short thrusts, looking down at the point where his body penetrated her, surrounded by those soft pink folds. With a lusty groan, he playfully slapped her ass as it tilted higher in the air. Cordelia let out a little yelp of surprise before turning back to Angel who was now lying down on the bed propped up by his elbows and the pillows behind him, slowly pumping his cock.

“Someone’s been neglected,” she angled down on her elbows, freeing her hands to touch him.

“Cor,” Angel moaned loudly as her mouth opened up to tease him. She moved her mouth along the underside of his thick shaft, making gentle sucking motions all the way up to the tip where the action had his hips thrusting off the bed. “Oh, fuck, do that again.”

A smile played across her lips as she licked at him before repeating the move. She moaned as Angelus’ thrusts picked up speed and his hands cradled her breasts. The double stimulation combined with the hard cock in her hand made Cordelia nearly crazy with lust. Her mouth moved over Angel with a frenzy, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on the tip, and then opened up to take him in, her tongue flattening out to shape itself around the sensitive crown.

Guttural tones sounding from Angel’s throat mixed with Cordelia’s moans and the intermittent grunt of encouragement from their partner as they fell into a rhythm of forward and backward motions. Cordelia’s eyes closed as she pleasured Angel, just feeling the sensation of him deep in her mouth as her tongue swept around him and as his tip butted against the roof of her mouth. The sensation of Angelus’ cock deep inside her, thrusting as her body clenched and released as they rocked together in harmony, brought Cordelia crashing to another climax.

Shuddering around Angelus, she released Angel from her mouth and cried out as it overcame her ability to focus. Glancing up at Angel with a look of hazy pleasure, she met his tiger-eyed gaze realizing how close he had been to his own release when she stopped to concentrate on her own. Then taking him again, she renewed her pattern until Angel released a growl at the moment of his climax thrusting his hips with bare measures of control into her mouth as she swallowed each drop of his essence.

The moment Cordelia released him from her mouth, Angelus curled his hands around her shoulders and yanked her back against his chest positioning her on his thighs as he continued to thrust inside her. Angel’s hand curled in her hair, tilting her head aside as he nuzzled her neck, scenting her and running the tip of his tongue along her throat.

Cordelia was so caught up in the sensations thrumming through her body, she held onto Angel as he leaned close, the tips of her flushed breasts poking into the smooth muscle of his chest. She felt the bones of Angel’s face shifting just an instant before his fangs sank into her throat and a startled cry of pain sounded on her lips even as his free hand swept down the length of her body to jiggle her clit, the penetration and the stimulation combining with the gentle sucking and lapping motions of Angel’s mouth and tongue to draw her back to that precipice that dropped Cordelia instantly into a whirlpool of pleasure.

The bite went deep and true as Angel put pressure along the holes with an instinctive move of his head ensuring a distinctive mark would be left in its place. Wrapping his arms around them both, he held his body close to Cordelia as he let the copper taste of her blood coat his tongue. Slowly, reluctantly, he pulled back to allow Angelus to complete the claim he had begun.

With the first taste of Cordelia’s blood, Angelus started to come. He thrust deep and continued to fuck her through his climax, using Angel to support her body. Combined together, Angelus felt more than the familiar rush of pleasure as he sucked down one last sip of blood before sealing the wounds. He had his mate in his arms.

Angel cupped her face, pressing gentle kisses along her mouth which she returned, a smile playing across her features. “Does this make me yours?” she asked him.

“Yes,” his human features had returned and his dark brown eyes were bright with satisfaction at the idea of it even if it came under the bounds of a shared bonding with Angelus. “You’re my mate and his.”

Turning, Cordelia kissed Angelus, telling him that she loved the way he made her come, knowing that words of passion went much further with the soulless vampire than talk of love. He responded by purring in her ear and pressing his lips to the mark on her throat.

A sudden yawn startled Cordelia into realizing that she’d been up all night and a significant part of the morning. Though the vampires could do without much sleep, even they had to be affected and she suggested that they all catch some shut-eye, “Before I turn into a bag-eyed hag and you don’t want me.”

Angel laughed, “That won’t happen. We didn’t take much blood, but it’s enough to make you drowsy.”

They curled up on the bed with arms and legs entwined, shifting until they found a comfortable position. Cordelia asked, her eyes already closed, “What happens next?”

“That’s up to fate to decide,” Angel nuzzled her hair whispering his answer. After all, if he hadn’t come charging into the bedroom by pure accident upon hearing Cordelia screaming, none of this might have happened. Was it just timing, or did the Moirae and their twisting turns of fate have something to do with it all? The opportunity was here and he’d claimed it…and Cordelia.

“Pfft!” Cordelia huffed softly. “Let’s just leave the future to us.”

Angelus preferred Cordelia’s plan. “If I promise that we’ll live happily fucking ever after, will you two shut up so I can sleep?”

Soft laughter sounded, soon followed by Cordelia’s rhythmic breathing as she fell asleep satisfied, secure and surrounded by the two vampires who held her heart.

The End.


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