Sweetest Revenge

Title: Sweetest Revenge
Author: Frazi
Rating: PG-13 for naughty-er…ness.
Category: Humor/romance
Content: A/C
Summary: There’s more than one way to get back at someone.
Spoilers: Hmmm….I can’t really think of any… (S1)
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: GT, NF. By all means just tell me where?
Feedback: Like breathing air.

Angel stared at me as if I’d admitted to being a sex shifting demon. With a blink I shrugged. “What?”

“Cordelia. You are not suggesting…”

“Of course I am. It’s the bestest way to get back at her. Besides, it’ll stop bothering you so much then.”

“Cordy. It isn’t bothering me. Just because Buffy’s dating some random guy and sleeping with him and claiming to love him and devote her life to him and….” When I raised an eyebrow he sighed. “There are other ways.”

“Name three.”

He closed his eyes for a second. “Delia. This is ridiculous.”

“I don’t think so. She hurt you. You hurt her. Then you’re even. Then we can work on getting a new obsession for you, hopefully not blonde if you know what I mean.”

He sighed again. I hate it when he does that. “Delia…”

“It’s perfect Angel. It’ll work.”

“Why are you doing this Cordelia?”

“Because Angel, you wouldn’t do it for yourself and as your bestest friend I owe you payback for Buffy for devoting all those years of tormented love to her. Besides, you have to admit. It’s ingenious. Worthy of Queen C.” I grinned at him brightly.

He stood there his arms crossed over his chest looking very unconvinced. God he looks sexy when he looks at me that way with his head slightly inclined and his eyes dark and unbrooding for a change.

Okay he doesn’t LOOK sexy. He IS sexy. I just hope I can get through this without chickening out now that I have this ingenious ploy to get Buffy back for getting over my boss man Angel.

“I don’t have to admit anything Delia.”

I crossed my arms matching his posture and he threw up his hands. “This is childish.” When I glared he looked reasonably embarrassed. “Okay. Fine. What do I have to do to get back at……the Slayer?”

“See in a few more days you will be able to say her name without hesitation.” I walked over to my desk and put down the necessary supplies.

“I can say her name.” He frowned looking entirely too cute. “It’s….buf….” I raised my eyebrow again and seemed to deflate. “Okay. Lets just do this.”

“Great! Lose the shirt.” I clapped my hands in glee. Finally. Pay back.

“What?” He sputtered caught off guard by my request. I did request didn’t I?

I grinned, crossing my arms. “Lose…the shirt. Come on we haven’t got all day.”

With a soft grunt he pulled the cotton knit shirt off his head and I got an eyeful his perfectly chiseled chest. Not like I haven’t seen it before because I have; its just that I’ve never seen it so unbruised. And I think its just yummy.

Cordelia, keep this professional. You’re redeeming your best friend, do NOT get carried away and, under any circumstances, enjoy this!

Right. Simple enough. “Okay. This is good.” With a big sigh I unbuttoned my blouse and Angel stared almost jumping out of his skin when I threw it over his shirt.


“It’s totally the only way. Besides, we’re friends.” I said that in my most sincerely insincere voice. Is that possible? Oh yeah. I’m an actress. Go figure.

Looking up, I blinked. Angel is great guy. He’s got amazing reflexes.

Then why is he staring? Looking down I blinked. Oh yeah. Red lace. Now did I forget I was wearing that? Oops?

“Okay brood boy, come here.” I walked to my desk and fixed the little gray box attached to the top of my computer screen. “This is a digital camera. All we have to do, is snap a picture and just attach it along with a beautifully thought out note and mail it to Sunnydale. By the end of the week. Either she’ll dump the new kid,” I hope not, “and come marching here to finish the job, or if she doesn’t we’ll know she didn’t dump the kid. Either way, we get what we want. Okay?”

I look up to see if I have his attention. Oh yes. Vampire stare. I have his attention.

Then a reluctant smile tugged at his beautiful mouth as he slowly walked toward me. Oh bad idea. He suddenly looks very not shocked. Actually he looks entirely too calm. I lost my focus as he walked to my desk my eyes fixing on the ripple of muscle as he does it.

Oh Cordelia, talk about digging your own grave.

“Okay Delia. How are we going to do this? Plausibility wise I mean.”

“Um…well, I figured we’d just snap a little intimate picture. You just sit there in the chair and I’ll like sit in your lap or something.”

He grinned slightly and flopped into the chair and looked up with an inquiring eyebrow. “Like this?”

I narrowed my eyes. Okay he was already getting to comfortable with this. “Yes, very good.” Clearing my throat I gingerly climbed up into his lap my thighs straddling his hips in my little desk chair.

Why do I torture myself this way? I ask myself. Why do I put myself through such agony?

Angel shifted under me to get comfortable and my breath catches in my throat. Oh. That’s why. Right.

“So basically we’re supposed to make this look authentic?”

My head jerks up at the sound of his voice, but I can’t seem to look him in the eye so I look at the tip of his left ear. “Yeah. Basically.” Of course, where my mind is right now authenticity for Buffy’s benefit is as far away as my degree in science, had I pursed the major.

Oh wait. I never went to college. Right.

“You sure this is okay?”

“Yes Angel.”

“Sure? Because maybe it would be better if you put your arms around me.” That’s when my eyes shot up to meet him and I could see was playful humor and something that looked suspiciously like feigned innocence. “Don’t you think so Delia?”

“Huh? Oh yeah.” I almost gingerly slid my arms around his shoulders hoping not to make the shiver up my spine too authentic. To late. I shivered as my lace covered nipples slowly brushed his chest.

“Maybe it would be better like this…” A groan almost escaped from my chest as his mouth lowered towards my collarbone, the spiky hair over his forehead brushing against my neck in a way that sent all thoughts of professionalism and friendship out the door.

“Or maybe we should make it so she can’t see who the woman is; it would add to the mystery.” Tracing his lips up my throat he let his face be totally obstructed by mine.

His voice was experimental as if contemplating the best method of doing this right suddenly. It sounded carefully disguised to sound as if he was merely thinking out loud and not deliberately reducing my nerves into a puddle of nothingness.

Damn you Angel. You had to pick now of all times to show me your wicked streak. “I don’t know. Maybe we should try this.” Matching the color of his tone I leaned against him my lips slowly brushing along his ear and I felt rather than heard the soft purr starting in his chest.

God he was sexy.

“That could work.” His voice is slightly husky, but not without a twinge of amusement as his hands settle on my waist gently. “Is that thing on?”

My eyes flew open. Oh crap. “Um…just a minute.” Reaching out I pushed a few buttons on the keyboard my lacy bra sliding along his arm only managing to make me miss the few instructions that I had to follow and get the camera going.

“Does that thing take picture in succession?”

Turning my head I met his eyes and he gave me his famous half smile. “You know we could try different poses and see which is the best for this payback.” His finger slowly traced the curve of my throat idly.

Cordelia my girl, I suggest you get up and run right now. He is enjoying this too much.

Unfortunately so was I. “I like the way you think brood boy.” I smiled slowly sliding back into his arms easily as if we’d done it countless times. My body fit his perfectly as I casually settled my arms over his shoulders my fingers gently toying with the hair at his nape and the first flash went off.


“Yeah? Just the way I think?” The grin he gave me had a twinge of fangs to it. Oh god. I’m already a puddle of mush. His hands slid up my back slowly grazing over the clasp of my bra and resting open palmed across my shoulder blades and gently pulling me down so his mouth grazed the pulse throbbing softly, for now, in my throat.

Two can play this game Angel.

“There’s a lot I like about you Angel.” My voice was just as playful as I tipped my head back my eyes falling shut to give him better access to the flesh he was teasing with his mouth and, oh my god, teeth.


That one’s going in my diary.

“Like what?” His tongue darts out of his mouth and I can’t hold the shudder that resonates through my body. His hand on my shoulders won’t let me draw back enough to look him in the face.

Hogging the wealth Angel?

“Like a lot of things.” Why the hell am I whispering? Oh right. I’m nipping at his ear. Right. Slowly tracing the curve of his right ear, I am woman enough to draw a soft shiver from the two hundred year old vampire under me.


That one’s going to my diary too.

“What do you want Cordelia?” I can sense the humor in his question as his tongue dips into the hook in my collarbone.

Letting my lips slowly trace a feather light caress down his jaw I couldn’t help smile. “Guess.”

“I hate guessing games Delia.” He presses insistently on my shoulders until I’m pressed against his chest my hands sliding down his arms, enjoying the silky feel of the skin stretched over muscle.


Well I’ll have to keep that one for reference to that declaration he just made.

He was delicious. How could someone so dead taste so good? I had to sample more. With as much deliberate ease as I could muster, I outlined his brow, the slopes of his nose, the rugged inclines of his cheekbone and down his chin, carefully avoiding his mouth.

“I never made you guess Angel.”

He let out an unneeded breath and it fanned out against my chest as his lips found the rise of my left collarbone and shoulder, his teeth grazing the bone and calling the soft moan that rose up in my chest. “It gets old after two hundred years Delia.”

“No one said you had to guess anymore Angel.” I pressed soft kisses to his temple, my hair falling over his shoulder as his teeth nipped my shoulder.


That was a good one, but not for Buffy’s viewing.

“No one said I didn’t have to.” He baited me very easily his tongue sliding up my throat and his lips caught my earlobe and then traveled up to my temple. “Maybe you can change that.”

“Maybe I can.” I smiled letting my breath softly graze his left nipple before I covered it with my lips as his grazed my forehead.


Oh that one was a keeper. Definitely.

His hands slid down my back, smoothing over my spine as he went. “Maybe you can’t.”

Was it just me or was there uncertainty in his voice? Pulling away I looked into his eyes and raised an enquiring eyebrow as I picked up one hand and traced a gentle line down his forehead and nose with my index finger.

“If you let me Angel. I’m sure I can. Try me.”

His mouth spreads into a gentle smile as his hands slid back up to tangle in my hair. “Was that an invitation Miss Chase?”


That smile is mine. Not going to Buffy. Not in this life time. Come to think of it. Not in the future either.

With a chuckle I leaned down and placed open mouthed kisses along his collarbone, as his eyes slid shut. “I think it’s debatable Mr. Dead guy.” I almost said delectable instead of debatable. Where is mind anyway?

“Why is it debatable Miss Chase?” I could feel the smile in his voice as he pulled my head up and kissed down my face almost reverently memorizing my closed eyes, my nose and teasing away from my mouth just like I had.

Fink. Tease.

“Because I think I’ve been inviting ever since you saved my life.” I let my fingers sift through his short spiky hair, enjoying the softness as it slipped through my fingers.


He laughed. An honest to goodness Angel laugh. So that picture had to stay too.

“Which time was it?”

“Every single time Angel.” Visibly relaxed Angel was even sexier as I slid up his chest letting the lace of my bra skim mischievously over his chest and the humor in his eyes died into sinful black ebony that sent a shiver down my spine.

“So when did you realize you were crazy about me?”

He chuckled and dipped his head down his tongue snaking out against my left nipple and I yelped. His hands held me firmly pinned in his lap as he nuzzled my breast before replying. “I think it was when you tied me to my bed after Angelus made an appearance.”


That one’s just for Angelus’ sake. I mean we can’t forget the demon right?

“Way back then? Why didn’t you say something!?” I stared down at him as he looked up from between the V of my breasts.

“Would you have believed me?”

I laughed and let my fingers enjoy another trek through his silky hair. “Probably not.”

“So how am I doing Miss Chase?” He grinned against the slope of my breast before nibbling there while I purred softly for his benefit. Just for his of course, because I wouldn’t be caught dead purring for anyone else.

“That all depends on what it is you’re doing Mr. Broodsalot.”

A short burst of laughter escaped him and he masked it with mischievous leer that would have done his demon proud. “What are my options?”


Oh the leer. That picture was mine. MINE YOU HEAR!

“Hmmm. Let me see.” I started in a contemplative tone as he lapped at the crook in my neck. I guess vampires do have a fetish for necks after all. “I guess you only have two choices Angel.” I pulled away to grin into his face.

“Either you’re doing an awfully good job at payback for Buffy or trying to seduce me. Of course if it’s the former I’m going to be reduced to using my evil seer-like powers to maim you.”

“Well I wouldn’t like to be responsible for doing something you might regret later.” He held the grin in check his hands sliding down to the curve of my butt as his hands slid into the back pockets of my jeans.


Hmm…maybe this one…No. Not this either. Angel probably looks too sexy in this one. Can’t share. Nope. Not this one.

“If it’s the former Angel. Believe me I won’t regret it and by the way. The camera can’t see that.”

“What camera?” He grinned before giving a firm tug on my butt as I tipped forward and his mouth captured mine. I couldn’t help the giggle, but it didn’t last long as Angel’s tongue tangled with mine and I lost all coherent thought.

I guess I should point out that we didn’t exactly make love keeping the curse and all in mind, but we sure as hell found another way to pay Buffy back.

The End


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