Pillow Talk and Fights

Title: 5 – Pillow Talk and Fights
Author: Scorchy
Rating: Light R
Category: Literotica
Summary: Pillow fights
Content: C/Aus
Disclaimer: I own nixies
Distribution: AO only
Notes: Wanted to see if I could write a playful nature to Aus and make it work. Dedicated to Califi for the fabuu WP’s. Warning! No actual smut in this one!!! Also thanks to Zan, Lysa and Lily for their contributions in helping me try to pull this off… Oh What The Hell!! It’s dedicated to every single Oasion!!! Enjoy.


The cream colored cotton sheets lay rumpled and entwined tightly around Angelus’ masculine body, dark brown hair contrasting against the cream colored pillow case. Though the curtains weren’t dark or heavy, the bed was positioned away from the direct light enabling the vampire to enjoy the bright day without it being fatal to him. The silence was disrupted by a shriek from Cordelia as she tried to move away to stop being tickled, his shoulders shook with laughter and he held her still.

“Stop it” she murmured, touching her nose to his and holding her arms tightly to her sides to prevent Angelus from torturing her anymore. His hand slid down her protective arm, under her nightshirt to cup her ass, “AIIIEEEE!” she yelped when he squeezed her in a sensitive place making her squirm and writhe against him.

A low purr mingled with a chuckle made his chest vibrate; he smoothed his hand down her thigh curling his hand around the spot just above her knee. Angelus squeezed lightly, sending shocks of deliciously torturous tingles along her legs and through her body. Cordelia tried to remove his hand from her knee, but it was difficult since she couldn’t breathe because it tickled so much. He easily blocked her retaliation, gripping her wrist with his free hand, Angelus moved her so she was lying beneath him.

“Please stop it!” Cordelia begged, gasping for breath and trying to get out of his hold on her, “It tickles… Stop it…!” she shrieked again.

“I don’t think so,” Angelus replied with a mock cringe of sympathy, he slid his hand back up her thigh, squeezing the muscle at the top. Laughing at her pained giggle as she tried to get loose, “Aw c’mon Cordelia…” he began with a wicked, wolfish grin but got cut off.

She saw him get distracted when his hand skimmed the apex of her thighs; Cordelia purposely parted her legs so his hand now lay resting between them. She used all her strength and flipped them over, pinning Angelus’ hands with her own and thighs gripping his waist tightly. “Ha!” she yelled triumphantly, “I knew I’d get my revenge” she spoke, an accompanying teasing glint in her hazel eyes.

There was nothing he found more attractive than Cordelia when she was getting her own way, so he let her pin him down. Angelus raised a mocking eyebrow at her, “Revenge Cordelia? You’ve been around me too long, I’m a bad influence”

“Yeah you are” Cordelia agreed with a mock sigh, “But I like it” she added, she knew he surrendering control to her and she took advantage of it, knowing it wouldn’t last long with what she had planned. After a small struggle, she managed to hold both of his wrists in one hand above his head while she moved her other hand to his side. The innocently teasing smile was replaced by something that made his eyes wide when it dawned on him that erotic play was not her idea of revenge.

Angelus didn’t have time to react before Cordelia scraped her nails with just enough pressure to make him jump and a growl spill from his mouth. Ignoring his now ochre gaze, she continued to drag her nails over his side and along his stomach, making the muscles twitch violently and Angelus increase his struggle to get free from her touch.

“How do you like it?” Cordelia leaned down to whisper in his ear, nibbling at the sensitive skin just below, “Not such a big, tough vampire now are we?” she mocked and scraped her nails down to his thigh muscle, tickling the skin under the pajama pants that matched her nightshirt.

Angelus easily got himself loose, pushing her away from him and grabbing a pillow from behind his head holding it up threateningly. “You’ve got a five second head start” he warned, though his expression was serious the gleam in his ochre eyes was anything but. Cordelia paused a second, absorbing his essence and loving how he could be like this with her.

“One…Two…Three…” Angelus started counting as he slid off the bed while she sprang up holding her own pillow and standing in the middle of the bed, watching his every, predatory move.

“You don’t scare me” Cordelia told him arrogantly, although she knew their little game was in jest, she could help the little lump of fear that rose up in her throat. It was times like this the vampire reminded her of who he was and sometimes made her question her sanity for openly, blindly trusting him with the life of her family and her own. Just as it was the same question asked, it was always the same answer.

“You keep saying that but how come I can smell that little, lump of fear?” Angelus pointed out smugly, stalking round the bed, carefully missing the small stream of sunlight filtering through the curtains. He couldn’t help but feel delighted that he still held something over her but would never, ever do anything to harm her. He wouldn’t ruin this.

“That’s your fear you’re sniffing ‘cos it isn’t coming from me” Cordelia shot back, she hopped away from the middle of the bed, the sheets tangling round her feet making her stumble and kick them away. Her pillow covering her chest protectively, she looked around the room calculating how far it was to her bedroom door.

“You’d never make it” Angelus spoke up smugly as he stood on the bed in front of her, she glanced to either side of her, pretending to think about what she was going to do when she retaliated. Cordelia’s pillow collided with his chest once or twice before he swiped her ankle out from under her, taking her down to the mattress. The vampire’s pillow landed softly on various parts of her body as she managed to regain her hold of her weapon.

Laughter and squeals filled her room as they fought in mock seriousness, the sheets were kicked to the floor and the other pillows were soon picked up to be used as weapons. Cordelia scrambled away from Angelus, choking on her breathless giggles and escaped by crawling under his legs. She managed to pull down the pants he wore around her house and planted a smack directly on his ass, making Angelus gasp in shock, disbelief and his playful mood suddenly heightened.

“That’s it” he warned, pulling up the pajama pants. “You’re going down”

“Then why did you pull up your pants?” Cordelia remarked a teasing smile flittered on her lips as she sat on her knees. She reached out, running her fingertips down his chest and round his stomach so she could pull him to her. Angelus knelt in front of her, even though he was kneeling his six-foot-two frame towered over her, she gazed up at him seductively through her eyelashes, batting them flirtatiously.

The vampire shuffled on his knees closer to her, his own hands moving round her waist to run up and down her back before gripping her ass and squeezing both hands at the same time. Cordelia’s body jolted from shock when he disrupted her obvious flirting, “Hey!” she yelped, trying to get his hands of her ass. “HEY!” she yelped louder when he purposely squeezed her ass again.

Angelus used his weight to push her onto her back, hand still perfectly on her ass and moving so he was the one straddling her now. “I’ve got you now” he told her lifting his hands out from under her; he wiggled his fingers menacingly towards her stomach, watching her face grow fearful with the knowledge of what was coming to her. He slowly lowered his teasing fingers to her sides, his grin widening when she started to beg and plead desperately.

“No… Please…” Cordelia begged using her hands to hold his as still as possible and to prevent the inevitable from happening. “Please Angelus… I swear I won’t do it again… Just don’t… Don’t… AIIIEEE NOOO! Please….!” she squealed, hips bucking up against his while she tried to fight him off.

“Not a chance” he retorted, upping his torture a little more by moving his hands closer to her ribcage and wiggling his fingers deeply into her skin and muscle. Angelus tickled her mercilessly, enjoying every second of her laughter while at the same time; he created the torture he craved. But this torture wouldn’t leave him cold and unfulfilled, this torture would leave him warm and wanted; this was the kind of torture that was good.

“Please…” she half cried, trying to catch her breath and still trying to dislodge his hands from her sides, her laughter now silent and causing her body to shake with the vibrations. Cordelia saw through her torment and managed to place her hands onto his sides, giving him what he was giving her. Angelus’ stomach muscles clenched with the agonizing torment of being tickled.

He instantly let go of her sides, holding her hands against his stomach. Angelus looked down at Cordelia, hearing her laughter slowly come to a halt as she looked back up at him, flirting openly with him again. He leaned down, pressing his lips to hers and asking for entry to the warm cavern of her mouth. She voluntarily parted her lips to allow him the access he wanted, loving how his cool tongue caressed her warmer one, she swept her own tongue along his lower lips before teasing him with little licks on his.

Her hands traced lightly over the muscles in his back and shoulders, trailing lazily across the contours and feeling the power his body carried. Angelus brushed the back of his hand over her forehead, smoothing her hair away from her eyes as he deepened their kiss. Cordelia glided her hands back up his strong spine to grip onto the shoulders she admired so much.

She pulled away breathless, smiling at Angelus who was trying to kiss her again but she kept teasing him and pulling away just before his lips touched hers. Growling in annoyance, he tried once again to capture her mouth with his but once again Cordelia pulled away when he got within millimeters of her mouth. Seeing the building annoyance in his expression, she snagged his lower lip between her teeth and gave a mock growl, clearly miming him.

He narrowed his eyes, pulling away from her mouth, Angelus growled playfully at her vamping out and making a move to bite her neck. “Oh no! Help me!” Cordelia screamed out through her laughter as he rolled them over on the bed, growling and snarling against her neck. His legs curled and entwined with hers as they fought with each other, tickling, biting and kissing.

Angelus’ laughter gradually came to a stop though his eye were alight with passion for her, he looked into Cordelia’s hazel eyes while she lay beneath him. “Hi” he whispered, looking at her flushed face, listening to her heightened breathing and rapid heartbeat caused by their little play fight.

A stray giggle escaped her swollen lips causing Cordelia to cover her mouth, “Hi back” she returned, her voice was tainted with a husky, sultry lilt to it. She trailed a fingertip from under his chin, over his lips to flick his nose before covering her own in protection. He leaned his weight on his forearms at either side of her head, fingers playing with strands of her messy, chestnut hair and finding it as always silky to touch.

Her chest hitched when the blaze of passion ran deeper turning the gold of his eyes molten, smouldering with heated emotion brought on by their rough and tumble. Angelus rolled her on top of him, keeping her firmly pressed against his torso, his hands across her shoulders with fingers toying with her hair as he nipped her lower lip with his fangs, making her lips tingle.

Cordelia moaned when he rolled his hips in slow circles against her, making her rock into his erection, “Someone’s feeling good” she giggled in a husky voice and nibbling at his lips softly.

“Someone’s feeling bad” Angelus murmured between her nibbles, rolling them over again so he was on top, straddling her waist he unbuttoned her nightshirt and cupping the pillow-soft skin of her breasts. Arching into his touch, Cordelia moved her hands from his broad shoulders to hold his thighs slipping her hands inside the waistband of the pants.

“Mmmm…!” she purred throatily when he brushed his thumbs over the sensitive peaks of her nipples, making them stiffen under his arousing touch. Angelus then squeezed the pert buds, making her yelp in shocked delight and giggle from the sensations “That wasn’t funny!” Cordelia shrieked, ucking up against his erection trying to tease him back in someway. Pulling her hands from his pants, she inched her fingers so she was toying with his smaller, male nipples and responding in kind by giving them a good squeeze.

Angelus felt his jaw drop a little at her motions, “You think that’s funny?” he asked in a mock dangerous voice, “I’ll show you funny” he growled. Leaning down, he took one nipple into his mouth trailing his fang over the sensitive tip before tugging with his lips and eliciting a mewl from Cordelia who arched into his touch, wanting more. Rolling his tongue around the pearl-hard bud, he bit down gently and carefully, just enough to make her moan and squeal at the same time.

Cordelia ran her nails down his sides, making him squirm against her and press his erection more firmly into the apex of her thighs, her heat warming him through her panties and his pajama pants. “I thought you said you’d show me funny” she panted out as the playful atmosphere heightened the sensual touching, making it feel so much better.

“You’ll think it’s funny when you don’t get anymore” Angelus replied with an evil laugh as he released her nipple from his lips. “You’ll learn not to tease a vampire Cordelia…”

She cut him off when her hand twanged the waistband of the pants he was wearing and laughed when his expression went from smug to amazement. “Now that’s what I think’s funny” Cordelia told him through her giggles before the intense look on his face made them gradually recede.

Angelus stared down at her, amazed at everything about her from her, she was he had been missing, she was what he needed in a world like his and he wasn’t afraid to admit it.

So he did.

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