season of solace. 82

82: Bev’s House, 21 Quincy Street, Eastside, Sunnydale

“Just the necessities.” Buffy handed out the trash bags they were going to use in lieu of suitcases. Those were probably somewhere in the garage and it was not as if Cordelia was going to be staying at Angel’s place long-term. “We’ll do this quick and get out of here. Take just enough for a few days.”

Xander looked doubtful as he stared down at the garbage bag in his hand. “This is Cor we’re talking about, Buff. What’s a necessity to her might fill a U-haul.”

Glancing around Cordelia’s bedroom, Buffy noticed she seemed to have brought a lot of stuff from her parents’ house. Giles had not mentioned any details only that Angel had told him Cordelia was living here now. She had a feeling something was going on other than Cor’s parents just being of town.

Pushing her thoughts aside, Buffy decided it would be better to focus on the task at hand. “The mansion is only a few blocks away. I think we’ll manage.”

“What about Bev’s car?” suggested Willow who was not so thrilled about the idea of hauling Cordelia’s stuff all over Sunnydale by hand. This neighborhood was not exactly the safest even if they did have a Slayer for company.

Xander’s eyes lit up at the thought of driving the convertible. “Oh, Willow, you have such a sexy brain.” He wrapped his arms around her, bouncing at the same time. “I adore your brilliance.”

Though it did not seem very respectful, Buffy could see that the argument against using Cordelia’s dead grandma’s car was already lost. She brushed off Xander’s enthusiasm as his way of dealing with the situation. Besides, actual transportation would get them to the mansion faster. “Okay,” she sighed, “but we’ll need the keys.”

Extracting herself from Xander’s bouncy hug, Willow started moving toward the hall. “I’ll start with the bathroom: toothbrush, hairbrush, hair products, makeup… hmm, I think Xander was right.”

Nodding, Buffy commented that she would grab the clothes. Xander glanced around the room again and grinned wickedly as he caught sight of the dresser. “I’ll start with the panty drawer.”

Buffy grabbed him tossing him out into the hall. She pointed in the direction of the living room. “Keys,” she ordered firmly, which drew a pout from Xander.

Apparently, he was cursed never to get into Cordelia’s panties, even if it did take browsing through her dresser drawer. “What? I picked a necessity,” he argued to no avail.

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