A Deeper Shade of Beige.

Title: A Deeper Shade of Beige. A Darkness Within Forum Fic
Author: Gilly
Rating: R/N-18
Category: Angst, smut.Could be considered rape, don’t read if offended by this.
Content: C/A
Summary: A different take on Redefinition and Reprise, with altered timeline.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Thanks/Dedication:For Cali on DW fiction, (hope its ok!) Not 100% happy with it, but didn’t want you to have to wait any longer.
Feedback: Always appreciated


Taking a final deep drag from his cigarette, Angel flicked the remaining butt end into the pool of liquid. The cigarette arched and twisted briefly before the fumes rising from the spilt fuel ignited and the resulting sheet of flame flowed quickly across the floor towards the stunned women standing unknowingly in its path.

The vampress’ were rooted to the spot, unable to comprehend that the vampire who had made them could initiate such a cruel act. After a few seconds in the sizzling flames, Darla pulled herself together and grabbing a sledge hammer in one hand and Drusilla in the other, she turned and ran from the burning building and over to a nearby fire hydrant, the licking flames pursuing them.

Once there she knocked the top off and jumped under the resulting jet stream of water pulling Dru under with her, thereby extinguishing the flames that were trying to consume their bodies.

Angel didn’t stop to look, he was Drusilla’s sire, and Darla had been his. Although now he wasn’t sure what she was since she’d been remade, the pull he used to feel when she was near was no longer there, but there seemed to be something extra in his Childes hold over him. He knew he should just kill them both and finish it, but they were family and no matter how hard he tried, he was a vampire and the demon in him just wouldn’t allow him to. The only way he’d been able to even throw the cigarette was because the demon in him was exhausted from fighting all the demon ‘soldiers’ Darla had requested to meet her in the abandoned warehouse.

Even though Angel was as fit as he’d ever been, it had been a hard fight and the man and the demon were both exhausted, he grabbed the bag of weapons and without a backward glance, walked out of the rear of the warehouse, slowly making his way back to the sanctuary of his hotel.

Darla and Drusilla sat on the curb letting the cold water wash over them quenching the flames and easing the horrific, throbbing burns, they had both received.

‘Who was that?’ Darla asked. ‘That wasn’t Angel or Angelus, who was he?’ she repeated.

Drusilla just rocked and cried, ‘It hurts, Daddy’s gone,’ over and over until Darla blocked her wailing out.

Part 1

Previous month.

The three ex associates of Angel Investigations stood at the curb in shock.

‘What just happened?’ asked Cordy.

‘We got fired, let go, sacked, canned….’ Wesley replied.

‘I know, but What just happened?’ Cordelia asked again.

‘Umm, we know Angel’s in a dark place right now, I assume he didn’t want to take us down with him,’ said Wesley, with his usual watchers logic.

‘Well, I’ll see you around,’ said Gunn, adding, ‘What?’ at their questioning looks.

‘This was only a side gig for me, the money was nice while it lasted, but I’m cool and moving on,’ he said, with as much bravado as he could muster.

Truth be told, he had kinda got used to the precise watcher, the vivacious brunette and even the souled vampire, over the last few months and would miss them. He didn’t want to admit it out loud though, so he turned and walked away.

Cordy and Wesley looked at him then at each other before turning and walking away in opposite directions.


One evening, later that week, Cordy, Wes and Gunn had all turned up in Caritas, the local demon karaoke club, they had ended up drunk and had sung for the Host, Lorne. After Cordelia had had a vision of a girl in trouble, Lorne had sent them on there way. They had successfully killed the demon and saved the girl so they decided to carry on with the mission to ‘help the helpless’; even if Angel had lost the plot, they would do what they could.

Wesley had gone to see Angel to inform him of their decision, but had been rebuffed, since then he had left the vampire alone.

What he didn’t realise was that Cordelia had taken to going to the hotel on her free evenings, to check on the vampire. She hoped Angel would be out when she visited, she made sure there was blood in his fridge and bandages and salve in a handy, obvious place besides his bed.


A few days later Cordy was relaxing in her apartment, being pampered by her ever attentive ghost, Dennis. She felt the familiar prickling in the back of her skull signalling the onset of a vision, she quickly lay back on her couch, she’d found that with no Angel around to catch her she’d ended up crashing to the ground, gaining a kaleidoscope of bruises all over her body. She’d noticed that the last few visions seemed to allow her a couple of seconds warning before the visions struck, which sometimes gave her enough time to sit or even lay down before her body thrashed into the violent vision, she wondered if the ‘Powers That Be’ were taking pity on her without her champion to catch her.

‘Oh no’, she muttered, after she’d regained power of thought. ‘That’s not good’

She knew Wesley was reluctantly out for the evening, only leaving her on her assurance that she’d call Gunn to invite him over. She’d tried to ring the street fighter’s mobile and pager, but the cell had given no signal and the pager had gone unanswered.

Cordelia sighed, she knew it wasn’t something she could even attempt to handle on her own, ‘Well, I’ll just have to go and brave the beast’s den’, she thought and dragged herself up to quickly pull some sweats on over her night clothes.

She called a cab and paced up and down waiting for it to arrive, her head still spinning. Luckily the cabbie was the silent type and they soon reached the Hyperion hotel that Angel called home.

‘Thanks, will you wait for me, I wont be long?’ Cordy asked the man. He shrugged, ‘you’re paying,’ was his reply, as he settled down to read his ‘Racing Post’

Cordy entered the hotel mentally going over what she would say the try and convince Angel to help her. She called out to him but there was no reply, so she went up to his rooms, but to no avail, the vampire was away from home.

She nibbled the side of her thumb, ‘what to do… think Cord…’ She knew there was no way she could deal with the vision herself so decided to write him a note, hoping if she left it in a prominent place he would see it and some small shred of humanity would spark his conscious into ‘helping the helpless’ .

Cordy scribbled a few lines and left it propped against the fridge door, before leaving the hotel and climbing back into the cab to be driven home.

She paced around her apartment until she was so exhausted that she decided to go to bed. She didn’t think she would be able to sleep but to her surprise soon dozed off. Slipping into a deeper sleep an hour later when Angel after seeing her note, had dealt with her vision. He knew she would have no rest until it was taken care of and he relished a spot of violence.

This became a pattern for the next few night time visions, Cordy didn’t tell Wesley or Gunn what she was doing, knowing they would object to her going to the hotel and after the first time, probably feel hurt that she’d gone behind their backs.

Part 2

Present-Hyperion Hotel.

Angel climbed up from the sewer entrance, dragging his bag of weapons behind him. He’d had time to think on the way home and was still in two minds whether to go back and stake Darla and Drusilla. He knew he could track them and their injuries would weaken them, so they would be easy to dispose of. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was exhausted and they may possibly, by some fluke, be able to beat him, he probable would have.

He walked through the foyer sniffing slightly. He had grown used to Cordelia’s scent around the place, at first he’d thought it was just left over from when she was working there, but each time he got up it seemed to have been renewed. He’d also been grateful for the meals he found in the fridge. Some night’s he’d hardly been able to drag himself up the stairs and into his room.

He had been single handed in going out and destroying any demon that as much as glanced his way, say nothing of any who dared to make a derogatory remark about his ex-staff, particularly his seer. It had been a relief to go and deal with Cordy’s visions, and as much as he admired Gunn and Wesley for continuing with the work, he knew that the visions were sent for him, and would have felt bad had one of them perished in his stead.

He dropped the bag of weapons in the foyer and slowly went stairs to his suite, as soon as he reached it he gulped down some blood, cold, straight from the fridge. He was too exhausted for niceties like heating it. He stripped off his soiled clothes, his main thought to get in the shower and wash off the demon goo and his own blood and sweat.

Angel relaxed under the hot spray, he loved it hot, it made his skin feel warm and he could almost kid himself he was alive again. He almost got lost in the warmth and steam, before deciding he’d better get out and crawl into bed, he was beginning to feel less jazzed, and the blood’s healing properties were kicking in. He stepped out and reached for a towel to dry his hair and body. After he had turned off the water, he suddenly noticed there was a heartbeat hovering nearby.

Abandoning all thought he rushed out of the bathroom uncaring of his un-clothed state, only to be confronted by a surprised Cordelia.

Cordelia stood rooted in shock, she had been hoping to slip in and out whilst the shower was still running. She had arrived to check on his blood supply and been surprised to find Angel actually home, all the other times she’d been to the hotel he’d been out. She stood mesmerized, her eyes slowly followed the drops of water trickling down the vampires hard, lean body.

She could hardly prevent the gasp that threatened to bust from lips as her gaze settled on his groin area.

‘Hello, salty goodness,’ she thought, whilst she’d seen most parts of the vampire during her nursing exploits over the last couple of years this was one region she had not mapped with her hands or eyes before.

Angel stood there totally unabashed, he wasn’t ashamed of his body, in fact he was quite proud, he knew he looked good, he’d been told so many times before, and the area she was staring at was one area of himself he could actually see. He figured she had walked in without knocking so she deserved what she saw, if she got an eyeful, well so be it. From the delicate scent of arousal coming from Cordelia, it seemed she wasn’t totally immune to him.

Angel’s demon stirred as he smelled the scent of arousal, the demon had always fancied the brunette seer and was rattling around in Angel’s mind trying to coerce the vampire into doing something he would probably regret. He tried to reign it in, but then decided what the hell…

With a growl Angel stalked over to stand towering over the startled girl, she shrank back involuntary. She’s never seen his normally warm brown eyes look so stark and cold, or his posture so menacing.

‘What do you want?’ he growled.

‘I was just…’ she paused, gesturing vaguely towards the refrigerator.

‘Perhaps this is what you want,’ he said grabbing and kissing the shocked girl, Cordelia froze for a second before opening her mouth preparing to give him a mouthful.

As soon as she opened it a fraction, Angel took advantage and plunged his tongue into the warm cavern of her mouth. She made a small moue of surprise as she surrendered to his kiss, her body seeming to pull itself towards his embrace.

‘Or maybe what you want really want, is this …’ he said, as he moved his mouth down the slender column of her neck, kissing and nipping as he took in the intoxicating fragrance of her skin, her blood pulsing close to the surface. His body was responding to the mixture of her arousal mixed with the delicious hint of fear, his recently consumed blood heading south.

Cordelia tried to push him away, but it was like pushing against a brick wall. All she succeeded in doing was enable the vampire to pull her close as he walked her backwards towards his bed.

Cordelia’s eyes flew open when she felt the bed against the back of her knees, ‘how had he done that?’ she only had time to wonder, before her world tilted as she was picked up and almost thrown across the bed.

‘Clothes off now,’ Angel growled, he couldn’t wait to see her naked. He’d had many a fantasy about a naked Cordelia in various positions and now he was close to achieving his goal he wasn’t about to let a few garments get in his way. He stood beside the bed, naked, hard and proud.

‘What!?; no..’ she replied, before struggling to wriggle back across the bed away from him.

Angel simply grasped both ankles and pulled her back, easily stopping the violent kicks she was aiming his way. He then caught her hands in one of his and used the other to expertly strip off her sweat shirt, briefly letting go to pull it clear, but not giving her any chance to escape.

As soon as the shirt was off Angel lowered Cordy flat onto the bed and set about removing the rest of her clothing, using his free hand and his teeth.

Cordy couldn’t believe how quickly she had been stripped, despite her wriggling. He’d undone her bra with his teeth, while his free hand efficiently removed her pants and the slip of her thong, her sandals had fallen off when he walked her backwards to the bed. She blushed at being so exposed to the obviously fully aroused vampire, her eyes travelling over his lean, hard body.

Angel couldn’t take his eyes off her as she lay bared to his gaze, her body suffused with a warm glow as the blush crept down her neck. She was even more beautiful than his fantasy, and he couldn’t wait to sink into her warmth.

The demon was urging him on and he knew if he didn’t reign it in he would be in serious trouble. With a growl he covered her body with his and forced her legs apart with his free hand, sinking into the cradle of her thighs.

‘Angel, No .. stop…’ gasped Cordy, but Angel was beyond thought, all he wanted was to gratify his lust and the more she struggled the more eagerly his demon wanted her. All she got in reply was a deep growl that rumbled through the vampire’s large body.

Angel parted her folds and plunged eager fingers into her hot moist passage, delighted to find her aroused for him even over her fear. He drew them slowly out, inciting an involuntary grumble of loss from the wriggling brunette beneath him, and brought them up to his mouth to suck off the delicate essence. When he did this the renewed scent of her arousal swamped his sensitive taste buds. His demon growled with appreciation, now if it could persuade Angel to drink her blood its happiness would be complete.

Cordelia struggled to escape, but it was like trying to fight her way out of a net, whenever she got a limb free Angel gathered it back into the circle of his body, tucking her back where he wanted her.

She gazed into his yellow rimmed eyes, hoping to see a spark of recognition there, but he seemed to have lost all sense of reality, completely caught up in what he was doing. It was as if she was with a total stranger. She became frightened again, renewing her efforts to get free.

‘Angel, get off, let me go, I’ll scream,’ she pleaded to the oblivious vampire.

‘Please do, in fact I insist,’ he growled, before plunging his cock into her warmth with practised ease, knowing exactly where he was from years of experience.

Cordy cried out as he filled her, and then moaned when Angel began to move slowly, coating himself in her arousal, before picking up the pace, unable to hold off any longer.

It was as though all the fantasies of Cordelia that he’d had in this very room, before Darla had been thrust back into his existence and his attention had been diverted, were coming true at once.

He lowered his head to capture a breast, sucking the pebbling nipple into a harder peak before transferring his attention to the other breast. His thrusts were becoming slower as he strove to hold off completion. It suddenly became even harder to hold off when Cordelia decided to push up against him, causing them both to groan at the changed angle. She thought the only way to get him off her would be to let him finish, hopefully without any danger to her health.

Angel groaned in ecstasy as her changed angle enabled him to drive deeper into her warmth, he thought he would drown in her, it was so good. Cordy couldn’t help herself wrapping her legs around the vampire’s hips. She’d had very little sexual experience before today, and this far exceeded her wildest dreams, she found herself thrusting up into Angel’s down strokes, now delighting in the way he filled her completely.

Angel withdrew abruptly, he wanted this to last and it may be the last chance he got. Cordy lay dazed at his sudden withdrawal, legs splayed, empty arms grasping for the broad shoulders she’d been gripping onto. Before she could even process where he was she found her legs hoisted over said shoulders as he dipped down to lave her with long sweeps of his tongue.

She squirmed under his touch, it was like fire and ice at once, touching her most intimate places with no hesitation, sure and confident in his moves.

‘Oh God, Angel …,’ she pleaded, as the vampire added a finger into the mix, ensuring she was completely skewered as well as thoroughly tasted. He rumbled his approval as he brought her to a peak she could not return from, and with a final lick he sent her over the edge, but before she could comprehend what was going on he was back inside her.

Angel thrust up hard and sure, totally immersed in the moment to even think about the consequences of his actions. Cordelia erupted again beneath him with a cry, as her fluttering walls gripped him almost painfully. Angel then set up a volley of short thrusts, circling his hips so enable him to leave no part of her untouched. Cordy came again and again until she practically passed out from the intensity of it. Finally Angel allowed himself to come and with a deep groan thrust erratically a few more times as he emptied himself into her warmth.

He bit into his own wrist to stave off his demons urging to bite Cordelia, and sucked down his cold, dead blood until he had the urge to bite Cordy under control. He was coming down from his momentary madness, rapidly.

He let his weight slip to one side so as not to smother the girl beneath him, she appeared to have passed out, but Angel wasn’t worried, her pulse was strong and her heart beating fast.

The vampire finally managed to quieten the demon inside him and with a sigh rolled onto his back. He pulled the covers over them and lay down beside Cordelia, her body instinctively curling towards his as she settled into a deep sleep.

Angel wondered what would happen when Cordy woke up, or if he would even wake up again or if he would just be a pile of dust drifting in the breeze. He wondered if she would ever be able to forgive him for what he had done this night, this was his last thought as he followed his seer into dreamland.



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