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Special guest star- Hely!!!!!! She was kind enough to continue on and do the epilogue, and I just know you’re gonna love it! Thanks hely; you are the best! :lick:

And they lived….?

“”The motel room was sparse but clean with an over abundance of white that at least helped keep it cool. Awkwardly, Angel prowled the rooms length pretending to be checking for… something.

“Looking for something?” Cordelia asked archly coming in the door.

No, just didn’t know what else to do, “not really” he answered with a sigh and finally settled his brown eyes on her. “Why are we here again?”

“Simple. We’re gonna have some uninterrupted talk time before we get back to LA. No way am I putting up with this dragging on for months,” she waved a hand at his stiff and uncomfortable face to show him what ‘this’ was.

Briefly Angel wondered how he’d let her even get them here. This kind of blow-by-blow analysis he really didn’t need right now. Plunging his hands in his pockets the newly re-ensouled vampire rocked back on his heels and firmly shut his mouth.

Seeing it Cordelia sighed and abruptly decided the more aggressive the better. She was in the rare position of being completely wronged and they both knew it. “Take your coat off and get on the bed, Angel,” she instructed firmly.

What? His jaw dropped in disbelief certain he’d miss-heard. “What did you say?”

“Super hearing vamp going deaf now? I don’t think so. You heard me, coat off and then lie on the bed,” Cordelia repeated crossing her arms and arching both brows to show him she meant business.

Angel didn’t move a muscle, just stared back at her mutely communicating a big fat, no. He was as tense as sprung wire and behind the blank mask his thoughts were whirling with only one thing being certain. Cordelia and beds were the worst kind of idea.

Cordelia sighed and flung out her arms. This was the delicate bit and if she couldn’t get him to co-operate now then this was a waste of time and she’d just tossed away fifty bucks. “If our close friendship means anything to you, Angel then do as I ask. Or don’t you want to save it?”

That was a low blow and if possible the vampire stiffened even more. Dammit, she always knew what buttons to push and sometimes he felt like a puppet following on her string. Not that he had a choice, caring about someone was like that and you just had to trust the strings wouldn’t turn into chains.

“Of course I want to save it. I just don’t get why you’re doing this?” he gritted out, irritably shrugging out of his leather duster and tossing it on the single padded seat next to the fixed wooden counter. Cordelia rolled her eyes and his brows snapped down, “I meant this getting on the bed stuff not the talk,” he knew the reason for the talk all too damn well.

“Don’t get it- do it,” Cordelia whispered, hiding her elation that he was willing to do something so unutterably alien- obeying a human. She knew he was hurting too from what had just happened and yet he was, for her, bending over backwards to try and make amends.

Angel was grateful she was even talking to him and hadn’t run screaming the moment she could. Just imaging that had his whole body aching with a wave of pain. Dammit, if Cordelia wants you on the bed- get on the frickin bed already. He lay down.

Cordelia didn’t give him a chance to change his mind and sat down with her hip pressed into his, then rested a palm on his still and shirt covered chest. Angel tensed then forced his muscles to relax. Their eyes caught and held, licking his lips Angel asked hesitantly, “What do you want?”

Leaning down, Cordelia looked down at him steadily, “Do you love me?” she asked bluntly.

Oh God, what a question. How could she even ask him that after what he’d done? “You know I do,” Angel got out in a rasp. If she was searching for a way to punish him them so be it. Angel waited for the look of disgust, the thrust away and then the diatribe to begin.

Cordelia let that sink in then nodded gently, her face as still as a summer lake. “You’re wondering how I can even mention that after the whole Angelus thing aren’t you?”

Here we go, Angel nodded and his fingers dug into the bed covers. Then she surprised him again and laid her head down on her fingers, letting her breath wash over the cotton of his pure black shirt, “Do you know that I’ve figured out about you and you’re alter ego?”

Cordelia looked up to see the look of hurt expectation on his face, “This body of yours is like a car with two drivers and it does what it does depending on who’s at the wheel. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“You don’t blame me for what happened. I knew that already, Cordy,” Angel replied. She didn’t have to, he did. If she was nothing more than a friend then he could accept what she said and just move on. But he loved her and the fact that she had to be struggling to even be in the same room with him right now was killing him slowly from the inside out.

Silently scrutinizing his darkly handsome face, Cordelia slowly pulled in a breath to state with characteristic bluntness, “You don’t disgust me, Angel any more than I disgust myself. I love you too and that’s enough of an explanation for me.”

Angel shook his head on the pillow and he couldn’t meet her eyes any more, the ceiling over her head swam with moisture. “I didn’t give you a choice. I was rough and … coarse,” he swallowed thickly to try and get rid of the uncalled for tears. Tears were human, soft and silently asked for sympathy. He wasn’t allowed the first two and wasn’t entitled to the last.

Okay that was it, drastic measures it was. Cordelia turned her head to watch as her hand dug inside in the purse she’d discreetly pulled to the side of the bed. The tinkle of metal on metal caught Angel’s attention and his face furrowed in confusion. Then an almost comic expression of amazement crossed his face when Cordelia dangled the handcuffs above his chest.

She slid one on and snapped it closed before he could recover enough to shake the cold metal ring off. “Let’s just see who disgusts who then shall we,” it wasn’t a question.

“Cor-del-ia”, Angel warned in a low growl, distracted from his storm of guilt and self-loathing.

“A-n-gel,” she sang back and then snagged his other hand, squeezing his fingers in warning and then paused to wait for him to go still again before snapping the second one shut and attaching it to the bed post. Finished Cordelia sat back and couldn’t help a wide grin. “Wow, that’s such a good look for you. Who knew that Angel’s and chains make such a good combination?”

Provoked, Angel growled and pushed back his head to test the strength of the links. One good yank and he’d be free. Two fingers tugged on his chin, bringing his head back down and her eyes caught his again. Instantly a pressure built in his chest and the look in those warm hazel depths had him meekly settling back down.

Delighted with him, Cordelia leaned down and rubbed her lips lingeringly over his feeling the slight softness of his pout harden slightly as he was helpless to prevent a response. His lips were like plump silk and she did it again before leaning up, braced with her arms on his chest, “No disgust there,” she whispered a little breathlessly.

At first Angel could do no more than shake his head, half in confusion and half in agreement. Her breasts were pressed to the side of his chest as she leaned over him and the pressure of those soft mounds even with their clothing acting as a barrier was electric, roughening his skin with goose bumps.

Sensing a verbal response was required he managed to croak out, “none here, anyway.”

“Hmm, how about now?” Cordelia asked huskily as she lifted herself up and draped her still clothed body over his, aligning them so that they matched perfectly. Underneath her pelvis she could feel the instinctive hardening of his shaft but waited for him to say it too. In her experience there was nothing like getting it out there to drive the point home.

“None,” his voice was little more than a deep-throated rumble.

A fine trembling caused the chains to rattle and Angel had to battle down the urge to simply snap the cuffs and haul her underneath him. Damned vampire instincts always wanting to dominate and keep control. Cordelia saw the hot flare in his dark eyes and took a moment to glory in the excited lust flaring into life in her belly. Relief for them both added to the mix and her eyes closed to hide the telling emotion.

Her rising excitement was discernible to the vampire beneath her and Angel’s nostrils flared to catch the elusive scent making him groan when he couldn’t suppress his own burgeoning arousal, “Cordelia, I think you should stop,” he almost pleaded.

Cordelia opened her eyes again, “why?” she was visibly confused and disconcerted now.

Because pretty soon I’m gonna reach that point where if you want to stop I’ll go insane, he thought but didn’t say. “No reason, ignore me,” he said instead. If Cordelia wanted to stop later then he’d find what it took and be glad she could bear to touch him at all. God, I’m pathetic.

This time when she kissed him he was right there with her and it was a breathless Cordelia that pulled back to dazedly stare down at him. “Does that mean I’m finally getting through that stubborn head of yours?” she asked with a smile on now rosy and flushed lips.

“Getting though with what?” Angel asked, forcibly having to drag his eyes from the soft flesh he’d just been allowed to pay homage too with such thoroughness. Then his brow cleared. Proving she wasn’t revolted by him. “Sorry, yeah I’m getting the message. But if you wanna try it again I don’t mind.”

She laughed, “I bet, but since you ask.”

It was a while before Cordelia came back up for air. On the bed, her legs tangled with his and dimly she thanked her stars that she hadn’t worn her usual uniform of mouth-watering short skirt. Not they didn’t have their own advantage but right now rubbing herself over a certain vampire was top of the agenda.

Whoo boy, the room was certainly heating up, “I think your overdressed,” she solemnly advised the brown eyes below her and without waiting for a reply Cordelia dragged her reluctant body off his to sit up to attack the buttons on his shirt.

“What about you?” asked Angel when he could untangle his tongue. Cordelia huffing irritably at her fingers which all seemed to have turned into thumbs shot him a look from under lashes, “later.” She promised huskily, “I have a plan.”

Oh God, didn’t she always? He lifted up to help and stared mesmerized at the pink tip of her tongue currently gracing her lips between white teeth as she worked at releasing him from his shirt. How did they end up like this again? Oh right, Angelus. Hot flashes of memory sizzled across his brain and for the first time they didn’t burn his conscience.

She didn’t hate him, wasn’t repulsed and from this viewpoint wasn’t in the least bit emotionally scarred from what had happened. God, he loved this woman so much it hurt.

Hot lips like brands scorched his chest as she laid the two sides back, running back and forth across his suddenly begging nipples before trailing over the dips and valleys of rigid muscle to his neck. Angel sucked in breath and closed his eyes almost undone by the feel of Cordelia plastered to him with her breath washing over the skin of his throat.

The neck was an explosive part of any vampire and even souled Angel was no exception. Please, please, please. Kiss me- bite me, anything just ahhh, Cordelia latched onto the skin over his jugular and suckled making his eyes almost cross at the resulting surge of intense sensation. His whole body throbbed and then rose off the bed, straining the metal links of the cuffs almost to breaking point.

“Down boy,” Cordelia demanded with a smile against his skin, pushing with one hand to press the hard muscled chest back down so he rested on the mattress. “Don’t go getting all over-excited,” she warned and came up to glare at him.

Seeing just how overexcited he was had Cordelia’s breath hitching in her throat. “What’s this?” she asked running the pad of one finger across full lips now disrupted by a pair of gleaming fangs. Topaz eyes competed with the bedside lamps, catching her fascinated gaze. “Full fang face, huh? Should I feel complimented?”

Tense but needy, Angel made an impulsive decision and instead of replying sucked the tip of that finger into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the sensitive flesh. Fists clenched to contain himself, Angel watched the deep flush rise up to color her face and felt his cock harden to the point where he could howl at the pressure.

Don’t be afraid, he begged silently. Cordelia kept the finger still even when he gently turned his head left and right so that his fangs ever so slightly scraped over her finger. They where like needle points but he didn’t even come close to breaking her skin.

Lordy she loved this vampire of hers. He had the uncanny ability to make her feel all soft and melty like now, or hard and ready and for anything when she stood next to him going into battle. The way he saw her helped her accept and embrace both sides of herself.

“C’mere you,” Cordelia whispered and smiling wickedly she made him lean up to her before stroking her tongue between his lips and sliding deep, feeling the edge of those fangs against her lips. Soft palms cupped his jaw and that coupled with the honeyed slide of her warm moist tongue had him squirming with rising need.

Angel captured the nimble tongue and suckled on it, making Cordelia’s fingers tighten on his jaw and thighs to flex around his hips. It was time to wrest some control back before he came apart and just pounced. “Take your clothes off, Cordy,”

More than willing to comply with the inferno building inside Cordelia sat back to whip the tight v-necked shirt over her head, speedily followed by her bra. Gazing down out of heavy lidded eyes she watched the topaz thicken and focus on her breasts and her breathing quickened even more while the pulse in her neck set up its own siren call to the unmistakably aroused vampire she was sitting on.

His gaze flicked up to pierce her, “I want you so much, Cordy. Stop now or forever hold your peace, okay?” it was a telling admission even to himself that despite a mountain of guilt and love to soften his instincts he had no choice but to issue the warning.

Was he kidding her? Jesus, she was about to go up in flames and they’d done little more than kiss. He was lucky she hadn’t just jumped him before now. “Forget stopping. I want you too,” she panted and attacked her zipper then his. It took some doing but finally she got them both naked.

It would have been much simpler to undo the cuffs but Cordelia didn’t consider it since having him at her mercy was doing more for her already outrageously heated libido than any type of love drug could do. Angel knew that and so let the illusion remain.

Clasping their hands Cordelia rubbed her body over his, hers damp and warm against his cool one, loving the friction only a little less than the sharp evocative prod of his marble hard shaft at the juncture of her thighs. There were no barriers now and she was drenched with the arousal that knowledge wrought.

Impatience to feel, touch, taste and simply let herself go surged up to swamp Cordelia’s already lust addled mind. Squirming against his cock she lifted up to slide the thick length between the moist folds, driving them both higher towards a distant peak that seemed eerily familiar. Angel groaned and didn’t care when it morphed into a long low growl, “Come up here. I want to taste you,” he panted.

Hazel met glittering, demanding topaz and shivering at the idea of it, Cordelia sucked in a slow breath then holding his gaze she dragged her pelvis up the length of his ridged abdomen, teasing them both. Then almost shaking with nervous excitement and supporting her upper body with arms braced against the wall behind the bed Cordelia lifted up so that her knees rested on either side of his shoulders, leaving her most intimate place exposed to his avid attention.

Touching her in no other way, Angel plumbed the depths of her, muttering encouragement as each deep plunge and long slow suck threatened to blow the top right of her head. Cordelia’s breathing got more and more ragged and her head fell back while helpless not to her hips undulated in a jerky rhythm, matching the pounding of her blood until finally the orgasm simply jolted her right out of her body.

She was so out of it she would have fallen, either to the side or back Cordy had no idea, if Angel didn’t have hold of her. That seemed strange until she realized he’d snapped the cuffs, now dangling uselessly from his wrists as he kept her up with both hands firmly clasping her hips.

Still recovering and feeling like she’d run a marathon Cordelia’s gaze dropped to look down her body, only to get caught and held by a pair of dark chocolate eyes still mixed with topaz while they lovingly ate up her unhidden response to his love making. “You cheated, you broke the cuffs,” where had that come from she wondered then everything went topsy turvy and she found her self pinned tenderly beneath a very intent Angel.

“My turn now,” he whispered and without any other warning he mounted her, surging inside the sopping entrance still slick with her recent climax.

Despite everything it felt so damned natural that thick invasive slide that tears flooded her eyes, she didn’t wait for him to ask, “happy tears,” she advised softly and clasped him tightly to her, “make love to me, Angel, I want it all.”

“I will, I want it all too,” Angel assured her low and steady. God, she felt unbelievable, like coming home and finding a fantasy land of everything you ever dreamed of wanting. “I love you Cordelia Chase, promise you’ll stay with me,” he asked needing to hear it and gathered her so close her pulse seemed to become his.

The slow heavy possessiveness of his thrusts didn’t abate and as if joined in an intimate dance her chest and belly rode and rubbed against his as he surged inside. “I’ll stay, nothing can drive me away. I think we proved that over the last twenty four hours,” Cordelia whispered and closed her eyes to do nothing more than feel, give and be taken.


Thank you again, Hely, for a wonderful ending to Scorch’s challenge.


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