Great Minds. 5

Part 5

Cool lips trailed kisses across Cordelia’s stomach, biting down lightly, just below her belly button. Her hands fisted themselves in Angel’s hair as he finally touched that heated place in between her legs. She moaned loudly when the vampire flicked his tongue out, lapping at the moist folds, making her arch against him.

Bright lights flashed behind her eyes. She was so unbelievably hot and he’d hardly laid a finger on her. One of Angel’s hands vacated its place on her hip and stroked her clit, making her cry out in sheer pleasure. Every touch, every sensation took her closer to the edge until finally, all she could see were stars and she was screaming out his name so loudly that she was sure Fred could hear her from her room. Angel crawled up her body, his hips settling comfortably over hers, kissing her softly. She could taste the sweet tang of herself on his tongue.

Her hands moved down his back of their own accord, squeezing his ass, pulling him further into the v of her thighs. They wandered over the firm muscles of his back and then down his chest, eventually stopping when they reached his straining erection. She took hold of him, guiding him slowly towards her dripping centre, just as his hand reached out to cover a tender nipple…


“Gah!” Cordelia jumped, losing her balance and toppling off her chair. The magazine that she had been pretending to read flew through the air, landing a few feet away from her. Hurriedly, she pushed herself up, pushing stray strands of hair out of her face, straightening to look at Charles Gunn’s amused face.

“Hey girl. What’s with all the heavy breathin’ and shit?”

Cordelia snapped her mouth shut and willed her heart to slow its frantic pace. Her face flushed a deep crimson and she turned around, bending over to pick up the fallen chair.

“Nothing. I wasn’t…breathing heavily. Just um… y’know, thinking about…um, stuff.” Cordelia stammered, her face colouring even more, if it was possible.

Gunn raised an amused eyebrow. “Stuff huh? What kinda stuff? Stuff that makes you all hot and bothered like?”

Cordelia glared at him, flattening the creases on her white skirt and picking up her magazine. “Bite me Gunn.”

Gunn laughed. “I’ll leave that to the vamp baby. I’m pretty sure he likes it more than I do. Now if you need someone to check for bite marks, I’m your man.”

“Do you want my foot up your ass.” Cordelia said, threateningly. Gunn just smiled at his friend.

“Y’know Cordy, just cos you’re doing the horizontal mambo with a vampire, don’t mean that everybody likes that kinda activity. I’m not an S & M man myself. Much more into…”

“Gunn, if you finish that sentence, I will show you pain. I mean it. Girlfriend of a vampire here. I am capable of it. Believe you me.” Cordelia’s eyes narrowed into deadly slits.

“Alright, alright. I’ll crawl out your ass. Can I at least say goodbye to Angel first? How long has he been in there?” Gunn barely dodged the magazine that went flying at his head. Cordelia grabbed her heeled shoe in her hand and sprinted after him. Gunn jumped over the round sofa, ducking once again as the stiletto went sailing through the air towards him.

Cordelia took hold of her other shoe and threw it, just as Wesley came out of his office, closely followed by Angel. Gunn ran behind the counter laughing loudly, while Cordelia chased him barefooted. Just as she circled the counter and reached him, he jumped over the marble top, landing firmly on both feet and took off once again, dashing towards Fred, who was slowly making her way down the stairs.

“Fred, stop her, she’s gonna hurt me!” Gunn whined, laughing at the same time as grabbing Fred’s shoulders and pushing her in front of him. Fred grinned, eyes widening as an almost hysterical Cordelia skidded to a stop in front of her.

“Fred…get out the way…I’ve got a foot…to shove up a…certain ass!” Cordelia said between giggles, laughter racking her body, making even the stern look on Wesley’s face fade into a grin. The ex-cheerleader held up her newest weapon, a large, square pillow and winked at Fred, who caught on and ducked. Gunn made a sound close to a screech as a perfectly aimed pillow glided through the air and struck him straight in the nose.

He rubbed the tender bone for a second, before realising that there was a highly amused brunette once again chasing after him. Gunn tried to dodge her small hands but failed, being in an impossible position on the stairs. Cordy grasped his sweater, her hands finding his ribs and tickling mercilessly. Gunn erupted into giggles and then snorted loudly, which only made Cordy laugh harder. She collapsed next to him on the stairs, both friends shaking in uncontrollable laughter.

Wesley smiled affectionately at his friends and then glanced over at the vampire next to him, who was also grinning broadly, love and pride shining unmistakably in his eyes. Wesley’s smile widened, thanking whomever it was that provided him with the good fortune to discover the soul-binding spell, one that made two of his friends so immeasurably happy. He cleared his throat and addressed the hysterical pair seated on the stairs.

“Right well, children, if you’re quite done behaving half your age, perhaps we can address more important issues at hand. And Cordelia, just for the record, I don’t think it’s terribly healthy to throw a three-inch heel at a human head.”

Cordelia snickered and Gunn snorted. Angel hid his smile behind his hand, glancing over at Fred who smiled at him, chuckling lightly. Wesley cleared his throat again.

“Can we please move this discussion to my office? Gunn, I’ll need your help carrying some books up from the basement. Fred, could you please find Lorne and request him to join us. Cordelia and Angel, have a seat in my office. We have to discuss this mind reading matter. I do not want either of you going loony.”

Cordy cracked up. Everyone turned to look at her. She glanced up, making a whirling motion with her index finger against her temple. “Loony!” Gunn chortled. Fred giggled loudly. Wesley simply glanced at Angel, who had both eyebrows raised high on his forehead.

The Englishman pinched the bridge of his nose and strolled towards the basement, all the while muttering, “It’s going to be a bloody long day.”


Cordy strolled into Wesley’s office, closely followed by Angel, who grabbed her waist as soon as the door was shut. Cordelia melted into his embrace, lips attaching themselves firmly onto his, his hands cradling her face, thumbs gently stroking along the jaw line. When he broke the kiss, Cordy smiled and nuzzled his nose, moving away from him and walking to Wesley’s desk.

“Hey…” Angel protested.

Cordelia turned around and flashed a smile at him. “What?”

“Well, I don’t know Cor, I was just kissing you and then boom! I’m not.” He pouted theatrically, making the seer laugh. She turned her back to him, fingers slowly creeping along the felt tabletop.

“Angel, this is hardly the place…” was all she got out before his arms were around her waist again and she was pressed between the desk and a firm, unyielding chest. His lips descended on her neck, kissing softly. She smiled, moving her hand up to ruffle his hair.

What the fuck was that?

Cordelia’s smile vanished and her eyes opened. “Excuse me?”

“Oh shit.” The vampire mumbled and gave her a lopsided grin. “Sorry…just the uh, the hair ruffling had me a bit confused.”

Cordelia glared at him for a moment before relaxing into him once again. The truth was, all she wanted right now was for him to touch her. But they were in Wesley’s office. And their friends would be here any minute. And Angel had already almost had sex on this desk with evil lawyer bitch. But who the hell cared about that when he had his tongue in her ear?

Cordy moaned loudly when she felt her shirt ride up slightly and a cool hand began tracing intricate patterns on her fiery skin. He sucked an earlobe into his mouth, nipping at the delicate skin, running his tongue along the shell of her ear, smirking when she arched into him.

“Angel…” she whispered.

“Ssh…” he said, just as softly, trailing wet kisses up her jaw line and down her neck and onto her shoulder.


Cordy, do me a favour?


Quit thinking so loudly.

Shut up! I can’t…plus, you won’t let me talk…

You wanna see if I can make you stop thinking too?

Cordelia smiled at the mischievous tint in his voice and then gasped as the hand that had snaked under her shirt stroked a lace-covered aureole.

Ooh, that feels so good…

Hmmm…tell me what you feel.

I feel…hot.

Angel ran his tongue over the sensitive spot behind her ear and pinched her right nipple hard. She jerked against him, head rolling back and biting down on his jaw line. Hard. He hissed.


Yeah, you’re not the only one who can make a person lose all coherent thought.

Fuck is perfectly coherent.

Look it up in the dictionary, Brood boy.

Angel chuckled against her throat, fingers still desperately stroking her nipple into a hardened peak. Cordelia rocked slowly against him, hearing his primal growl that sent delicious vibrations through her. Angel pressed his hips to the back of hers, thrusting gently. Then he stopped, moving his hips away slightly. Cordy groaned at the loss of the closeness.


Ssh…someone’s coming!

His hand jerked away from her aching breast and Angel nearly toppled over a chair in his rush to get to the other side of the room, as far away from Cordy as possible. Cordelia tugged her shirt into place and straightened her hair, taking a seat in the closest chair. She crossed her legs and grabbed a book from Wesley’s table.

The door opened and Lorne and Fred strolled in. Lorne wore a deep purple robe and he was carrying his seabreeze in his left hand. He raised an eyebrow at the couple who were now on opposite sides of the room. His mouth twisted into a smirk.

“Whatchya been doin’?”

Angel glanced at the green demon and smiled hesitantly.

“Well, I was just, y’know, lurking over here, like I usually do and Cordy…Cordy was reading…a book.”

Fred opened her mouth to say something but then decided against it. Lorne just looked at Angel with a look that clearly said, ‘I wasn’t born yesterday sugarplum’. The green demon took a seat next to Cordy who just smiled at him and then looked at Angel, who winked. She smiled and looked down at the book.

Wesley and Gunn entered seconds later, carrying a large crate of musty, old tomes and setting them down heavily on Wesley desk. The ex-watcher cleared his throat for the millionth time that day and looked up at the group.

“Right, well, before we begin, I’d like to say…Cordelia what on earth are you reading?”

Cordy’s head jerked up, the look on her face showing sheer panic and she quickly glanced at the book in her hands.

“Um…a book?”

Nice one Cor.

Cordelia stuck her tongue out at the vampire. Angel smirked. Wesley reared his head to look at Angel’s face and then turned back to Cordy. He raised the book slightly and shook his head in confusion.

“Since when did you start reading books upside down?”

Cordelia’s eyes widened and she glanced down at the page.

Think Cordy, think.

“Um, well, I couldn’t understand the picture so I turned it around, y’know, to see if it made more sense.” Hah!

That’s my girl.

Wesley’s blue eyes squinted. “I see. And since when do you read about the mating ritual of a Nyissan demon?”

“What is this, twenty questions? Jeez, can’t a girl who’s not as brainy as Fred read a book about demons once in while?” Cordy ground out, aggravated. She turned to Fred. “Sorry honey, men are asses, they bring out the bitch in me.” She smiled at the physicist. Fred grinned.

“No problem.”

Wesley looked at Cordelia, annoyed, before continuing. “Right well, I’ve informed all of you about what has happened to Angel and Cordy and the general situation. Now we have to find a cure. And as much as I love being buried in my books all by myself, this time, we all need to chip in and do some research.”

He received five, long, simultaneous groans.

“Yes, well, groan all you like but you’re doing it. Now, how to go about it…”

Hey Cor?

Cordy glanced up at Angel before looking away again. Yeah?

You look really hot in that.

Cordelia bit back a smile and leaned back in her chair. She looked over at Angel, who had a serious look on his face, but she could tell from the way his lip was twitching that he wanted to laugh.

I know.

He did laugh then and Wesley stopped whatever he was talking about to spare him a confused look. Angel cleared his throat. “Sorry. Go on.”



You better believe it.

I do.

Angel smiled at her and she graced him with that grin she gave, the one that could light up a room.

I want you Cordy.

Good to know.


Cordy bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud. Wesley was still rambling on about who was to do what. She vaguely heard him tell Angel to do some research on cures for telepathy spells.

I’d rather do you.

I’m sure you would.

Cordelia, do you remember when I was inside you last night?


You were so tight…

Cordelia cleared her throat, feeling a hot blush creep up her neck. Gunn glanced at her and rolled his eyes.

Angel, now is really not the time…

I want to feel you Cor…


I want to take you right here in front of everyone. On Wesley’s desk. And I don’t care if they all watch.

Well, as much as you may like our sex life to be like a low rent porno movie, I’m good, thanks.



Where did you learn to that thing with your tongue?

Cordelia covered her face with both hands, trying to cool the scorching flush that sneaked up her neck and onto her previously calm visage. Lorne glanced at her, pulling at his collar, loosening it, although it was already halfway down his chest.

A magician never gives away his secrets, Angel.

Yeah, well the last time I checked, you weren’t a he. Or a magician for that matter.

Well the last time I checked, you weren’t so chatty.



Tell me you love me.

How bout’ I show you?

Don’t start something you can’t finish Cor…

Cordelia looked at him again. Then, like the vixen she was, she ran her tongue slowly over the underside of her top lip. Angel’s jaw tightened and he felt every ounce of blood in his body rush straight to his crotch. Cordy smiled smugly.

You are so easy.

I’m gonna fuck you so hard…


Well, you deserve it!

You’re such an ass.

Well, you’re sexy as hell, but your mouth…let’s just say I could think of better things you could do with it other than yak.

I’m not talking dumbass, I’m thinking. We’ve been over this how many times? And just so you know? You’d be surprised at what I can do with my mouth. But if you keep up the crudeness, you won’t find out any time soon.

Hmmm…I love you.


I do.

Okay, I’ll remember that when you’re fucking me really hard.

Angel pushed away from the wall and sat down on a chair next to Fred, feeling a horrible knot in his stomach. He didn’t like Cordelia being able to hear his thoughts. At least when he spoke he could control what his demon said. But in his mind, the viciousness of that side of him was always there, lurking. He loved her, and he wanted the beauty and the gentleness in their relationship as much as she did. But he also wanted the fervour and the brutality that went with it.

His demon wanted to fuck her, his soul wanted to make love to her. Some cruel part of him wanted to hurt her, but deep inside, the urge to protect her from harm was far stronger. Overall, the compulsion to love her wholeheartedly, ardently, tenderly, took over and controlled his whole being. Both the man and the monster wanted her, loved her. And she had just heard every word of that.

Cordelia looked over at Angel, a small smile registering upon her features. She knew the struggle he went through everyday. She knew the things Angelus wanted to do, that the soul prevented him from achieving. She knew that Angel walked a thin line between redemption and damnation. But by and large, she knew that although it scared her remotely, she loved him enough to stay with him, and support him, and more importantly accept him, until he had fulfilled his destiny.

And what startled her the most was the fact that she had never wanted anything more for anyone, even herself, in her life. Her smile was replaced by a frustrated frown. She loved him, both the soul and the demon, and she was tired of him not understanding that.

So Cordelia did what she did best. Tact be damned.

“Wesley!” she shouted, interrupting the Englishman, “We all know how to research okay? Your speech is boring. Angel, we need to talk. Wes, don’t look at me like that, you know I love you, but Angel and I were far too busy mentally undressing each other to even hear a word you said. He’s all insecure and angry now so I need to speak to him, which I can’t do in front of all of you, so we’ll be back as soon as I’ve talked some sense into his dim little head. Kay?”

Without waiting for an answer, Cordy dragged the gaping vampire out of his chair, and out of the room. The three remaining people…and demon, gawked at the open door in silence. Finally Lorne’s voice broke the stillness.

“Whew! Thank God! If it got any hotter in here I would have melted into a big green pile of mush. I gotta tell ya, those two? With the sexual tension? Woo!” Lorne fanned himself with his hand.

Wesley stopped gaping long enough to say, “Did she just say my speeches were boring?”

“Aw Wes, come on man, I found that program you made me watch on medieval castles more exciting!”

Wesley glared at Gunn and then looked at Fred. She smiled softly.

“I thought it was brilliant. Could have been a little shorter, but I was listening.” Wesley gave her a warm smile and for the first time in days, Fred felt a rush of relief sweep through her.

Wesley looked at Lorne. “What’s this about sexual tension?”

“Wes, man! Hello? They were swimming in it!”

“They were drowning in it.” Lorne corrected the black man. Then he shook his head. “Forget that, even we were drowning in it.” Fred grinned.

“I think it’s romantic.”

All three men turned to look at her. Fred simply shrugged. She felt a strong protectiveness towards Cordy and Angel, and the beauty that was their relationship. Plus, she was feeling strangely bold. So she showed it.

“Maybe that’s why Angel, the one with a curse preventing perfect happiness that recently got lifted, is getting laid more often in a week than you guys probably are in a month. Or more. And if it is more, I really don’t wanna know.”

With that, she strolled out the office leaving three open mouthed men staring at her retreating back.

Part 6

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