Of Demony Things & Crappy Lifetimes Epi


“Are you sure about this Cordelia?”

“Your slayer made it easy.” The cheerleader smiled at the Librarian. “It was a long time coming anyway. I was supposed to be on this bus like two months ago.”

Rupert Giles sighed. “I still cannot believe Buffy said that to you.”

“She was doing her slayer thing. It’s fine Giles. She made a point. I get her. I don’t like her.” She shrugged. “But I get her.”

“Are you absolutely certain you –”

Rolling her eyes, Cordy shouldered her backpack filled with what little she owned. “Yeah Librarian man. I’m sure I’m not staying.”

Giles grinned. “I meant about Angelus.”

Her grin melted into a glare and she poked a finger at him. “Don’t even. Not after you played stupid cupid with me. You know I don’t like anyone pushing me and you pushed.”

Holding up his hands, the older man laughed. “Guilty as charged. Although, I don’t think you’d frown upon the results.”

“Pfft, that’s just as well for you.”


The girl looked up at the tender tenor of his voice.

Giles smiled gently, lifting one hand to gently touch her jaw. “Be safe.”

Her mouth widened into a dazzling smile that put the moonlight to shame and she threw her arms around him, nearly sending him toppling down under her as she squeezed him tightly. “Thanks Giles. For everything. I’d be a bag lady without you.”

There was the sound of a horn behind her. Insistent and demanding.

Looking over her shoulder, Cordelia watched the black ship of a car stop beside the curb. Her lips quirked when an irate vampire got out of the driver’s seat and glared at them. “Get your damn hands off my woman Tweedboy.”

Dropping a kiss on Giles’ cheek she pivoted and ran right into Angelus’ waiting arms, the bag tossed into the back, her arms wrapping around his neck, legs looping around his torso as he caught her against him effortlessly. “Where’d you mooch the wheels?”

Angelus smirked wickedly, his hands squeezing the ample flesh of her ass as he held her up. “They’re ours baby. Enough to fit the both of us in the backseat.”

His lips nibbled at the pulse in her neck, inhaling her scent, wondering why the hell he left her side even for a second. A possessive growl building in his belly.

“Company car. It’s a Plymouth, Chase. Appreciate the sentiment. I made an investment in Angelus Investigations.”

Giles held back a smile as Cordelia jumped out of her lover’s arms and put her hands on her hips.

“Angelus Investigations?! Whatever happened to equal partnership?”

“I said this car is half yours, didn’t I?”

“I can drive it then?”

“Yours is the half with the passenger seat.”


Giles hoped LA was ready for them.



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