Title: Desperation
Author: Liam
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns the Angel stuff. Until then, I’ll continue to find a contractual loophole to steal it away.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Cordelia wants Angel back. What will she do to make it happen?
Dedication: To all those who thought me to be cruel to kill the souled one, hear this: There are many things that I believe in. Happy endings usually aren’t one of them.
(Part 2) Dedication: To Artemis, who thought the humor in part one was intentional. Poor soul.
(Part 4) Dedication: To cheese! For without cheese, there would be no nachos.
Notes: Sequel to Retrospective.

Part 1 

“I guess Cordy still hasn’t come down yet?” Gunn asked as he perched in the doorway to Wesley’s office. The ex-watcher shut his demonology book with a sigh as he answered.

“No. Fred takes some food up to the room at breakfast and dinner since she only comes out to occasionally shower.” The Englishman leaned back in his seat, the worry evident on his face. “Fred says that whenever she goes up, she hears Cordelia crying. She’s taken this very hard.”

“So I noticed,” Gunn said as he took a seat opposite his boss. “Makes sense. They’ve been here since the beginning. They became friends.”

“But evidently he loved her,” Wes reminded his coworker. “Moira and kye-rumption and all that.” Wes felt a small pang of jealousy as he noticed Gunn’s wistful smile at his use of two of Fred’s favorite words.

“You know, it’s occurred to me that we still haven’t told the folks in Sunnydale about the happenings around here.”

“I know,” Wesley said. “But the only one who might care would be Buffy. The rest either hated Angel or tolerated him because of her. Anyway who knows what Buffy would think? Angel never revealed what happened when he met her after her resurrection.”

The soft sound of a baby’s gurgle made the men turn and see Fred coming down the stairs with Connor tucked in her arms. The girl joined them in the office to brood over the seeming loss of two friends.

“How is she?” Wes asked softly.

“Last nights dinner is still outside her door, so I’d say she’s at high tide on the brood cycle,” Fred told him. “Lorne seems pretty worried about her too. He says he’s getting spooky vibes from her room. I think he’s afraid she’ll do something stupid.”

“I know,” Wes said. “I think we’re all worried about that.”


Cordelia was planning something stupid. It might be risky, dangerous, and maybe even a little suicidal, but it was worth a shot. Locked up in Angel’s room, she had spent the first couple days brooding over the loss of her Champion. Since then, it had been all work.

Firing up her laptop, she decided that if a demonic law firm could resurrect a syphilitic whore, then she could damn well figure out a way to bring back a warrior who fought to save the innocents of this God-forsaken city.

Cordelia knew that bringing someone back from the dead was possible. Hell, it was becoming commonplace for it to happen. All the blondes she knew had pulled it off at least once. But there were two question about this: First, where would she find a ritual and second, who would perform it?

Cordelia wasn’t stupid. She knew that a resurrection would take some serious mojo to perform. She couldn’t even imagine the magicks that would be involved pulling a demon from Hell.

Her first thoughts naturally turned to Willow. The Wicca had already performed a soul restoration and helped Buffy pull a Lazarus. The red head had obviously become a powerful witch.

But Cordelia scratched that idea as soon as it came. She had no doubt that Willow could do the job; she was more worried about the others. Xander would definitely disapprove. Cordy figured Giles would as well, plus, there was no reason to believe that Willow would accept the chance. The soul restoration was performed out of loyalty to Buffy, but now, she didn’t know if the same might hold true.

Cordelia figured that concentrating on finding a witch was the smartest course of action. She herself new nothing of ritual, but a Wicca would. She just had to find the one that would be willing to bring back a demon, and would do so without raising eyebrows, namely the ones belonging to the people downstairs. She knew that they would probably stop her if the found out what she were doing.

Cordelia was startled out of her musings by an electronic voice informing her of mail. Cordy quickly brought up the new message. In the week since her work started, she had begun to quietly send out messages to Wicca groups for help. For the first time in ten days a smile graced Cordelia’s beautiful face.

“Well,” she said to no one in particular. “We’re going to have to meet.” Cordelia quickly typed and sent her reply, hope building that this might be the break she had been searching for.


The assistant cautiously peeked his head into the spacious office. Not a day had gone by the he hadn’t thought of killing his uncle for getting him an internship here. The place gave him the creeps.


“What is it?” the occupant of the office asked as she shut her briefcase. “I was heading out.”

“Another e-mail was intercepted, ma’am,” the boy explained, afraid of having this woman’s wrath directed at him. “Here you are ma’am,” he said as he handed her the envelope containing the letter. He stood there a moment unsure of what to do next.

The woman went to open the envelope when she noticed him still standing there. “Why are you still here?” The boy visibly gulp and none too gracefully raced for the door. The woman smiled coldly. She loved screwing with the interns.

Lilah Morgan slowly read the message the Seer had sent earlier in the day. It looked like the games would soon begin.

Part 2

Cordelia pulled the Cadillac against the curve near a small sidewalk café. After much search, the Seer finally thought she found the person who could help her bring back her friend. Stepping out of the car, and shooting the finger at a pickup that nearly ran her over, she walked to the café to meet the Wicca who had offered her services.

Cordelia made damn sure that before she accepted the offer to meet this woman to check her background. Lisa Palmer was a 24-year-old Religious Studies major at USC. Nothing seemed dirty about her, and all the Internet groups said that she was quite strong in the magicks. Cordelia hoped she was as good as everyone said, because the money she would be paying Palmer would keep her in debt five years after her own death.

Cordelia spotted Palmer alone at a corner table. The description she received on the Net was accurate. She was tall and slender, with shoulder length brown hair. She was quite attractive Cordy thought. Not the sort she would expect to be playing with magick. But then, she thought the same of Willow as well.

“Lisa Palmer?” she asked approaching the girl.

“Hi,” Palmer smiled from above her newspaper. Folding the classifieds away, she motion for Cordelia to take a seat. “Your Miss Chase?” Cordy nodded and sat opposite Palmer. “So, tell me about this person.”

“He’s a vampire,” Cordelia stated flatly. She sat back to judge her reaction. She didn’t expect laughter.

“Vampire? You can’t be serious.” The laughter ceased as Lisa saw Cordelia’s stony expression. “Holy shit, you’re serious.”

“He died twelve days ago. Now, I need you to make him undead. I have most of his ashes and some of his blood. From what little I’ve been able to find, you’d need that correct?”

“I’m not raising a vampire!” Palmer hissed. “They’re soulless monsters.”

“Not this one,” Cordelia said, her patience thinning.

“Oh yeah? What makes him special?”

“He had a soul.” Palmer leaned back in her seat, blinking, trying to make sense of what Cordy said.

“Bullshit,” she retorted. “There’s only been one rumor of a vampire having a soul, and he disappeared over a century ago.”

“Angelus.” Palmer stopped at the name. “Was that the rumored vampire?” Palmer nodded. “He didn’t disappear. He just did a lot of brooding.”

“There really was a vampire with a soul?” Palmer asked in awe. Never did she believe that the rumor was true.

“If you help me, there will be again.”

Palmer just studied Cordelia for a moment, trying to understand the fine print. There was more to this story. There was always the possibility that the woman before her was insane, but she just didn’t get the vibe.

“You loved him?” Palmer asked.

“Yes,” Cordy asked without hesitating. “So will you do it or not.”

Palmer thought for a moment. If it were true that it were a demon she would be rescuing, then the risk factor shot up. But she was a damn good witch. Plus she had to pay for Grad school. Out of state fees were a real bitch.

“It’ll cost you,” Palmer began. “The supplies I’ll need will take about a week to be gathered up. Plus chica, this is a hell dimension we’re talking about. The risk factor is going to be big. So you got to ask yourself, is this vampire worth it?”

Cordelia just stared at her. “When can you have everything ready?”

“Next week,” she answered. “How about some payment now?”

If looks could kill, then the Wicca should have died thirty seconds ago. But knowing she had few options, Cordelia reached into her jacket and pulled out an envelope. “There’s five thousand in there,” Cordelia motioned. “You’ll get the other half when he’s back to the land of the unliving.”

The Wicca smiled at her. “Cool. But out of curiosity, how did you get ten thousand dollars?’

Cordelia stood and backed from the table. “I told the bank I needed a car loan.” The Wicca was left to ponder as she watched Cordelia cross the street to a very nice Cadillac. Though she wouldn’t admit it, raising a vampire from the dead made her nervous. But she was getting paid handsomely, and that was what mattered.


Two men stood on the roof of a neighboring building watching the scene below. One was rewinding the tape from the long range microphone he had aimed at the conversation, the other pulled a cell phone from his pocket.

Punching in a few numbers, he tried not to be annoyed at the answering secretary. “Gavin Park please,” he said as politely as he could. After a few moments the Wolfram and Hart attorney answered the phone. “Mr. Park? We have it on tape. I’ll send you the recording immediately, sir.”

The man smiled, pleased at the good days work. If all went well, he and is friend would be rewarded for their good services.

Part 3

Cordelia was so tired. As she gingerly unlocked the door to her apartment, a place she hadn’t been in nearly two weeks, she reflected on the days events. As much as she instantly disliked the Wicca, the woman seemed confident that she could do the resurrection. Cordelia hoped so. She needed rest; these 26-hour days were killing her.

Cordy dropped her bags unceremoniously on the ground beside her. The duffle slung on her shoulder, however, she laid gently on a nearby table. They held two things that would bring Angel back to her. His ashes and his blood. His ashes in a decorative metal box she used to keep valuables in, and her blood soaked clothes from that horrible day two weeks ago. As she was about to close the door behind her, a voice caught her attention.

“So you’re the girl Angel was so smitten over?” Turning back to the hallway outside her apartment, she found a smiling Lilah Morgan. “Long day?” the lawyer teased.

“What do you want?” Cordy spat.

Lilah just smiled at her before speaking. “You’re trying to bring Angel back.”

Cordelia’s mouth dropped open. THEY KNEW? Wolfram and Hart KNEW her plans?

“They tapped your e-mail service,” Lilah answered the unasked question. “They know all about the Wicca groups you’ve contacted, the spell and ritual websites you’ve visited, and they even know you’re a member of the Jude Law Online Fan Club, despite the fact you haven’t logged on in several weeks. Now that is a man that I could understand you’d be interested in.” Lilah smirked at the shocked look on the Seer’s face.

“And you want to stop me?” Cordy asked the obvious question.

“Me?” Lilah asked innocently. “I want to help you.”

“The hell you do,” Cordy shouted. “You don’t care about Angel. Why would you ever help me?”

“You’re right. I don’t care about Angel. But what I do care about is my position with the firm.”

Cordelia stared at the woman before her. “You better start making sense before my bitch-slapping hand breaks free.”

“Wolfram and Hart would have much preferred Angel to still be alive. The main goal has always been to turn him back into the vicious bastard he once was. But they figure if they can’t have that, they’ll take the next best thing. Him dusted.

“It’s Gavin Parks’ job to make sure you don’t finish the ritual to bring back your precious vampire. If he succeeds, then I get left out in the cold while Gavin basks in the spotlight, planning his next power play. He fails, I keep in the favor of the guys in charge.” Off Cordy’s look she continued. “What? You expected altruism? I want to keep my job.”

Cordelia slowly rubbed her temples, a headache suddenly popping up. She couldn’t believe she was actually listening to this. Even more disturbing was that she was considering the offer of help. If what Lilah said, she much preferred Angel be brought back, even if it were for purely selfish reasons. But how could she be sure that it was the truth?

“How can I trust you?” Cordelia asked. “After all the pain you’ve caused both of us, how can I know this isn’t some ploy to ensure he never comes back?”

“You’ll just have to have a little faith,” Lilah answered. “From now on, I’d be more careful about what you say or do around the Hyperion. It’s still bugged.” With that, the lawyer left Cordelia to think about the proposition.

Cordelia desperately wanted to wake up from this nightmare. A nightmare where her best friend had died, and she was preparing to make a deal with the devil. Cordelia knew making a deal with Lilah could and would come back to bite her in the ass. The consequences would be disastrous. But if Angel could be saved, wasn’t it worth the risk?


Gavin Park looked once more to the ‘man’ that sat in a chair opposite his desk. Although he appeared to be a quite normal and attractive person, Gavin knew there was much more beneath the surface. Even more than he could possibly realize.

Kyle Dawson smiled at the attorney from behind his sunglasses. The little prick was scared of him. Good. Dawson liked it when people feared him.

“So remember,” Gavin said, “you cannot move until the Seer and the Wicca begin the ritual. Only then can you eliminate them. Until then, your job is strictly observation. You will have full use of our support teams if you want.” Gavin stopped, choosing his words carefully. “It is imperative that once the ritual begins, that it is not finished. If it is, then the consequences could be severe for the both of us.”

Dawson’s cold smirk made Gavin’s spine shiver. “Of course, sir. They both will die.” Dawson removed his sunglasses, revealing his glowing red eyes. “They won’t stand a chance,” he promised.

Part 4

“She’s up to something,” Fred told the gang as they watched Cordelia go into Wes’ office to retrieve another tome.

“I agree,” Gunn said as he slung his arm over Fred’s shoulder as the sat on a couch in the lobby.

“The chickadee’s right,” Lorne supplied. “The Princess’ aura is strange. I don’t think I can describe it.”

“She has been going out more,” Wes mused. “Perhaps we should discover what she’s been doing.”

“You mean invade her privacy?” Gunn smirked.

“Well,” Wes started, “I said it with more tact.” They continued to watch as Cordelia came out of the office with a book. Grabbing her purse and keys from her desk, she said a quick goodbye and left for lunch.

“I’ll look in her underwear drawer,” Gunn offered, only to be smacked by Fred. Rubbing his arm, he led the gang upstairs to find out exactly what their friend was up to.


Dawson had no problem jimmying open the lock on Cordelia’s apartment door. Placing the pick back into his jacket pocket, he removed a small buzzer device from another. He smiled as he felt the presence of the ghost sneaking up on him. Bearing one of Cordy’s swords, Dennis approached.

Just before Dennis could strike a blow, Dawson pressed a button on the device, and the sword dropped noisily to the floor. “Wow,” he laughed. “It really does disable ghosts.” With the specter out of the way, Dawson began a slow sweep of the house.

Starting in the kitchen, he checked the pantry and the refrigerator. After drinking from the milk carton, he glanced around the living room, noting the lack of photos of family. What few pictures there were revolved around her associates, including the demon.

Searching through the bedroom and the bathroom, Dawson would pick something up, examine it, and place it in a different spot. After several minutes, Dawson became bored. Deciding he had hung around long enough he went to leave. Giving the device one final buzz, making Dennis drop the sword again, Dawson tipped over a flowerpot on a table by the door. Taking a last look around, Dawson smiled at the absurdity of the half-breed’s world. He left before Dennis could grab the sword again.


Cordelia parked the convertible at a car lot at a nearby small park. Things appeared to still be going according to plan. Lilah had provided her with a few devices so she could communicate with Lisa Palmer in secret. One could be attached to her laptop so e-mails could be sent undetected. The other could be used to sweep a room for bugs. Cordelia had found two listening devices in Angel’s room alone.

The fact the she placed any trust in Lilah amazed her, but so far, the lawyer had come through. But Cordelia was still expecting the hammer to drop. She was waiting for the day when Lilah might ask more a favor. But screw that, Cordelia thought. Angel returning is payment enough. The bitch wasn’t getting anything out of her.

Cordelia noticed Lisa Palmer pull up a few spaces away. In the past two days, Cordelia had communicated freely with the Wicca. The news she was hearing was good. Palmer had found most of the herbs and other supplies she would need. Palmer came over and hopped into the convertible, much to Cordelia’s irritation.

“You wanna use the door?” Cordelia asked. Palmer ignored her, a silly smirk on her face as she opened up the bag she had with her. She pulled out a bottle filled with a white powder. “What’s that?” Cordy asked.

“The last ingredient I wanted. Tampico salt. It’s some strong shit. Used to make protective circles and whatnot. This is the contingency plan in case something goes wrong. A good Wicca is always prepared,” Palmer grinned.

“Yeah?” Cordelia asked coldly. “Just make sure we don’t need it. Anything goes wrong, and you don’t get the rest of your payment.”

“No sweat chica. I got the supplies and I got the game plan. In three days a new lunar cycle will begin. That will be the best time to do the ritual.”

Cordelia smiled. If all went well, then in just a few days she would bring home her Champion.


A hundred yards away, Dawson watched the scene with interest. He wasn’t close enough to hear, but from the pleased smile on the half-breed’s face, she had heard good news.

Dawson popped a few sunflower seeds into his mouth. This would be easier with a surveillance team to help. But for some reason, the e-mail taps and the listening devices weren’t working anymore. Oh well, Dawson thought as he spit out a husk, he just needed to stay close then.

The witch exited the convertible and headed back to her own car. The half-breed waited until the other left before following suit. Dawson stayed a few moments longer, his attention now focused on some children playing on a swing unattended. Dawson smiled. When he thought about it, he was kind of hungry.


When Cordelia arrived back at the Hyperion, she was met by the disapproving looks of the gang. Cordelia’s heart sank. They knew.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Wesley began.

Cordelia sighed and tossed her purse to her desk. This was going to be a bitch to explain.

Part 5

Life is strange isn’t it? Three years ago I was called Queen C. The Bitch of Sunnydale. Who new that the new millennium would bring about killer visions and fifty percent less humanity?

There are many things that I regret. I regret being a snide little twit to all those back home. I’m sorry about all the things that I said and did to them. Well except for the whole ‘in a hospital, telling off Xander thing.’

But what is for damn certain is that I do not regret coming to LA. Most of my life’s most pleasant surprises I found here. I don’t regret meeting up with Angel. I don’t regret receiving the visions. I don’t regret learning that I actually have a soul, and that I can love people with minimal fear of being hurt in return.

Learning that I loved Angel, Connor, and the rest of the gang was a pleasant surprise.

But then there are other surprises. Such as the type when you think you know how someone will react, but then they do a complete turnaround. I expected to get the reaming of my life when I entered the hotel lobby. And I did.

But I’ve learned that friends can understand. They can empathize. They can even rally behind you when need be. Only I few years ago, I wouldn’t have known that. Hanging around with the shallow bitches, and snubbing my nose and the few descent people I met, this all came as a shock to me.

When Wesley spent a good hour tearing me a new asshole, warning me of the dangers and complications of such a risky exercise, I thought nothing of it. At that point, the US Army couldn’t stop me from bringing Angel back.

But when he offered to help, I was dumbfounded. The others didn’t hesitate to do the same. I guess this is what a family is all about.


Park made it a point to stay ten feet away from Dawson at all times. The ‘man’ gave him the creeps, and there wasn’t much that could do that. But still, Dawson was very good at what he did. Search and destroy.

“I looked around the witches apartment today. From what I can tell, she has all the supplies that she’ll need. The best time to perform the ritual would be Tuesday night, a new lunar cycle starts,” Dawson explained.

Gavin looked surprised. “You think they will perform it so soon?”

Dawson nodded. “The witch is confident, maybe too much so. And the half-breed is becoming inpatient I think. She will want to do it quickly.” Dawson popped a few sunflower seeds in his mouth. “What about the surveillance?”

Gavin shook his head in annoyance. “The techies don’t know what’s wrong. They insist nothing is wrong with the equipment.”

Dawson’s eyebrows raised. “Saboteur?” he wondered.

“We consider it a possibility,” Gavin admitted. “But that isn’t something you need to worry about,” Gavin dismissed. “Just continue with your surveillance and all will be fine.” A pleased smile grew on the lawyer’s face. “In three days we rid ourselves of the vampire permanently.”


Soft gurgling noises awoke Cordelia from her slumber. Opening her sleep filled eyes, she found herself looking into the beautiful eyes of Connor. Cordy smiled. Connor would grow up and he would be the spitting image of his daddy. The eyes were already the same.

Gently rubbing the baby’s stomach, excitement grew inside Cordelia’s soul. Tonight was the night her Champion would return. She wouldn’t even entertain the possibility they might fail, because it simply wasn’t an option.

“So how is Grr Jr. this morning?” Cordelia asked brightly. “Are you hungry?” Connor happy sounds made her smile. “Are you as excited as I am about seeing Daddy soon?” Cordy kissed the top of his head as he giggled. Her contentment died as a cell phone rang. THE cell phone. The one Lilah had given her in case of emergencies.

Cordelia retrieved the phone from the nightstand and answered. After a few moments of conversation she went downstairs to gather the gang. Nothing was ever easy around here.


Cordelia was confident that if anyone had been following the car that she lost them. Turning the convertible into a underground parking lot near a local mall, she quickly spotted Lilah’s car near a pillar.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t have brought Gunn?” Wesley asked from shotgun.

“I’d prefer a lower profile,” Cordy answered. “The fewer people the better.” Cordelia pulled up next to Lilah and hopped out. Approaching the lawyer with Wesley by her side, she didn’t hesitate to let her irritation show.

“This had better be good Lilah. Today’s going to be a busy day.”

The lawyer ignored her attitude. “You’ll be interested in this.” She handed Cordelia a manila folder. “Gavin Park has brought in someone to stop you from finishing the ritual.”

“Someone?” Wes asked. Lilah looked surprised the watcher was present, but didn’t mention it.

“Something,” Lilah answered. “More specifically, a half-breed named Kyle Dawson. A human/Hexler demon mix.”

“Hexler demon? What’s that?” Cordelia asked the watcher.

“Hexlers are very powerful demons with a reputation of being quite ruthless. There are very few pure Hexlers; most are hybridized with humans. Having human physiology allows them to work as mercenaries. Cordelia,” Wesley began, “if this is true then it is a serious problem. If this Dawson fellow prevents the ritual from being completed…”

“What is it with that?” Cordelia asked suddenly. “If it isn’t finished?” Cordelia stared at Lilah. “You’ve told me that twice and now Wes. Why not just come and stop it beforehand?”

“Because,” Wesley started, “if the ritual begins, but it isn’t completed, then Angel will be in Hell permanently. There won’t be a second chance, it’s either a success or not.”

Only when Cordelia’s lungs started to burn did she remember to breathe. The stakes had one again been raised, and it was a game that she wasn’t willing to lose.

“Cordelia?” Wes asked gently. Cordy looked at him with an intensity he didn’t believe he’d seen on a human face before.

“Then I guess we better not screw up.” Cordelia thanked Lilah for the information and motioned for Wes to get in the car. In a few hours they would rehearse the ritual. And tonight, they would bring back Angel, even if it killed her.

Part 6

Cordelia took a long drink from her water bottle as she gazed at the stars in the night sky. The gang, excluding Connor and Lorne, had arrived in Glendale to perform the ritual. The large home was owned by an aunt of Palmer’s, and proved to be the perfect place since the aunt was on vacation.

Gunn and Wes had spent the early afternoon clearing furniture from the living room. Fred and Palmer organized the materials and formed the protective circles that would be used. Cordelia merely watched, her mind wondering if she had brought everything.

She had Angel’s blood and ashes. She brought clothes and food for when he returned. Cordelia even brought along a small arsenal of weapons, including her favorite sword, the one used when she and Angel would spar.

Cordelia took a deep breath of the cool California air to calm her down. It had been three weeks since she watched her best friend die. Now that they were so close, the nervousness was eating her alive. Even though they had practiced the ritual, the anxiety was still high.

Fred would act as anchor when Lisa went into the spirit realm to summon Angel forth. At the right moment, Cordelia was to use her own blood and pour it over the ashes and blood of her friend. This was to anchor him to this world; it would anchor him to her. They ran through it twice, all three women confident they could do this.

But that wasn’t what worried her.

Cordelia knew that the half-breed Dawson would show. Staring out into the distance, she could imagine that he already was, that he was watching her. She almost wished he were close enough to look into her eyes, eyes that told the world she had no intention of failing.

Once she had spread her own blood, she would be able to join the fight. Until then, it would be up to Gunn and Wesley to do battle with Dawson. She had to trust they would fight like hell to keep him away. Lisa said once the ritual began, it would take ten minutes to complete.

From behind her she heard footsteps. They weren’t that heavy, hesitant actually, but her newfound demon senses picked them up easily. Seconds later, Fred poked her head out the screen door.

“Cordelia, Lisa says it’s almost time,” Fred said.

Cordy smiled at the girl and nodded. She could feel Fred’s nervousness. It was as strong as her own. “We can do this,” she told her friend. Fred smiled back. If Cordelia said they could, then they could. Cordelia lingered a moment longer after Fred left. Taking a last drink of water and a deep breath, she followed her friend inside.

It was show time.


With Gunn and Wesley outside as sentries, they women inside began. Forming a circle around the Champion’s blood and ashes, the Wicca began chanting in Latin. Surrounding all three women were protective circles. Herbs Cordelia couldn’t recognize burned, and a flame roared next to Lisa.

Taking some powders, Lisa sprinkled them onto the flame. The fire burned a bright blue, then a green, and finally an angry red. After a few moments, the flame built so powerful, Cordelia was sure it would break free from its restraints. Then Lisa began to chant in English.

“Goddess, show me the way to the Spirit Realm. Guide me to the soul of the Champion. I humbly ask for your aide to bring forth the Warrior into the World of the Living. Goddess, hear me!” She threw yet more powder onto the flame and the fire shot up powerfully.


“Do you really think Sabrina can pull this off?” Gunn asked his friend.

“I hope so,” Wes answered. “I’d hate to imagine what Cordelia would do if this failed.”

“You don’t think she might…”

“Like I said, I don’t want to imagine it.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” a third voice said. From the shadows a new figure appeared. “I’d hate for something to happen to the Seer,” Dawson smirked. Drawing a sword, the half-breed approached, backed up by six vampires. “Get them boys,” he instructed the vamps.

As the demons attacked, both Wes and Gunn wondered if they could hold them off long enough to bring back their friend.


Cordelia took the knife and sliced her left palm open. Saying the appropriate phrase in Latin, she squeezed her life force onto the ashes of her Champion. Lisa was in a deep trance, the Goddess was showing her the way to another realm, a realm where Angel’s soul and demon resided.

Fred was clinging to Lisa’s hand, bound by a small spell performed prior to the ritual. When a sufficient amount of her blood fell on the ashes, Cordelia got up and left the magic circle. Her work was done; it was up to Lisa now. Grabbing her favorite sword, Cordelia left to join the fighting she had heard.


Gunn jabbed his stake into the heart of one vampire as Wesley cleaved the head of another. Only three vampires remained, but neither man knew exactly where Dawson was. As Gunn staked yet another demon, five more demons came crashing in from the brush.

Neither man was worried about the vampires. None seemed to be very strong, but the lack of knowledge of Dawson’s whereabouts was troubling.


Cordelia felt the presence in the kitchen long before the blade made an arc for her head. Cordy was able to easily deflect the blow from the sword as the two half-breeds assumed their fighting stances.

“You’re the bastard who wants us to fail, right?” Cordelia asked the other.

“Yup” Dawson smirked. “And are you the mangy whore who wants to bring that thing back into this world?”

“Yup,” Cordelia answered simply. Dawson launched himself at the Seer, swinging his blade in a wicked combination that Cordelia was able to deflect easily.

“You’re pretty good,” Dawson acknowledged.

“I learned from the best,” Cordelia said.


“Goddess! Release the Champion! His work on this realm isn’t completed,” the Wicca pleaded.


The fighting outside had intensified mightily. There were still five vampires remaining, but the demons were seemingly being reinforced occasionally. Both men had begun to suffer flesh wounds, and fatigue began to set in.

As one vampire landed a vicious uppercut to the watcher, both men had to wonder if any of them would survive this.


“I can’t let you stop this,” Cordelia told the half-breed coldly. Her arm was bleeding from a nasty cut from Dawson’s blade.

“I can’t let you succeed,” Dawson answered. He gripped the deep wound across his abdomen. “Too much is at stake.”

“You’re right about that,” Cordelia said. The two once again launched themselves at each other in a battle that only one could win.



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