Getting to Know You. 5

Part 5

Angelus cupped her delicate shoulders and applied pressure until Cordelia acquiesced, laying back against the pillows.

Lust jolted through him as he felt her shiver at his touch. He refused to let her gaze slide away, holding hers with a stare of sheer intensity.

His silenced unnerved her, so he said nothing and let his hands say it all. Moving to straddle her thighs like before he kept his knees level with her waist this time. Little pants of nervous anticipation left her partially open mouth, the sensuous curves catching his attention. Then he forced his gaze to drop further finding other delights that would soon be his to taste as well as touch. Angelus’ thick-lashed gaze appraised the golden form beneath him, lingering for long moments at the apex of her thighs.

Looming over her, he cupped her face in his large, cool hands. Cordelia’s tongue flicked over her mouth. He wanted to crush those plump lips, feel them swell beneath his. Just the thought of nipping her tongue to enjoy her blood-tinted kiss made him shift down so his face was inches from her own.

He paused as her breath brushed against his lips reminding him that his goals would not be gained by rushing things. The soft moue of fear and anticipation pursed her mouth into a tempting target. Avoiding it, Angelus instead brushed his lips along her brow, following along her cheekbones and jaw, nipping the tip of her chin before dipping under and running his tongue the length of her throat.

Tensing instinctively, Cordelia sucked in a sharp gasp. He smiled cruelly against her hot, fragrant skin. That part of his plan was a way off – but he wasn’t going to bother to reassure her. He loved the thrill of her fear sweetening the blood beneath the surface, and he deliberately opened his mouth wider to encompass her throat in a mock bite to intensify it.

Fear drove her to ignore his order to keep her hands off. Cordelia grasped his shoulders, her hands hot against his cool skin scrambling desperately for purchase. Angelus wondered what went through her mind having a vampire at her throat. Did she wonder if he was simply ready to tear out her throat and drain her? Maybe her inexperienced touch had bored him? Uncontrollable tremors trammeled through Cordelia’s body as she waited for the inevitable pain of his bite, her breath held tightly.

The frantic pulse beneath his mouth caused another rush of desire, his cock hard and heavy trapped between them. Angelus knew it would take less than a second to spread her thighs, to bury himself deep. He ached to do so, but held off. The time for giving her a good fuck hadn’t come yet, but it would and he was going to have her begging for it.

A shudder rippled across his muscles in pure anticipation. Cordelia Chase was going to give herself to him forever. Right now she thought she was going to die. One bite and her life would be over. His future consort was going to have to wait to feel the penetration of his fangs.

Releasing his hold on her throat, Angelus slid his mouth to her ear laving the lobe and sucking it into his mouth. The smile widened into a grin of wicked delight when she shuddered with relief, her fingers unconsciously digging into his flesh in reaction.

The sharp sting of her nails left half-moon marks behind. Angelus wanted to feel them scrape across his skin, scratch him. But telling her that would only give her a shred of control that had no place existing. Dipping lower, he followed the line of her throat sliding his tongue along her shoulder to nip the flesh sharply. Her nails dug in deeper as she flinched giving him what he wanted without resorting to requests.

Angelus rewarded her by soothing the abused skin with gentle suckling. It was a bad idea, he decided, to let her touch him. His cock was throbbing for attention and he was determined to ignore it. Better to wrest control again before Cordelia realized he actually got off to a little pain. It might give her ideas that would force this game to end prematurely and killing her would really piss him off.

Lifting his head, Angelus reached up and captured a hand, stretching her arm and laying it on the coverlet in a parody of Christ on the cross. He held her wrist in a tight grip pressing it down hard, staring deep into her questioning hazel eyes. A low growl rumbled from his hard chest to her softer torso signaling a warning, then glanced at the other hand resting on his shoulder.

Eyes widening in understanding, Cordelia stretched her arm across the bed. The position opened her torso to his gaze, her breasts rounded and full, the curves of her body calling out to him for attention. He intended to taste every inch.

Without saying another word, his head dropped and lips latched onto her collarbone, alternatively nipping and laving as he followed the line from one to the other. He rested on his forearms, keeping his upper body away from hers, and the movement pressed his hips closer, the hard length of his sex resting firmly along her pubic bone and belly.

Angelus brushed his fingers along the outer curve of Cordelia’s left breast. She shuddered and then moaned sharply when he cupped it. The fact that he’d made no effort, until now, to touch that part of her body made it even more pleasurable, and she arched into his touch helplessly. Pleased with her response, Angelus pressed his lips against that full curve, swept his tongue around it. Flicking along the darker circle of soft skin around her tightly puckered nipple, he turned to lave attention on its twin.

Cordelia writhed under him, her spine curving up to lift her breasts toward the source of pleasure. “Oh!” She bit back the gasping plea, capturing her lower lip between her teeth and crunching up a fistful of coverlet.

Continuing on, Angelus nipped her flesh reddening the skin lightly as the blood drew closer to the surface. Her breasts filled his hands, his thumbs skimming close to their pointed peaks. Hair whispered across her sensitive skin, his cheek nuzzling her breast. Then he ran his cool tongue across the juncture of her arm and torso eliciting another spark of delight.

Was she surprised by that? Humans had so many pleasure points. Angelus repeated the caress beneath her other arm and felt the resulting shudder. Those hazel eyes were dark now, needy, pleading despite her attempt at holding her tongue. He’d bet that wasn’t going to last much longer.

Angelus then lunged and captured a nipple, drawing it deep into his mouth and suckling lustily, making her cry out. His sex throbbed achingly when she jerked against his in excited response. Flexing his hips, he stroked himself up and down the tightly clenched cleft of her thighs, the thick tip nudging her curls. Fuck, that felt good.

Getting back to the soft mound in his hand, he lashed his tongue back and forth over the dusky peak. The taste of her warm skin tingled against his tongue, the soft velvet tip, a ripe target. Twirling the other nipple between thumb and finger, Angelus applied pressure tweaking it hard, just this side of painful.

The sensation of his cool tongue, blunt teeth and hard, tormenting fingers ignited prickles of desire spread from the tips of her breasts to the now drenched juncture of her thighs. Angelus continued to hold her down, her legs deliberately closed. The need for more friction had her rubbing her loins against his engorged shaft building her need until Cordelia was crying out for more, her stuttered incoherent pleas now impossible to suppress.

More than satisfied with her passionate response to his touch, Angelus relented after a few minutes straightening his legs to slide his heavy, powerful thighs between hers. Cordelia mindlessly parted them, drawing up her knees up, pressing her feet into the bed to lift her hips feverishly against his. The broad ridge of his erection nudged her clitoris, causing her to whimper and rub herself harder against him, all thought of rebelling against him seemingly gone as pure sensation flooded her trembling young body.

Angelus continued with his sensual assault on her breasts for a little longer, rocking gently into the cradle of her erratically jerking hips. The scalding heat and moisture of her core coated his sex, and he groaned inwardly. The urge to fuck her was getting hard to ignore. This was going too fast and went against the plan of action he’d worked out in minute detail.

Releasing her nipple, Angelus scooted lower, pressing his pulsing erection into the mattress and away from her tempting heat. He ignored her disappointed moans, continuing a path along her ribs and belly, again nipping licking and pressing openmouthed kisses against her delicious skin. His head spun with the honeyed taste of her. The combination of fresh clean skin with a touch of salt, and the intoxicating fragrance of her burgeoning arousal nearly blew his mind. It took all of his ironclad self-control to divert his mouth away from her core and instead to lave her hipbone and the join of lower body to leg.

Easing her trembling thighs further apart, Angelus lifted them one by one onto his broad shoulders and slid his open mouth along the softer inner thigh. Cordelia fisted the covers, struggling against the need to lift her arms and slide her fingers though his hair. She was so wet now that the cover beneath her ass was damp. Skirting her core, Angelus concentrated his attention along her other thigh eliciting a mewl of frustration quickly followed by the sound of his name.

Just what he was waiting for. Angelus started to rise up noting that her eyes were no longer tightly shut, but staring at him, a dark expression mixing with confusion. “Aren’t you going to—,” she broke off the words clamping her mouth closed.

Angelus knelt between her spread thighs, his hands keeping them open so he could see the glossy folds of her sex. Oh, yes, he had her attention now. Slowly, he ran his forefinger down the center of her core and she immediately bucked against him, a moan of need falling from her parted mouth. Dipping the pad at the entrance of her hot core, he slid it higher and swirled the moisture he’d collected around her swollen clitoris in a torturously slow circle.

“When the pathetic soul was in me, I used to sit in the dark fantasizing about touching you like this.” After so much silence, the sound of his deep, rich voice slithered across her skin like rough velvet.

The penny dropped, the import of his words widening her beautiful eyes. “When you had a soul?” Her gaze narrowed. “Liar. Angel was all about Buffy.”

Angelus scoffed at the idea. “Having the soul didn’t mean I wasn’t there”. Even as he spoke he could clearly see the denial written in her eyes.

A dark flush spread across her chest and neck brightening her already glowing skin. The fresh scent of arousal suggested the idea wasn’t as disgusting as Cordelia tried to make it out to be. Her sputtering, “Eew! Like I want to know about Angel’s pervy habits, or yours.”

“Don’t pretend you don’t want my tongue on you,” Angelus flicked a finger against her clit causing her to jerk her hips at the contact.

Rolling her head against the bed, Cordelia stubbornly denied it. “Xander’s the only one I—”

Instantly pissed that Cordelia would mention the whelp’s name in his bed and lie to him about it, Angelus growled her into a state of silence. The deep rumble nearly drowned out her boast about the boy being good with his tongue. He was stiff with rage, hard with lust and barely able to hold back the urge to rip her virginity to shreds in one thrust.

Dropping his gaze back to her drenched core, he dove down to place his open mouth directly on her. The pressure of his cool lips made her cry out in pure pleasure. Broad strokes of his tongue drew out the moan to a long string of incoherent sounds, her hips instinctively rotating against his face.

Latching onto her hips to still her movements, Angelus plunged his tongue into her hot depths, sealing his lips completely over her sex and sucking hard. The combination of his mouth and tongue devouring her soon had sharp twinges of burning pleasure streaking from her clit spreading outward. The whimpers turned to wails as he fucked her rapidly with his tongue before sliding higher to latch onto the distended bud and nip gently. Taking it into his mouth he suckled lightly for a few seconds then applied intense pressure.

Her back arched off the bed as blinding pleasure/pain assailed her taut body. She attempted to pull away from his sinful mouth when he increased his assault, but his hard hands pinned her tightly to his face.

Fire licked her stretched nerves, gathering forced deep in her womb, before exploding into red-hot flames. She screamed hoarsely, unable to catch her breath as he still continued to bombard her until another explosion rapidly followed the first. Her body flopped back to the bed, boneless, her legs sliding off his shoulders limply to fall and splay open on the bed when he finally released her.

Angelus knelt back. licking the taste of her off his lips greedily as he surveyed her supine, lightly perspiring body with molten brown eyes. His agonizing erection twitched with the need for release, but he drew deep, steadying breaths to control himself. He found that breathing helped calm him down, and at this moment he needed it, desperately.

When he felt able to contain his lust, Angelus loomed over Cordelia, then rested on his side next to her. Latching a heavy arm around her waist, he pulled her against him until her moist warm back pressed against his chest. Pushing his knees along the back of hers, he spooned around her and buried his face into the crook of her neck as she drifted to sleep.


Standing silently beside the bed, Angelus’ dark eyes ran the full length of Cordelia’s sleeping body. He was still hard, and the lingering taste of her on his tongue wasn’t helping. A low snarl rumbled in his chest as he recalled her mention of Xander. Although he knew in his gut that she had to be lying, it still pissed him off. It had been difficult not to punish or take her when she’d dared thrust that little whelp’s name in his face, and only the knowledge that it would have ruined his plans saved her from his fury.

Turning away abruptly, Angelus collected Cordelia’s scattered clothes and shoved them into a backpack he’d stowed in his closet along with her possessions. Reaching back into his closet,  he scooped up the jewellery he’d removed from her earlier and dropped them into it too.

Slipping the backpack onto his shoulder, Angelus again rifled in the depths of the closet and slipped various items into his other pocket. After one last, lingering look towards the bed, he opened the bedroom door and slipping quietly from the room, locked it securely behind him…


“Don’t make a sound and I won’t kill you”, he lied smoothly.

Releasing the girl’s mouth, he half carried her to an abandoned car deeper into the shadows of the alley, and pushed her face down on the hood. Reaching lower, he pulled her indecently short skirt up until it rested on the small of her back.

Angelus could smell a mixed bag of human semen coming off of her. His disappointment in coming across a prostitute instead of an innocent, as young as the one asleep in his rooms was sharp – he needed something tight to assuage his need, and doubted he’d find it with this well-used whore. Oh, well, there were other places, he decided, imperceptibly shrugging his broad shoulders.- plus it would make for more distress in the bigger picture.

Ripping her scant panties away, Angelus spread the cheeks of her ass and positioned his swiftly released sex, placing the broad tip against her virgin puckered opening.
Leaning over, he again clapped a brutal hand across the terrified girl’s mouth, and then slammed home hard. The agonized scream that shot out of the girl’s mouth was stifled enough not to be overheard.

The scent of blood quickly filled the air. That and the tight heat finally brought his balls close to his body and he groaned gutturally, his movements becoming erratic but no less brutally as finally his cold seed shot deep. Even as Angelus’ knees weakened with blessed release he reached out, pulling the girl’s head towards him by her hair and sliced his fangs into the flesh of her throat. After several mouthfuls, he lifted away and yanked her head sharply to the side and let go the moment a sickening crack splintered the silence.

His fangs itched sink back into the torn flesh and drain the still-warm corpse dry, but Angelus knew for what he had planned, the girl had to have blood left to spill. Ripping the skirt from her limp body, he withdrew and cleaned his sex carefully before tucking himself away and buttoning up his leather pants. Flipping the body over, he slid a small, razor-sharp knife out of his duster pocket.

Placing the blade against the girl’s, cheek, he set to work.


In her dreams Angel saved her from the monster. The constant tug of consciousness brought a frown to her smooth brow as if sensing something was not quite right. Her foggy mind disconnected with the fact that Angel was the sadistic demon who’d captured her and took what comfort it could find.

Drowsy eyes finally flickered open taking in the familiar face hovering over, the cool hand on her bare shoulder gentle and soothing. A smile softened her mouth as she saw Angel, her champion/savior/hero/whatever, his dark eyes showing that same hint of gentleness.

Reaching out a hand, it connected with Angel’s damp chest. It held a faint warmth and as her fingers trailed a path over his silky skin they encountered beads of water that had missed the swipe of the towel he still held. She realized he must have just bathed and was suddenly entranced by the play of muscles that twitched under her touch.

Pulling away her gaze she looked up and whispered, “Angel,” only to watch as his gaze hardened instantly, familiar coldness pulling her abruptly out of her haze. In that instant the misty cloud of sleep was swept away. This was not the man/savior/hero of her dreams but Angelus.

Harsh reality poured back in. Cordelia yanked her hand away, body tensing, and then gasped aloud when her wrist was instantly caught in an iron hold.

“Time to get up, Sweets,” his words slid along her skin like warm velvet, rasping softly. A warning glint flickered in his eyes.

A moment’s hesitation earned her a sharp tug forcing her to sit up. Swallowing nervously, she pulled the sheet up and holding it against her chest protectively. After yesterday, she knew he didn’t want her to cover herself, but it was an automatic act to cling to whatever modesty she had left. Cringing at the thought of the punishment to come Cordelia waited for admonishment.

Surprisingly, Angelus said nothing, instead rising to his feet and giving her hand another tug. This one was less forceful in guiding her into compliance. She swung her feet off the bed, eyeing him suspiciously.

Considering she’d just called him Angel- something that he’d made plain pissed him off, Angelus looked surprisingly relaxed and pleased with himself. As soon as she stood upright Angelus turned and led her towards the center of the room.

“Stay.” As soon as the order left his lips, he turned away and headed towards the chest of drawers facing them, leaving Cordelia gaping at his back and feeling like a recalcitrant puppy.

Clutching the sheet closer she waited on tenterhooks as he scooped up the small box that was sitting on its surface. When he turned to face her, a smug grin stretched across his mouth. It wasn’t just an ordinary box, but tied up with a bow.

“For me?” Cordelia knew there were miles of strings attached to any gift that came from him. And his idea of gift giving usually left a lot to be desired.

Angelus sauntered back. Confirming, “That’s right. Since you were so quick to bring your boyfriend into our bed, I thought I’d get you a little something to remember him by.”

The confident grin twisted cruelly on seeing how his words instantly tensed Cordelia’s frame, her eyes growing wider by the second as she stared at the box he held. Even as her mind was assaulted by various scenarios, each worse than the last, her horrified whisper came out, “What have you done to Xander?”

A careless shrug followed. “He’d want you to have it considering you seemed so fond of it.”

By the expectant look in his eyes, Cordelia knew he was waiting for her to refuse. Lifting her chin in a show of bravado, she reached out and took the box, inwardly cursing her shaking hand.

There was no way he could have got to Xander, she assured herself. He always stuck to Buffy like glue.

But still, as she glanced down at the small blue box, doubts assailed her mind. Unless Buffy was still out for the count- and Xander had decided to act all brave macho-guy. Either way, Angelus looked way too pleased with himself for comfort. Steeling herself for something disgusting, Cordelia unwrapped the bow and slowly lifted the lid, her heart beating a frantic tattoo.

Angelus gleefully listened to the sound of her hammering heart, the blood coursing through her veins music to his ears- and the choked scream that followed was the icing on the cake. The box landed several feet away, spilling its bloody contents. Cordelia couldn’t look away, her body shuddering in reaction

“I was pretty easy on him, considering.” Angelus commented almost casually as he walked over and retrieved the box. “I always thought he was a little loose with his tongue. So I ripped it out before snapping his neck like a twig.” Without missing a beat, he picked up the bloodied flesh and dropped it into the box, closing the lid.

“Oh God,” she almost gagged, and felt her knees turning to jelly. Before she could sink to the floor, Angelus was there, lifting her into his arms and she was taken to the bed.

“Maybe now you’ll understand how it is; that you belong to me,” his words sounded blurred and distorted to her foggy mind.

Only half aware of him laying her down and climbing onto the bed with her, of being turned on her side and pressed against his cold body, Cordelia stared blindly over his broad shoulder. Large hands swept lingering strokes along her spine, long fingers hooking underneath one thigh to pull up her leg to drape over his hip, but Cordelia was oblivious.

Her numbed mind tried to take in that fact that Xander was dead- because of her defiance and reckless lies. A soft sob bubbled in her throat, guilt and regret beginning to swamp her.

As he held her close, Angelus’ satisfaction faded. A frown of perplexity creasing his brow at her continued lack of response. Noting that her body temperature was cooling rapidly had him picking up the pace, hands stroking along her skin briskly. Pushing down his irritation, he rolled her over, covering her trembling body with his own and latched his mouth against her throat, determined to shake her out of her melancholy.

The hands that had first been soothing had become more insistent, kneading and molding her flesh, but all the outwardly soothing gesture did was remind her that those hands had recently taken the life of one of her friends, someone who’d become important to her. She shuddered in revulsion.

Angelus pulled Cordelia even closer, mistakenly thinking that she was finally responding to his touch. Lifting his head, he gave in to the urge to take her mouth in a deeply drugging kiss, only to pause when she choked and gagged at the first sweep of his tongue against hers.

As he released her fully, Angelus took in the expression of disgust that twisted her features and swore under his breath as the realization that he’d fucked up royally hit him. Jealousy had taken over reason. Instead of Cordelia now being more pliable, the shock and disgust now so apparent had instead closed her off to him.

Easing away slowly, Angelus watched through stormy eyes as she immediately turned away and curled into herself. His finely tuned plans had been laid to waste by letting something he despised get in the way. A state of mind he’d thought had been shed when the curse of the filthy soul had lifted.


Rising lithely to his feet, he stared down at the huddled form, for once at a loss of what to do. After several minutes, he decided retreat was his only option right now. He needed to think of a way to turn this around – and fast.

Anger dogged Angelus’ heels with every step taken towards the door, and it was with great effort that he managed to close it softly behind him.

Thoughts of ways to rescue the situation blurred as fury quickly mounted. Right now all he needed was to kill someone. As he reached the bottom of the wide staircase, a snarl that had been building up escaped thinned lips. The weak rays of dawn that filtered through the stained glass above the front door finally snapped his iron control.

Immediate plans thwarted the snarl rose to a roar and thundered around the cavernous foyer- then his murderous eyes landed on a likely candidate to assuage his rage. The urge to kill strengthened as the brunette vampiress silently appeared, hearing the disturbance. Dru turned towards him, dark eyes eager and a coy smile lighting her pale face, strangely oblivious to the danger facing her. Before she could utter a word, he’d gripped her slender throat in crushing fingers…

Part 6

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