Title: Sway
Author: Gabriella
Posted: 07/02
Rating: PG
Category: Romance
Content: C/A
Summary: Sometimes when you and I collide, I fall into an ocean of you, pull me out in time, don’t let me drown…
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: JF, GTC/A, anywhere else just ask.
Notes: I wrote this over at my LJ for Lysa (just a quick challenge fic in which she gave me 3 words and I had to come up with something – so it *is* short but I was kindof happy with it so I thought what the hell…) Lyrics are in italics from the song ‘Sway‘ by Bic Runga
Thanks/Dedication: For Lysa.
Yes please!


Don’t stray, don’t ever go away
I should be much too smart for this
You know it gets the better of me
Sometimes, when you and I collide
I fall into an ocean of you
Pull me out in time, don’t let me drown

He stayed at the very edge of the concrete where he’d parked the car, his boots brushing against the sand as he looked out over the ocean, breeze ruffling his hair and making his eyelids flutter.

“Cordelia, maybe we should – “

“Come on, Angel!” She was already halfway to the water, her bare feet sliding silkily through the sand, the heels she’d worn earlier that evening twisted around her fingers and hanging loosely from her hand. “Quit being such a killjoy.”

Angel sighed, stepping off the solid earth and onto thick-textured, uneven ground, the sand crunching beneath his feet as he followed his girl across the short space of beach, coming to a stop behind her.

“We should get you home.” He murmured, his words carrying weightlessly on the wind.

Cordelia made a face, the soft fragrance of wine fleeting past him as she swayed, her hand grasping blindly. Angel’s hand shot out, his fingers circling her wrist as he pulled her into his side, pressing a cheek to her forehead.

“Home, schmome.” Cordy waved away his suggestion, nearly inadvertently hitting him in the face. She straightened in his arms, hiccupped. “I love this place.”

She always glowed, in sunshine and in moonlight, her hair a curtain of silk, dark and silver as the waves crashed rhythmically against the shore. She was composed, perfect – as though she was born to be painted, to be viewed as an object of unrivalled, unimaginable beauty. Her bone structure captured him, the sharp slant of her cheekbone juxtaposed with the impossible softness of her cheek.

Angel had no control over his fingers as they reached out, tracing her jawline as though it *belonged* to him, as though she belonged to him.

In his mind, in his aching heart and longing soul, she did.

Cordy’s eyes fluttered and she turned to face him, fingers curling loosely around his wrist to hold him there. “Don’t you think it’s beautiful?”

His mouth was dry, his body burning with the intensity of his desire. “There’s no place I’d rather be.”

When she smiled it was like sunshine, bright and brilliant against a backdrop of dreamless night, her body moving closer until there was no space between them. Angel breathed her in, his lips against her forehead, the scent of her streaming through him, making him dizzy.

Cordelia pulled back, her chin just beneath his, her eyes glazed yet determined. “I want you to kiss me.”

His heart didn’t beat, couldn’t, though he swore it jolted to life, if only for a second. “You’ve had a lot to drink.”

She rolled her eyes. “Of course.” She pulled out of his arms then, almost jerkily, and immediately he felt a void, missed her.

“Cordy – “

“Don’t.” It was abrupt and it stopped him in his tracks, his eyes narrowing in confusion. “Don’t even say it. All you ever *do* is make excuses for the way you feel, whether it’s to my face or behind my back.”

She was walking away then, staggering slightly as the alcohol swirled in her system, her steps angry, distant. Angel followed her, catching up and making a grab for her hand though she was having none of it, her feet propelling her forward and away from him.

“Cordelia – “

When she spun around she nearly collided with him, taking him entirely by surprise. His hands dropped onto her shoulders, grateful when she didn’t push him away.

“If loving me is so terrible Angel, then why *do* you?”

The wind howled in the distance, picking up speed and sound as silence stretched thin between them. Cordelia’s eyes were wet, her cheeks dry as locks of hair hit her face, curling in elegant strands around her ears.

Angel swallowed, taking his time, wanting to make this right. His hands reached up, shakily combing through her hair, pushing the stray strands away from her wide, vivid eyes.

“I love you because you’re you.” He admitted. “And there’s nothing terrible about that.”

He must’ve have got it, must have done it *right* for once because her face softened, her eyes closing as a deep shudder ran through her, her body trembling with emotion. Her hands found his lapels, pulling him forward and into her, their foreheads touching.

“I want you to kiss me.” She said the words again, his body giving a similar reaction, though this time he didn’t hesitate, dropping his mouth to hers as the stars settled around them, sprinkling glitter onto the scene.

Angel moved his arms around her, encircling her waist and pulling her flush, his lips plundering hers in a moment so sweet it made his knees weak and his body sway.

Cordelia buried into his arms, her cheek against his collarbone as she held on tightly to him, her hand intertwining with his in a dance.

He found himself enjoying this, his cheek pressed against her head, his feet swaying if only just – the woman in his arms as precious and serene as the ocean itself.



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