Hungering for You.

Title: Hungering For You
Author: Katie
Posted: July 27, 2006
Rating: R
Category: suspense, angst
Content: C/A
Summary: Will he get what he’s really hungering for? Sequel to Hunger
Spoilers: Season 2 onwards
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Just ask
Notes: Couldn’t get this done sooner. May brain was melting and still is. I’m not sure it’s what you expected; I’m not really satisfied with it. It tried to write it in the same way like the first but I don’t know…
Feedback:Sure, tell me if you like it or not.

She was everywhere. Wherever he was she seemed to be close, almost like inside him. Even in the sewers he couldn’t hide away from her. He also didn’t want to.

There was no pain, only pleasure. The demon in him loved it as much as the soul. It was everything that came with Cordelia Chase ? her smell, the sight of her, the taste of her in the air, even the smallest sounds she made, the feel of her touch. He craved it. She was too extraordinary and he couldn’t resist. More than two hundred years of existence and yet, he’d never met someone like her before.

At first he’d quenched his obsession witch training. He was down in the basement more and more often these days. It wasn’t working out, it was torturing his training equipment. A lot of the stuff already had to be replaced. He felt bad for having to spend so much money but on the other hand something else was filling him. Now more powerful than ever before he was confident he could reach any goal he wanted. There was only one.

The thrill of having power over other beings was strong but it was never enough. Following that young brunette now, who resembled his seer so much, was only a test run, the preparation for the real deal. These women had nothing on her; she was a whole other league.

Like all the other times before he went after his victim like a hunter. He was one with the shadows never showing himself to her but making her aware of the fact that she wasn’t alone out here. If he had to, he could tell the exact moment a bad feeling turned into downright fear for life. Ah, he loved the smell, craved it like humans needed air.

Suddenly he stood in front of the girl and her terrorized scream tore through the night. No other being would hear her in this secluded side street. Except one woman.

It was all over. As quick as a hummingbird’s flapping wings he turned around and looked directly into her eyes.

Cordelia Chase was no scaredy-cat but when her vampire boss discovered her untimely presence, she was frightened. The mischievous smile adorning his face reminded her too much of Angelus and didn’t help matters either.

She was rooted to the spot, couldn’t move a single muscle. Which was a bad thing considering Angel was coming closer and closer to. He smelt her fear but there was also another much more interesting fragrance. It was like an aphrodisiac to him, a potential cocktail threatening to overflow. Nothing would stop him now.

None of the two noticed how the other brunette ran away into a deceptive security. This was L.A., a city full of dangerous demons ? human and non-human ? all connected somehow.

Finally he was there; only centimeters separated them now. She’d never seen him look like that at her, so predatory and animalistic. It didn’t scare her anymore. She knew who he was and accepted that fact. Still, his next words, spoken with a deep rich voice she’d never heard of him before, caused shivers all over her body, ?I want you like you want me.?

For once, she didn’t know what to say or do. Not quite able to process what he’d revealed she just stared at him open-mouthed unconsciously giving him an opportunity to take everything she had to give.

He hungered for her touch and nothing would stop him to get what he wanted.

It didn’t take a second and she was in his arms, pressed tightly against his muscular body. Then his lips were on hers and the world around them disappeared. No conscious thoughts were left ? that it wasn’t right, past relationships, curse issues, nothing. Both predators had caught their victim; nothing but satisfaction was left behind.

She knew he hungered for her touch and no one would stop her to give what he wanted.

For once soul and demon inside one body were in complete agreement. Angel felt a strange sense of peace like something was finally at balance. He intended to keep it that way. There was only one way for the flames of his hunger to stay alive — the girl in his arms needed to become his completely.

Together they hungered for each other and they could only stop themselves.



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