The Art of Seduction. 2

Part 2

Angel flipped through the newspaper lazily, his feet rested high on the table. He was bored. Cordelia had grabbed Fred and rushed out of the door as soon as she came down that morning, yelling something about shopping. Angel sighed. He’d never admit it but he missed her. Even if it was for the smallest amount of time, when she wasn’t near him he felt an ache. As though something deep inside him were missing.

Perhaps it was because she had been absent for so long. He had never realised just how much he valued her company until he had had to live without it. Or maybe it was because he loved her. Loved her so much that whenever she smiled or moved or laughed or breathed, he felt his heart swell with love and desire. All he wanted was her. And when she was away from him, the feeling of isolation and pain that clutched at his heart was unbearable.

So here he was, wasting time away by reading and brooding like he always did before he met Cordelia. Connor was at school. Gunn and Wesley were seated across the lobby, engrossed in a game of checkers. Every so often Gunn would let out a curse and mutter something about how stupid and boring the game was, while Wesley would just role his eyes and label Gunn a ‘sore loser’.

Angel groaned softly, running a hand through his hair and counting the ticks of the second hand on the clock in his head. Fred and Cordy had been gone for hours and he was missing his seer terribly. He didn’t have to brood over that for too long though because moments later, Cordelia flew through the doors of the Hyperion, one hand clutching Fred’s and the other holding several shopping bags. Fred entered behind her, looking exhausted, also holding various bags in her hand.

Gunn laughed. “Geez Cordy, who the hell are you shopping for? Half of Russia?”

Cordelia rolled her eyes and dumped her bags down, pushing her hair out of her face. Fred collapsed on the couch next to Wesley and closed her eyes.

Wesley smirked at her, then shook his head. “No Gunn, I’m pretty sure what’s in those bags could cloth half of Asia quite comfortably.”

“That’s funny, really.” Cordelia grabbed a few of the bags and headed over to the stairs, careful to pass Angel on the way. She smiled at him as she walked past, stopping immediately when a small bag slipped out of her hands and landed on the floor on front of Angel’s chair.

Cordelia sighed exaggeratedly. “Oh no. I’ve accidentally dropped my bag. Now I have to bend all the way over and pick it up-“

Wesley narrowed his eyes at her dramatized tone, glancing over at Gunn who had his eyebrows raised. Angel didn’t notice though. He was too busy staring at the bag that had fallen from Cordelia’s hand. Or more so, the contents that had spilled out of it.

Cordelia bit back a smirk and innocently widened her eyes. “Angel? Could you get that for me?”

The vampire seemed to be too shocked to move or speak. It wasn’t the ‘Victoria’s Secret’ bag that did it for him, or even the lacy garment that lay in delicate waves on the floor. It was the idea of Cordelia actually in it that made all the borrowed blood in his body rush to his crotch and he had to lay one hand on the table to balance himself, despite being seated.

Cordelia couldn’t hold in the triumphant snort and when Angel’s eyes snapped up to her face she quickly coughed, hiding it. Then she stared at him impatiently, pointing at the bag.

“Are you gonna get that?”

Angel knew he must have looked like an idiot. He knew he should have been able to at least nod or shake his head or do something. But his arms wouldn’t move and neither would his head. Words wouldn’t come out from his mouth despite the fact that he kept opening and closing it. He realised that he must have looked like a fish.

Cordelia huffed and bent over to pick up the fallen items. As she did so, the loose material of her blouse dipped at the neckline, giving Angel an unobstructed view of her breasts. They were concealed in a bra but for some reason, that was even more attractive. Angel had to bite his lip to keep from gasping out loud and it took all his self determination not to haul her over his shoulder and take her to his room.

Cordelia heard his sharp intake of breath though and she grinned wickedly, hiding the grin before she raised herself to her full height again. “Well, thanks for NOT being a gentleman.” She turned around and raced up the stairs with her bags before Angel could get out a word.


Cordy burst out laughing as soon as she was inside her room. That had been easier than she had thought. Angel had totally fallen for her seduction, in fact she’d noticed him get slightly uncomfortable. She grinned. She felt slightly guilty for torturing him like that but she was having to much fun for the guilt to actually settle.

She quickly folded the clothes she had bought and placed them in her wardrobe with a smile. A seductress couldn’t be sympathetic towards her victims. She had to torture them for all they were worth. And that was exactly what Cordelia planned to do.


Angel rested his head in his hands, taking deep unnecessary breaths as soon as Cordelia had gone up the stairs. It was possible that she was just buying lingerie for a friend. She wasn’t necessarily going to wear it herself.

Angel groaned as that thought provoked the image of a barely clothed Cordelia, dancing around in his head and seductively luring him to her. A part of him wanted to follow her upstairs and throw her onto his bed so that he could thoroughly ravish her, and discover his Cordelia like he so desperately wanted to. But he stayed seated.

Gunn smirked at the vampire’s state and walked over. “Relax man, they’re only panties.” He shrugged. “Granted they are Cordelia’s panties.”

Angel’s coughed and he loosened his collar, the heat and the embarrassment almost stifling. “I don’t-I don’t know what you mean.”

Gunn rolled his eyes. “Sure.”

Wesley hid his smile behind his hand. “Leave him alone, Gunn.”

“You’re no fun, English.”

Angel put his head in his hands again, until he heard Cordelia bounding down the stairs.

“Who wants ice cream?”

“Ooh! Me!” Gunn grinned. Cordelia smiled at him affectionately and pointed towards the kitchen. Wesley got up and nudged Fred, who was fast asleep on the sofa. She woke with a start and then relaxed when she recognized her surroundings.

“Ice cream?” He asked with a smile.

She yawned and then nodded, taking his hand and allowing him to pull her up. Wesley looked at Angel and then nodded towards Cordelia and Gunn. The vampire rose from his seat, following his friends into the kitchen.

Fred, Wesley and Gunn all took a seat at the table, while Cordy explored the refrigerator. Angel leaned against the counter, arms folded across his chest, watching her as she rummaged through the contents of the freezer, finally finding the ice cream and pulling it out. She placed it down on the table, slapping Gunn’s hand when he reached for it. She reached over into the drawer on her right and pulled up some spoons.

Angel watched her as she moved, noticing the way her skirt hugged the round curves of her ass and the way her clothes swung with her every move, clinging to her and showing off her curvaceous figure. He watched her as he always had, but now there was something more animalistic in the way his eyes stalked her, the way his body reacted, His cock was still throbbing from earlier and he wanted to bury it deep inside her at that very moment and never come out, regardless of who was in their company.

He trail of thought was suddenly interrupted when he felt a warm body pressed up against his own. His eyes widened and he glanced down in shock. He hadn’t even heard or seen her move. He was too busy thinking about-other things.

Cordelia pushed her body further into Angel’s, every delicious curve pressed up against him, breasts heaving against his chest. Angel didn’t know whether he was in heaven or in hell. He almost whimpered but caught it just in time, before it escaped into the open.

Angel looked down at Cordelia with an agonised expression, confusion and lust spread all over his face. She didn’t bat an eyelid. Instead her arm came up and for a moment he thought she was going to hook it around his neck and hug him. Instead, her arm went slightly to the right and she hooked her finger around the handle of a cabinet.

“Angel.” She stood there, impatience written all over her face. “Do you mind? I need the bowls.”

Angel’s eyes darted around, unsure of what he was supposed to do with that information.

“Ugh!” Cordelia rolled her eyes. “Move, dumbass!”

Angel immediately moved out from in front of her, missing the heat from her body as soon as it was gone. He took a seat at the table, thoroughly embarrassed. Fred lay a hand on his shoulder, smiling.

“Are you okay? You look-kinda flushed.”

Angel just grunted.

“Okay.” Cordelia placed the bowl in the middle of the table and everyone made a grab for one. When Angel didn’t move, she picked up a bowl and placed it in front of him, smiling slightly. He returned the smile as she dropped a scoop of ice cream into his bowl, serving everyone before she sat down to eat herself.

And that was when Angel knew. He just knew. Whether it was God, or the PTB, or whatever force that sat on high and watched over them all, it hated him.

He always knew he was destined to hell. Hell, he’d even become resigned to the fact that he was a damned creature. But it was moments like this, when the high and mighty really chose to rub it in, that made Angel realise just how close to hell he really was.

Cordelia Chase was eating ice cream. And Angel had never seen anything more arousing.

She lifted her spoon, filing it with a small amount of the white desert before bringing it up to her mouth. Her tongue darted out and she ran it over the front of the spoon, catching a small amount on the tip before sucking it back into her mouth, closing her eyes in delight as the flavor hit her.

She slowly inched the spoon into her mouth, tongue swirling over the milky substance, cool sweetness coiling around the muscle, before she pulled it out again, dipping it back into the bowl and bringing it to her lips once more.

This time, she ran the wet spoon over her lips, leaving trails of thick white liquid over the plump flesh. Angel bit his tongue, restraining it from darting out and licking the vanilla off her lips like it desperately wanted to.

Cordelia’s pink tongue popped out again, running languidly and seductively over her bottom lip, then dicing back into the cavern of her mouth. When it appeared a second time to clean her top lip, her eyes locked with Angel’s and his erection became almost painful. If he didn’t know better, he’d think she was doing it on purpose…

Slowly, so slowly, she ran the pink tip over the underside of her lip, never looking away from hungry brown eyes, her teeth flashing slightly as she tried to hide her grin.

And Angel lost it.

He stood up so abruptly that the chair he was seated on was knocked back into the wall, flying with such a force that it was a wonder it hadn’t broken. He grabbed Cordelia by the shoulders, ignoring Fred’s gasp and Wesley’s small shriek, and hauled her up, one hand grabbing the underside of her thigh and lifting her against him.

He kissed her, eyes cloudy with lust and ardour, tasting the divine taste of Cordelia as well as the combined sweetness of vanilla ice cream. She responded equally passionately, legs wrapping around his waist and kissing him like it was the last thing she would ever do.

Angel vaguely heard Gunn curse and Fred mumble something incoherent as he fisted his hands in Cordy’s hair, deepening the kiss and pressing their bodies closer together. He heard the scrambling of feet as their friends got out of their seats and hurried towards the door but he didn’t really care if they stayed or not. He would have taken Cordelia anyway.

He lowered them onto the table, covering her body with his own, hand still entwined in luscious strands of her dark hair, closing the gap between them until their clothes were pressed together, a frustrating barrier that Angel wanted immediately removed.

He ripped her shirt down the middle, even as Cordelia gasped and Fred nearly fainted in the corner. Angel kissed down the column of her neck, nipping the soft skin with blunt teeth, licking off a small drop of vanilla that landed there. He could almost see Wesley’s crimson face as he sputtered and battled for the exit with Gunn, both men trying to get out of the room with great speed.

Angel’s hand drifted up and down Cordelia’s thigh and she shuddered at the ticklish feeling, as he pressed two fingers against her panties, making her whimper. Angel stopped momentarily, turning his head from where it was on Cordelia chest to glance over at the now empty doorway.


Cordelia’s annoyed voice drew Angel’s eyes back to her face. She was glaring at him.


Angel’s head snapped up and brown eyes locked with annoyed hazel ones. He glanced around the table at Wes, Gunn and Fred, seated in exactly the same places as they were before-oh. They all seemed to be looking at him worriedly. Cordelia snapped her fingers.

“Do you want some more?”

Hell yeah, Angel thought to himself, grateful that vampires couldn’t blush when rational thought caught up with him and he realised that she was talking about the ice cream. He shook his head quickly.

Cordelia lowered her spoon and looked at him suspiciously. “Where did you go?”

“Nowhere.” He snapped.

Wesley frowned. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Angel said, slightly irritated, releasing the table from his deadly grip and running a hand through his hair, then over his neck, finally coming down to straighten his shirt. They hovered uncertainly above his lap, unsure of where to settle. When his finger accidentally brushed against the definite evidence of his as yet unsettled arousal, he jumped from the chair, eliciting a gasp from Fred and Cordelia.

“I uh-I really gotta-” He didn’t bother finishing, just pointed somewhere behind him and then sprinted out the door with lightning speed.

Cordelia watched him go, a small, coy smile on her face as she ate the last scoop of ice cream. Gunn’s eyes were focussed on the door that Angel had just run through.

“That vamp just gets weirder and weirder-“

Part 3

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