Cordelia’s Return. 2

Part 2

She woke up and looked at him in horror.

‘Angel?’ she asked. But before she could move his hand shot out and grabbed her.

‘Wrong baby’ he snarled ‘its Angelus, I’m back and I feel good, come here I’m gonna shag you’

He pushed her on to her back and plunged himself into her without any hesitation. She gasped, as she hadn’t been ready for him. He thrust into her ferociously and as he felt himself come he sank his fangs into her neck and started to drain her.

She struggled against him and managed to get him off her, only because he’d decided he save her for later. He went into the shower and soon returned drying himself with a towel. He went to his suite and returned with some leather jeans and a black silk shirt. He didn’t bother with boxers. She watched in a daze through half closed eyes as he dressed.

He turned to her and said ‘you can clean yourself up then get ready for me. I have some business to attend to but I wont be long. Don’t even think of escaping coz you’re mine and it will make it worse for the others if you disobey me.’ With that he turned and left, dead locking the door behind him.

She cried to herself after he had gone, then decided it wasn’t doing her any good, she was no “cryBuffy”. She pulled herself together and went into the bathroom.

She stepped into the shower shocked by what had happened, she hadn’t thought his soul would be a problem after all he didn’t love her and with Connor’s kidnap she didn’t think he would be happy enough to lose it. When she had finished scrubbing, she dried herself, and then started to think of ways to get away.

She tried to get out of the suite but Angelus had deadlocked the door behind him, this suite didn’t have a balcony so no escape there, and as it was the third floor up, she couldn’t climb out of the window. She gave up and looked round for some clothes to wear but had to put her still damp bra and briefs from yesterday and the sundress she had travelled in, as she could find no others.

She picked up the telephone to call out but it was dead so she went and picked up her cell phone from her purse but was dismayed to notice it was nearly flat, she rang Willow, but only managed to leave a short message on her answer service. Then she rang Gunn and quickly explained what had happened adding that he and Fred better keep clear and be on the look out for Angel. She knew Angel had never been invited into Gunn’s digs so thought they would be safe there.

Wesley should be OK in hospital, especially as Angel had already had a go at him, the staff would be on the look out for him. She gave him Willows number and said that if she couldn’t get to a phone any more he would have to work something out to capture Angel and then anchor his soul again, with help from Willow. She added that he would need and ‘orb of Thesulah’, to complete the spell.

Gunn asked why he couldn’t just stake him but Cordy said that Angel had to be saved if possible. Then her phone beeped and went flat, she knew her charger was at her apartment, so it looked as though she would be relying on Gunn to sort it.


Angelus made his way from the Hyperion basement and into the sewers, he was feeling good, it felt so much better to be himself, rather than that tormented soul boy Angel. He hummed a little as he made his way into Wolfram & Hart’s underground car park. He remembered there was something he had to do here, but it didn’t seem important now all he wanted was to find Lilah and give her the shafting she deserved. He knew which car was hers and so strode over to stand in the shadows nearby as he waited for her to come out.

He had been waiting about an hour before she appeared; he’d begun to get impatient and was about to leave to find a meal when she emerged from the lift. Good she was alone he thought to himself not that he minded an audience it just meant he would have to kill more people and he wasn’t up to full strength yet, mind you Cordy’s blood sure hit the spot he thought to himself, he would keep her alive just for his pleasure and to torment soul boy.

Lilah walked over to her car and unlocked it as she did so she suddenly felt a presence behind her, she whirled round cursing herself for being so stupid as to have come down here on her own. She stared straight into Angel’s eyes, she shuddered as she saw how cold they looked and she just knew she was in big trouble.

‘Angel’ she gasped ‘you made me jump, what are you doing here at this time of the day?’ She’d always thought she would be safe during the day, “how wrong can you be?” she thought.

‘I’ve come for you’ he replied ‘and the names’ Angelus, you didn’t think you would get away with all the things you’ve done did you. You’ve tried to bring me back enough times, so now I’m here,’ he purred at her as he closed in and started to kiss her. She stiffened as he did so realising she was in serious trouble, but couldn’t stop her self from responding to him; she’d always fancied him from afar. She moaned as he bit her lip and felt herself becoming aroused.

He sniffed then laughed at her ‘I cant believe you, you want it’ he said ‘even though you know you’re going to die.’

He ripped her shirt open and tore her bra off as he moved down and licked her breast before sinking his fangs in and sucking her blood. It wasn’t as good as Cordy’s but he didn’t care he had to get his strength back up. He pulled her skirt up and ripped her briefs off, before she knew what was happening he had roughly thrust his fingers into her. Her body responded despite the fact that her heart was frantically beating. He unzipped his pants and pulled himself out and pushed into her in one smooth action, she tried to hit him but he easily held her hands in one of his as he licked and bit as much of bare skin as he could. He heard her moan as she began to climax around him, but he carried on even after she begged him to stop. He finally came and as he finished he said to her ‘I hope it was good for you’ as he drained her blood until her heart stopped. He pulled himself out of her and adjusted his pants as he let her fall to the ground. He turned and walked away without a backwards glance, He had a few things to attend to before going back to his pet at the hotel.


Cordy heard the basement door slam; she’d been trying to pull the suite door open. She quickly moved back sat down and picked up a magazine to read. He came bounding up the stairs, but he went into his old suite. He thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to go to Cordelia smelling of Lilah’s perfume or with blood on him. So he had a quick shower and changed his shirt for a red one then went into her suite, carrying a bottle of wine and a pack of blood and some glasses.

He uncorked the wine and pulled a pack of sandwiches from his pocket. Cordy looked at them, he obviously didn’t want her to starve. He poured wine for her and blood for himself and proposed a toast ‘to our wonderful future together’ he said as he drank deeply. She sipped at the wine, it tasted a bit odd but then she really wasn’t a wine buff so it was probably ok. She took another mouthful it tasted much better. She drained the glass and held it out for more thinking that whatever was about to happen it would help if she was out of it. He smiled at her as he filled her glass. She began to feel light-headed and fuzzy so she reached over to grab a sandwich. She had a couple of bites and then felt full. He was studying her in great detail. All of a sudden he dragged her up and pulled her to him. He kissed her roughly then ripped her dress from her body and threw it on the floor, the bra and briefs soon followed.

‘What did you do that for?’ she cried ‘I’ve got no more clothes here.’

‘When I said ready for me I meant naked on the bed’ he growled at her as he pushed her on to it.

He parted her legs and pulled them up so he could pay attention to her, as she lay helpless under him. He moved down and started to lick and nip at her, his hands on her breasts teasing her nipples to hard peaks. She moaned as he did so and as she felt the wine going to her head she lost any inhibitions she may have had and opened her legs to allow him full access. It was his turn to groan as he looked down at her he couldn’t wait so he quickly stood up and undressed.

She looked at him through half closed eyes ‘you’re beautiful’ she breathed ‘like a Greek god only better endowed.’

He smiled at her, the drug he had put in her wine was obviously starting to work. He fell on the bed and plunged into her filling her completely. She gasped then began to move with him, after a while as she was trembling on the brink of an orgasm he pulled out and teased her with his cock before looking down.

‘What do you want?’ he asked.

‘Finish me, you bastard’ she cried her hands going to help her get the relief she wanted, he pulled them away and turned her over. He pulled her ass up then he parted her checks and slowly pushed into her ass. She cried out, as she’d never had that done to her before. He moved his hand and started massaging her, pushing his fingers into her. It didn’t take long before she was in a fever pitch again pushing back against him, as he pushed into her filling her completely. He could feel Angel screaming at him to stop, but ignored him as he felt the pressure building in his balls, he finally exploded into her with a hard push sending him over the edge as he bit her shoulder and sucked more blood from her. He pulled out and turned her over spreading her wide as his head dipped down to taste her again. She moaned at first but he soon had her gasping as he brought her to another climax as he gently sank a fang into her clit and sucked it as it throbbed against his mouth. She passed out from the pleasure and intensity of it.

He crawled up the bed beside her and gathered her into his arms. He first thought had be to turn her and make her his queen, but now he wasn’t so sure, he liked her warm body and her blood was like wine to him. If he turned her she would be cold and clammy like that bitch Darla. It was then he remember his son Connor as a wave of rage coursed through him, how dare Holtz think he could take Connor, he would track him across the universe if need be to get him back, when he found Holtz he would torture him for a very long time. Nobody messed with his property. He fell asleep with that thought in his mind.

He woke later in the morning to find her spooned against him, his cock ridged again, he pulled her top leg back over him and trust into her. He was surprised to find her ready for him.

She murmured in her sleep ‘Ohh Angel, so good.’ He thrust harder to make her realise it wasn’t soul boy, but she just pushed against him even more taking all he could give and as he hit her ‘g’ spot repeatedly at that angle she soon climaxed. When he felt her muscles gripping him he tried but couldn’t stop himself following her in an orgasm so strong it amazed him. He fell back asleep, arms and legs wrapped possessively round her, muttering to himself “mine”.

When he woke up he was dismayed to find himself alone, but he sensed Cordy was still close by. He got up and pulled his leather jeans on, he couldn’t find his shirt so he went to the small kitchen where her scent was taking him. He stopped in the kitchen doorway; watching her, she was standing by the fridge drinking some juice, a sandwich half eaten beside her, wearing his red silk shirt. He thought she’d never looked more beautiful as he felt his cock hardening. He moved to stand behind her and breathed in her warm cinnamon smell that he loved. He put his hand under the shirt and caressed her nipples. He unzipped his jeans and freed his throbbing cock to thrust it in to her. She cried out at the force of it as she was still tender from the last invasion a few hours ago.

He pulled out and growled ‘take it off if you don’t want me to rip it off you, you’ll not get another one.’ She quickly unbuttoned the shirt and slipped it from her shoulders. He turned her round and then picked her up and lowered her on to his hard cock. He pulled her legs round his waist and started to plunge into her, she put her arms round him and drew his head down to kiss him. He felt himself begin to climax, he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t last longer and wondered if ‘soul boy’ was hurrying things along somehow. He shuddered into her as he came and nearly collapsed on the floor from the intensity of it. He pulled out and went in to the bathroom for a shower. She picked up the shirt and put it back on but only doing a couple of buttons up. It didn’t seem to matter she thought to herself he’d seen her naked it was only her instinct to cover herself that made her do so.

She had plenty of time to think about what was happening; she knew there was no point in trying to reason with him as Angelus. As soon as he had left she went over to the bathroom and ran herself a hot deep bath, she missed Dennis doing lots of little things for her, but figured she had plenty of time to do them herself, shut in this suite 24 hours a day.

She wondered just how long she would be stuck here and if she would get out before he lost interest in her. Her greatest fear was that he would turn her into a vampire; she hoped that if he did someone would stake her before she did any harm to anyone. She lay back and felt herself drifting off to dream of the night when she had first arrived back, after he had made love to her, it had been perfect.

Part 3

He would go out and bring small amounts of food for her and shafting her whenever he felt like it, he disappeared for large parts of the day and night leaving her alone but always locking her in the suite before he left.

This pattern repeated itself for a few days, until she decided to turn the tables on him.
So one night when he came in from hunting she was sitting cross legged on the bed with just two buttons of the shirt done up, she’d had a couple of glasses from the wine he’d brought a few days ago to give her some courage and was feeling light headed. She knew she was exposed to him but forced herself to remain calm as she slowly undid the buttons and peeled the shirt off her body.

She had had a long bath that afternoon and used the last of her body lotion on herself, she thought she looked good with her tanned skin glowing especially as she’d lost a few pounds, since returning from Mexico. She reached her hands above her head in a cat like stretch. His eyes widened as he took in the site of her, he was sure she was working some sort of magic on him. He was supposed to be the big bad master vampire and yet here he was trembling to touch her like a callow youth.

She moved to the edge of the bed and got on her knees and undid his shirt pushing it off his shoulders next she undid his jeans pushing them down until he could step out of them. Then she took his erect cock into her mouth, licking, nipping and sucking him. He thought he would explode; no human had ever done this to him voluntarily. He stood and trembled as she cupped his balls squeezing them in her hand as she used her other hand to rub round his hips and butt, pulling him closer to her. He felt himself coming and tried to pull away but she didn’t let him just took him further into her mouth. When he came she swallowed every last drop and licked him clean before letting him go. He collapsed on the bed, before his knees gave way, to lie beside her totally sated.

The next day she was in the kitchen when she hard him coming in, so she purposely bent over legs slightly apart, to reach into the fridge making sure she had her back to the door as it opened. He groaned when he saw her and then when she straighten up noticed she only had one shirt button done up, giving him a tantalised glimpse of her breasts.

‘God baby what are you doing to me’ he groaned ‘you’re supposed to be afraid and cowering, not offering yourself to me.’

‘What the point of being afraid? If you were going to kill me you would have done so by now, I may as well enjoy your body as you obviously want mine’ she said staring pointedly at the large bulge in the front of his jeans.

He grabbed her and yanked his cock out of his jeans as he pushed her down on the floor, not being able to wait any longer as he plunged in to her. She allowed herself a small smile she knew she was getting to him, playing him at his own game. She just hoped that Gunn would work out a way to dart him before Angelus lost interest and killed her.

She had looked for anything she would be able to use as a weapon if she got the chance, but there seemed little of any use.


Another day went by, she was starting to despair of ever leaving the hotel alive, then that evening after Angelus had gone out, she heard a noise in the corridor. She went over to the door.

‘Cordy, are you in there?’ came the voice of Gunn through the door.

‘Yes, thank god you’re here’ she said relieved ‘go in the next suite before your scent gets strong enough for him to smell in the corridor and we’ll talk through the window.’

After he was in the room she ran over to the window opened it and leaned out. His head soon popped out of the adjoining window.

‘Are you OK?’ he asked.

He raised his eyebrows at her lack of apparel, she explained that her own clothes had become ripped and Angelus would only allow her his shirt, as it was easy to remove. Gunn looked astonished at this, not quite believing that Cordy would do as she was told.

‘Yes for now, I’ll tell you more if I get out of this alive’ she said ‘but for now just keep quite in here until you hear him come in, he will want sex straight away he always does.’

Gunn’s eyes darkened at this remark not understanding how forceful Angelus could be.

‘Come in, you may have to force the door, when I yell, I’ll try to manoeuvre him to a suitable position so you can get a clear shot in his ass or his back’ she said. Gunn smiled at this.

‘Sometimes he’s so eager he doesn’t undress’ she added to explain.

Gunn again looked horrified. Then when he thought about it he had to admire her for keeping her cool in what must have been a very traumatic experience for her.

She left him then and walked to the door spraying a large amount of perfume under the door hoping it would fool him in to not notice Gunn’s scent.


Angelus came back a little earlier that night he was feeling very pleased with himself as he had managed to do a deal to see some vamps downtown who may be able to give him some information as to the whereabouts of his son. He would be meeting them tomorrow to get the info. He couldn’t wait to get back to Cordy; he was beginning to think that he might even be in love with her she turned him on so much even after a week of sex.

He usually lost interest after a day or so, but she seemed different. He was so busy thinking about her that the slightly different scent in the hotel didn’t register with him, as he ran up the stairs to her suite and opened the door, he wondered what she would tempt him with tonight he couldn’t wait.

She was laying back on the bed with one knee bent up, wearing his red shirt with just one button done up. She’d also put some make up on with nice dark red lipstick, which he adored. He noticed she’d painted her nails as well. He felt himself stiffening as he looked at her, she slowly undid the button and slid the shirt away from her body. Then she licked her middle finger and slowly trailed it down past her breasts to rest between her slightly parted legs, all the while looking up at him through half closed eyes.

‘Have you been at that wine again?’ he asked her, smiling at her as he stripped his clothes off.

She just lay back and didn’t reply as she opened her legs to encourage him. She wanted to make sure he was focused on her and not what was happening outside the door. He couldn’t wait he had to have her so he flung himself on to her and plunged himself into her pleased to feel she could accommodate him quicker now. After a while as he thrust he lifted her hips up to give her pleasure as well, something he wouldn’t have thought of doing before this week. He felt her muscles gripping his cock as she came with a yell, he sank his fangs into her neck and as he fed off her, with a few final ragged thrusts he follow her over the edge, just as he collapsed on top of her he heard the door crash open but before he could react he felt a sharp pain in his butt, he groaned as he lost consciousness on top of her.

Cordy struggled to get out from under the unconscious vampire. Gunn grabbed him and pulled him off trying not to look at all the naked flesh on display. Cordy quickly pulled the shirt back on and did up the buttons. They went to his suite and dragged out the chains he had in the bottom of his closet, and chained Angelus to the bed. Cordy changed into some of his jog pants & a sweatshirt while she was in his suite.

‘Make sure you put plenty on him otherwise he’ll be out of them’ she warned, through the open door.

They left him to sleep it off and went downstairs. Gunn called Fred on his cell, and a while later Fred came in followed by Willow.

‘Right lets get this show on the road’ said Cordy. The others looked at her in amazement, expecting her to be ranting and raving at Angelus, but as she explained it had probably been her fault he’d lost it in the first place. Willow said that she had studied the text more closely and had worked out how to resoul him without the ‘happiness’ clause, so at least they would be safe from Angelus reappearing.


Cordy went upstairs to see if he was awake, he was just coming round and was looking at her with furious yellow eyes his demon in full control.

‘You bitch, I knew I should have turned you’ he shouted.

‘Stop struggling and swearing or I’ll tazer you. Now we can do this the civilised way in which you get to be decently covered or I leave you exposed like this for Fred & Willow to see your assets’ she said as she ran her hand lightly over his naked body.

He growled at her knowing what she was doing to him, just by touching him she could get a raise out of him. He subsided and looked at her knowing he was beaten, but figured it would be easier to lose his soul the next time, he only had to look at her to feel happy.

‘That’s better’ she said covering his lower body with a sheet.

‘Just remember I can yank it of at any stage if you play nasty’ she added. She went to the door and called the others in.

Gunn stood in the doorway with a dart gun as Willow went about setting up the things she needed, when everything was in place Cordy, Fred & Willow started the spell gathered around the bed. Angelus was struggling and muttering something about bloody witches, but Cordy told him to shut up or she would gag him.

The spell was quite a long one, but eventually Willow finished it as her eyes went black briefly. The orb lit up as they stood back and waited watching him as his eyes glowed with a pure light for a few seconds as his soul reasserted itself. He gasped and groaned a few times then appeared to pass out.

‘I think it worked’ said Willow ‘I got the same feeling go through me as I did the first time in Sunnydale.’

‘We’ll let him sleep it off for now’ said Cordy ‘I need to shower and get some clean clothes of my own. By the way has anyone seen Groo, he should have been back by now? I was surprised he hasn’t been hammering on the doors.’

‘He may have been trying to ring, but Angel did something to the phones, coz I tried to ring you a few days ago and just got a single tone. The main doors are locked from inside, we had to come in through the basement’ said Gunn.

Cordy asked Gunn if he would run her home, they were a bit reluctant to leave to two girls alone so Cordy suggested they all go out for food, Cordy meeting them later after she’d been home, before coming back to see if the spell had worked.

When Cordy got back to her apartment Dennis her ghost was overjoyed to see her, floating things around and started running her a bath as he knew she liked it. Her suitcases had miraculously appeared as well, Angel must have brought them here for her at some stage.

‘Oh Dennis, I haven’t time for a bath, I’ll have one later’ she said.

She said she’d meet the others later after she’d changed. She was soon heading for the taco bar where she knew they were. They disused all that had happened over the last few weeks, and no body could really blame Angel for the way he’d behaved.

When they got back to the hotel Cordy went up so see how he was. She found him awake staring up at the ceiling with a mournful, brooding look on his face.

‘Hi’ she said to him ‘I can tell your back, that’s one face that Angelus doesn’t wear.’

‘Oh hell Cordy what have I done, you said you’d stake me if I turned evil, what happened?’

‘You should be pleased, you’ve got your soul back with no happy clause so I guess as soon as we find Connor you’ll be heading off to Sunnyhell into Buffy’s arms’ she said bitterly as she undid his chains.

As soon as he was free he got up and gathered her into his arms, not bothering that he was still naked.

‘You know it’s you I love, not Buffy’ he said ‘Buffy will always be a part of me but times change and we’ve moved on anyway she’s quite into Spike now, so I’ve heard.’

‘Lets concentrate on getting Connor back first shall we?’ said Cordy not daring to believe what he had said. She left him to shower and get dressed and went to join the others downstairs.

Angel came down to see them later on.

‘Hey man how are you’ said Gunn ‘the best thing you’ve every done was to kill that bitch Lilah, I take it was you, it said on the local news she was raped and then her blood drained. You wouldn’t have done that as Angel.’

Cordy looked surprised she hadn’t heard the news but was relieved; Lilah had been a thorn in their side for ages now.

‘Don’t be too sure’ said Angel ‘after all I left her to Darla & Dru last year in the lawyer fest.’

Angel told them about his meet with the vamps that may have info about Connor and they tossed around a few ideas. Eventually Willow said she was going back home as she had class the next day. She said she’d drop Cordy off at home if she liked.

Gunn and Fred got up to go as well. Angel looked at Cordy, he’d assumed she would stay with him, but she’d already decided that she needed some space to sort out her feelings now he was back. So she said she might see him the next day and that he wasn’t to go all broody on her again. Little did he realise it would be the last time he would see her for a long time. They left him alone.

Later that evening he went to the arranged meeting place to get info about Connor but it turned out to be a false lead one he’d already explored. He went back to the hotel and up to the suite he’d shared with her and laid on the bed and fell asleep drinking in her remaining scent that was still on the sheets.

When he woke he decided he had to go to Sunnydale to explain everything to Buffy so he could start a clean slate with Cordelia. He wasn’t really surprised that she didn’t come in that day he thought she’d need some time to adjust so he didn’t hassle her even though it took a lot of self-control on his part. He could still feel a bond with her so wasn’t worried. Fred & Gunn came in and told him how Wesley was getting on. He wasn’t interested wishing Wesley to hell for what he’d done to Connor, but Fred explained the reasons why Wes had done it so Angel didn’t feel quite so murderous towards him. He told them he was going to Sunnydale that evening, but would be back before sunrise. They left him alone, as it was a quiet day.

He set off for Sunnydale as soon as the sun set hoping to be back before the morning, but the fates were against him, as he went to leave his car wouldn’t start, so he had to stay in Sunnydale until he could get it fixed. He was frantic to get back to LA he could feel his link with Cordy weakening with each passing hour. In the end it was 2 days before he could return.

He spent a lot of that time talking to Willow who was living at Buffy’s now that her parents had moved out of the area. He thanked her for restoring his soul without the happy clause, he was impressed that she was now so powerful a witch, but she told him she had to lay off magic as it was becoming addictive and she couldn’t control it. He told her that if she ever needed somewhere to stay she would always be welcome at the Hyperion; she thanked him thinking she may take him up on the offer one day. He had tried to talk to Buffy a couple of times but each time they were interrupted by either Dawn or Spike. Dawn made it quite clear she did not want him around even though he told her he wasn’t staying through choice.

Buffy and Spike were off together a lot of the time, Spike being reluctant to let Buffy and Angel spend much time together thinking that Buffy would fall for Angel all over again. Angel had a very disturbing couple of days, and was relieved to finally be on his way back to LA. He could feel his bond with Cordy weakening.

Cordelia entered the hotel the morning after Angel had gone to Sunnydale, she could feel he wasn’t there. She waited impatiently for Fred & Gunn to arrive. They told her where he’d gone, and that he’d said he would be back. The phones were still out of order so he couldn’t contact them. She felt miserable thinking he’d gone back to Buffy but couldn’t tell her. So when she left that evening she decided she would go away to give herself time to think and sort out her feelings. So she packed her few most precious possessions and emptied the fridge. Then with a word to Dennis she left her apartment.

Cordelia walked into the office and over to the safe. She opened it and counted out a thousand dollars, she figured that should be enough to get her a place to stay and tied her over until she found a job. She closed the safe and locked it then she went to Angel’s desk and put the letter she had written on it along with her apartment key. She had simple said that she had borrowed the money and would pay it back one day. She added that she knew she’d said she would never leave him but he must realise that the events of the last few days had altered things; she needed time away from everyone to think and decide what to do for the future. The rent on the apartment was paid until the end of the month, after that if she wasn’t back could they put her stuff in store for her. She had said she would be in touch if she had any visions, and had simply signed it. Yours C.

With a last look round she slipped out into the dawn. She had packed a couple of suitcases earlier and all that remained was for her to get to the airport. She had ordered a cab as a last luxury, she thought she wouldn’t be able to afford any from now on; it was waiting outside the hotel. She carried her bags over and loaded them in climbed into the back and told the driver to go to the airport.


The End of this 1st in the series


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