Shades of Attraction 1

Title: Shades of Attraction
Author: Scorched
Rating: N-18
Category: Dark, delicious smut. Nowhere near fluff
Content: C/Aus
Summary: In her eyes, shone traces of red.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil, Lio n Sara’s place
Notes: My Angelus smut muse wanted to play again. Who am I to say no?!?
Thanks/Dedication:Big thanks to Cali who helped me too much to mention.
Feedback:This fic is definitely NOT for the faint heart or for young eyes. If you don’t like strongly rated fics or rather naughty ones, then turn away now.

Obsidian orbs watched obsessively from the shadows as the brunette took time out from encouraging the home team to get herself a drink. His hypnotic gaze absorbed her flushed face, well developed breasts and hazel irises that shone under the artificial floodlights. An eyebrow lifted as the vampire saw her exuberant energy almost instantly dissipate as she left the other girls.

Her feet trudged in the loose sand as she wandered to the water fountain hidden near the back of the bleachers, her bright sunny smile turned into a pout and her glance went from the game to the floor. A small, delicate hand went to her lower abdomen to massage in slow, comforting circles that he saw offer no relief.

The corners of his pale, sinful lips twitched with the beginnings of a smirk as her sweet scent increased with the closer she unknowingly got to him. Keeping himself cloaked in the shadows, Angelus locked all senses onto the brunette and tracked her every move.

He could hear the fast pace of her heart beat as it stood out from the rest of the crowd. Her scent was a heady concoction of innocence and femininity and her body held the grace, the poise of a woman in her twenties.

Staying so well out of sight was second nature to the vampire and he used every predatory ability he had learned to watch Cordelia Chase. As the brunette eagerly gulped down a cup of water from the fountain, his rapt attention became totally focused on the column of her throat. Soft, supple flesh looked so delectable, so tasty he had to keep firm hold on his patience and not give into indulgence.

He could see her jugular throbbing with heightened blood pressure just below the delicate, fragile casing of flesh and imagined how easily that delicate flesh could be marked. His sharp fangs would pierce the skin, sinking in deeply while his tongue and lips would coax her life force into his mouth.

Would he turn her or simply drain her?

Angelus would have to wait and see to answer that question honestly. But for now, he was happy to watch and learn all about his prey so he knew what method to take in chasing her. It was never the catch that thrilled him, it was always the chase. He loved it when a woman made him chase her, it was a challenge and he loved challenges, especially the winning.

Turning away from his musings, the dark haired vampire refocused avid attention back onto Cordelia Chase and quizzically watched as the brunette bent at the knees to lift something from a large bag. His gaze narrowed and turned studious as he looked at what it was she held in her hand.

He was about to make his presence known when she rose and began walking back in his direction. Angelus gazed at her through the gaps in the bleachers, the male in him responded to the way her natural rhythm.

The maroon and gold sweater she wore clung to her upper figure, the material pulled tight and enhanced the swell of her breasts. A matching skirt kissed the slender curves of her thighs as she walked, allowing him the opportunity to skim fathomless orbs over her legs.

A rustle brought Angelus out of his appreciating thoughts and he once again focused on the box Cordelia held. What looked to be two little white capsules landed in one palm as she used the other to work the water fountain. The vampire inhaled deeply but couldn’t place the scent through the other ones around him.

Slowly, those fathomless orbs drifted down her athletic yet curved form, taking in the signs he hadn’t immediately picked up on. The scent emanating from her was honey sweet, making the air drugging but addictive to breathe. The abdomen she had soothed was rounded as were her breasts. Heart-shaped face was flushed with a pretty hue of rose and hazel irises held a sparkle of something only known to his kind.

Obsidian orbs glinted like black jewels as Angelus flickered his attention from face to legs, his mouth watering at the mere thought of how she would taste. How long had it been since he had indulged in this pleasure? He may have changed but one thing always remained the same. He was a vampire, a demon, and he took pleasures in all life had to offer.

Including a virgin’s blood.

The vampire could already taste her, could already feel his tongue opening her up and could hear the soft moans slipping past her bruised, redden lips. A slow, calculating smirk tilted his mouth up as he returned his attention to Cordelia.

Determined intent bore within the dark eyes as he decided then and there what it was he wanted tonight.

There weren’t many options open to him in the plan to take her. Angelus figured she might head first to the showers and then the library for a night of being what would be the most delectable thing on the Hellmouth.

He doubted Cordelia had any idea of the effect she would have if she played the victim tonight. Thinking of it more clearly, he knew he had to take her now or not at all and with that in mind, the vampire executed his plan.

Moving away from shadows of the bleachers, he smirked as he sauntered out from behind a stone pillar only to hide behind the next, catching the brunette’s curiosity and making her wonder who was making out behind them. Tilting his head to the side, Angelus listened as footsteps crunched against the ground as Cordelia went against her instincts in order sate her curiosity.

Turning his body to one side, he leaned a broad shoulder against the stone pillar as he waited to see if she came any closer. The beating of the heart picked up a little, causing him to smirk, her breathing quickened and just when he thought was about to appear, the footsteps began to move in the opposite direction.

Turning his body to one side, he leaned a broad shoulder against the stone pillar as he waited to see if she came any closer. The beating of the heart picked up a little, causing him to smirk, her breathing quickened and just when he thought was about to appear, the footsteps began to move in the opposite direction.

It was a stark reminder to the vampire Cordelia Chase was not as stupid as she made herself out to be. Angelus moved quickly from behind the pillar in order to prevent her from total escape. A large, cool palm closed off the startled scream as it bubbled up in her throat, a strong arm curled tightly around her waist pinning her back against his body.

The fear that suddenly hit the air was delicious as it mixed with the feminine aroma, creating something akin to ecstasy for him. With an ease that rendered the brunette both breathless and stiff with fright, Angelus carted her back to the safety of the shadows behind the bleachers. Keeping his hand pressed firmly over her mouth, he removed his arm from her waist to turn her round to face him.

Hazel eyes were fully black as the pupils dilated in terror, harsh pants of oxygen was inhaled through her button nose and her body trembled. Tanned skin became as her vampire captor as the hand of fate slowly squeezed the life out of her chest. Her heart hammered hard against her ribs as muffled screams did nothing but allow her to lose the air remaining in her lungs.

Icy black orbs bore with an intimidating gleam down into wide frightened doe eyes, his intent was perfectly clear within the dark pools. Dipping his tongue past pale lips, Angelus leaned his face close to hers and inhaled the delicious scent emanating strongly from her.

Cordelia snapped her eyes tight shut and flinched away from the vampire, turning her face to the side before he could touch her mouth with his. She willed herself not to cry at the thought of being the victim of Buffy’s ex beau.

The soulless vampire nuzzled the delicate juncture of her throat, deeply inhaling not only the scent of blood throbbing there but also the scent of innocence that surrounded her, the sweetness and now, the scent of him. His cheek brushed lightly over hers as cool lips descended to curl around the sensitive pulse point.

Blunt teeth biting down hard enough to stimulate but not quite enough to break the skin. Behind his smothering hand, she tried to gasp in desperately needed breaths before she passed out but only succeeded in drawing his attention with a yelp.

Satisfaction coursed through the vampire as he tucked his hard, lean body into the softer one he held prisoner. Firm, pert breasts became pillowed against his chest, toned, long slender legs were parted by large, male thighs as he slid into the hot cradle.

Angelus swept the tip of his tongue across the delicate contour of her throat, delighting in the way Cordelia tensed and shivered with fear. Her pulse was throbbing against his lips the taste of her already coating his mouth and tongue as he sucked lightly on the sensitive point.

The heat from her core melted around the hardening cock, making him ache to simply lift her skirt and go for it then and there. The scent of the hot, spicy liquid between her thighs was really effecting his self-control. Angelus wondered what she had there and wondered if he was somewhat gentle with her, if she’d willingly let him touch her.

Thinking about it, he decided her being willing wouldn’t be half as much fun. “Whatcha wearing baby? Something in a pretty shade of red or virginal white?” Angelus’ whispered words breezed breathlessly across the delicate shell of her ear. “Tell me or I’ll find out for myself”

He laughed in a low, thick tone as he looked down into her hazel orbs, satisfied to see fear was still highly present. The large hand covering her mouth never moved, it wouldn’t help his case if she started screaming for help. “On second thought, don’t say a word. It’d be more fun for me if you don’t tell me. My guess is, you’re wearing white panties. Soft, silky white panties”

Cordelia froze into a statue, his melodious voice ringing through her ears and drowning out the hard pounding of her racing blood. Angelus free hand could be felt skirting the sides of her lithe body until roughened fingers lightly scraped across the bare skin of her upper thighs. His strong, trim thighs kept her legs parted making her unable to close herself off to his touch and she had to settle for wildly shaking her head in denial.

His large, cool hand closed strongly around the upper, feminine thigh as he relished in the increasing heat coming off her. “That’s my girl, getting all hot and ready for me” he chuckled at the sound of her unwilling but responsive gasp. “Your scent is so fucking sweet, it makes me wanna lick you all night long. Drink you in, taste you on my lips, make you come on my tongue, in my mouth”

The pressure over her mouth had relaxed a little, allowing Cordelia to take in delicious gulps of oxygen that sharply stung her lungs. The tips of his fingers moved slowly over her lips, his skin felt like sandpaper as they smoothed over the plump female mouth.

“And look at these breasts” Angelus turned a ravenous gaze to the full, pert breasts hidden from him by her sweater. “All full and round. Bet your bra matches your panties”

“You’ll never have the chance to find out” Cordelia’s cutting remark came on a shaky version of a normally strong, self-assured tone. “I’d rather let your ex give me a make-over”

“Now that I’d pay to see” Angelus mouth curved up into a smirk full of deadly promises as his fingers took hold of her defiantly set jaw hard enough to leave red marks. Forcing the brunette to look at him directly, the vampire leaned close to her pale face and snagged her lower pouting lip between blunt teeth. “As much as I love an audience, I don’t share my things”

A strangled half moan escaped parched lips at the feel of the vampire shamelessly cupping her breast. Angelus carefully gauged her reaction as he firmly massaged the plump mound in his palm. This is more like it,” Angelus purred, “Substance”

“They’ll come looking for me if I don’t go back,” she warned him in a voice that shook with each sensual stroke of her breast.

“You won’t be here to find baby, so let em” he retaliated easily, her attempt to get him too let her go failing miserably. “I’ve been making plans for us tonight baby, it’ll be so special. I just know you’re gonna love every second of it.” He purposely ignored the way she was involuntarily arching into his caress, not relieving her with a harder, more satisfying touch.

Strong, thick fingers stroked and caressed until a humiliating ache began to build up between her thighs, making her slick in reaction. A moan slipped out, catching his attention to the enjoyment she didn’t want crossing her heart-shaped face. “Mmm” he purred, wickedly licking his lips suggestively. He upped the torture, increasing the pressure on her body and sweeping the pad of his thumb over the hard, little peek tipping her breast.

The heady scent of arousal increased, cloaking his senses to everything but the wet heat making her panties cling to her core. Her spread legs squeezed his thighs rhythmically, trying to pull him closer to her body before he suddenly stopped the manipulating.

Ignoring the frustrated and swallowed moan, he let his hand resume it’s course. “You want something from me Cordeee?” he asked teasingly, drawing the brunette deep into his sinful gaze with erotic promises.

Cordelia flushed, her pale cheeks regaining some of the lost colour as he clearly stated he knew her responses to his elicit touch. “Stop it Angelus, just leave me alone. I’m nothing to you so don’t waste my time or yours.”

“I’ll stop wasting time then” Angelus yanked on her bound wrist, tugging her forwards until she stumbled into him. His heavily muscled arm slid around her curved waist, forcing her to move too his side. “Why have a rut around in public when I have a perfectly large bed at my place? C’mon baby, promise to let you have a little fun before I take what I want”


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