“Was it Good for You?” 16

Part 16

Bubbles floated as the violet solution bounced under the running water, its creamy texture smooth as melted pearls, releasing an erotic fragrance of lavender into the air. Angel had left Cordelia in the kitchen with eggs and juice to prepare their bath and thirty minutes later demon and soul were still hiding in the bathroom battling over the best way to proceed. The soul wanted to make love slow and tender, the demon argued they had given her that already and now it was time to show her what life and love with a vampire had to offer.

“Don’t prove that prissy ass Bane right, the soul doesn’t have to make us spineless.” Angelus chastised a resistant Angel. “She’s waiting and she knows what she wants. Cordelia wants the whole package and I say we give it to her. We go out there, throw her on the table and lick every touch of Darcy Bane from her flesh and then we make her ours.”

“There will be no claiming tonight Angelus, it’s too soon. I know Cordy loves all that I am but she has no idea what that means.”

“And she won’t until we show her. I was wrong the soul has made you spineless and stupid too.”

“Oh now it’s you and me I thought it was us.”

“I’m not spineless or stupid. When I want, I take. It’s that damn soul that has to analyze the life out of every simple pleasure that comes its way. This won’t be like it was with the slayer if that’s what you’re worried about. We both want this and we both want her. You said it yourself soul boy, because of her our testy little battle is over.”

“For all I know you’re only going along with this because The Powers can prevent you from ever getting loose again.”

“I know the soul isn’t that stupid. I could always get out and that cursed soul cannot stop what I am. I’m still a vampire, I just don’t get to enjoy much anymore; but I can enjoy this if that insipid soul would just relax a little.”

“Say you love her Angelus, not just want her but love her.”

“Oh for the…OK I love her. The great Angelus feared by all loves Cordelia Chase. I love her…and I need her. Satisfied? Now take off those boxers and let’s get out there and show her our stuff. Cordelia loves our stuff and with me in charge she’ll be worshiping our stuff.”

“OK first, I’m not going out there naked swinging this at her.” Angel reluctantly refused Angelus’ demand as his hand wrapped against the hard, painful bulge covered by thin, black silk.

“You know you want it Angel. That could be her warm, slender fingers instead of your cold hand. Hmm, or her mouth,” Angelus purred caught up in his own game. “Don’t deny it; I know you’ve fantasized sliding into that hot mouth.”

Dark fabric slid to his feet, his hand slowly pumping in long slides from base to tip. Angel closed his eyes unable to deny the fiery fantasies that had existed long before their first night together. Shaking his head Angel pushed the erotic fantasy aside. “Second rule Angelus and it’s not negotiable, the soul stays in control at all times.”

“Fine, while the soul protects the girl the demon will take care of making her our woman. Now let’s go soul boy any more bonding and I’ll have to kill something.”

“I am a master vampire.” Angel declared his voice bold and proud as he stepped from the discarded clothing and headed toward the door. On his way out of the bathroom, Angel grabbed a towel from the rack quickly wrapping it around his naked bottom.

“You’re a wussy master vampire and you’re making me look bad.” Angelus countered but no longer cared since they were finally going after their girl.

Entering the kitchen Angel knelt down beside Cordelia brushing the hair from her face. “Not hungry?”

“Too tired to eat I guess.” Cordelia’s eyes roamed over Angel’s nearly naked form but it wasn’t quite evident whether the brief glint in her eyes was desire, worried hesitation or a little of both. “Ooh, somebody’s anxious.”

“Well the bubble bath is ready and I put clean sheets on the bed.” Angel stood up reaching out an open hand to Cordelia. “Come on we can take a nice long soak and I’ll wash your hair while you lay back and relax. Then…well then we’ll take it from there. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds good,” Cordelia agreed as she stood placing her hand inside Angel’s.

The sweet, inviting aroma greeted Cordelia as she entered the bathroom. “Mmm, Angel that smells wonderful and it looks pretty tempting too.”

“Glad you like it. I aim to please.” Angel responded in a breathy whisper causing Cordelia to release a nervous chuckle. Once again, Angel hesitated displaying his manly parts. “Cordy there’s nothing for you to be afraid of. I would never hurt you.”

“I know that and I’m not afraid.” Although her words sounded true, they vibrated just a little as they passed over a trembling bottom lip.

“If you’re not nervous then why is your lip trembling?”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t nervous. I said I wasn’t afraid and I’m not…afraid that is.”

“Oh I see my mistake. Why are you nervous baby, we’ve done this before. Well not exactly this but…”

“Exactly, not this…not planned, not…”

“Cordy why don’t we just get into the tub. You can close your eyes and relax while I wash you hair. Then we can talk about this. I don’t want you to be nervous with me. I love you Cordy…and I want to make love to you.”

“I love you too Angel and I want to make love to you.”

“Mmmm, I like the sound of that.” Angel said as he slid his hands down her sides reaching the loose band of her sweatshirt. He started to pull the garment up but stopped when Cordelia’s arms remained snug at her side. “Cordy?”

“Umm, I’m not wearing a bra.” Her lips spreading into a bashful smile as Angel realized her shy dilemma.

“Are you wearing panties? He whispered against her ear, his tongue snaking out for a quick lick of the fleshy lobe.

“Uhummm,” Cordelia moaned, her body shivering from the brief, moist touch.

“Then let’s start with the pants…that work for you baby?” Not waiting for her to form an answer Angel knelt down and removed her sneakers and socks. Remaining in position, he slid his hands to her stomach, slipping his fingers under the waist of her sweats. Careful not to bring her panties down just yet he slowly guided the garment over her round hips and down her slender, long legs. Mindful of the sweet, feminine patch he could easily reach with his mouth Angel’s eyes followed the trail of her lowering sweats. Flinging the bulky sweatpants out of his way Angel slowly scanned up the length of her shapely legs until his eyes reached the alluring nest he had so painstakingly avoided. “Oh God,” His groaned mumble tickled against the soft flesh of her belly as his mouth latched onto her navel.

Her breath hitched catching in her throat as his hands continued to push her sweatshirt further up and out of his way. His tongue licked and lavished her navel and the tender flesh surrounding it. Feeling the loss of control too near the surface Angel rose up from the floor taking the garment covering her perfect breasts with him. “Raise your arms baby.”

Lost in the moment Cordelia responded to his whispered command without hesitation. Her arms swept up and the material slid up and away from her nearly naked body.

Her eyes still closed Cordelia waited for Angel’s next sensual movement or breathy instruction. “Open your eyes Cordy. I want you to look at me.” Soft hazel irises grew dark with lust making Angel’s painful erection jerk from his stomach pressing even harder against the suddenly rough fabric of the towel.

Clutching her small hands inside his Angel pressed her palms against his hard stomach just above the towel that was no longer hiding the bulge behind it. “Your turn baby unless you want to be naked first.”

With just the slightest hesitation, her hands slid from under his, unskilled fingers gently pulling the tucked end from its fold. The towel now loose and free drifted to the floor landing at his feet. With an easy kick of his foot, the towel flitted across the floor joining the other unwanted coverings.

Cordelia’s body shook as she sucked in a deep breath hoping to calm shaky nerves. “It’s not anything you haven’t seen before. It’s not anything you haven’t touched before. Touch me Cordy. I want to feel your hands on me.” Angel prompted anxious to see the passion hidden behind inexperience.

Their gazes locked, movements were tentative and touches light as slender fingers trailed the hard plane of his stomach reaching the sensitive flesh of his groin. Warm, feathery touches lingered tempting the lust eagerly waiting to be unleashed. “Don’t tease me baby.” Angel begged as his large hand covered hers, creating the firm grasp of soft fingers he desperately needed to feel. Knowing his limits Angel slid her hand from his shaft, the demon roaring at the loss of its reward. “We should get in the tub now. You are just seconds from being taken on the bathroom floor.”

“Ummm, never done the wild and nasty on the bathroom floor before.”

“Baby you’ve never done the wild and nasty before. You will, I promise you that and I promise a month from now there won’t be a square inch of space in this apartment that we haven’t christened…but you’re not ready for that.”


His head lowered, firm, masculine lips dipping to the plush, pouty mouth hissing an unsure rebuttal. The kiss soft and slow, his hands cupped her face in a tender embrace. His tongue, thick and heavy swiped against her supple lips requesting entry.

With a breathy moan, her mouth opened inviting the intrusion. One hand slid to the base of her neck, fingers spreading up against her scalp pushed her harder against his mouth demanding more. The other hand slinked down her side causing her body to shudder when curled knuckles brushed across a pert nipple before continuing its journey. Too hungry for patience his tongue plundered and greedily took from the warm cavern of her mouth while his hand completed its slide over the curve of her hip. Fingers gripped the delicate white lace and with a mere tug shredded the last layer hiding her from him.

The action both startling and thrilling made her body respond, pushing her tongue out to meet his in a battle of insatiable need. The hand still on her hip slid around her firm bottom, fingers drifting down the crack of plump cheeks until reaching the damp juncture of her legs. Their goal reached, fingers thick and long spread forcing her legs to widen their stance. The crook of his elbow pressed harder against the center of her shoulders compelling her back to arch and opening her to him just a little more. His fingers delved deeper into the warm juncture sweeping the length of her moist folds. The pressure of his spread hand pushed up harder lifting her to her toes as a single digit slipped inside the length of the moist lips covering her womanhood.

Cordelia gasped at the invasion sucking back in the breath Angel had stolen for himself. Though slight and far from actual penetration the width of his finger filled the snug space stirring up a warm arousal that seeped into his hand.

His hand slid from the back of her head resting against the middle of her back allowing her face to slightly tilt from his but keeping their bodies joined. Angel eased the pressure pushing up against her wet center allowing her feet to make contact with the floor. Keeping the sweep snug to capture as much moisture as his hand could hold Angel pulled from the warmth between her thighs and without interruption brought the juice-laden appendage to his mouth. Holding her attention with a lustful gaze he licked with hungry laps until his hand was empty of her sweet arousal.

Her mind a mass of swirling emotions, Cordelia was barely aware of her body being scooped up before she felt the warm, tingling bubbles surround her as she sunk deeper into the sea of silk lavender. Needing to catch her breath hardly more than rasping pants, she relaxed under the strong, rough hands guiding her into the cradle of masculine thighs. “OK Mr. I Have Over Two Centuries Of Experience, you proved your point.”

A small chuckle escaped, the sound moving in his chest vibrating against her back. “Proving that point wasn’t actually my objective. Well maybe a little but my main objective was getting a small taste. Just a little to sate the hunger so we could enjoy our bubble bath.”


Angel felt the slight tense of her muscles as his words sank in. “Slide your body down so I can wet your hair.” Their skin slick from the oily solution, her flesh glided down his as her upper body slipped further beneath the thick layer of bubbles. The friction of her oil slick skin slithering down his bulging manhood, its sensitivity heightened by unappeased satisfaction, assaulted the aching bulk with a tormenting tease.

Biting against the intense rush of raw lust, Angel pulled long, slow breaths into his dead lungs quickly pushing the cool air back out. Careful to avoid any contact with his tender loins, Angel lifted her submerged body from the sudsy water. Grabbing the shampoo bottle, he filled his palm with the thick ooze focusing on the foamy mixture his hands lathered into her hair.

One last conversation needed one last doubt to be soothed and he could take her. Make Cordelia Chase his with absolute certainty.



“Did you mean it? What you said when we were in the church with Bane.”

“Ummm, which part?” Eyes closed, she had relaxed against his firm, sculptured chest enjoying the serenity cascading over her as his fingers gently massaged her scalp. So lost in her dreamy haven Angel wasn’t sure if Cordelia was really listening to him.

“Any of it…all of it. I know Bane must have told you a lot of things…things about me. I need to know Cordy. I need to know if you meant everything you said after knowing what you do now.”

Hearing the fear in his voice her eyes fluttered open. Sliding enough that she could twist her head for him to look into her eyes Cordelia waited just a moment for Angel to find the proof he needed. “Have I ever said anything I didn’t mean? Have I done anything, said anything tonight to make you doubt how much I love you…all of you?”

“No baby. My doubts aren’t because of you. I’m so needy sometimes, especially where you’re concerned. I need you to be mine completely, in every way.”

“I am yours Angel. I have been for days. Maybe weeks or even months and neither of us realized it was happening.”

“Maybe, I know I’ve felt something for a while now. I just didn’t know it was…this. I didn’t know I could have this.”

“You can have anything you want Angel. All the barriers are gone if you believe they are. No more punishment, no more curse. Let it go Angel and trust enough to believe.”

“I trust you Cordy…completely. You’re the only one I’ve ever trusted with all that I am.”

Angel leaned Cordelia back reaching a hand to pull the plug from the drain. As the water level began to drop, he took the handle of the dangling showerhead extension and began rinsing the suds from her hair. “Close your eyes baby. I don’t want to get shampoo in your eyes.”

Following this instruction as she had all his others Cordelia closed her eyes, her lips curling into a contented smile. “Ummm, I could get used to this pampering.”

“Good, I want to pamper you. There’s a lot of things I want to do to you…teach you.”

“I’ve always been an eager student.” Even with her eyes closed Cordelia couldn’t stop the giggles that forced their way through her pursed lips.

“Eager student, uh?” The water swirling down the drain now clear of suds, Angel shut the water off and released the showerhead. “I think you’re probably a naughty little girl waiting to break loose.”

“Think you can handle her?” Cordelia asked, the radiant smile reaching her now open eyes.

“I think I’ll survive and if I don’t it’ll be the most satisfied death recorded in history.”

His hands squeezing the water from her hair he captured her mouth with his. Her giggles refusing to be silenced gushed into his open mouth causing slight giggles of his own to blow against hers. “Hush woman, I’m trying to seduce you.”

“Well you’re the one with all the sexual experience, do it better.”

“That’s it.” Angel grabbed the towel wrapping it around her head squeezing out the excess water before briskly rubbing strands of wet hair inside the folded fabric. “I think the little girl has just issued a challenge to this master vampire.”

“Master vampire? What does that mean?”

“I’ve been around for almost two and a half centuries and no one’s been able to take me down. I am a master vampire feared by all; human and demon.”

“Pfftt. I’ve seen your wimpy butt get kicked by that bony butt slayer plenty of times.”

Now it was a matter of pride. Forget that his alter ego would never allow it, Angel wasn’t about to sit back while being accused of having his butt kicked by any girl, even a slayer. “I wasn’t really trying. The fun was in the execution not the conclusion.”

“Whatever you say Angel.” Cordelia followed up with a roll of her eyes. Angel might not have seen it but Cordelia was sure he knew the eye roll was there. “Gees, are we gonna spend our time discussing your battle strategies with Buffy?”

“Hey you started it. You’re the one that brought up The Slayer and the bony butt comment.”

“And I’m the one that’s stopping it. I don’t want us discussing some other girl’s butt.”

“Jealous sweetheart?” Angel asked, placing a soft nip followed by a wet lick to the side of her neck. He grinned a satisfied smirk when he felt her body instinctively respond.

Not wanting her voice to falter Cordelia waited for the shivers trembling through her to subside before answering Angel’s accusation of jealousy over The Slayer’s body parts. “Pfftt, you’ve seen my butt, it’s perfect. What do you think?”

Releasing her hair Angel threw the damp towel from the tub. Showing off his stealth speed as a master vampire he whooshed Cordelia up in his arms as he stood and stepped from the tub before she could take her next breath.

“Yea I’ve seen your butt and yea it is perfect and I think it’s time I got to enjoy that perfect, plump butt.”

“Plump? My butt is not plump.” Cordelia almost squealed her protest trying to catch her bearings, not quite sure when they had left the confines of the narrow tub.

“Yea it is sweetheart. It’s meaty which means it’s plump which means it’s perfect to me. Now stop your arguing woman because I intend to enjoy playing with that perfectly plump butt that belongs to me.”

“Playing? Belongs to?” Cordelia practically spit her exasperation at the over confident vampire hauling her to his lair.

“That’s right woman you belong to me. Your heart, your soul and your luscious body, they all belong to me.” Angel dropped Cordelia from his embrace, her wet naked body bouncing up and down as it unexpectedly impacted with the bed. With a regal strut, he sauntered to the end of the bed. “So spread yourself woman and let me look at what’s mine.”

Excitement laced with tingling tinges of fear coursed through her body as it responded to his words leaving her mind to catch up when able. Cordelia watched, frozen in time as Angel crouched on the bed, his muscles taut with sexual tension. He skillfully made his way up the passage of her spread legs like a beastly predator stalking its prey.

Reaching the apex of her thighs, Angel hovered over her prone, stretched form. His dark eyes tinged in gold, his voice a rasp of raw passion, he lowered his face to her throat as his nostrils flared taking in the blended scents. “Everywhere Bane touched you, I have to wipe it away. Every trace of his scent has to be replaced with mine.”

Cordelia nodded understanding his need. His inflamed nerve endings bordering on overload Angel flinched when her palm brushed his cheek. Snatching the hand still lying at her side he brought it up to his face to join with the other. Sliding both to his mouth, he lavished her hands and wrists and arms with his broad, moist tongue.

His mouth found her throat nipping and licking every inch. His palms slid into her hair, his fingers curled fisting the damp locks while his open mouth swiped her face.

Angel retraced his wet trail of kisses and nips, his open mouth hovering over a full, round breast. “Beautiful” His fists released their grip on her hair and hands slid down to cup an evenly tanned breast free of even the slightest tan line. “Perfect” Capturing its flawless mate Angel repeated his action surrounding the soft mound with his hands. “Mine” His words a heavy saturation of lust and need heaved from his constricting chest. A hand left one breast to recapture the other, his tongue flat and broad slid across the peaked surface of the first. Never losing contact with her skin his tongue slid to the other breast lavishing it with the same hungry attention.

Cordelia’s grip tightened on the sheet twisted inside her fingers. Her body writhed under the pressure of his possessive touch. “God Angel, what are…”

“Sshhh, I need more.”

Small hands slid atop the large ones cupping her over stimulated breasts. Pressing the curved mold of his palms harder against her body her brain too far behind to catch up Cordelia wondered if she needed him to stop or needed more. “More” She agreed.

Strong fingers curled around delicate wrists bringing her hands to his mouth. His tongue licked at her palms coating them with a cool layer of saliva. Before she could realize that her breasts had been abandoned her own wet palms were pressed around the fleshy globes. “Keep them there. This won’t take long.”

Angel swept down her body, his tongue mapping a slick trail down her stomach. Cordelia’s hips flexed remembering the fire from Angel’s last tongue worship.

Purposely wavering from the path that would lead him to her hot, feminine core Angel skimmed the delicate curve of a hip. His mouth salivated at the denial but demon and soul agreed; the course was already determined, he would follow the trail laid by unacceptable hands. The act of his nemesis intolerable he would wipe away all memory of it replacing it with his own.

He kissed and licked his way down a long, slender leg reaching the first rope burned ankle that had been greedily lathed with another’s attention. A feral growl bristled against her foot, the jealous anger enticing her body to respond. Her leg jerked against his firm grip instinct warning her to heed fear over arousal. His grip tightened against her reaction, a slight warning riding the cusp of another beastly growl. “I’m not finished.”

Without pause, Angel sucked her toes into his mouth, the red lacquer stark against the pale pink of his lips. Lifting the slender limb up his mouth slid under while his tongue continued to lap against her flesh. He kissed and licked his way back up the path reaching its end where the leg joined with the round, fleshy curve of her bottom.

His face hovered over the feminine patch his lips dripping with lust-starved drool. A breath of a kiss graced her womanhood, his lips nuzzling for only an instant in the dark, curly patch. “Soon”

Her other leg was taken in a fluid lift, this time his trail would begin where the round, fleshy bottom ended. “God Angel, please.” Her lips released a breathy plea, her mind resonated a shrilling scream begging that he end her torture.

Ignoring her request as he had ignored the hot pool of arousal beckoning him to drink Angel continued his journey under the airy weight of her thigh. On this trip, his mouth rolled around the arched limb covering the entire surface in its downward trek. Reaching the last inches of flesh imbedded with the tormenting scent his tongue licked at the now meager remnants of the past. Unable to resist her other set of delicious toes even as his desire howled to return to the nectar of her womanhood Angel swallowed them into his mouth with a greedy suck.

The cleansing complete her foot was allowed to drop against the bed. Straddling her Angel pressed her legs together as he stalked up her impatient and exhausted body. His knees resting on either side of her hips he rubbed his nose over her stomach and breasts. His nostrils flared and his body heaved a contented sigh taking in the blended scents of their two bodies. “Mmmm. Better. Time to move on. Turn over.”

“Turn ov…?” Her question cut short when large hands warm from the constant contact with her skin grabbed her hips flipping her onto her stomach. Starting at a shoulder Angel continued to worship her flesh but desire ruled now that possessive need had been sated. Making his way down the small of her back his hands cupped the firm globes of her butt. “Perfection” Angel murmured into her flesh.

Pressed into the mattress Cordelia slid her head around as much as she could to get a look at the possessive vampire that had dominated her for the last hour. “He didn’t touch me there.”

The declaration less than a whisper, but loud enough for his enhanced perception it was enough to momentarily halt the light nips tickling her butt. “He’s gone now. Left in the past. Time to move on. This…this is for me. I told you it was mine and now I’m going to play.”

The husk of his words deep and feral contradicted his reference to play sending a shivering blend of lust and fear up her body Cordelia wasn’t sure she could contain. The mind and body continuing its struggle, intellect wanted to take back some measure of control but unabated need wanted to be consumed in a devouring frenzy.

The grasp on her butt became harder, the pinch of his fingers dug deeper. The absence of instructions left her unprepared as she found herself once again flipped; the bounce of her unsuspecting body interrupted as he drug her to the foot of the bed. In one swoop, he was off the bed, crouched on the floor below her. Rough hands squeezed her thighs spreading and pushing them into position. “Let me play Cordy. Give me what I want.”

Thick, calloused fingers separated the moist folds revealing the inner sanctum he had ached to return to. Pressing the pads of his fingers against her feminine lips he stretched the opening to its limit. “Needed this for days. You ran out on me. You gave yourself to me and then left me. Denied me what’s mine. Never again, never.”

The weight of his meaty fingers still holding her open he ran his flat tongue in a slow, broad swipe from tip to tip. His tongue reached it’s destination instantly abandoning the pulsing nub. “So hungry for you baby it hurts.” Latching onto her wet, warm and spread open mound his mouth opened wide covering her entirely. His face pushing hard into her heat forced his fingers out of its way. “Mine now. This gate to heaven opens only for me.” Words mumbled into her center vibrated through her heated core.

“Yes, God yes, anything you want, take it.” Intellect had lost, at least for the moment. She would find it later, safely tucked away where she had left it. For now the need to be dominated released a new hunger, not quite submission but wicked surrender to the dark beast devouring her. “More Angel. Take more.”

His mouth seared to her spread passage his tongue lapped at the juices sucking the fruity nectar down with a loud gulp. Her body twisted and jerked against the hungry assault needing escape but longing for deliverance.

Feeling the vibrating twitch of her inner muscles, she lifted her hips from the bed hoping to apease the burning rush. His tongue curled at the edges spearing into the hot passage as deep as it could penetrate fanning the flames that threatened to melt her at the core.

Her throat parched from endless minutes of rasping pants a gurgled scream choked and fell silent. Trying to swalow to bring even tiny droplets of moisture into the desert of her throat, she managed only a rasping rattle. “Please Angel, God please, too much, it burns, too much, can’t…”

His lips pursed tightening around the inflamed nub. It twitched under the heavy suction, pleasurable pain ripping her apart she pushed her feet against the mattress struggling against the quicksand that threatened to suffocate her.

Not willing to accept its end just yet, Angel grabbed her legs throwing them over his shoulders. His mouth tightly sealed to the pool overflowing with sweet ambrosia he straightened his legs continuing to hover over her as he pulled her butt up from the bed. Angel relaxed the suction on her wet mound just enough to guide Cordelia to her prayed release. “You know what I want Cordy. Give it to me and you’ll be rewarded.”

“God yes. Anything. Please Angel. Please; what do you want?” Cordelia’s body quivered begging for the promised reward.

“Cum in my mouth baby. Scream my name as you fill my mouth.” Angel sucked her throbbing clit into his mouth his lips a tight pucker keeping it snuggly trapped. Her vaginal walls already clinching, the tight almost painful squeeze sent her body into a climatic spasm.

Cordelia remembered the exploding stars and vibrant colors. Twilight, rapture, delirium, ecstasy she wasn’t sure but surrendered to them just the same. Her body burned from the inside out, her flesh glowed in a burst of red-hot embers. “Angel” she screamed. “Yes take it. Take it all.” She begged. Her world shattered then disintegrated; it melted in the flames taking her with it, becoming whole again in its rebirth.

Feeling her body reach a feverish pitch Angel lapped his tongue down her slit catching the hot flow of arousal made just for him. Angel lowered Cordelia down onto the bed letting her legs slide from his shoulder. His mouth still firmly attached to her drenching core he pressed against her thighs keeping her spread wide to accept his body’s descent. Cordelia’s body twitched as the spasms began to subside, limbs numb and weak laid limp, her mind fading into oblivion as Angel continued to nip and lap greedily taking the last drops her body had to give.

Cordelia was faintly aware of Angel crawling up her body. Too weak for anything beyond blissful submission her parched lips opened to his. Dipping his tongue deep inside her warm mouth Angel shared the juicy bounty she had given up to him. “So good baby. Taste how good.”

“So good,” Cordelia echoed, whether aloud or not she didn’t know. Her thoughts touched on the control she had abandoned earlier. Too content on her peaceful cloud Cordelia decided she would look for it later as she curled into her lover’s protective embrace.


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