Open Invitation. 1a


Cordelia showered as quickly as she could, dried off and put on her fluffy bathrobe. She dried her hair with the blow dryer and was out of the bathroom in twenty minutes.

When she walked back into the bedroom, Cordy noticed that several items of clothing had been draped across her bedspread. She crept forward across the carpet on her bare feet as if the discovery was due to some strange phenomenon instead of the obvious.

Angel had gone through her closet and selected clothes for her to wear on this mission of trashiness. Looking down, Cordy saw that he had not only picked out a top and skirt, but his selection process also included choosing her underwear.

She nibbled on her lower lip while examining his choices. There was a combination of black lace, sheer silk and soft leather on the bed. Things that she had worn with other items, but never together.

Reaching for the lace panties, Cordy slipped them on under the robe. Untying the knot in the belt, she let the terrycloth robe pool at her ankles. She put on the matching black bra next, glancing at her reflection in the floor-length mirror.

There was a little garter belt which she rarely wore and black silk stockings that felt like heaven against her skin as she slipped them on. The leather mini-skirt came next followed by the silky black top that was practically transparent making her breasts stand out like beacons in the sexy bra that showed them to their advantage.

Staring at her own image, Cordelia reached out to touch the flat surface of the mirror as if she could block out the startling view. Just the thought that Angel had been rummaging through her panty drawer and closet to select what she was wearing made her head spin.

She lowered her hand from the mirror, running a finger down the edge of her bra where it showed through the sheer top.

Then she felt another finger tracing the same pattern at her back. “Don’t turn around.”

Cordelia’s eyes darted upward, staring into the mirror futilely. Naturally, the vampire cast no reflection. Her breathing was shaky and her heartbeat sounded loud in her ears. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough,” Angelus continued to trace patterns against the silk top. “Long enough to see how beautiful you really are.”

A flash of anger hit as Cordelia told him, “Not only don’t I like being spied on, but you went through my things.”

“Do you like what you’re wearing?” Angelus purred in her ear eliciting a tiny moan from the brunette. “I do, baby. Nothing trashy about it- just pure sex standing there on a pair of incredible legs.”

“A-Angel?” Cordelia was feeling aroused and a little scared at the same time. His finger now moved around to ring her navel causing her hips to jerk back connecting with his. “What are you doing?”

“Touching you,” Angelus now placed both hands on her body rubbing them in small circles across her upper and lower abdomen. Whispering in her ear, he asked her, “Do you know what you do to me? What you’ve always done to me, Cordelia?”

“No,” Cordy shuddered against him as a wave of pleasure followed the soft press of his mouth against her earlobe.

Cordelia stared into the mirror seeing herself writhe in reaction and feeling Angel’s cool hands on her body, but without seeing him. Those incredibly capable hands curled around her breasts just testing their weight against his palms.

“You make me want you,” Angelus’ voice descended into a near-growl. One of his hands lowered to press her hips harder into his as he opened his thighs wider. Cordelia gasped as her buttocks met the bulging erection through the barrier of their clothes. “You make me hard. You make me forget everything except making you mine.”

Yanking herself out of his embrace, Cordelia whirled around to face him. “Angel, stop this! You just broke up with Buffy and I’m still Xander Harris’ girlfriend.”

Angelus wasn’t about to be put off. He was going to have her, but he wanted her willing before she started screaming out his name. “Can you deny you want me?”

Deny it. Cordelia was certain he could sense the proof of it. Damn vampire senses. “No. I don’t deny it, Angel. I’ve always wanted you- ever since I saw you at the Bronze. That changes nothing.”

“It changes everything.” Angelus palmed her face brushing his thumb against the curve of her cheekbone. “Aren’t you curious to know how we kiss?”

Her mouth parted just at the thought. Taking that as consent, Angelus leaned in to kiss her. It started gently with the mere sweep of his lips across hers then pressed closer onto her mouth. He pulled her into his arms and felt the hesitant movement of her hands as they curled around his biceps.

Cordelia’s eyes shuttered closed as she started to kiss him back, exploring the texture of his mouth with her lips. Licking at her lips, the moist edge of her tongue dashed across his mouth. Angelus took their kiss deeper as his hands continued to explore her body eliciting sultry moans from Cordelia’s throat.

“Do you see how it is, baby?” Angelus had his hands beneath her top caressing her skin. She had no time to answer as he was back at her mouth, this time practically devouring her with the most sensual kisses she ever experienced.

“Angel,” she managed to gasp his name when she came up for air. Clutching at his broad shoulders, Cordelia saw that the eyes staring down at her from his handsome human face were dark topaz. It was the demon in him, she realized, coming out to play.

The thought just excited her even more. Curling her fingernails into his shoulder, Cordy pulled herself closer so that her breasts were flush against his hard chest and her bare abdomen scraped along his belt buckle. She didn’t care as long as she could feel his hard need up against her groin.

Cordelia heard the sharp sound of a zipper and felt the leather mini-skirt drop to the floor. Then his hands were cupping her bottom, feeling beneath the black lace panties and moving over her curves. “Mmm! Angel, please.”

“Please what?”

Panting with her own arousal, Cordy reached back to pull at his wrists. “Touch me here again.”

She led his hands to her breasts, only this time Angelus moved to rip away the top and bra tossing them on the ground. Then his hands were on her bare skin caressing her breasts, teasing the nipples until they were hard points against his thumbs. The vampire followed up by lowering his mouth to her swelling flesh, flicking his tongue across her skin.

Cordy’s hands were tangled in his hair. He gripped one wrist, bringing her hand down to his belt silently telling her what he wanted. Both hands fumbled with the belt buckle and the button and zipper of his pants. She must have been taking too long because he shoved one of her hands down his pants guiding her touch across his erect flesh.

Standing up, Angelus let her see the expression of lust on his face as she touched him. He took the opportunity to remove his shirt. Cordy found herself leaning against the bare wall of his chest just to feel his skin on hers. She continued to stroke his penis marveling at its size and texture.

When the vampire shoved his pants down, Cordelia gasped aloud at the sight of her hand on his hard flesh. She couldn’t deny the feeling that she had never wanted anything more that to have Angel inside her.

“Get on the bed,” Angelus ordered while pressing a kiss against her forehead. Divesting himself of the rest of his clothing in short fashion, he watched as Cordelia tossed the bedspread to the bottom of the bed. She crawled to the center of the bed and he wondered if the sway in her lush bottom was purposefully teasing or if she was just truly that sexy by nature.

Naked, he stalked to the bed. Just as he was about to climb on, Cordelia stopped him. “Wait. Let me look at you.”

One side of his mouth curled into a grin. Her hazel eyes were already washing over him like a warm caress. The tip of her tongue subconsciously swept across her upper lip as she admired the way Angel was put together. “You’re such a hottie.”

“Like what you see?”

Nodding, Cordelia scooted forward to press her palms flat against his chest and let her fingers explore the sculpted edges of his torso. Letting him guess at her answer, all she could do was manage a happy trill, “Mmm! Naked Angel.”

Laying her back across the pillows, Angelus pulled the lace panties from her hips sliding them down, but leaving the garter in place. Then he took that off too along with the silk stockings deciding he wanted no barriers between himself and Cordelia. Kneeling on the bed between her thighs, the vampire stared down at the naked beauty beneath him.

All he wanted was to push himself inside her, but Angelus was determined to wait this out, arouse Cordelia to the point where she could think of nothing else but him. So he set about accomplishing that task by teasing her with kisses again. Starting at her mouth, he slowly worked his way down her body until he was at the apex of her thighs.

Cordelia’s knees automatically fell open, giving him access to her core, instinctively knowing what he wanted. Soon, her eyes were rolling back in her head at the sensations he evoked using his lips, teeth, tongue and fingers to bring her to the edge of something more intense than anything she had experienced.

Her hands were tangled in his hair again. It was a good thing the vampire did not have to breathe as she held him there as wave after wave of her orgasm pooled forth. Angelus captured her essence on his tongue, tasting the ambrosia that was purely Cordelia. Rising up, he took his rock hard penis in hand fitting himself to her opening and thrusting inside in one long movement.

A startled cry sounded from Cordelia’s throat as she opened her eyes. From perfect pleasure to sudden pain was a shock to her system. Angel was so far up inside that she felt impaled on his member.

“So you were a virgin,” Angelus looked down with intense satisfaction that he was the first, the only one to have her.

“It hurts!” She started to push at his chest, but the vampire did not budge. He neither moved away nor started to thrust.

“Hold still,” he instructed. “We’ll take it slow.”

“Easy for you to say,” Cordelia felt tears on her cheeks. “You don’t have a redwood inside you.”

“Nice compliment, baby,” Angelus leered, “but I don’t think it’s *that* big. You fit around me so tight. So good. Just breathe deep and relax. The pleasure will be back. I’ll make it come.”

When Cordelia finally relaxed back into the bed, the vampire above her began a slow and steady rhythm. The pain was still there at first, but quickly dissipated. “Oh, Angel, I-“

“Yes?” He curled his body down in order to press smooching kisses against her throat.

“That feels- incredible. Don’t stop.”

Angelus smiled against her soft throat as Cordelia’s hips started to thrust back in an answering rhythm. Her hands were clutching at his shoulders and her head rolled back into the pillow as the slightly rough surface of his tongue traced the cords of her neck.
They rocked together for countless minutes. It felt like eons of time wallowing in pure pleasure. She pulled him up from her neck, wanting her mouth on his.

Cordy kissed Angel voraciously as his rhythm increased. Her legs wound tightly around his back. Gasping, she stared into his eyes. “Angel! Please, please. I’m almost there.”

“I know, baby,” he reached down between them and tweaked the bundle of nerves at the junction of their joining. Then it was happening and Cordelia screamed his name as she came down from the heavens he had wrought.

As Cordelia came back to her own senses, she realized that he was still inside her body and still completely hard. Her breathing was coming in gasps as she reached up to touch him. “What’s this? Vampire stamina?”

“That one was for you, my sweet tigress.” Angelus sat back on his haunches keeping her flush against him. “This time it’s all for me.”

“Oh, really?”

“If you do what I say, Cordy, your next orgasm will make that one seem insignificant.”

Cordelia couldn’t imagine that. With a suddenly shy grin, she told him, “I’m game.”

As she reached up to touch him Angelus grabbed her wrists and pressed them sharply downward into the bed next to her head. He leaned down to kiss her, and then moved his head to the side nudging at hers until she granted him access to her neck. Again, he kissed and licked at her flesh until Cordy was certain that a gigantic hickey would be the result. Not that she really cared.

“Do you have any clue what a great lay you are, baby? So tight and hot. Your body just cries out to be touched,” Angelus nipped at her earlobe. He was thrusting into her again drawing out more keening moans of pleasure. This time his hands roamed her body to cup her breasts before traveling down to hold her hips. He pistoned into her body with a faster, deeper rhythm. “That’s it- wrap those legs around me.”

“Angel. Oh, Angel. Mmm! Nngh! Want to touch you, Angel.”

The vampire thrust harder each time she said his name- the name of his souled self. “Don’t call me that.”

Distractedly, Cordelia met his gaze finding it dark amber and angry. “Angel?”

“The name is Angelus.”


“Where were you, Cordy, on the day the Watcher told your precious Scooby Gang about me? Did they tell you what I was like without a soul? Did they tell you about my curse?”

Releasing her wrists, the vampire pushed her thighs back against until they nearly pressed against the bed, giving him better access to her core. Lustfully, he watched his thrusts with each entry for a minute allowing his questions to sink in to the cheerleader’s head.

“Angel?” Cordelia’s hands were still motionless as the stunning truth came to mind. This was not the Vampire with a Soul that had captured her interest, who had protected her and seemed so tender with Buffy Summers. This was the demon in his purest form.

Cordelia started screaming even as the vampire continued to drive himself closer and closer to orgasm. Her own body was quavering in fear and was catapulting just as fast toward another orgasm of her own.

“No, no, no!” She didn’t want it to feel this good. He was evil. A demon. All she could do was plead for him to stop, but she kept using the wrong name. “Angel, please.”

“It’s Angelus, baby,” he growled. Shifting into game face, he stared down at her with his demon visage baring his fangs.

Cordelia knew what was going to happen. “A-Angelus, please. I don’t want to die.”

“You *will* die, Cordy. I promised the Slayer.” Angelus watched her tears pour forth without a shred of remorse. It was an emotion he knew nothing about. “I made a promise to you too.”

As Angelus’ fangs bit deep into her throat, Cordelia felt a sharp stab of pain that echoed the loss of her virginity. Then she felt her blood being drained and the vampire’s tongue lapping at the vital fluid.

Somewhere in the haze that started to overtake her, Angelus’ own orgasm flooded her insides and setting off another climax that left the others in its wake. A shroud of pleasure descended.

“Still awake?” Angelus patted her cheek. “How do you feel?”

Cordelia could barely lift her eyes open. “I’m dying, you bastard. What do you think?”

“Yes,” he confirmed. “You’re dying.”

“Thirsty,” Cordelia muttered.

Angelus lifted his arm, slit his wrist and held it to her mouth. “Then drink, sweet tigress. You may die, but I’ll make sure you live again- as mine.”



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