Dick Clark with Extra Cheese. Epi


Ironically, when Angel woke up to 2002, the world was very much the same. He was still a vampire. His Seer still suffered painful visions that seemed to be getting progressively worse. Wolfram and Hart was still a threat, Holtz was still hell-bent on vengeance.

But there was also a warm, naked brunette sprawled on top of him. Not a bad way to start the new year. Not bad at all.

As sleep fell away and his awareness of Cordelia grew, Angel felt his body begin to respond. Everywhere they touched, he consciously felt the heat seeping in. His skin prickled at the feel of her deep even breaths on his neck. His penis “woke up” too, nudging against the cleft between her legs. He glanced down at the delectable curves, curves he’d finally, FINALLY gotten a chance to appreciate.

So much to explore. Where to begin?

Angel was debating how best to wake his sleeping beauty when the rest of the world went and did it for him. Suddenly there were babies crying and green demons humming soothing lullabies and Pylean refugees yelping “I’m gonna puke” and sprinting for the bathroom.

“Not yet,” Cordelia moaned and ungracefully rolled off of him.

Angel smiled and turned to lay on his side. “Time to get up.”

She mumbled an obscenity regarding the legitimacy of his birth and buried her face in the pillow. Instead of taking offense, Angel took the opportunity to admire her backside. She may be a tad grumpy, but will you look at that ass?

After a few more minutes of appreciation, Angel wisely decided to leave her alone for the time being. He pulled the sheet up over her shoulder and said a wistful, silent farewell to that fabulous ass. I’ll be seeing more of you later.

He rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. Looks like it’s going to be another cold one. Or I’ll never get anything done around here. Angel nearly jumped out of his skin as the icy water rained down on him. What’s wrong with this picture? She loves me. I love her. The curse is history. My days of cold showers should be over.

When Angel walked out of the bathroom, wrapping the fluffy white towel around his waist, he found Cordelia still sleeping. Only now she was lying on her back. And she’d kicked off the sheet. Angel numbly slipped on his boxers, never once taking his eyes of her slumbering body.

“Morning sunshine,” he called out as he went to the closet to grab some pants. He blindly grabbed a pair, because looking at pants meant not looking at Cordelia. And that simply wasn’t an option.

“Morning already?” she asked in a husky, sleepy voice, eyes still tightly closed. She yawned and stretched that long golden body of hers. Angel dropped the pants.

Once they were on and securely fastened, he sat down on the bed. He brushed the hair out of Cordy’s eyes. She gave him a lazy grin and nuzzled against his hand. He couldn’t help it. He had to kiss her.

“Mmmm, minty,” Cordelia murmured into his mouth, eyes still closed. He lost himself in the perfect slip-slide of tongue and lip. Her hand came up, pulling him down toward her, running through his still-damp hair. Then her eyes opened and she ended the kiss.

“You took a shower without me,” Cordy accused. Angel grinned. Somehow that whine of hers is much less annoying when she’s not wearing any clothes. And that pouty lip is starting to give me ideas.

“Next time,” Angel told her. He kissed the tip of her nose and stood up.

“Whatever,” Cordelia grumbled. “I doubt the two of us could even fit in there anyway. Not with that fat ass of yours.” Since said ass was within her reach, she reached out and gave it a smack.

“Excuse me? MY ass is fat?” Angel wagged his finger at her. “I’m not the one who can’t fit into my clothes,” he pointed out uncharitably. Although my pants are starting to feel a little tight in the crotch. She does realize that she’s naked, doesn’t she?

Indignant, Cordy hopped out of bed. Disregarding modesty entirely, she stood right in front of him, arms crossed, foot tapping impatiently.

“Listen buddy, I have it on good authority that I. Am. Perfectly. Proportional.” She jabbed him in the chest several times for emphasis. Angel growled, grabbed her poking hand and used it to yank her up against him.

“Proportional?” Angel pretended not to remember. “Really? Who told you that?” he asked as he ran his hands up and down her bare back.

“Some guy,” Cordy said nonchalantly, circling his nipple with her index finger. “I think he’s in love with me,” she stage whispered.

Angel raised an eyebrow. “Now, that’s funny.” He let his hands drift down to the firm globes of her ass. He squeezed. She squeaked. “See, because I heard that YOU were the one who was in love with HIM.”

“I wonder who’s starting all these vicious rumors?” Cordy opined. She twined her arms around his neck.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Angel blurted out just before his lips descended. Suddenly they heard the baby wail again, this time closer than before. They broke apart just as there was a knock on the door.

“I hate to interrupt,” Lorne called out, “but I think it’s feeding time.”

Angel groaned and leaned down to rest his forehead against Cordelia’s.

“That’s all you Daddy,” he heard her say. “Go.” Angel pulled away, frowning.

“I don’t wanna go,” he whined. This would be a lot easier if she wasn’t so lacking in the clothes department.

“I’ll be right behind you,” Cordy assured him. I’ll hop in the shower and be down in five minutes.”

“Angel Eyes,” Lorne said through the door, “the miracle child is hungry.”

“I’m coming,” Angel grumbled as he headed for the door.

“Angel.” Angel whipped around to see what she needed. “The miracle Seer is a little hungry too,” she informed him.

He wasn’t surprised. “Omelet?”

Cordelia nodded. “Oh, one more thing,” she said, jogging over to him. Angel smiled. Ooooo. Bouncy. She gave him a quick devastating kiss but stepped away before he could put his arms around her.

“Don’t forget Angel. I want extra cheese.”

The End


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