Promise of the Night. 1a


Spike rolled up in his wheelchair as Angelus returned followed by the new addition to their happy little family. At least this one was a looker. Taking a good long stare, he suddenly realized, “What the bleeding hell! That’s the cheerleader you’ve got there, Angelus.”

“Your point?”

“The Slayer and her little gang of terrorists are gonna pull out all stops,” Spike warned him. “Killing one of them might get you a few random attempts at staking. Vamping one? That’ll cause an all-out war.”

“If it’s war, Spike, then I’ve already declared it.” Angelus brought Cordelia forward and placed his arm around her shoulder. “The Slayer’s friends are mine to kill and if I choose to keep Cordelia they better get used to the idea.”

“Keep her?” Spike wondered if the chit was that good a lay. She was certainly beautiful, but Angelus never kept the ladies around very long before. That was mostly because of Darla. Her little side trips never lasted very long and she would return to boot whatever luscious tramp Angelus had bedded out of the house. Then again, Darla was dust.

Drusilla moved around the perimeter of the room eyeing Cordelia who was all too aware of her scrutiny. Dressed in white lace, her dark black hair stood out in contrast to her pale skin and ruby red lips. She seemed to float across the room in her long gown coming to a stop in front of them.

“Daddy has brought me a sister.” Drusilla’s head tilted as she looked with curiosity at the new vampire. “She’s special. Beautiful. More beautiful than Miss Edith, but don’t tell her that.”

“Miss Edith?” Cordelia lifted a brow.

“You’ll meet her later,” assured the other vampiress. “If you’re good.”

Cordelia knew a little about Drusilla. The fact that she was crazy was certainly part of that rudimentary knowledge. She suddenly wondered what her place was in this strange family structure. What claim did Drusilla, as Angelus’ childe, have over him? While she knew that Drusilla and Spike were a tight couple, her vampire instincts told her there was more to it than that.

Possessively, Cordelia turned toward Angelus holding onto him with both arms molding herself to his side. She gave the other female a hard stare. Drusilla tittered with laughter, knowing that her new sister wanted their sire to herself. Moving to his free side, Drusilla raked her nails down Angelus’ arm.

“Do you remember our first night, my Angel?”

He lifted his hand to her thin face. “I do.”

“There was a blood red moon and the stars wept in the heavens,” Drusilla looked dreamy-eyed. “Then you showed me the promise of the night.”

Cordelia didn’t like the thought of Angelus showing Dru anything. Even if it happened so long ago.


Both Angelus and Drusilla looked down at her making Cordelia suddenly wary. Had she done something wrong?

Drusilla’s blood red lips curved upward. “I told you this one is special. Risen under the full moon, a childe born to darkness and destined for the stars.”

“Explain yourself.” Angelus growled at what sounded like another of Drusilla’s cryptic predictions.

Grinning gleefully, she laughed and laughed while twirling around them. “I do so like the stars. They like to tell secrets.”

“Get away from me,” Cordelia swiped at the hand that reached out to tickle her.

Even Angelus reacted with an angry glare at his eldest childe. No one touched Cordelia without his permission.

Spike finally let out a long sigh having decided to put a stop to Drusilla’s teasing before it got her into trouble. “Leave them be, princess. You know what it’s like with a new childe in the family. Besides, we have some planning to do since the Slayer’s likely to drop in on us.”

Skipping mirthfully over to his side, Drusilla dramatically draped herself upon the table top. Then her expression turned dark. “Naughty Slayer! She blew up the Judge after all of our trouble to put him together.”


Giving himself a little room, Angelus grabbed Cordelia’s wrist and pulled her down the hall to the area set up as the master bedroom. It wasn’t up to his standards certainly, but it would do in a pinch until he could move his growing clan into something more fitting. In the meantime, this room held the only object of convenience that he needed— a bed.

Tossing Cordelia inside, Angelus shut the door behind them with a bang. She rolled to the floor and lay there staring up at her sire in confusion. He looked angry, but she could think of nothing that might have caused that response.

“Get up,” Angelus ordered towering over her like a dark god. “Get rid of those clothes.”

Had she mistaken his intensity for anger? Cordelia’s mouth curled into a sensual smile as she gracefully rose to her feet. She tore at the ties of her halter dress letting the strings go. The slinky material fell all the way to the floor pooling at her ankles and exposing her bare breasts. Pushing off her lacy panties and kicking off her sandals, Cordelia was naked in a matter of seconds.

Angelus watched amused at her overly eager efforts. Considering Cordelia had been a virgin before he seduced, killed and turned her, she was still a little lacking in finesse even with her demon instincts in play. In the future, he’d have to make her practice tantalizing him with a slow striptease.

Still fully dressed— even garbed in his full length leather coat— Angelus stalked in a circle around Cordelia, examining his new creation. Truthfully, she was a gorgeous creature. She eclipsed the beauty of any vampire he had ever known. And she was his. Angelus knew lust, but that word defied the sensations stemming from his gut. Lust was too simple, too insipid to describe his reaction. Not that he would tell her that just now.

He was standing behind her, staring down at the sun tattoo at the small of her back just above the curving mounds of her buttocks. Angelus wanted to kneel down and sink his fangs into that silken flesh. To worship the sun with his mouth.

Gazing at him over her shoulder, Cordelia vented her need with an urgency that was close to a command. “Touch me.”

He did— suddenly and almost viciously grabbing her by the throat and pulling her back against him. Angelus pressed his mouth next to her ear, “Don’t give orders unless you are given leave to do so, childe. Don’t speak until you’re spoken to.”

Releasing her neck, Angelus walked around to face her. Cordelia was clasping her neck and only now realizing that she had no breath to be cut off by his grip. Defiance glinted in her eyes. “Not likely. I say what I want.”

With his hand in her thick hair, Angelus pulled her close staring down with amber eyes that slanted dangerously. “You will submit to me you willful cat or pay the consequences. I will show you what defiance gets you.”

Curling her fingers into his coat, Cordelia dared to point out, “Drusilla didn’t wait for permission to talk to you.”

Angelus removed her hands from his coat, but kept hold of her wrists. “Dru already knows her place. You still need to earn yours.”

A shriek of surprise sounded from Cordelia’s lips as Angelus lifted her over his shoulder and slapped his bare hand across her buttocks. Walking the short distance, he flung her off his shoulder onto the bed. Dropping onto it, Cordelia bounced on the firm mattress settling prone at its center.

Then Angelus started to remove his clothes. First, he pulled off his coat, tossing the leather duster onto a nearby chair. Cordelia watched with eager interest as his hands reached for the buttons of his black shirt hoping that her sire would simply rip the garment from his body. No, he did not. Instead, he seemed all too patient about taking one small button at a time revealing glimpses of his bare chest beneath.

Licking at her lips, Cordelia curled up onto her knees. Her eyes never left him as they sparkled in anticipation. He was pulling the shirt from the waistband of his pants and she so wanted to touch the marbled torso now exposed to her view. Her knees inched forward moving her just a bit closer to the edge of the bed.

The vampire unbuckled his belt, but paused before going further issuing an order. “Take it off.”

Cordelia was all too happy to comply. What more might he allow her to remove? She pulled the leather belt from its loops and was about to drop it to the floor when Angelus told her to hold onto it. She darted glances from the belt up to his eyes, but her sire said nothing else while he stripped off his shoes, socks and leather pants.

Forgetting about the belt, Cordelia could no longer resist the need to touch her sire now standing naked and glorious before her. Rising up on her knees, she leaned in pressing their bodies together and letting out a contented moan at the contact. “Angelus.”

For a moment, Angelus allowed himself the pleasure of feeling Cordelia’s silken skin against him. His hands crept around to her back falling low onto her hips and tucking them close so that his hardening sex connected fully with her flesh. Just for a moment.

Cordelia was rubbing her face against his skin and running her nails along his arms when her sire’s voice caught her attention. “You like to touch. To let your hands roam free. It gives you pleasure to explore.”

“To explore you,” she admitted while fitting a hand between them to trail low across his abdomen.

He caught it and its mate which was curled around his neck. Yanking Cordelia down on the bed, Angelus pinned her body as he held both wrists in one hand. Taking the belt in the other, he saw her hazel eyes turn gold as the sudden fear caused her to lose control. Then he wrapped the belt around her wrists and knotted it to the bed frame.

“Bastard! Let me go!” Cordelia’s first reaction earned her a deep growl. The sound did not squelch her anger, but it seemed to increase her desire. Then her eyes turned sultry as she pleaded, “Let me touch you. I want to please you, sire.”

“Then do as you are told, insolent childe.” Angelus’ anger was present and all too real. “You presume that I want your touch.”

With a smirk, she glanced at the obvious proof of his arousal. Angelus ran his hand down from the wall of his chest and down across the tight muscles of his abdomen to take his own tumescence in hand, the other curling under to brush the heavy sac beneath.

“Do you think I need you to take care of this, my tigress?” Angelus began to stroke his erection with lightly curled fingers running from base to tip. The purple head peeked out from the protection of its foreskin looming large under Cordelia’s attentive gaze.

Pulling against her bonds only seemed to tighten the belt around her wrists. Cordelia tried to free herself, but the bed frame was made of metal. She wriggled and tugged, but it was useless. Angelus had her exactly where he wanted her. Bound and beneath him.

Cordelia was at war with herself. The part of her that possessed the memories of the human Cordelia Chase wanted to scream at this forced position. Yet the demon wanted to submit to its sire, needed to prove to him that she could be what he wanted. The childe needed to be claimed.

Settling down, Cordelia relaxed her arms beside her head on the pillow. Closing her eyes, she waited for Angelus to react, to speak, to respond in some way that acknowledged she was doing the right thing. He moved off of her, but Cordelia felt him shift beside her on the mattress. Her eyes were still closed when his first touch came.

Starting at the crown of her forehead, Angelus trailed his index finger across her profile. Down the slope of her nose, over her plush lips, under her chin to her throat and on down. The sensations started out as a light caress, but seemed to grow in intensity. His path never wavered from its straight course, passing her breastbone along the softer flesh of her upper abdomen.

Cordelia gasped aloud as the finger dipped into her navel before trailing lower over the gentle curve of her belly. Drawing in an unneeded breath, she held it forcing herself to keep her eyes closed as the finger maneuvered in the curls below before edging up to the swollen bundle of nerves at the apex of her sex.

Her thighs parted slightly, automatically granting Angelus access, but the finger that came so close to her pleasure center suddenly reversed its course. A whimper sounded from her throat as anticipation turned to sudden loss as the teasing finger continued to tantalize her senses.

Cordelia waited until the upward path ended back at its starting point. Turning her head, she opened her eyes to see Angelus watching her with an evil glint and that one-sided smirk that made him even more appealing.

“You want something, baby?” Angelus queried looking completely relaxed despite his raging erection.

“Kiss me,” Cordelia leaned over as far as she could twist in his direction. He was asking, so she was certainly gonna tell. “I want your mouth on mine.”

Cupping her face, Angelus hovered over her mouth before pressing his lips against her cheek. He continued to brush his lips and press kisses over her face, ears and under her chin. Everywhere except her mouth.

Leaning over her, he realized Cordelia was trying to hold back her protests, but they were edging close to the surface. “You have such a lush mouth. Such sharp little fangs. Do you want to bite me, Cordelia? Do you want your sire’s blood?”

There was a purr in her voice as she answered, “Oh, yes.”

Lifting her head, Cordelia opened her mouth, but Angelus was just out of reach. “Not yet. I’m not done kissing you.”

Angelus spent several minutes adorning her neck with innumerable kisses of every kind. The sensitive flesh there and the touch of his lips were driving her wild with her growing need. His hands were on the bed and did not move to touch her, there was just the sensation of his lips and tongue working their way across her skin— until he reached her breasts.

One hand curled around her right breast, his thumb brushing against the nipple as his lips moved lightly across the mound. Cordelia pulled against her bonds, arching her back upward to get closer to the flicking tongue. Then she cried out in painful pleasure as his fangs nipped at the upper curve of her areola drawing blood.

Lapping at the blood, Angelus painted her nipple with his tongue and then licked it away.

“Angelus— sire, I want you inside me,” Cordelia urged him to stop his teasing. He simply moved over to the other breast plying it with the same attention except that instead of biting, he blew cool air over her wet nipple. “Stop that! Just do it. Take me. Bite me. Just give me what I want.”

Chuckling, Angelus reminded her, “This isn’t about what you want. Once you understand that fact, we’ll see if I’m interested in giving it to you.”

Then he was back at his task again, this time lapping at her navel twirling his tongue in circles around it and covering it with its flat surface. Cordelia could feel the moisture pooling between her thighs just at this contact alone. There seemed to be something so mind-numbing about that spot.

Between her thighs, he blew air on her curls and parted her folds to gather the moisture there with his fingers. Cordelia shuddered at his touch, her hips rolling against his long thick fingers. Then the fingers were gone and Cordelia’s eyes snapped open to see Angelus sucking them into his mouth licking away her sticky fluids.

This time his mouth came down directly tasting more, his tongue teasing her clitoris and then dipping inside. Cordelia was so aroused that she was close to climaxing. Angelus sensed this, lifting his head away. “What do you have to say, Cordelia?”

Glaring at him obstinately, “Shut up and finish what you started!”

Angelus bent down again, but turned his head and bit into her femoral artery. Cordelia cried out again with a mixture of pain and pleasure, but it was not enough to push her over the edge. Her sire drank down a few swallows before closing the wound.

Moving to her side, Angelus maneuvered Cordelia until she lay prone on the bed, her wrists now tight against the leather belt. Two fingers wandered down the length of her spine to circle the sun tattoo before inching along the bisecting line of her buttock, each one following the curve of a cheek until reaching the moist flesh below. There, both of his fingers dipped inside moving in and out and in and out.

Cordelia curled her legs up beneath her, thighs spread and her hips rotating to whatever rhythm Angelus would allow. He kept changing the tune, keeping her off balance and letting her come so close without letting it happen. Her cheek was pressed down onto the flat of the mattress and her eyes closed doing her best not to start begging for release.

“What do you have to say again?”

Tired of fighting it, Cordelia seemed to relax into the bed. “Whatever you want. Just do it. Whatever you want.”

Though Angelus released the belt binding her wrists, Cordelia did not move from her position. Her sire’s large hands followed the line of her spine to take hold of the curve of her hips. He thought of taking her from this position and watching her firm buttocks and sun tattoo while thrusting into her, but sensed within himself a sudden irritation that some of the fire had left her with this forced submission. The fact was that he wanted her, but not broken.

“Come up here, baby. Turn around and let me see you,” Angelus kept a hand on her while she rose to her knees.

Cordelia’s eyes darted away from her sire despite the continued need burning within her.

Lifting her chin, Angelus had to order her to look at him. “Do you know what I want?”

“No,” the answer came out as a whisper of confusion.

“I want your touch and your kisses. I want you surrounding me. I want to keep tasting you. All of you.” Angelus’ fervent words brought the spark back to Cordelia’s eyes. Then he said, “I want to know what you want, tigress, because I plan on giving it to you for eternity.”

“Just you.”

Angelus was on his knees in front of her. He pulled Cordelia into his lap, lifting her up to let her sink onto his erect penis. Letting out a growl at the sensation of her tight core gripping him, the vampire pulled her down hard until he was completely imbedded. An answering cry of delight sounded from Cordelia’s throat. He filled her so full, stretched her so right.

Her arms came around his shoulders, her head resting in the crook of his neck as they rocked each other onto the threshold of oblivion where the only thing left was pleasure. At the last moment, Cordelia pulled up exposing her throat and Angelus complied with her needs by sinking his fangs into the very mark he left behind when she was human.

As her orgasm came, Angelus lifted his fangs and brought her to his own throat. “Do it, baby. Take what you want.”

Cordelia bit down hard sinking her fangs into her sire’s throat, the sensation of that action alone sending multi-orgasmic shudders through her body. Angelus cried out with his own climax pumping into her. Then blood welled onto Cordelia’s lips, splashing onto her tongue and the back of her throat. Sire’s blood. Potent. Powerful. She lapped and sucked at Angelus’ neck until it gave her a head rush.

Pulling back to meet her sire’s gaze, Cordelia’s mouth was covered in blood. “Still a messy eater, I see,” Angelus grinned and started to kiss away his own blood from her face.

They fell back on the bed entwined in each other’s arms, both eager to explore something new.


“Daddy is ignoring us, Miss Edith,” Drusilla pouted. “He’s been in the bedroom for an entire day without coming to play.”

Spike was having tea with Drusilla and her doll to pass the time. Anything to keep Dru under control. She had attempted to interrupt her sire and the cheerleader twice with Spike barely managing to stop her. He knew that Angelus would not be pleased at the intrusion.

“It’s no different than when Angelus turned you or you turned me, luv,” Spike told her. “At first it’s all about feeding and fucking.”

With a gasp, Drusilla leaned over to cover the doll’s ears. “Don’t say that naughty word in front of Miss Edith. My Angel will tire of sister soon enough.”

“Don’t count on it, my black beauty. That girl is a feisty one. Angelus may tire of her— in a century or two.”

Drusilla leaned in close to whisper, “But we can play, my Spike. Can’t we?”

Part 2

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