Title: Sweat
Author: Gabriella
Posted: 04-12-2003
Rating: NC-17
Category: Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: Based on a movie scene…
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: GT, Nothing Fancy and anyone else, just ask.
Notes: Curse? What curse? This was written because I was totally inspired by a really hot scene in The Fast and the Furious… I really need to stop watching that movie!
Thanks/Dedication:A big thanks to Psychofilly for looking this over for me and giving it that final tweak it needed. Ooh, and to Syn cos she let me steal one of her fabulous lines!
Feedback:Hell yeah! It makes me all warm and fuzzy and stuff…


Fucking dripping down my skin, soaking my back, making my shirt cling. It’s so unbelievably hot. And they say it’s okay for me. I’m a vampire so hey, immune to the heat, right? Yeah, well that’s bullshit with a capital B. I can damn well feel the heat.

And of course, thanks to Cordy, I’m stuck down here fixing my car. MY car that SHE took for a drive without telling me and then dragged through a freakin’ mudbath! I could be inside, in the air conditioning or underneath a fan but I’m out here, in the blistering heat, in the garage behind the damn hotel, cleaning the mud and grime off my car after Cordelia decided she wanted to take it for a spin.

“It was an accident.” my ass. She was trying to be all Bonnie and Clyde and speeded down one of those empty roads by the canyons near Malibu. Of course it being my luck, it rained yesterday, so the mud was still wet and slippery and flew all over the exterior of my car. You can’t make out the car was once black. It’s now a very hideous shade of brown. Thank God it didn’t get the seats. And to top everything off, she’s given me a flat tyre!

“You should be glad I’m okay,” she told me. Well, she seemed fine enough to scream her head off when she came back and I ran to my car, hugging it instead of hugging her. What? It looked like it had been hit by a truck!

So here I am, cleaning the damn machine, avoiding rays of sunshine that are streaming through the cracks in the walls and ceiling, scrubbing away bits of mud and God knows what other crap from the doors, hoping that it won’t leave scratches or remove the paint or something else that would make my shitty day so much worse.

I’ve rolled up the sleeves of my shirt, shit I’m considering ripping the damn things off. Sweat seeps through my skin and onto the black fabric, yeah, I’m an ass for wearing black, I know. Everything sticks to me, clinging like a second skin.

I can feel my hair, wet and sleek, still spiky though, soaked thoroughly to the scalp. I run a hand through it, grimacing when I look down at the sparkling liquid on my skin. I’m sweating like a fucking fountain. I look at the Plymouth. Nearly clean…

I reach down and dip the cloth into the bucket, squeezing out the excess water. Jesus, even the water’s warm. I run it across the metal, over the splotches of brown, mud creeping away to leave the shiny black walls of my car. Ah, it’s good to see you again. I smile and run the cloth over the dirty surface once more, revealing more black.

The door behind me opens but I don’t bother turning around. Why? Because I can smell her. I smell Cordelia Chase, love of my life, pain in my ass. I smell sunlight and sin and sweat and woman.


“Hey.” I grumble. I can’t help it. First she runs my car through a mudstack, now she’s the one who’s pissed?

I hear the door close softly and then the lock clicks into place. My brow creases in confusion and I turn around, finally looking at the woman standing there. And my jaw drops.

She’s wearing leather. Two coherent thoughts cross my mind. One, she looks so fucking sexy, it’s painful. Two, why the hell is she wearing leather? Isn’t she boiling? Angelus always had a thing for leather. Something about that thought makes me want to smile but I don’t. I just glare at her.

We’re not talking any kind of leather here. We’re talking tight, sticky, hugging leather trousers that mould themselves to her skin, rounding the firm globes of her ass, to the flexible, long legs, clutching every piece of her delectable flesh like a leech. They’re a dark brown in colour, reminiscent of the mud, but this time I’m actually happy to see it.

My eyes travel up the tanned muscles of her stomach, all the way to the skintight crème shirt, fabric all but groping her as the top few buttons are left open. Her excuse for it will be the heat but I know it accentuates the curve of her breast, pushing up the cleavage, the strength and the softness on subtle display, teasing every eye that will never get the chance to see it, feel it. Look but don’t touch.

Except me.

I glance at her face and she’s smiling shyly. Minx. She’s so fuckable, it hurts. Because I have her, and I love her, and I want her. My demon whispers pain to me, wants to inflict it on her for making me want her so much. But I’ll never hurt her. Maybe I want to. Maybe I don’t. But either way, I won’t. Won’t hurt her because she’s mine. Mine. Mine to love and hold and make love to. And now I’m aching for her, wanting to just reach out and touch her. But I don’t move.

She lowers her head and then looks up, an apologetic smile on her face. She comes forward slightly, playing with her hands.

“I…I’m sorry for yelling like that. I didn’t mean it.” She looks up and winces and I realise I’m still glaring. Immediately, my face softens. She continues.

“You have every right to be angry. I should have told you, it’s your car. And I should have been more careful with it.” She smiles and I smile back softly, despite the fact that I’m itching to grab her and take her hard on the floor.

“It’s okay Cor.” My voice is strained and I know she can tell because her eyes dart down to my crotch and she bites back a smile. Bitch, knows the effect she has on me. And I fucking love her for it. She takes another step closer.

“I love you, Angel.” Her hand touches my chest and I go still, electricity shooting up my spine at the sudden contact, at the feel of her.

“I love you too.” Her face lights up and she pulls her hand back, grinning at me. Then she points towards the door.

“I’ll uh, leave you to…clean.” She waves towards my car and then turns around. My hand shoots out and grabs her wrist and she spins around, surprise evident on her face.

“Don’t go.” It’s meant to come out as an order but it’s more of a whine. I flinch. She smiles.

“But it’s really hot in here.” She fans herself with her hand and I want to shake her. Does she have any idea how long I’ve been down here? How unbelievably hot I am?

I growl lightly. She raises her eyes to mine and I see a flash of amusement there. Then she takes a step towards me, arms slipping loosely around my waist, face breaking out into a smirk.

“Do you know why I really came down here?”

Probably to torture me. I shake my head. She smiles deviously, pushing her chest against mine. I’m sandwiched between her body and the car and there’s no place I’d rather be.

“I was hoping I could…make it up to you. For getting mad like that.” She runs her finger over the exposed skin at the top of my shirt and I grab her hand before she goes any further, glare once again firmly upon my face. It all falls into place. The coy smile, the false innocence, the locking of the door. She’s been planning this all along.

Cordelia bites her lip and stares wide eyed at me, that damn look that would make me walk through a thousand sunlit deserts just to be with her, for her. My grip on her hand loosens and she resumes her tender caresses on my skin. Her tongue darts out, touching the top of my lip, tasting the sweat that has gathered there. And then I’m lost.

I grab her head, hands fisting through her hair, soft, silky and dry, pulling her to me and devouring her mouth. It’s hot and heavy and she tastes so delicious it should be illegal. Her hands scratch up and down my chest, muscles rippling under the sticky fabric as she scrapes past them. I can smell her arousal, colouring her cheeks and reflecting the state I’m in.

I cup her ass with my hands, squeezing the globes tightly in my fist before hauling her up against me, fingers stroking leather as her legs wrap around my waist, tongue never leaving the hot cavern of her mouth, never breaking the kiss.

I can tell she’s restless because her hands sneak just under the collar of my shirt and she pulls hard, ripping the material from my body, buttons flying everywhere. Dammit, I liked that shirt. She breaks away from my mouth, giggling and I can’t help but grin. She’s the perfect picture of love and lust. Sweat and laughter and beauty. She brings my tattered shirt up in her hands and swings it around above her head like a lasso, laughing all the while. Then she throws it to the side and all traces of humour leave her eyes, only to be replaced by a raging hunger.

Her hands suddenly grab my head, pulling it back and attacking my neck with bites and licks that are driving me crazy. I growl low in my throat, tracing the tattoo on her back with nimble, eager fingers, pressing her closer to me. Her hands wander over the landscape of my chest, nails mercilessly flicking over nipples, ignoring my hiss of pleasure.

And then I realise she’s still completely clothed.

I can’t bear to lose the leather trousers just yet but the shirt can go. I grab the bottom of the crème fabric, and yank it up. Cordelia moves her mouth away from my neck long enough to raise her arms and the shirt slips off easily. And the sight before me makes my entire body harden with want.

Red lace.

Cordelia smirks, the smile of a dazzling temptress, ever aware of my still and shocked state. My hands slow on her back and I’m breathing heavily, sweating even more if that’s possible. She laces her fingers through my hair, pulling herself even closer, but I’m mesmerised by the lace. Can’t seem to look away.

Then she bucks her hips against mine and time resumes its hectic pace, the arousal, the woman in my arms and the sweltering heat of the garage, all slamming into me with such force that I actually stumble slightly. Cordelia grips my shoulders steadying me.

She smells so good. I dip my nose into the valley of her breasts, taking a deep breath. The scent of her wraps around me and the zipper on my pants is about to break because of the ever increasing pressure.

My tongue slips out, hurriedly running along the skin that isn’t obstructed by lace, tasting the thin film of sweat that has settled there. The flavour and the smell of her are intoxicating and I push aside the lace with one hand, taking the nipple into my mouth.

Cordelia lets out a sultry moan, throwing her head back in ecstasy and pushing herself further into my mouth. I suck on the tip, groaning at the taste of tangy sweat and her succulent skin. Her nails scratch my scalp and I growl at the sensation, teeth elongating slightly and dragging over the dusky peak at her breast. She shudders, bringing her head back to rest against my forehead.

“Angel…” It’s barely a breathy whisper, searing my soul in the best possible way. She takes a second to catch her breath, fingers stroking along my collarbone, “Don’t stop.”

Never. I capture her lips in a bruising kiss once again, holding her tightly to me and walking over to the front of the car, turning us and slamming her into the hood. She squeals into my mouth, pulling away to breathe. I trail kisses down her face, her forehead, her cheek, her nose, wherever I can reach.

Her hands are wandering purposefully down my chest, and when she reaches my pants, she undoes the belt buckle and pulls it completely out of the loop, holding an end in each hand. I grin wolfishly as she swings the belt and loops it over my neck, pulling me closer. She initiates the kiss this time, holding me securely in place thanks to the leather belt.

I’m on fire. It’s all to do with this woman. Just by touching me, she sets my entire body on fire, makes me feel so fucking alive when all I’ve ever felt for the past hundred years is cold and lifeless and dead.

I yank the belt out of her grasp and hurl it out of sight. It’s immediately forgotten, apart from the clanging noise it makes when it comes into contact with something. Cordelia jumps slightly but my hands running up and down her spine distract her. I place cool kisses along her jaw, something I know she loves, then run my tongue over the sensitive spot behind her ear. She shivers and flicks open the button of my trousers, pulling the zipper down and stroking me through my boxers.


I growl loudly, the sound coming out as minor vibrations against her neck, making her shudder against me. She keeps on stroking me, nails joining in to increase the sweet torment and my hips buck into her hand, desperately trying to get closer to the warmth, to the heat, despite the fact that it’s one hundred and eighty fucking degrees out here.

She’s panting heavily and my eyes slide shut when her tongue flicks out and runs over my neck and up my chin, all the way up to my lips until I make a grab for it, sucking it into my mouth and revelling in the taste, the moment. I want her so badly it hurts. Literally. I think it’s time to lose the leather…

My hands run through the curtain of her hair, tracing patterns down her back and around her waist, finally coming to settle on her stomach. The leather pants are low riding, and I follow the hem with my hands, fascinated by the smooth, silky skin under my fingertips. Cordelia sucks in a breath and I can feel her watching me, eyes following my own even though they aren’t looking at her.

“I love you.” She whispers.

The smile breaks out on my face and I glance up at her, winking once before undoing the button and yanking down the zipper. The pull catches her by surprise and she squeaks, sliding down the hood of the car into my waiting arms. I’ll never let her fall.

I hold her hips and gently lift her up, placing her back onto the car, kissing her once before taking hold of the leather pants at the top and pulling them down and off of her. It’s like peeling a peach. They come of smoothly, stripping my beautiful woman down to only her lacy underwear. And I nearly collapse in pleasure as I see that the panties match the bra. A vision of red. And mine. All mine.

She nudges me with her toe and I realise I’ve been staring. Immediately, my hands reach for her face and I kiss her, tongue diving into her mouth to explore the taste that knocks me off my feet. And it’s one time I don’t mind falling flat on my ass.

We’re moving faster now, hands running impatiently over each other, feeling, touching, groping skin anywhere in our reach. I hook my fingers underneath the thin string sides of her panties, pulling them hastily down her legs. She hates it when I rip the damn things but they just get in the way. So I yank them down her legs, tossing them aside, pushing her knees apart and bending in front of her.

She’s the epitome of passion and wild desire, legs spread wide on the bonnet of the car, head thrown back in absolute rapture, mouth open and screaming my name. MY name. And she tastes divine. Like fine wine and sex and so deliciously woman. I bury my face in the heat, tongue darting out and coating myself in her sweet essence, delighting in the way she responds to my touch, writhing against me like there’s no tomorrow.

“Come on baby, I love you…”

“Oh…God…” She groans, back arching, sweat dribbling down her chest and over the flat planes of her stomach.

I spread her legs wider, drawing her to the very peak of pleasure, tonguing her till its torturous and she fists her hands in my hair just to keep balanced. Her lip is being worried between her teeth and finally, I hit the spot, again and again and again until she breaks, entire body taut with pleasure before she snaps and goes flying, screaming my name as she comes, hot and heavy against my lips.

She’s panting much heavier than before now and I move up slowly, gathering her in my arms as she rests her head against my shoulder. We don’t speak for a moment and she turns her head, kissing my chest with feather light touches. I tilt her chin up and kiss her gently, make her taste herself on my lips. She cups my face and deepens the kiss, tongue coming out to trace my bottom lip before it intertwines with mine, battling for control, increasing the pace once again.

She moves her hands down my face and my neck, over my shoulder and I shiver slightly, due to the sensation. Her hands cross over behind my neck and she draws me closer, leaning back on the hood and pulling me over her body. The hood makes a creaking sound and I pause, momentary concern for my beloved car overriding my lust.

But then she bites down on my neck, just over where my pulse point would be, and I couldn’t give a shit if my car spontaneously combusted or suddenly hightailed it outta dodge. I growl and take her lips with mine. I climb up and settle over her body, never losing her kisses, even as she runs her hand down my spine, making me shiver deliciously, and pushes down my boxers.

I lift my hips slightly so that she can roll them down, finally kicking them away myself when they’re at my knees. She leans up and I unfasten the bra strap, pulling it off her shoulders and chucking the unwanted garment aside.

No barriers.

Body to body, flesh to flesh. She’s beauty, sunshine, earth, love, heart. A bronze Goddess who loves me. ME. For who I am and what I am and all the other crap that goes with it. I run my hand softly down her cheek and her eyes flutter closed. Her legs spread a little and she smiles softly, as I trace the skin all the way across her jaw and down her neck.

“Angel!” The whisper is harsh and frustrated and mirrors my need for her. But I want to savour this. This very moment. When she’s here with me and she loves me and there’s nowhere on earth or heaven or hell I’d rather be.

“Angel…” This time it’s a whine and I can’t help but smile as I lean up and kiss her, slipping into her effortlessly. She gasps as I fill her, eyes sliding shut as she arches to accommodate me once again. We fit like a lock and key. Perfect and beautiful and extraordinary.

I thrust into her, car clanking slightly under my weight. She just smiles and puts her arms around my neck, legs wrapping themselves around my waist, ankles coming up to my thighs and clutching on for dear life as my thrusts become harder, faster, plunging into her and then out again, amazed by the way she’s so warm inside, hotter than the outside heat.

She scorches me but I revel in it, thrusting erratically now, even as she moans in my ear with pleasure, sucking on the earlobe and making my entire body jolt. I thrust faster, and she matches the rhythm, hips moving in sync to mine, dancing with me in the most intimate way. Her walls are slick and tight and I groan as the searing heat rushes through my body.

“God, Angel…harder!” The words choke out of her throat, loud and desperate, and I’m more than happy to comply. My hands grip her thighs hard enough to leave bruises but the both of us are too caught in passionate frenzy to notice. She’s so beautiful like this. Always, but especially like this. Ardent, wild, alluring, heavenly.

She pushes up and I push down, rocking against each other madly, bodies firmly joined and I increase the pace, quickening the movements, speeding up the climax. I reach between us, stroking the bundle of nerves I find there. Cordelia gasps and arches against me, eyes tearing up from the intensity of a simple touch. Sweat is pouring down my back, soaking my hair. Cordelia’s hair is slick as well, and I comb my hand through it, streaking it back against her scalp.

Sparks are flying as I push against her clit, applying pressure incessantly, torturing her mercilessly. I run my tongue over the beads of sweat falling leisurely between her breasts, tasting the flavour again and again until I feel her muscles contract and the tremors that shudder through her body as her walls close around me tightly and the orgasm ripples through her. She yells out my name, and then her entire body relaxes, head falling back against the hood.

I can hear the car creaking under us but I only have a second to really consider that before she’ s up again, lips closing around my ear and teeth scraping across the sensitive skin, biting down hard. I lose it. Thrusting violently now, twice more and then I’m gone, shooting my seed inside her like a rocket.

I collapse on top of her and her arms immediately go around my neck, running through wet strands of hair. I kiss the cushion of her breast, still drenched with tangy sweat, flicking my tongue out to taste it again. She moans softly, kissing the top of my head and then laying back again.

We lie there for several minutes, in comfortable silence, her nails scratching my scalp, making me purr with pleasure. Our fingers are locked together in her free hand, and this is an intimacy that I’ve never shared with anyone other than Cordy before. I wouldn’t want to. It’s perfect.

Then I notice something, directly in front of me, glaringly obvious as I rest on her breast. A gigantic crater, the size of Alaska, starting at one end of the hood, dipping in the centre underneath our still joined bodies and coming up on the other side. I glare at it, willing it away with my deathly stare. When that doesn’t work, I sigh, more than a little annoyed.


“What?” She murmurs, hands still caressing my hair.

“You dented my car!”



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