Monster Mash 3

Hide and Eat…

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” Angelus grinned as he strolled down the landing, giving the occasional slam of his hand against doors he passed.

Oh, he knew where his little fuck toy was hiding, but, hell he had time to play the game. After all, she and the whiny soul had come alone- and no one knew what had happened. By the time they did, Angelus would be long gone, with his new childe in tow. He grinned, running a hand over the rapidly hardening bulge straining his hastily thrown on pants. After he’d taken that tight body for a ride of its life first!

Shitshitshitshit! Cordy couldn’t believe the frightening situation she was in right now; hiding between a wall and a desk in one of the unused rooms upstairs, buck nekkid and crapping herself. Each time she heard a door slam or his velvety teasing voice, her whole body tightened with fear- and reluctant arousal.

She was still reeling from the touch of his big, hard body over, around and inside of hers, and the ache between her quivering thighs was from more than his earlier nibble. He really knew how to eke out every tiny response from the female body, and that made him even more dangerous. Cordy was in no doubt that the now-soulless vampire had the intent to kill her- or even worse, turn her.

She shuddered as she recalled the way he’d pounded her into his mattress- and that was just the diluted version of the demon! God knows what he’d put her body through now all restraints were gone. Her lips trembled and frightened hazel eyes misted with tears; she wanted her Angel back…

Angelus sighed dramatically and walked determinedly towards door #5; the hiding and seeking part of the game was over- now for the fucking and eating. God, he loved being a soulless demon.

Cordy couldn’t help the small yelp that left her shaking lips when the door suddenly shot open, slamming back and hitting the wall. Silence blanketed the room and she held her breath; had he gone, or was he still -?

“Hey, baby, miss me?”

Cordy shrieked when he appeared almost magically in front of her, reaching down to yank her from her hiding place. “Let’s play some more, hmm?” she swallowed down the apprehension and attempted to come out with something witty and cutting, but her mouth parted and silence prevailed. Angelus looked from the petrified brunette to the desk she’d hidden behind and grinned.

“You know what? Soul boy had this little fantasy of chasing you round your desk; and guess how it ended?” his grin widened into a smirk as he manhandled her backwards onto the cold surface of the desk. Pinning her down by her throat, his other hand went to the fastenings of his pants, opening them and releasing his hard cock. Forcing her legs apart, he pulled her into the cradle of his thighs and plunged roughly in to the hilt. “Fuck, Cor, you feel so sweet,” he growled low in his throat.

Cordy hissed at his rough entry, her hips jerking against his, absently noting he hadn’t even bothered to push down his pants. Leaning back, Angelus watched his throbbing cock roughly enter and retreat from her tight hot core, his mouth curling with sensual lust at the sight of her moist pink flesh surrounding him. Pushing her thighs wider apart until her knees pressed against the wood, he quickened his pace.

The only sound in the gloom-laden room was the slap of wet skin and her hitching, panting breath. Several minutes later, he released his hard grip on her thighs and pulled her legs up until her heels rested on his broad shoulders, then he wrapped his hands around the front of her thighs and hammered into her body; within seconds, Cordy felt the beginnings of an orgasm and her neck arched as she keened loudly.

Angelus reveled in the desperate clutching of her inner walls and rode her through it, his hips slamming into her at an unnaturally fast pace. Wrapping her legs around his waist, he loomed over her and captured a tight nipple, suckling it without mercy until her body tightened once more around his, this time he allowed his taut body release and pistoned between her clutching legs feverishly as his cool seed flooded into her melting body.

Roaring like the demon he was, his head darted up; game face at the ready and sunk his fangs deep into her throat. The contact triggered Cordy’s second orgasm, her mouth opening wide and screaming soundlessly whilst Angelus drank lustily from her punctured artery…then his whole body exploded with white light; fangs wrenching away from her throat as he snarled in fury.

Cordy floated out of her euphoria and slowly became aware of Angelus’ large, heavy body draped over hers. His whole frame shuddered as he clutched her close; his cock, still hard, embedded deep into her body- then his dark head lifted, and the deep remorse in those chocolate eyes stunned her. He was back! Somehow, by some miracle, her Angel was back. Without another thought, she clutched him too her in a giant, ecstatic bear hug.

“ThankGodThankGodThankGod!” Angel lay shocked in her frantic embrace, all too aware of her hot walls still surrounding his cooler hard flesh, and the soft press of her amazing breasts against his chest. Recent memories flooded his dazed brain and his cock twitched traitorously, hardening even more and ready for another go- then he wrenched his torso away, but had enough sense to ease his aching cock gently out of her body before turning his back on her. God, what must she think of him!

Cordy blinked at the suddenness of his move and lay where he’d left her staring at his pale back and silently watching the play of muscles along his spine as they bunched and flexed. Yes, her broody, sometimes dorky vampire was back- and most likely alphabetizing his recent sins right this moment. “Angel…. it wasn’t your fault. Angel” she whispered softly, flinching at his instant reply.

“And you know that how?” he looked over his shoulder, his dark eyes compulsively running from her face to still opened body, shuddering and jerking his head away. “I may have been soulless, but trust me when I say, he just did everything I’ve wanted to do myself for months.” Her lovely face flushed at his bald confession. Who’d a thunk it?

“Does that include turning me into a vamp-ho?” her mouth twitched into a small, helpless smile, which widened when he spun around instantly.

“God, NO, Cor,” his eyes and expression held pure horror at the thought; his demon might have wanted that, but the soul adored her heat, her life and her inner sunshine.

And then they were back to an awkward silence. Cordy watched his dark eyes greedily devour every inch of her exposed body, and belatedly pulled her legs together with a blush. That move shook him out of his visual worship and he glanced down, acutely aware of his rigid shaft still uncovered and throbbing like hell. Tucking himself in with care and rapidly zipping up his pants, Angel grimaced and glanced around the room until his frantic eyes rested on an old discarded blanket.

Retrieving it and shaking it out sharply, he turned back to the brunette who was now sitting upright and rubbing her tender spine. Guilt flooded him anew as he figured her soft flesh would most probably bear bruises by the following day- it was bad enough seeing the surprisingly neat yet deep mark on her otherwise flawless throat.

Deliberately clearing his expression, Angel wrapped the blanket around Cordy, avoiding those sharp eyes that watched his face too closely. God, she was so beautiful, and part of his guilt was for that fact that he couldn’t regret having a chance to taste all she had to offer- he was only regretful that he’d hurt her; and most likely ruined any chance of a future relationship.

“Come on, let’s head back to my room- to get some clothes, I mean,” Angel stumbled over his words, knowing he was making a bad situation worse.

He couldn’t even look at the slightly trembling brunette, for fear of her seeing the remnants of lust he couldn’t shake off. God, if Cordy knew he really wanted to drop her to the floor and lose himself in the body his demon had already violated, she’d run and never look back.

Cordy followed behind the vampire, pretty subdued on the outside, but freaking – and angry within. What the hell? He was acting like he was disgusted with her; couldn’t even look at her! Her mouth twisted bitterly. Did he blame her for letting his demon have his way- twice? That had to be it, because no way in hell had she seen even a smidgen of shame in those dark eyes.

As they passed the stairs, a terrific crash echoed through the hallway downstairs. Cordy clutched her chest and Angel turned instantly to pull her body into his and peered down the stairs. As soon as they saw the Slayer, followed by Giles, Xander and Willow, Cordy pulled away from the protection of the vampire’s arms and huddled at the top, letting him make his way down alone.

“Back off, Deadboy!” Angel lifted a dark brow as he took in the ready stances of three of the trespasser, whilst quirking a lip on seeing the redhead half hide behind the Ex-Watcher. ” The cross that Xander Harris waved around irritated the vampire rather than cause the fear the boy obviously hoped to achieve.

“I assume this has to do with what happened….” He paused on seeing the early morning sun attempting to creep in through the unhinged door, “…last night?” All four nodded their heads, but refused to relax their stance. “Don’t worry, Buffy, if you had anything to do with my re-souling, it worked.” He reassured them wearily; uncomfortably aware that his seer hadn’t moved from the top of the stairs.

“I’m sure you will understand our need to be 100% certain of that, Angel?” Giles took a tentative step forward, a bottle that most definitely carried holy water clutched in his hand. “Where is Cordelia?” Ahh: the perfect proof that all was well in SoulsVille.

Angel half turned his head towards the stairs, “Cordy?” after a moment’s hesitation, the brunette cautiously descended, and Angel couldn’t stifle the growl as Xander’s eyes bugged at seeing her luscious figure draped with a blanket. She stopped when she reached the bottom.

“Hi guys,” Cordy smiled awkwardly and held tightly onto the front of the dusty blanket. Buffy stepped forward this time, casting Angel a wary glance before pinning the brunette with wide, deliberately expressionless green eyes.

“Hate to do this, Cor- but could you step over here?” the Slayer still stood in full daylight that streamed in from the open doorway, and Cordy instantly got what she was checking for. Without a word, she walked forward until the light brought out the chestnut highlights in her dark, mussed hair and the still weak sunlight bathed her face.

“Still of the living, Buffy. Honestly, Angel is back to his broody self,” Cordy spoke with a half smile, flicking her head towards the vampire who stood out of line of the light, but refused to look at him directly. “Now if you don’t mind, I really need to get dressed- it’s not exactly warm in this mausoleum.” She shivered slightly and retreated as soon as the blonde nodded her head.

As she escaped up the stairs, Cordy heard Buffy ask to speak to Angel privately, a hint of chastisement in her voice.

Here we go! she swallowed the thick lump that lodge in her throat and quickened her pace, missing the puppy dog expression on the dark vampire as he watched her go.

Confessions of a Vampire

“Why didn’t you tell me?” here we go! Was it wrong for Angel to feel like a moth stuck on a pin? Because right now, he was wriggling and feeling more trapped as the seconds went by.

“Buffy…. we haven’t seen each other for over a year- and have you told me about the guys in your life?” Buffy had the grace to blush at that one. Angel continued on. “I found out about Soldier boy when you nicely threw it in my face when that thing happened with Faith- and don’t tell me you meant it any other way than as a spiteful dig.” He dropped his dark head for a moment and checked out his boots. Heavy silence pervaded the room.

“Fair enough,” Buffy finally admitted, biting her lip hard then trying another tactic. “I’m just saying that finding out about you two through someone like Ethan Rayne wasn’t of the good,” Angel’s head lifted sharply at that.

“Ethan Rayne?” his lip curled. “So he was behind whatever the hell happened last night.” Taking a deep breath, he caught the blonde’s eye and admitted, ” Cordy doesn’t know how I feel about her.” Buffy arched her eyebrows.

“Kinda figured she knows now,” surprised when the vampire ducked his head and avoided her eyes. “You’re kidding me, right? If you two did the horizontal mambo pre-soul lossage, then how could she not…?” realization hit her, “oh, She thinks it was all Angelus, right?” Angel nodded his head wearily. What a fucking mess.

“Didn’t you tell her the truth?” again the eye-avoidance. Buffy rubbed a hand across the back of her neck and sighed heavily; God, and she thought they had problems communicating! His dark head lifted abruptly and looked towards the closed door; seemed like the brunette was back downstairs.

“Look, Buffy, can we not talk about this right now?” he edged towards the door uncomfortably, needing to be with Cordy – and especially wanting to see if he could gauge her mood. Buffy stood staring at him for a second before shaking her head ruefully.

“By right now, I read Never, am I right? – Oh, forget I asked, okay? Where relationships are concerned, we’re both suck majorly.” She blew out a breath. “Come on, let’s go pow wow,” turning abruptly, she opened the door and walked out. Angel followed, subdued.

His eyes instantly went to his seer, who sat on the couch between Giles and Willow, looking as uncomfortable as them. Willow fidgeted and Giles held himself rigidly.

“Ahh, Angel,” The man looked relieved to see the vampire and hurriedly filled both him and Cordy in on the events of the previous night, finally asking the big question.

“Um… I know this a rather sensitive subject, but due to the importance of the new Restoration spell, I need to know if you and-and, um Cordelia…what I mean to say is-” Giles swallowed hard and shifted uncomfortably. Angel stepped in before Cordelia went any redder than she already was.

“Yes, we did, and yes, Angelus made a show,” Quietly and firmly spoken. Giles nodded, relieved that he hadn’t had to continue that line of questioning. Then he cleared his throat.

“Yes, well…it seems the spell worked after all,” straightening up, Giles caught his eyes; “I also have the pleasure of informing you that the clause in the old spell is, um, nullified,” Angel’s face tightened, but besides that, his expression was unreadable.

“You soul is now bound, Angel” he clarified bluntly. Everyone in the room held their collective breath waiting for some kind of reaction from the still vampire, but were disappointed.

“Are you sure about this?” Angel asked coolly, one eye on the brunette who was now staring at her lap, her face now pale and drawn. “Giles nodded confidently,

“Oh, yes- the spell would not have worked at all otherwise. The fact that Cordelia is here, safe and well is proof enough,” he smiled faintly, “luckily for us, Willow has also developed an innate ability to-to sense things others cannot.” Willow nodded enthusiastically.

“Yep; all soully- definitely the good vampire,” she grinned then blushed as everyone’s attention landed on her for a moment. “Anyway, I felt it when I recited the last line.” She added softly. Angel merely nodded his head- then Cordy shot to her feet.

“You know what? Lack of sleep has caught up with me; would you guys mind if I shoot off to get some shuteye before we go back tonight?” at the unanimous shaking of heads, Cordy made her goodbyes and disappeared out of the room, not once meeting the silent vampire’s eyes.

No Place like Home?

[the start of Hely workings]

Cordy fidgeted in her seat and flicked covert glances at the equally silent vampire. He’d managed to avoid her all day, waiting until sundown before showing up to finally knock on her bedroom door.

Giving up after hour of searching for the elusive vampire, surprisingly she’s actually fallen asleep- after about half an hour of weeping like a baby. Angel being so determined to stay away spoke volumes about just how much this trip had cost them. Which was just great- Not! What had happened to their easy, close friendship? A trip down memory lane and all that just flew out of the window.

When was he going to mention the only good thing to come out of this whole fiasco, screw that, if she had too, so be it, “So… a super-glued soul- bet you’re all excited,” Angel flicked her a glance, his eyes managing not to actually connect with hers in any meaningful way at all.

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet,” he replied briefly, his hands tightening on the wheel when she pursed her lips, a fine brow arching. What was going on in that uniquely convoluted head of hers? Or did he even need to guess; after-all he’d only put her through hell on a very personal level hadn’t he?

He’d run out as soon as he could. Well walked actually with his head down and shoulders slumped, but it amounted to the same thing. He couldn’t face her after what he’d put her through. She was his best friend and the only good thing in this weird and not so wonderful world that he loved and knew he could count on. When he’d finally tapped on the door to let her know the sun had set his mind was a confused mess of raw guilt, desperate hope and gut deep neediness.

Cordelia, exited with her bags and her pointed glare had made it clear she wasn’t impressed with his prolonged absence. Then in a masterful act of self-assurance she’d allowed the scoobs to see them off with nothing more than calm statements of how glad she was to be going back to L.A. and seeing the others.

Amazed by her guts and sheer grit yet again and with no other choice, he’d followed her silently, resisting the urge to suggest she catch a bus if she was worried about being alone with him. He didn’t simply because he needed her beside him. God, how selfish could he get? Obviously a lot more than that because his eyes were glued to her back as she led the way out to the car.

Back in the car and for once not enjoying the feel of the warm evening wind ruffling her long dark hair, Cordelia slid another glance at the silent and obviously brooding vampire. His jaw clenched suggesting he could feel her gaze but did nothing to return it.

Oh yeah this was fun, like having a leg wax using superglue. “Are you angry with me?” Cordy asked bluntly, deciding to get that one out the way before deciding exactly how to proceed. Necessary since the answer would be the deciding factor on whether it was gonna be a staking or not.

Angel jerked, surprised and obviously confused and finally looked straight at her. “No, of course not. God, how could you even think that…? I mean, it’s erm…” Angel fell silent again and turned back to the road, sucking in a deep breath and twisting his hands nervously on the wheel. No one else had ever been able to make him feel so damned- uncertain.

Buffy had always made it clear he was in the wrong and that was that. All black and white with no grey allowed- no sirree. Not Cordelia though, she had a much broader scope than that. Usually that was a blessing, but right now he just didn’t know where he was. So uncertainty reigned.

“Is this where we get into the whole, ten words every quarter hour scenario before you finally admit you’re wallowing in guilt about what Angelus did to me?” Cordy asked with a deliberately audible, resigned sigh.

Oh yeah, this was so like how she’d imagined it would be. Angel was nothing if not predictable. Not a problem– in fact it should make this a whole lot easier. Unnoticed by the indeed wallowing vampire, she relaxed by several degrees.

“Don’t you think we should wait before getting into that? I know you must want to rip into me, but I was hoping…” he trailed off yet again. Cordelia rolled her eyes. Yup, left up to him this was gonna take a lifetime and since she didn’t have one to spare unlike some, she was gonna hurry things up- by a couple of decades.

“Pull over in here.” Here was a well-known motel chain coming up on their left.

“Where? There?” Angel asked tensing and wondering what she had planned. He knew she had a plan; Cordelia Chase always had a plan and a reason. Maybe he should just drive past it and pretend he hadn’t understood what she meant?

Cordy guessed what that guilty thoughtful look was about. “Yes, dumbass, there. Now would be good unless you plan on reversing to pick up my scattered body parts when I dive out of a moving car.”

“Hey no diving allowed.” Angel cursed when she undid her belt and sliding her a dark look indicated to pull into the car park, luckily traffic was light and the belated maneuver didn’t result in a blare of aggravated horns.


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