All Days & Nights to Follow. Epi


Chase Residence, Cordelia’s Private Sitting Room

Together, Cordelia and Angel sighed as their lips parted again. Kissing just seemed addictive and with her body curled up on the couch pressed against his, Cordelia was amazed that this wasn’t just another dream. “I never thought you’d take me up on that invitation. No matter how much I wanted you too.”

Angel smoothed his thumb over the curve of her face, wondering how she could think he could ignore it. “How could I ever give you up? Not once I’d tasted you. Not after making you mine.”

A murmur of mad delight caught in her throat as Angel claimed her lips again. Lost in his kisses, she tangled her arms around his neck sliding around the broad shoulders. Her fingers spreading out over the bulky muscles that bunched up so invitingly for her touch as they slid over the material of his shirt.

“So we belong to each other?” she asked between kisses, her mouth taking turns on his top lip and then the lower.

Teasing her lips, his tongue darted across the surface causing Cordelia to open up to him. The hand on the nape of her neck held her close as he tasted her again and again drawling little mewls of pleasure from her throat as she shifted against him. Lifting away momentarily, Angel answered, “Yes, can’t you feel it?”

The exchange of their blood even in small increments sealed their fate. Ritual made it so, forming a connection, a link between them. A simple unseen manifestation of their feelings and the need they had for each other. A desire, no matter its hidden depths or close to the surface that instinct existed, to possess and be possessed.

Admitting truthfully, “I feel it. What I’ve always felt. Only more,” Cordelia yearned for him. If that was the result of this link, she was all for how he was responding to it.

“More.” Angel had to agree with that. He’d never stopped to assess his feelings for Cordelia Chase. After all, he’d never really admitted to having any other than the odd fantasy that popped into his head now and then. Not until he’d lost his soul and let go of any thoughts that held him back from taking what he wanted.

Knowing that he certainly wanted more, Angel considered the prospect of making love to Cordelia for the first time since the return of his soul. They’d been drunk before. As Angelus, he’d been demanding and dominating, but Cordelia had never given in. She’d eagerly played along and made a few demands of her own. Not once shying away from their passion.

“Come closer,” Angel pulled Cordelia into his lap without waiting for her to point out that was the only way closer could happen. Straddling his thighs, she squirmed in his lap until his hands come down to settle her where he wanted her the most, tucked up against his stirring loins.

The soft cotton of her pajama bottom remained a thin barrier. One that was easy to breach as Angel’s hand slipped beneath to cup her right buttock, the spot where his mark could be felt along the ripe curve.

Cordelia matched and opposed him in all the right ways. He needed that. He needed her. Wanted her. Though his feelings were new, they ran deep and held him with a grip that would never fade, but only grow with time. Because of the bond that had formed between them, unplanned or spontaneous as it might have been on her part, Angel knew her feelings were the same.

Kissing him like she could exist on kisses alone, Cordelia’s body crowded close like a second skin proving that she needed more. Her legs clamped tight to his thighs and hips, her own hips instinctively grinding down to press herself as close as possible to the bulging need rising beneath her. Angel moved his hips upward while both hands now clasped her bottom holding her in place.

They kissed and writhed against each other fanning the flames until it scorched the atmosphere between them. Tingly and hot, Cordelia felt strangled by all the clothes. Too much. She needed to feel his cool skin on hers. Wanted his hands on her body and to have hers on him.

Need spiraled higher. Their eyes met, heated gazes communicating desire. Cordelia pushed back against his chest enough to sit up straight, her weight centering upon him and causing Angel to moan and flex toward her. Yanking her pajama top over her head, Cordelia tossed it to the floor and grinned at the look on his face as Angel gazed down at her.

“You’re so beautiful, Cordy,” he whispered as his body stilled beneath her focusing only on the curves exposed to his view.

The hands on her hips traced up until his thumbs teased the soft skin beneath her breasts moving a little higher with each roving sweep. Cordelia clutched his broad shoulders, watching the way his rapt attention focused on her breasts in obvious admiration before he finally dragged his gaze back to hers.

“See something you like, Broody?” A teasing smile curled the corners of her mouth and a grin broke free.

He was all seriousness despite it. Angel captured her lips for another soul-stirring kiss, lingering there as if the taste of her mouth held him back from the brink of madness. Perhaps it did, for his kisses wandered after releasing her lips, traveling down the line of her throat and along the curve of her shoulder. Brushing his cheek against one breast, Angel moved his hands upward taking both in his palms to cup their soft weight.

Cordelia gazed down at the dark head pressed close against her breasts, felt the cool touch of his hands against her heated skin and then watched in fascination as Angel flicked his tongue over one turgid peak. A spark of pleasure shot deep inside her and a needy cry escaped her throat as Angel’s teasing mouth continued tirelessly.

Repetitive flicks preceded soft tugs, a nip of his teeth and a deep pull as Angel heard Cordelia’s soft breaths quicken to rapid pants. Her hips worked in a tight circle atop his lap as the friction built up between her thighs. Angel’s fingers never rested while stroking her other breast, stimulating it with soft caresses, tugs and rolls, ignoring its turgid tip in favor of stroking her curves and leaving it needy and begging for attention before switching sides and flicking it with his tongue.

Cordelia held onto his shoulders, her back arching and giving him easy access. Then, on a moan of desire, “I want you so much, Angel. Stop teasing me.”

Raising his head after a last touch of his mouth to one dusky peak, Angel regarded her with a smoldering gleam. “Impatient?”

“Yes,” Cordelia wasn’t denying it. Her eager hands reached out to undo the buttons of his shirt.

Halfway down, Cordelia found herself off the couch and in Angel’s arms as he swept her up. “I think it’s time we moved this into the bedroom.”

One arm around his neck, she had the other inside Angel’s shirt letting her hand wander across the hidden angles of his torso. “Mmm. Manly boob muscles.”

Angel laughed at that, grinning at the comment and awarding her next statement with another kiss as he carried her into the bedroom. “You’re so strong, Angel. Not just your arms. Not just the way you hold me. All of you.”

After that, he couldn’t seem to stop kissing her along the way, pressing his mouth to her throat and moaning softly at the sensation of her pulse against his lips. As he set her down beside the bed, again his hands strayed to her body’s curves as his mouth continued to tease the soft skin of her throat.

Pausing in her task of removing his shirt, Cordelia suddenly wondered aloud, “Will there be biting?”

Angel moved, facing her, sensing her racing heart. The thought apparently brought with it equal parts of fear, excitement and pure anticipation. The back of his fingers traced the line of her throat. “I won’t lie to you, Cordy. Vampires bite their ma— lovers.”

“You didn’t bite Buffy,” she pointed out apparently comfortable with bringing up that name even here and now.

“No,” Angel admitted. The thought had never occurred to him. That need, that desire to do so had never existed between them. Completely unlike now; he accepted the fact because he understood that it was simply another level of his need for Cordelia. “Things are different between us, Cordelia. I won’t make promises I can’t keep when it comes to those instincts. Just know that I’d never hurt you.”

His answer seemed to please her because a Cheshire Cat smile appeared. Then she said, “Only curious. I just wanted to know. You better watch it, buddy. Cos I’ve been known to bite back.”

Now laughing at the memory of their morning-after interlude, they hugged each other close and kissed again until they were so lost in those kisses & each other’s arms that the subject was forgotten. Angel’s soft touches set off a thousand sparks across her exposed skin, all making her tingle with want. Her body throbbed deep inside, empty and aching to be filled.

Cordelia palmed Angel’s handsome face, kissing him back, and the familiar male taste of his mouth fanning her desire. The knowing touch of his hands making her wet as his fingers found the juncture of her thighs and dipped between them to slide back and forth across her cotton-covered sex.

Her hand found him through his pants, gripped him and then moved along the solid length of his member until Angel broke away from her mouth with a feral sound on his lips. Starting heatedly at each other, they moved simultaneously to pull and tug at each other’s clothing until they both stood nude before each other.

Geez, he’s a hottie, Cordelia acknowledged as her hazel eyes swept down that hard torso to gaze at the rest of his body.

Bright with desire, her eyes sparkled as they met Angel’s again. Taking her in his arms, he lowered them both to the bed. Cordelia’s back barely hit the sheets before her hands started wandering. She wanted to touch him. Everywhere. Learning the hard angles of his body all over again.

The temptation of his hard masculinity was too much for Cordelia. She wrapped her hand around it as soon as Angel came down on the bed. Through heavy-lidded passion-filled eyes, he watched for a few seconds as Cordelia pumped up and down his stiff shaft. “You make me so hard, baby, but I have to tell you…I have plans to make you come first.”

Cordelia felt his hand on her wrist gently pulling her away from the solid length of his erection. Capturing both hands, he pulled them over her head, his body crowding close, but his weight suspended upon his elbows. Once he was in place, Angel let her hands go. With his fingers combing through the soft threads of her silken hair, he pressed a soft kiss over her lush lips before telling her the details of his plan.

“I’m going to kiss you from head to toe,” Angel’s breath whispered against her ear as his voice dipped down into a lusty octave that made her skin rush with heat all the way down to her core. “Then I’m going to…”

Blood rushed like thunder in Cordelia’s ears as Angel told her precisely what he planned to do with her body and his tongue. She moaned at the way her body clenched and ached in anticipation of it. Angelus hadn’t done that before. No one had ever done that. Then as he began to touch her, Cordelia forgot about anything except the sensations created by his skillful mouth.

Angel worshipped every inch of golden skin, his hands and mouth moving across the taut planes of her body. Starting with her face, he placed butterfly kisses across her forehead, eyes and her cheeks. Their mouths meshed for one heated kiss before he nipped at her chin with his teeth and then placed the softest of kisses underneath her jaw.

His hands wandered the length of Cordelia’s body, letting her wrap her long legs around him as long as they did not prevent his slow descent down the lush length of her body. By the time Angel reached her navel, having lavished more attention to her neck and breasts along the way, Cordelia was practically writhing beneath him. Her hands kneaded the muscles in his shoulders, fingers sweeping along in a constant pattern as sounds of her pleasure filled the room with each new caress.

Finally, rolling her head off the bed long enough to stare down the length of her body to where Angel’s kisses were circumnavigating the soft triangle of curls as his mouth trailed toward her thigh. Her tongue swept across her lips, feeling parched and needy as she saw he was really going to do exactly as he said. While the thought of Angel sucking on her toes made them curl up in anticipation, that wasn’t where she wanted his mouth.

Curling her fingers into the short strands of his soft, spiky hair, Cordelia pushed his head back to where she wanted it. “Do it there. Oh God, Angel, please kiss me there.”

A rumble sounded in his chest, not a protest, but a response to her desire. His mouth and fingers worked their flesh magic expertly lavishing her with attention, evoking keening cries from her throat and eliciting a rush of hot liquid around his stroking fingers. Finding her sweet spot, Angel pressed his fingers against it with every sweep as his tongue dealt a tireless campaign upon the silky folds of her sex.

Going wild beneath him, Cordelia’s hips bucked up off the bed rising toward his mouth, her hands clutching at his broad shoulders and fisting in his hair. “Ohgodohgodohgod.”

Stars flashed behind her closed eyes as Cordelia lost herself to sensation; she might as well have been gazing toward heaven because Angel seemed to be taking her there with every knowing flick of his tongue against the hard nub that was at that moment the center of her universe.

“Right there,” Cordelia’s breath caught on a gasp. “Rightthererightthere. Omigod, Angel, yesyesyes.”

Instinctively, she closed her legs around his head trying to hold him in place keeping him right where it felt so damn good. Angel smiled against her in the midst of her passionate squirming. While breathing was not an issue, he needed the freedom to move. With a swift move, he pushed her thighs back toward her chest, fully exposing her swollen pink folds to his sinful gaze.

Pinning her hips on the bed, he growled more than intended, “Stay put.”

Cordelia opened her eyes noting his were amber-rimmed and full of lust. Then his dark head dipped back to her glistening sex to go down on her again lapping up her tangy fluid and wallowing in her scent and taste as he swallowed every droplet. Erotic sounds came from his throat. Her hands felt the vibration of his ardent rumbles all the way through to his back as they continued to hold him close.

She watched the hard shift of Angel’s hips move with a slow grind of his hard cock as it was trapped between his body and the mattress. “Angel…want you. Now.”

Angel only speared his tongue deep even as his fingers slid in and out with that constant rhythm, his verbal response coming across as an intense gravelly purr. Wanting him to be inside her, Cordelia tried to pull him higher, but he stubbornly stayed where he was. “Not so fast,” Angel told her between long licks that circled her engorged little nub. “I’m not finished.”

“Geez, what more can you possib— ohgeezohyeah!” Coherent thought crumbled into a million pieces as he sucked her clit into his mouth. Words were no longer possible as Cordelia felt her body crest to a peak and come apart.

His tongue rimmed her sex delving deep to gather every drop of Cordelia’s sweet nectar, the taste of her essence bursting on his tongue. Eating her out until she was convinced she couldn’t possibly come anymore, Angel finally lifted his mouth away, but only to turn it to the source of the roaring pulse in his ear. He nipped hard at the pulse point of her inner thigh leaving it red, but unbroken.
Rising above her, Angel held her hips and legs in place as his tumescent cock butted up against her swollen sex. He licked his lips, tasting her there as he slowly entered her, pushing his way into her tight body until he made it all the way home encased by her hot, intimate embrace. It felt like he belonged there. Inside her.

“I’ve been dreaming about this,” Angel’s words came forth on a guttural moan as she gripped him from within, her body holding on as he worked his hips back and forth. “With you tight…” he stroked inside her, “and hot…,” he pulled out until only the tip stretched her, “and wet around me,” and then sank deep.

“To have you inside me,” Cordelia echoed the thought. She’d certainly dreamt of that again and again. “Oh, Angel, please.”

Angel gazed down at the juncture of their bodies, his sex glistening with her milky nectar as he thrust inside her tight grip. Her body clasped his, hands reaching out for him, but he held his position straight as he pistoned back and forth, wanting to look at her first as he fucked her. Watching them merge, their hips coming together with increasing force, watching Cordelia’s bright eyes and her parted mouth and the way her hair spread out over her shoulders and the bed beneath her only made him want her more.

The slow, pounding pace, her heat and her living body pulsing around him kept him on the edge of control. Angel felt the urge to let loose, but he held onto that tentative edge, his head thrown back as a loud moan erupted from his throat. Even the touch of her fingertips on his arms seemed too much, sending electricity through his body.

“Closer,” Cordelia reached out for him. “I want you in my arms.”

“Soon,” he promised. Just not right this second. “Touch yourself, Cordy. Let me see you.”

The wicked gleam lighting her eyes was as hot as any caress and he stroked into her that much harder, his pelvis butting up against her mound, his cock rubbing her clit, and his balls rhythmically slapping against the curved flesh of her bottom. Cordelia struggled to find her voice as she only seemed to be able to form incoherent sounds.

A raspy query emerged as she asked him where he wanted her to touch herself. “Here?” Cordelia’s fingers trailed across her lips, her tongue sweeping out to wet them.

His eyes were intent, black as night and rimmed in amber as Angel watched her. “Or here?” Cordelia stroked slowly along the smooth cord of her neck leaving a moist trail behind.

That certainly had his attention, Cordelia noticed as she felt him pause for a fraction of a second before picking up that deep rhythm again. Cupping her breasts, she let her fingers mimic his earlier moves, “How about here?” Her own breathy moan came out to join his deeper sound of encouragement.

Cordelia played with her breasts, sliding her fingers over her own smooth flesh and teasing her rock hard nipples. She wanted his mouth there again. “Anywhere else?”

“Lower,” Angel instructed as he bent down long enough to suck one turgid nipple into his mouth leaving it wet and red as he lifted up to watch Cordelia’s fingers drift down the flat plane of her belly and thread through her dark curls.

“Mmm, Angel,” Cordelia rubbed the hard nub of her clit arching her back at the dual sensations. Her other hand dropped down to join the first, this one moving along her wet folds as he continued to fill and stretch her with every thrust. “Sogoodsogood.”

Angel fucked her that much harder. Moving down so that he could kiss her, no longer able to resist the temptation of her mouth, this time claiming those lush lips with heated passion. Her legs wrapped around his lower back the moment Angel shifted down, holding him to her, but not interfering as his hips pistoned faster. Angel thrust deep and hard and driving them both closer to that pinnacle.

“Tell me how it feels, Cordy,” he wanted to hear her voice, the passion she felt so apparent in every syllable.

“I’m so hot, you’re so hard inside me,” a low sound filled his ear as she moaned clasping his earlobe between her lips sucking on it. “You’re hard everywhere. So strong. God, I love it when you touch me. Hold me. Yes, yes. More. Give it to me.”

Vampiric rumble in his chest, his arms holding her tight, hips pistoning, his sex swelling into a rigid shaft even larger and harder than before, his demon rising closer to the surface. He’d give her everything, Angel acknowledged the thought. She was his. HIS. Nothing would ever change that.

Nudging her head to the side, kissing her throat as Angel listened to the siren song of her pulse. Cordelia looped her arms around his shoulders. “Want me?”

“Yes,” a moan left his mouth as he caressed the soft skin of her throat. Over and over, sucking it gently and stirring the blood to the surface. Her scent filled him with need. Strawberries and cinnamon, Sunshine and moonlight. Blood enriched with her arousal.

Angel wanted it all. Her kiss, her taste, her caress, her intimate hold, her sustaining blood and her soul merging with his as he made love to her.

“Take me,” Cordelia opened herself up to him, turning her head, exposing her throat. Trusting him. Needing him. Knowing that he needed her.

Instinct took over, Angel’s fangs sinking deep. The butter-soft flesh giving way to the sharp teeth, blood flowing into his mouth as it closed over Cordelia’s golden flesh, his tongue lapping at the wound. Angel reached between them to rub the hard nub of her clit, giving her pleasure even as the painful bite became yet another source of pleasure. The movements of his mouth like a warm French kiss upon her throat, the gentle sucking and the pounding of their lower bodies all combined to bring Cordelia to the point of ecstasy.

His name sounded again on her lips, her body clutching close, hips rocking as her orgasm exploded within her. Angel followed Cordelia, retracting his fangs and letting go pouring himself inside her, filling her up with his essence. Lapping at the wounds on her throat, sealing them up and purring in satisfaction realizing that this time he wouldn’t forget any of the details.

“Cordy,” Angel sounded out her name on a deep whisper. For a moment, he felt a flash of panic before remembering that his soul was safe and secure. Rolling them over so that her body stretched out on top of his, Angel smoothed his hands along Cordelia’s back.

Cordelia rested her head on his chest, damp tendrils of her chestnut hair falling around her. They simply held on, Angel’s body still adjoined to her own, as if they were reluctant to break the spell of the moment. Angel’s hands smoothed along her back, reaching low to cup the firm curves of her bottom.

Kissing the top of her head, he let the silence surround them like a warm blanket as he waited for her to speak. He wasn’t certain how she might react considering the fact that he had bitten her again.

“Mmm. That was wonderful,” Cordelia murmured contentedly instantly easing his fears.

Angel gulped down the last of them as he asked, “Even the bite?”

Crossing her arms over his chest, Cordelia rested her chin on her hands. Admitting, “That too. It stings, but it felt incredible.”

“There will be a scar, you know.”

“I know,” she made it sound like it was nothing. Visible scarring was certainly not nothing in Cordelia’s book considering her reaction to the first one, and that one being in a spot no one else should see.

A hint of a smile curved one corner of his mouth. “You’re not planning any trips to the kitchen to pick up the garlic salt again, are you?”

Laughing, Cordelia denied it. “No. I just didn’t understand the first time. I do now. Besides, this bite is yours. I’ve got proof that you want me whether you’re Angelus or Angel.”

Sitting them up, Angel felt his body stir within her again. More of that soon enough. Now he needed to kiss her again. Her mouth seemed addicting. He kissed her and kissed her and kissed her until Cordelia ran out of breath and then came back for more. Each time Angel started to say something, he was drawn back to her mouth and to his new mark.

Cordelia started to lift her hips, but Angel brought them down hard holding them steady, his cock steel encased by her velvet heat again. Finally, he said, “I want everything you have to give. Your kisses…,” Angel closed his mouth over hers for another passionate kiss, “the heat of your skin…,” and then trailed his large hands over her flesh, “and your sex…,” before running his thumb through her moist curls to circle her clit, “but I want your heart, Cordy. Can I have that too?”

“That depends,” Cordelia panted in response, palming his face, her lips whispering across his. “Only if your kisses are mine, and…oh don’t stop…the rest of you is mine, and…your heart is mine, and only, only if you let me move. I want to move.”

The hand holding her hips in place slid up to the nape of her neck pulling her into his kiss. Holding onto him, Cordelia began to move around him. She was so full of him and yet she needed more. Instinctively, she knew he would give it.

Being with Angel touched her heart and Cordelia knew that if she wanted anything in the all the days and nights he promised would follow, it was his love.

The End


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  1. Cordelia and Angel/Angelus are just a wonderful combination. The interaction between them..the amazing! Loved it!

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