Getting to Know You. 4

Part 4

Having straightened Cordelia’s trembling limbs, Angelus settled her near the center of the bed. Her eyes tracked every little movement as he lifted one knee onto the mattress and then the other to loom above her. Powerful thighs flexed as he sank down beside her, his spread knees brushing against her skin.

Cordelia tried to interpret Angelus’ expression, but failed to gain any insight until he tilted the blue bottle. As clear fluid poured into his palm until a small pool formed he instructed Cordelia to move her hair onto the pillow. After only the slightest hesitation, eyes firmly fixed to the unknown substance in his hand, she scooped up her long tresses and piled them high above her head.

Although hating such submissiveness, the steady reminder of his punishment left her reeling with a blow-by-blow recollection.

“What is that?” Unable to keep her mouth shut a moment longer, the words slipped out and then Cordelia tensed in readiness for another assault.

The silence stretched unbearably, his dark eyes lifting to lock with hers. She swallowed down the lump of fear forming in her throat only to relax with a shaky sigh when he finally answered her, “Body Oil.” Geared up for a continuation of the treatment he’d doled out so far, his reply threw her. If his intention was to keep her off balance, it was working, she thought with a nervous shiver.

Those big hands slicked with oil were hardened with calluses from centuries of combat. Cordelia knew their strength. She had felt their sting against her flesh. Now there was something else in his eyes as his gaze left hers to run appraisingly along her tense, beautiful frame lingering along her curves.

Not that her silky skin actually needed it, Cordelia figured. Angelus looked immensely pleased with that fact, too, the big perv. A slow smile tilted the edges of his firm mouth, “Turn over,” as he sat back and watched her struggle with a small shred of defiance to his curt order.

Fear and anger burned hot inside her, but the still warm flesh of her bottom kept her silent. Cordelia turned her lithe body repositioning herself prone. She turned her face towards him waiting for the first touch of his cool hands against her heated skin and wondered what would be next, if he would let his control snap again and his primal instincts take over.

Angelus ordered her to face the other way. Although relieved in a small way at not having to look at him, Cordelia felt even more vulnerable being unable to see his every move. She flinched involuntary when his hands cupped her elbows and pulled them outwards, away from her sides where she’d tucked them tightly, attempting to hide her full breasts that were pressed into the mattress and plumped slightly out at the sides. Clenching her fists just below the pillow, she held her breath and waited for his next move.

Moments passed without a word or a touch. Cordelia’s skin tingled with anticipation as she felt his gaze surveying his handiwork. She could only imagine that his handprints remained a visible glow of harsh red across both golden cheeks. Spanking her had been a turn-on for Angelus. Yes, he’d been angry, but the bastard enjoyed it, she recalled with hotly flushing cheeks, the hard evidence of his arousal that had throbbed against her hip.

Now he was going to touch her again. Cordelia let the breath she’d been holding shoot out in a frightened gasp when the cool palm of his hand rested against her abused flesh. Controlling her panic, she realized after a pause that all he did was to smooth her skin with gentle circular strokes. Not being able to see what he was doing made her body even more sensitive to his touch; and as the cool palm widened its strokes, her belly quivered with the first stirrings of pleasure she’d experienced since he’d first laid his hands on her.

Fingertips ran along the crease between her cheeks, dipping slightly as he smoothed his palm down to the top of her thighs. Instead of lingering at the apex, he moved on to trace the slight seams where her ass met her legs. Cordelia alternately held her breath and then sucked in little gasps of air in effort to ignore the tantalizing effect of those coasting fingers.

Angelus shifted suddenly towards the end of the bed, both hands easily circling one thigh, his long fingers overlapping and deeply massaging the tense muscles. Instinctively clenching her thighs together drew a sharp reprimand as Angelus flicked the back of one thigh. Cordelia caught her lip between her teeth biting back a quick retort and let her legs lax open slightly.

Gradually working his way down, Angelus smoothed, kneaded and then circled her ankle, lifting her foot off the bed. He lavished such attention on her delicate skin that Cordelia wondered how anyone with such a gentle touch could dole out pain without as much as a thought.

Even as her body relaxed under his firm but gentle ministrations, Cordelia couldn’t help wondering why he seemed perfectly content to keep his touches within masseur boundaries, rather than in the intimate way she’d expected. After steeling herself for more pain followed by immediate violation, his tactics totally confused and unbalanced her.

Cordelia had been horrified and repelled by his catalogued acts of torture and abominations towards demons and humans alike. Their research on Angelus’ evil personality was a natural step for herself and the Scoobies. Now she regretted the knowledge so avidly soaked up, wondering if ignorance would have made this easier.

She suspected he was priming her- easing her fears so that when he began his torture she would be unprepared. Get her to relax and then swoop in and tear her apart; another turn-on for his demon psycho self.

Her heart fluttered in her chest like a terrified caged bird as her thoughts quickly degenerated, and wild fantasies that were probably not so wild raced round her mind. And there she lay, her muscles betraying her by softening with every cool sweep of his hand.

By the time he’d finished with her legs and reached the apex of her thighs, Cordelia’s body felt practically boneless. But it didn’t last long, tensing when he placed a hand on the back of each thigh, running his thumbs along the satiny inner skin. She suffered a brief, agonizing moment when his hard fingers pressed into the flesh of her thighs and applied subtle pressure, and she waited, holding her breath nervously for the inevitable exposure of her now traitorously damp core.

Then his grip relaxed and Cordelia almost sobbed aloud in aching relief when his hands instead swept up and over the rise of her ass, his slick hands cool soothing away the deep ache. A moan dragged from her throat as her hips pushed back against the hands palming her.

The bed shifted under her. Heavy, powerful thighs caged hers as Angelus straddled her body, his knees coming to rest against her hips. Quivering, she waited for his next move. He locked his thigh muscles and hovered over the back of her legs keeping his full weight off her, then spanned the small of her back with both hands circling her tiny waist.

She felt ridiculously feminine at the way she fit snugly into his hands, Anglelus’ fingers meeting against her trembling belly as if she’d been made just for his grip. Maybe it was just the first sign of insanity if she admitted to herself that it felt good, but Cordelia felt her body reacting to his touch.

Squeezing lightly before releasing, Angelus smoothed her spine in long deep strokes, sweeping high and pressing his thumbs firmly into the muscles either side of her backbone. She arched into his touch exposing her nape in the process, and abruptly he leaned over and pressed his open mouth against the heated flesh. A shudder ran through her body at his show of animalistic dominance

A low, deep growl rumbled through Angelus’ chest and out of his mouth until the vibrations rippled through her own throat. Cordelia tensed when his blunt, human teeth clamped firmly on her nape, and waited fearfully for them to morph into razor sharp fangs and sink into her flesh. Instead she felt the cool sweep of his velvet-rough tongue and hard suckling before he reared away from the slightly reddened moist skin.

Cordelia gasped her relief into the silk coverlet quickly forgetting her burst of fear as Angelus proceeded on. Kneading her supple skin, running his fingers along her sides, he lingered on the swell of her breasts. The pads pressed firmly into the rounded globes, their weight cupped by him for a moment before his hands slid away. Even untouched, her nipples were hard buds poking sharply into the mattress beneath her.

Seconds stretched out in silence as Angelus straightened his spine, sitting back. Cordelia tried her best to gain control of her body’s betrayal as she waited for the vampire’s next move. He remained utterly still and silent for what seemed like eons. When he moved, it was so fast that Cordelia never felt it coming.

One moment she was lying prone the next she was flipped over onto her back again – gasping in shock. After shooting a nervous look up at his intent face and rich brown eyes that were rimmed with equally rich gold, her gaze quickly skittered away from the intensity she found there.

Tensing with fresh alarm when hard fingers captured her jaw and forced her face to his, Cordelia shuddered as he purred deeply, “The time to bare your throat to me hasn’t come yet.” Those sinful eyes flicked the slightly damp flesh of her throat resting hotly on the pulse throbbing there.

Cordelia could tell Angelus was thinking about it. He ran the pad of his thumb across her full lower lip, pressing down to expose the soft inner flesh. Releasing her face abruptly his hands again circled the flesh of her throat that captured his burning gaze, and then slid down until he cupped her fragile shoulders.

The firm kneading continued, sweeping across her collarbone and chest. Cordelia was more than surprised when he skirted her now aching breasts and settled below the fullness of them. Shifting lower, he pressed calloused pads into her stomach and deeply massaged her taut muscles, enjoying the firm, springy walls of her toned belly.

Again he stopped short of intimacy, the tips of his fingers skimming the edge of soft curls at the apex of her thighs, instead sliding to run them along her hipbones. The deliberate avoidance of her most intimate flesh confused yet aroused her. What was his game?

She recalled the moment of confrontation between Angelus and the Slayer in the school hallway; his cold distaste for the girl his souled self had professed to love and desire. And later, Giles’ revelation that the evil vampire was recorded as being less than impressed with the ‘delights’ of the human female form, sticking to his own kind and preferring torture to anything remotely pleasant except as a way to show his animalistic dominance.

Maybe it was true – he was just biding his time; lulling her into a sense of false security before making her suffer untold horrors and excruciating pain. Reading of his avid interest in virgins had frightened her even more; the things he’d done to those poor girls had her stomach rolling with threatened nausea. For the first time in her life, Cordelia regretted holding on to that innocence.

If – when, he found out- God! She refused to think of possible scenarios, but they came anyway. Her frightened mind reeled with thoughts that were repeated over and over as if stuck in a torturous loop. The out of control thoughts came to an abrupt halt when Angelus rose up and knelt at her feet, his hands leaving her body to rest on his hips as he surveyed her supine form lying before him.

Reaching forward, he clasped her ankles and pushed, forcing her knees to bend until her heels almost pressed against the sensitive skin of her bottom. He applied warning pressure against her fine anklebones before releasing her and sitting back on his haunches. Her legs trembled with the urge to curl away from his large frame but the cold eyes that pinned her made her stay put.

A deeply husky demand, “Let me look at you,” had Cordelia baulking, the pupils engulfing the rich hazel irises of her wide eyes expressing her knee-jerk refusal and mortification when the import of his words sunk in. No one had ever gone there; well, except for her female gynecologist. But that was majorly different.

Angelus sighed and reached out to run a long, thick finger down her shin, his eyes following its path before pinning her with a look that froze the marrow in her bones. “Don’t make me angry, sweetheart – you wouldn’t like it, I promise you.” The lightness of his voice belied the threat of his words.

A silent battle raged within her as she weighed the pros and cons of refusing him. “I hate you!” the words spilled from her trembling lips as she haltingly slid her feet apart. Angelus let her choked exclamation pass over his head, his mouth quirking in sadistic amusement as he took in the humiliated anger and fear that tightened her expression and the uncontrollable quivering of her full lips.

There was no way for Cordelia to control it. She wanted to turn her gaze away as if that would make it all disappear, but she was held rapt as his gaze dropped down to her exposed core. A kind of horror and fascination filled her watching Angelus’ eyes turn gold rapidly followed by the emergence of his natural face as he appraised the moist pink flesh open to his hot gaze.

Something primal in the way he stared caused a swift hot jab deep in her belly. She thought of the times she’d thrown herself at Angel only to be overlooked for someone else. This was so different from her fantasies where the tall, hot, mysterious guy turned out to be totally rich and famous.

The tip of his tongue slid along his fangs in anticipation, a wolfish expression on his vampiric face. Cordelia should’ve been horrified by it, but wasn’t. Leaning forward, Angelus ran his hands up to her knees and spread her wider, then slid his palms down her inner thighs. A half moan escaped her when he stopped short of touching the slick folds exposed to his gaze.

The scent of her helplessly uncontrolled arousal was noticeable even to Cordelia who tightly twisted the coverlet in her hands trying to stem off her own reaction. An answering growl of lust built deep in Angelus’ chest and then-abruptly he stepped off the bed.

“Don’t move a muscle,” he warned in a voice of blackest velvet, before turning his back on her and leaving the room.

Cordelia’s mouth dropped open in shock as the door closed quietly behind him. The mixture of humiliation, rage and disbelief surged through her, but she didn’t move. Her throbbing ass hurt like the devil, and the thought of what else he’d do if she disobeyed him chilled her skin and tightened it into goose bumps.

“Where the hell is Queen C, bitch of Sunnydale when you need her?” she asked herself, almost hysterical with fear and self-loathing. So much for standing up to the evil bastard!

With her knees trembling in reaction, Cordelia locked her petrified gaze onto the door…


Something caught Spike’s attention sparking his curiosity. He wheeled out of the lounge to find Angelus standing motionless at the foot of the stairs staring up toward the darkened landing, his expression unreadable.

“Didn’t think we’d see you for hours yet,” Spike commented dryly, coming to a stop within a few feet of the silent vampire. Back in the day, Angelus would lock himself away for ages with whatever pathetic creature had caught his twisted attention. Spike personally felt sorry for anyone who had to endure that. An eternity in hell would be preferable.

Ignoring him, Angelus concentrated on something beyond the shadows on the upper levels. Spike cocked his head, and listened intently. After a moment, he could hear the faint yet rapid beat of a human heart. He wondered idly what the bastard had done to her to cause it to race even in the vampire’s absence.

“Surprised the tasty bit is still alive,” he added, not bothering to hide his curiosity. His sire had lapped up the sounds of distress, becoming more passionate than had been the norm of late, and Spike reaped the benefits.

Eavesdropping, they had heard no screams from the girl, but what they did hear had provided more than enough to turn them on. Drusilla’s coo of, “Someone’s been a naughty girl,” was enough to make him hard. When his dark princess was in the mood for attention, he wasn’t going to waste a second of it.

The cold touch of Drusilla’s fingers feathering along his nape pulled Spike back to the present. “Daddy doesn’t want his pet dead, silly boy!” That came as a surprise. What else would he want? Spike’s brows drew together as she whispered loudly, “Wants her warm forever.” She leaned over to run a hand through his blonde hair.

Stumped, Spike stared up at her, his frown of puzzlement deepening. Drusilla’s eyes sparkled with dark mischief as she pulled away, turning to Angelus. “Don’t you, my Angel?” Her voice rose a little, lips stretching wide with unholy glee.

Spike expected Angelus to react but was surprised to note the almost absent response, “Shut up Dru,” with his gaze still fixed on the same spot above stairs.

Noticing Drusilla’s shiver of delight as she moved nearer, Spike quickly grasped her wrist. Something was going on under that emotionless exterior, and he wasn’t about let Dru be the one to find out.

“Cryptic as ever, luv. So tell me, what has Peaches got planned for his little plaything, hmm?” With a teasing grin he tightened his grip when she attempted to pull away, all too aware of Angelus’ almost imperceptible growl. He was the most vicious vampire Spike had ever had the misfortune to meet, and he’d experienced the agony of torture himself by those hands.

He’d always been prepared to face Angelus’ full brutal attention if it meant his Dru was left alone. Since his return to the fold, Spike had turned a blind eye to the master vampire taking Drusilla to their bed on occasion. She was, after all, his childe and it was a right Spike was unable to refute. Luckily, what with Angelus’ recent obsession with the Slayer, it had been infrequent, and only the knowledge that his mastery of her was mostly done to rile him, kept his mouth shut.

Hurting her was another matter entirely. Spike would never let Angelus cross that line when it came to Drusilla. He had no doubt in his mind that he’d willingly die for her.

Whatever drove Angelus to make the cheerleader his playmate was no mystery to Drusilla. A slow smile formed on her blood red lips as she patted Spike’s cheek, “Something warm to take to that cold, cold place.”

Confusion remained. This had more to do with Angelus’ need for a bed warmer.

With a secretive wink, Drusilla pulled easily away from his hard grip, exhibiting the power not many realized, to their misfortune that lay under that fragile exterior. Spike watched her dance out of the lobby before turning back to eye Angelus cautiously. He was used to Dru’s seemingly meaningless words, but, from experience, he knew they were always worth paying heed to. Right now he had no idea what she was hinting at, but he was willing to wait it out and see.

Angelus abruptly moved, rolling his head slowly until the joints in his neck cracked loudly and then stepped forward. Then he paused, and although his face was still turned towards the shadowed landing above, Spike tensed.

There was a hint of steel beneath the casual tone, “Keep out of my rooms Spike. I smell your scent in there again… I’ll kill you.” Without looking around, Angelus silently and gracefully ascended the stairs. Spike relaxed by degrees, half glad Angelus’ attentions were back on his little toy.


Cordy’s legs were now shaking badly. After holding that one position for what seemed like hours to her tired mind she was about ready to let them drop and to hell with that twisted undead bastard. With that thought in her mind, she started to relax the muscles – then the door opened.

Angelus eyed the nude brunette on his bed, noting that although her knees were still bent, she’d closed them slightly. The naked fear on her face conflicted with the hint of defiance, and his mouth quirked up a little in admiration when she finally decided to draw her legs together anyway.

Closing the door softly behind him, Angelus folded his arms and leant against it. After several long seconds of holding his dark, fathomless gaze, Cordelia’s newfound bravado failed her. “I’m getting tired,” she grouched in defense, as she again opened herself to him.

Thinking that if she could just picture herself back in her own room with nothing but her old teddy bear for company, maybe she’d be able to rid herself of the total humiliation felt by the wanton pose he had forced her into. Unfortunately, Angelus had nothing in common with Teddy making it impossible to ignore his powerful presence. Her whole body tensed when he finally straightened up strolling purposefully to the foot of the bed.

Damn it! Why couldn’t he at least say something? Cordy wondered desperately. His continued silence grated on her nerves stealing away her courage.

Angelus knew the effect his abrupt departure had taken. He’d driven her to the point of desiring the touch he’d denied her by walking out of the room. Also forcing her obedience had awoken a shred of her earlier defiance. He could see it rising to the surface and fluttering back behind the tear-stained mask where she tried to hide her fear. But he could taste it already, and could no longer wait to get closer.

Planting his large hands firmly on either side of her spread feet, Angelus leaned forward dipping his head low toward her soft triangle of curls. He nearly shuddered at the catch in her throat. She had to be wondering if he planned to bite her there.

Angelus halted mere inches from the juncture of her thighs blowing cool air across the delicate folds of her sex glistening with arousal. Her hips squirmed down into the mattress, but an immediate burst of scent called out to him enticingly. The temptation to taste what was now so very close to his lips, close enough for the stroke of his tongue was difficult to suppress, but he fought it, with not a little difficulty.

Noting the fine tremor of her thighs gradually build into outright shaking, he drew back and stared into dilated pupils rimmed with hazel. Her mouth had parted in a mixture of fear and arousal and Angelus felt a glimmer of smug satisfaction.

Taking hold of her hips, he pulled her down toward the end of the bed until her legs hung over the edge of the mattress. She was beyond curling her arms over her breasts to hide herself from him, but was still quick to lock her knees together. Upright again, he took hold of her hand tugging her into a sitting position.

“We’re just getting started,” he choked down a laugh at the look of hope glimmering to life in her eyes. Although he’d taken countless women without any thought beyond his own pleasure, his plans for Cordelia were entirely unique compared.

Cordelia’s sigh of relief turned to shock when her gaze dropped down to eye level. The material of his sweats did nothing to hide the heavy outline of his sex. Eyes widening in rapt fear, Cordy watched as Angelus hooked his fingers into the waistband sliding them over his hips inch by inch. A thin line of hair was exposed leading downward focusing her attention like a beacon.

She noticed tightness in her chest realizing she was holding her breath, but couldn’t seem to force air into her lungs as he continued. Pale and large like the rest of him, his erection made the already imposing vampire seem even more menacing.

Cordelia barely noticed when the sweats pooled at his feet, still staring at the engorged flesh jutting out toward her. There was little comparison to any of the marble statues in the Tuscan museums from last family summer’s vacation. Comparing Angelus to the male models in the artistic photographs from her mother’s expensive coffee table books made the models seem lacking in comparison. She cringed inwardly at the memory of giggling over the pictures with Harmony when they were younger.

The only time she’d actually considered letting Xander get to third base ended quickly after their closet gropage began. She’d barely even touched him when- Cordelia shuddered at the memory. It was a good thing the janitor had extra paper towels stashed there. After that, Cordelia hadn’t been so keen to grope below the waist.

The Xander penis was apparently very different from the one in front of her when it came to size. Of course, Cordelia hadn’t exactly been up close and personal with Xander’s. Her thoughts whirled making her kind of dizzy. Suddenly, Angelus tucked his finger under her chin, ordering harshly, “Breathe.”

As Cordelia took in a gasping breath, Angelus kicked away the sweats. He watched her lashes flutter down over her eyes as she tried not to stare, but saw the slow sweeping gaze taking him in as she lifted her head up again. Fear faded into the background again when she looked up at him with a bored expression.

“Am I supposed to be impressed?” Cordelia glanced down again sounding off a huff that would have shriveled a lesser man. Her bravado only made him want her more.

Angelus felt no embarrassment at standing in front of Cordelia nude. Even human, he’d never lacked confidence where his body was concerned. He lifted his hands to his chest and stroked them down his long torso over the angles of his hips to the tops of his thighs. Standing with his legs apart, his sex jutted at a sharp angle away from his body, its own weight bearing it down pointing toward her and feeling tighter in its own skin, hardening as the anticipation mounted.

Watching Cordelia’s wet tongue slicking across her lips in a nervous swipe, Angelus could practically feel it against his skin. A demand rolled up with a growl, “Touch me.” Right then he needed to feel the slide of her hand, the tight grip of her fingers as they wrapped around his aching length.

Hands clenching convulsively as she struggled not to shoot from the bed screaming blue murder, Cordelia could only stare fixedly. Undeniably, he had a beautiful body causing unrecognized tingles to flutter in her belly. Denial sounded before she had a chance to consider the consequences of refusal. “No way am I touching that.”

Although most people assumed her to be sexually active, it couldn’t have been further from the truth. Magazines, books, Health Ed and Xander had not exactly prepared her for the reality of Angelus’ erection. The sheer size alone was frightening, and her mouth dried up as she recalled his earlier threat. He hadn’t been kidding about making her bleed if she failed to comply with his wishes. Now she’d gone and told him no.

Drawing back instinctively, Cordelia squeezed her eyes tightly shut waiting for the painful grip of large hands, or a crushing blow to her body or face. Seconds passed without instant reprisal, but she flinched as his fingertips ran down the side of her face to latch onto her jaw. Looking cautiously, she locked onto his gold-rimmed gaze.

“You’ll do what I say and enjoy it.” Angelus kept his voice low and soft. He suspected from her reaction that it was more than a simple refusal to do his bidding. Cordelia had looked at his cock like it was an alien appendage instead of reacting with the natural awe it deserved.

It solidified his suspicions about her inexperience with sex. Little did she know that spark of pleasure saved her from further punishment. Normally, he could pick a virgin out of a crowd of a hundred without doubt, but time had apparently faded those skills. The soul had muddled his senses.

Watching for her reaction, Angelus wrapped his hand around his sex. He rubbed his thumb along the engorged tip. Her body quivered, either in arousal or fear. Both, he suspected with a grunt of anticipation.

“You’re a scared little virgin,” Angelus tested his theory sensing that she would deny it if she wasn’t one or the other. The blush blooming over her cheeks all but confirmed it.

Hate beamed like lasers from her eyes. “I detest you.” Cordelia felt her body trembling with rage, yet hot and aching with a need she didn’t quite understand.

Abruptly he captured one wrist, lifting her hand so the palm pressed against his cool skin, the crisp curls at the base of his sex trapped against the heel of her hand and her fingers spreading out above.

“You’re so scared I can taste it,” he taunted softly, bringing up eyes flashing with denial to clash with his. When he let go of her hand, Angelus half expected her to snatch her hand away, but instead she tightened her grip. He smirked at her obvious attempt to prove him wrong “Go ahead,” he encouraged softly, his voice dipping low and his eyes half closing as her fingers flexed.

Maybe a part of her did feel the urge to explore that gorgeous body, but Cordelia wasn’t about to forget that sex with Angelus was a bad idea. Remembering Xander’s reaction to her touch and how quickly that had killed the mood flashed through her mind again. Even if they had wanted to go on, the situation had literally deflated. If the same thing happened with Angelus, there would be no way he could make her have sex with him.

Clinging to the naive hope that cooperation would save her virginity even if it didn’t save her life, Cordelia opted for giving in to her curiosity.

Dropping her gaze to his groin, she moved her hand down a bit threading her fingers through the crisp hair to wind her fingers around the thick base. They couldn’t quite span his girth, and she swallowed heavily at the thought of that…body part penetrating her. Shivering convulsively, her grip tightened and the soft moan that left Angelus’ mouth surprised her, making her realize that her touch could arouse him the same way as his did her. Strangely enough, that gave the courage to believe that her plan might work.

It also thrilled her in a dark and entirely unthinkable way that she could get a response out of the cold vampire.

Concentrating all her senses on him, Cordelia acknowledged the swollen flesh in her grasp. Cool like marble, hard, but somehow different than she had imagined. A heavy pulse throbbed against her palm and she applied more pressure. His hips jerked in response, and feeling even braver, she used her other hand to encompass him fully unsure of anything except that it gave him pleasure. Well that was the idea, wasn’t it? The soft tremor that affected the large, hard body of her captor caused a hot response deep in her belly, and she shifted uncomfortably.

His hand cupped her face, fingers threading through her hair, and his thumb soothing a circle of encouragement across her cheek. She leaned into that touch before she even noticed what she was doing.

Taking a deep breath, Cordelia slid her hands to the base of his sex, and then slid back up. The rocking of his hips made her repeat the caress over and over, then she ran the tip of her finger across the moist tip, gasping in combined fear and pleasure when he shifted their positions so that they were both on the bed. It was awkward at first, not that it wasn’t already, but Cordelia was determined to see this through. She was a little confused as to why it was taking so long.

“What does it take?” she muttered under her breath wrapping her fingers around him a little tighter.

Angelus’ hand swept up her thigh and back to push her hair out of the way latching onto her throat with his cool mouth, opening his lips to lave the skin below her ear. The teeth that nibbled her flesh were thankfully blunt, and her breath released on a soft moan of both relief and arousal, and her hand increased its movements, flexing against his sex.

“It just takes a little imagination, sweets,” Angelus murmured into her ear, faint amusement his husky tone.

A little gasp of surprise followed as she realized he had overheard her and blushed down to her toes. Jerking backward accidentally caused her to tug harder than intended, but Angelus only purred his approval.

He was close to ditching his plans to just do what his instincts demanded by plunging deeply into her hot little body. Her warm hands felt like heaven, and her uncertain, erratic caresses aroused him more than the touch of any experienced whore he’d used- as a human or vampire. His fangs itched to descend and pierce the sweet skin that rested against this tongue, but with a feral growl he pulled away.

At his abrupt movement, Cordelia’s heart plummeted. Had she angered him in some way -hurt him? Her confused eyes searched for his, and she was immediately fascinated by the flush of red along both his cheekbones. Angelus stared back silently, then nodded his head almost imperceptibly.

“My turn,” he whispered hoarsely.

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