“Was it Good for You?” 16 CTD

16 Continued

Sleep heavy lids slid half open. Even in the dimished light of the basement apartment, he could clearly see the curve of soft, feminine flesh molded against him. The smell of sex, lust, love and contentment blended coating their skin in an erotic spice.

Contentment, the word echoed through his mind. He had never experienced contentment, not as a man, not as a demon and definitely not as a vampire with a soul. Not until now when demon and soul had found peace in the same haven. A soft sigh passed his lips; a contented smile etched onto his face, the soul would not be taunted by the rattle of chains again.

Angel watched as his lover’s chest rose and fell, her mind and body lost in a deep comforting sleep. He lowered his mouth to hers, their lips meeting in a slow, gentle kiss. His tongue swiped against her mouth, the taste of that erotic spice enticing him to take more. Moving his mouth down to her neck his hand continued to kneed the plump cheek it had held in its grasp during their short rest.

Long lashes began to flutter, her body awakening to the feel of his moist tongue lapping against her flesh. Soft moans escaping barely parted lips but sounding more like contented sighs brought his attention back to her face. Contented she may be, Angel thought, but they were far from finished. He had been denied this their first night together, the sweet morning after; he would not be denied a second time. Angel captured her mouth again this time demanding a response.

Before dissapointment could be found her plush mouth opened, her tongue reaching out to greet his. Deepening the kiss their tongues danced and teased until the need for air interrupted the romantic melody. “Morning lover.” Her greeting rasped in a femininely sinuous husk causing Angle to release a light chuckle.

“Morning to you too…lover.” His voice rang a husky tone of its own. “Did you get enough rest? Ready to enjoy the morning after?”

“What time it? How long did we sleep?”

“A couple of hours but it’s still early. We have plenty of time yet to play.”

Attempting to strectch within the confines of Angel’s tight embrace Cordelia slanted her body away from his hard form. Stretching her arms over her head she forced her lazy muscles to wake up, the effort causing her breast to rise, nipples already pert begging for attention.

“Mmmm…thank you. This is a good place to start.” Angel only barely finished before filling his mouth with the pink-jeweled globe.

“Hmmm…you played already. I might not be in the mood to be your plaything again.” Cordelia hummed her objection as her body straightened to give his skillful mouth better access.

“And that’s stopping me how?” Angel mumbled, his mouth free for the second it took him to release one breast before latching onto the other. Her body showing its indifference to coherent thought arched against his demanding mouth.

“You are a possesive, horny vampire; do you know that?” Cordelia teasingly quipped at Angel’s refusal to give up devouring her breasts much like weight watcher flunkies hording a buffet.

“Huhumm” Angel murmured still enjoying the deliciously dispayed banquet.



“Angel.” The only response the uninterrupted sounds of sucking and slurping. “Angel!”

“What baby?” His hands temporarily took over for his mouth so he could answer the teasing girl hell bent on interrupting his playtime. “What do you want?”

“I want you to look at me…up here, look at my face.”

Raising upward his face hovered over hers until their noses were touching. “I did look at your face and I tasted those pouty lips and that hot mouth. Now I’m tasting something else and when I’m finished with these…” he added giving her painfully aroused breasts a firm squeeze “…I’m moving on down to taste something else.”

“Aren’t you going to feed me?” Cordelia asked, the innocent look of a child on her face contradicting the sinfully playful tone of her voice.

“Feed you? Now?” Angel asked in disbelief of her timing.

“Yea, feed me. I know you seem to be content filling up on my body parts but maybe I want something in my mouth too.”

A devilish jig danced across his eyes knowing Cordelia had not realized the easily misconstrued meaning of her words. “You need something in your mouth sweetheart, feeling empty are you? I can fill your mouth with more than you can handle but if you want to feed on my manly parts you have to earn it.”

Eyes glared from their widened sockets as realization dawned. Refusing to be intimidated by his over satisfied smirk or his wildly wicked suggestion Cordelia countered with a slow roll of her eyes, her lips pursed in feigned disinterest. “Pfftt. I’ve earned eggs benedict but I’ll settle for eggs scrambled. Now get your manly parts off me so you can go make my eggs and I can go to the bathroom.”

Pushing Angel off her Cordelia sat up grabbing the top sheet using it to cover her naked body as she stood. “Being human there are certain morning routines that can’t be ignored. One is eating the other…well the other is stuff I do in the bathroom.” Sauntering toward the bathroom Cordelia tossed a glance over her shoulder at the staring vampire still stretched out on the bed. “Chop-chop Angel my eggs won’t…”

Her words were cut off as large hands gripped her upper arms spinning her around. Had she been given time, she might have been shocked by his actions but before she could wonder when he had left the bed a hand released an arm to grab the sheet yanking it from her body. “You don’t need to cover yourself from me. I’ll make your eggs but you’re eating them in bed so don’t bother getting dressed.”

There was a slight anger in his demand but the volume of fear that laced around his words quickly deflated it to little more than a request. “You thought I would want to leave?” Cordelia asked and found his silent answer more than enough to explain his unexpected jump from play to anger to fear. Bending over she picked up the sheet crumpled on the floor handing it to Angel. He reached for the sheet with his free hand a little surprised by its offering. Ignoring her nakedness Cordelia cupped his cheek with her palm. “You won’t ever get rid of me now Angel. Not even Wesley’s nerdy, older than dirt spells are powerful enough to exorcise me from this apartment.”

Reassured by her words Angel leaned his face into her hand enjoying the warmth of her touch. “I’ll go make your eggs; you go do your morning bathroom routine in private because the next time you go in there I’m going with you. Got it?”

“Got it,” Cordelia answered gracing Angel with a bright smile before entering the bathroom closing the door behind her.

God I love that woman. Angel tossed the sheet onto the bed on his way to the kitchen. Grabbing eggs, butter, juice and a bag of blood Angel concentrated on finishing with kitchen duty as quickly as possible. He would feed her and then he would take her back to bed. Fifteen minutes, he would give her fifteen minutes for her morning routine before he drug her from the bathroom and back into bed. That’s a plan, Angel thought, he’d feed her the eggs, his fingers pushing the soft food into her mouth as he feasted on other things.

“Whatcha doin’?” So lost in thought and the preparation of breakfast Angel had missed her entry into the kitchen.

Her hair was a little damp and she smelled of toothpaste and soap. The little minx took a shower without him, Angel realized. “Enjoy your shower? And I’m scrambling your eggs woman; you know the ones you demanded even though I offered you something better.”

“Speaking of that…” Cordelia interjected as her hand snaked between Angel’s naked stomach and the stove. Pinching the knob between her fingers it turned with a flick of her wrist extinguishing the small flame under the pan full of eggs. “…maybe I should try something a little different.” With that, she pushed against the pleased but surprised vampire, his legs moving with the strength of her feminine force until he was backed up against the kitchen table.

The ding of the microwave holding his warmed blood interrupting Cordelia stepped back grabbing the cup to place it at the edge of the counter. “Just in case, I don’t want you getting too weak while I play. Angel stifled the growl threatening release eager to succumb to her inexperienced play at dominatrix.

Continuing to push Angel into position Cordelia pressed against his chest until his back lay against the cool formica tabletop and his legs dangled over the table’s edge. Quickly following him onto the table Cordelia straddled his hips leaning over the upper half of his body that was stretched out on the hopefully sturdy structure. “Whatcha think should I try something new?” Cordelia whispered teasingly at the suddenly quiet vampire.

Angel slid his spread fingers into her hair, damp from the shower he had not been invited to. With a light clinch of his fist, he tugged her down just close enough to graze her mouth against his before giving up his answer. “I think I’ve known you long enough to know better than to ever tell Cordelia Chase no.” Jerking his head up, he captured her mouth in a hungry kiss. His tongue invaded filling her mouth, enticing her tongue to follow his retreat. The sweet flesh within his reach he greedily sucked it into his mouth before freeing her to catch a breath.

“Mmmm, good boy and that is a tasty mouth…” Cordelia hummed, “…but I’ve had that already. Thought I would try something else. Latching onto a hard, male nipple, she sucked it between her puckered lips. Catching the vampire off guard Cordelia bit down on the perky nub eliciting a growl that refused to be hushed.

The low growl vibrating against her mouth Cordelia’s lips relaxed into a grin still pressed against his manly man-breast. “I liked that. Let’s see if the other one is equally appreciative.” Wasting no time Cordelia licked the unattended nipple already hard with expectation. This time Angel believed himself ready for the sensation of her mouth. He may willingly submit to her but a master vampire being taken advantage of by any female, human or demon was something entirely different and unheard of.

The bite was harder than the first and quickly followed by a deep suck drawing the aroused bump into her warm mouth. The sound released was a long, slow mingled blend of feral growl and cat stroked purr. With a pleased smirk, Cordelia freed him from the sensuous torture allowing Angel to gaze at the confidence glowing on her face. Stretching up Cordelia hovered over his face moving in for a passion-filled kiss before pulling back at the last minute leaving only a leisurely, wet lick of her tongue on Angel’s open and waiting mouth.

“Vixen,” Angel grated through clinched teeth as Cordelia giggled nipping and kissing her way down the hard plane of his stomach.

She swirled her tongue inside his navel sucking it and the surrounding flesh into her mouth much like he had done to her only hours before. “You know Angel your mouth and your manly boobs are tasty but I still think you have something better.” Her breathy words tickled against the sensitive flesh of his groin making him flinch as her mouth continued to edge closer to her intended goal. “What do you think Angel? Did you have something special in mind to fill my mouth?”

Strong fingers entwined in her hair curled as his fists tightened their grip. He had managed to keep the clinch light while she had teased his chest and stomach but this was too much. Watching with confidence as Cordelia drifted closer to more forbidden territory Angel made way to take back the control the inexperienced girl had so easily captured. “That hot little mouth of yours is licking its way into danger sweetheart. You are nowhere near being able to handle what I’ve got.”

Reaching the edge of the table and her knees limiting the spread of Angel’s legs Cordelia scooted off as her hands pushed against his inner thighs so she could settle between them. Not sure of her objective Angel continued to talk as he watched Cordelia maneuver into her new position. “Don’t worry about it baby, I’ll teach you how…GAAAAD.” His declaration stopped short of completion the silenced words flew away riding the tail of coherent thought as the warm, moist tongue licked up the tight-skinned curve of his sac.

“What were you saying sweetheart? I must not have been listening.” Cordelia hummed against the sensitive flesh.

“Your teasing is going to get you trouble little girl. Not even the soul can protect you if you push the demon too far.” Angel threatened, enjoyably vexed by the beautiful woman determined to get her way.

“Pfftt.” Cordelia lifted her mouth from the tasty treat long enough to respond. Nervous and unsure? Absolutely. Cordelia was sure Angel could hear her heart pounding in her chest but there was no going back now. She wanted to experience everything with Angel and that meant proving to the doubting vampire that she loved and desired all of him and wasn’t afraid even if the soul needed to ease up its strict guard on the demon. “You seem to be changing your mind about giving me something to feast on. Oh well, guess I’ll have to find it myself. Could this be it?”

His hard erection twitched as her tongue slid from base to tip, jerking in her grasp as slender fingers closed around the top of his shaft exposing the pre cum that glistened on its head. Without hesitation, she took him into her mouth tasting the small drops of thick moisture coating her tongue.

Angel’s hips jerked feeling the slight suction against the tip of his manhood that was hidden inside the wrap of her reddish lips. Releasing him from her mouth Cordelia puffed a pleased sigh. “Hmmm is this it sweetheart? Did I find it?”

Rolling his shoulders from the table Angel stared at the girl pushing him quickly to overload. “Don’t call me sweetheart…sweetheart and yes that’s it. Do you want it baby?” The vexed twinge in his words dropped to a gravelly drawl.

“Yea I want it baby so give it to me. Let me play Angel.” Cordelia demanded mimicking his earlier husky words.

Angel lowered his shoulders to the table. Angel wasn’t sure when he had released her hair but his hands were empty and needing something to hold onto he grabbed the table’s sides. “Play all you want little girl but remember who you’re playing with.”

“Uhummm,” Cordelia replied as her tongue returned to the meaty feast springing from the dark bush of his groin.

His hands tightened against the table causing a slight crackling sound, his eyes rolled back in his head as Cordelia repeatedly swiped her tongue up and down and around his engorged shaft. With each swipe, her hand expertly exposed the dark, purplish head treating it to a warm, wet flick.

Minutes passed maybe hours or maybe, Angel thought, time had stopped. This girl, beautiful and innocent had lit a fire in his belly and was taking her sweet time igniting the bomb that would extinguish the quickly rising flames. “Please baby don’t tease me. I can’t stand it. If you want it take it but take it all.”

“Mmmm, I like it when you beg.” The last word barely out before being sucked by in with a deep breath; her lips slid down his shaft swallowing half into her hot mouth.

His hands abandoned their crushing grip on the table, fingers curled into a tight cinch around her hair as his shoulders and upper back again rolled up from the table. “God yes. That’s it baby take it.” Knees bending his legs lifted up sprawling out to open himself to her, his thighs and feet resting against the table surface. “Deeper baby. Take me in your throat.”

Her actions momentarily halted as her mind mulled over the plausibility of his request. Bringing him completely out of her mouth Cordelia took another deep breath before plunging back down onto the thick erection.

Not wanting to interfere with her playing but anxious to teach her how he liked to be played with Angel decided to guide Cordelia’s determined efforts. Freeing one hand from its tangled twist in her hair, he slipped it down to cover hers wrapped around the base of his shaft. Pressing her fingers into a tighter squeeze Angel attempted to steer Cordelia into following his lead. “That’s it baby. Squeeze me hard. Let me feel your nails on my flesh.”

Reacting to Angel’s experienced tutelage Cordelia eagerly responded to his instructions. Slender fingers tightened around the thick rod pulsing inside her grip. The other hand slid down letting its nails scrape against the tender flesh of his tightening balls. Angel’s hips jerked against the sensation, his body reveling in Cordelia’s eagerness to please him. “That’s it baby. I like it rough.”

Her swollen lips continued to work up and down his length taking in as much as she believed possible. “Suck baby, when you slide your lips up try to suck me back into your mouth.” The result was almost immediate, her mouth battling to keep him inside as her lips slid against his burning flesh in a snug pull. “Oh God yes, that’s it, like that. Harder, harder baby, take me deeper.” Angel felt the fire in his belly radiating out and filling his engorged erection to near explosion. “Jesus no, not yet,” he begged the impending release for just a little longer to enjoy the feel off her hot mouth. “Stop baby, you’ve got to stop. I’m gonna cum…can’t hold it. Please baby stop, you don’t have to.”

Choosing to ignore his agonizing pleas Cordelia continued her ministrations like Angel had shown her causing his pleading words to melt into uncontrollable grunts. Realizing her intentions and too weak from need to resist Angel tempted Cordelia to give his aching shaft relief. “You want it baby? Greedy to taste all of me? Then take it, take all of me.” Sinking into a blissful loss of control Angel could barely manage a whisper. “God I love you Cordy, you’re so good to me baby.”

Leaning back onto the table Angel kept his head tilted up mesmerized by the sensual show. Both hands now entwined in her hair again Angel eased her mouth up his throbbing, cum filled shaft. Positioning his feet flat against the table he thrust his hips up sliding in and out the hot cavern of her waiting mouth. “So good, keep your lips tight…oh yea like that. Gonna cum, take it baby…take it.” Seconds from exploding Angel thrust hard pushing deep into Cordelia’s throat. Cum warmed by her relentless attention gushed into the narrow passage. “GAAAAD” Pulling out of her throat Angel groaned at losing the tight enclosure as Cordelia sucked against his deflating manhood. “That’s it baby suck it dry, take it all.” Angel gasped and moaned as his head lobbed from side to side.

Cordelia struggled to clear her mind of all thoughts except completing her sinfully erotic task. She swallowed hard against the stream of warm liquid flowing down her throat, her tongue actively concentrating on the bulge still filling her mouth.

Large hands grabbing interrupted lifting her up to straddle broad hips. Before the squeal of surprise could escape her mouth still open from its previous duties, Angel captured it in an almost brutal kiss. His tongue slashed out into her mouth greedy to taste any remaining drops from his release.

Her need for a few minutes of quality air time pushing to the front Cordelia pulled away from Angel’s insatiable mouth. “Whew, you’re a handful little boy.” Almost breathless she still managed a teasing drawl that blew warm against his lips.

“I’m more than a handful as you now know and little boy; where do you get * little * anything?” Angel’s retort was quick feigning appalled disbelief at her statement.

“Pfftt. I didn’t seem to have any trouble handling your * little * handful.”

“Just keep it up woman. I might have kept the demon at bay during your schoolgirl’s attempt at a blow job but one more smartass quip and you’ll see what it’s like to be at the mercy of a horny vampire.”

Schoolgirl? Did he just call me a schoolgirl? Why that egotistical…man-pire! “Pfftt. I had you begging like a teenager that’s not a virgin only if you count his pitiful attempts to pretend his hand is a date. You begged Angel, admit it, you begged.”

“That’s it. I warned you woman and now I’m gonna show you.” Angel growled at the tempting beauty, wrapping his arms around her in a secure hold as he stood from the table.

Hanging from his standing form Cordelia wrapped her legs around his hips. “Bring it on little vamp.” Her teasing challenge caused another deep growl. Spying the forgotten cup of blood, she reached out grabbing it as they passed by. “Better not forget this you might need it to keep your up strength.”

“If I need blood, I’ll take it.” The impact of his words sinking in caused Cordelia to shiver. They may have been laced with playfulness but they were a bit threatening just the same.

“Like I said big guy you might need it.” Cordelia responded careful not to challenge.

Enjoying her subdued reaction Angel decided it was his turn to play a little. “I’m gonna do things to you that your innocent little body can’t imagine possible.” Reaching the bed Angel tugged at the lukewarm cup of blood. “Give me that before you make a mess.” The cup now in his grip and safe from spilling Angel tossed an unsuspecting Cordelia onto the bed. “You should know the drill by now sweetheart. Spread’em…arms above your head.” Angel instructed in a gruff growl.

Winding down from her bouncing frenzy Cordelia gasped at the dominating vampire. Eyes wide she watched as he meandered his way to the bedside table where the blood filled cup clinked in a wobbly rattle from its haphazard deposit. “You know I’m not really innocent anymore.” Cordelia managed to mumble under the weight of the vampire’s hungry stare.

Angel leaned across her stretched form his hands pushing between her closed thighs spreading them apart. “When I tell you I want you spread and ready sweetheart, I want you spread and ready…and you are innocent, still a virgin in fact for what I have in mind.”

Another gasp escaped and Cordelia wondered if she might have pushed the vampire too far believing his soul would keep her safe. “Are you wet for me baby?” Angel asked as a finger, long and straight pushed inside her feminine lips stopping short of actual penetration before sliding up her moist slit. “Oh yea, your wet. Good girl. I like my women to stay wet and ready for me.”

“Women?” Cordelia squealed. Slapping at his intrusive arm she decided not to be bothered by her squealing voice. “There are no * women * just woman, one woman and I’m it.”

Angel placed his knees on the bed crouching on the edge ready to pounce. “Absolutely one woman. You’re the only woman this demon wants and needs.” Angel promised in evilly rasping whisper.

“You big bully.” Cordelia tried to spit out between half stifled giggles as she attempted to roll over and push herself away from the ego puffed vampire. Her clumsy struggle was overpowered by the heavy weight enveloping her and pulling her to her knees.

“I knew you were a naughty girl. You want it from behind, don’t you?” Before her mind could work out his intentions Angel thrust up filling her to the hilt. A screamed choked in her throat under the onslaught of pleasure and pain. One hand pushed flat against her stomach keeping her body pressed tight against him while the other fisted an almost painful clinch of hair yanking her head back. “You like this. I know you do. You like my big cock stretching your tight cunt. Admit it Cordy…admit it and I’ll give you more.” Angel cooed the evil promise of reward against her ear.

Cordelia did like it. She probably liked it more than a naïve young woman of nineteen should like anything so deliciously wicked. Giving in to want and need her body relaxed against his hard form. “Yes, God yes…” she cried, “…I like it, I want it, I need it.”

“Good girl. Open up to me, let me in deeper Cordy. Let me fill you up till there’s no place I haven’t touched.” Angel wasn’t sure if he was demanding or begging, hopefully a little of both but he no longer cared; the demon was out now and determined to have his time to play. He felt her inner walls twitch and thrust deeper and harder wanting to feel her clinching muscles resist his departing slide. Surprised by the swelling fire in the pit of his belly so soon after his hearty release on the kitchen table Angel slowed his movements. The flames continued to rise and Angle pulled from her wet heat accepting that he only needed to feel her body under his and he was ready to cum.

“No, don’t stop.” Cordelia whimpered feeling the gaping void left by his departure.”

His hand slipped from her hair grabbing a breast in a firm squeeze making her hiss under its pressure. “Hush baby, you’ll get it back.” The hand pressed against her stomach slid down past her dark patch, two fingers spread separating the slick lips exposing her clit to the flicking of his middle finger.

“God Angel please, feels so good but I need more.” Cordelia pleaded wanting Angel to fulfill his promise to give it back to her. Two fingers speared her core eliciting another scream much like an animal’s hungry howl.

“I told you baby you’ll get it back but I want you wetter and hotter when I cum inside you.” His fingers pushed deeper before pulling out to push back in rubbing against that magic spot that made her hips grind against his hand coated in her arousal.

Unaware of anything except the fingers inside her Cordelia missed the blur of her body moving and found herself once again straddling his broad hips. She looked down at Angel stretched out flat on his back his fingers still deep inside her. “Ready to take me back in…are you gonna stay hot and juicy for me?” Angel purred at the woman swaying in the waves of her impending orgasm. Cordelia felt the loss of his fingers for only a second as his hands gripped her bottom spreading her open and yanking her down onto his thick erection.

Cordelia screamed as mind numbing pleasurable pain rippled through every nerve and muscle in her body. Feeling the clinch of her core Angel thrust up hard and deep embedding his shaft further into her fire. His hands grabbed her hips holding her flush against him as he continued to push until she had no depth left to explore.

“Ride me baby.” Angel commanded as he jerked her body up and down the length of his shaft. “You wanted to know what it was like to fuck a vampire, let me feel that tight snatch milking my cock.

No longer concerned with inexperience Cordelia’s timid movements became bold under Angel’s hands. Leaning forward her hands latched onto his chest, her nails digging into his small perked nipples. Her hips rotated as they moved up and down his length in the hard, fast ride he had demanded. His hands slid back to her butt spreading the round cheeks as he met her descent with hard, deep thrusts.

Her vaginal walls began to spasm and her breathing labored as their pace continued to rise. Angel wrapped his arms around Cordelia bringing her compliant body against his chest. The flip of their bodies caused little interruption as Angel continued to plunge deep and hard. Slipping his arms under her thighs, he lifted her legs allowing his hips to propel faster. Angel felt the heavy swell in his groin and fisted the bottom sheet as he pulled his knees slightly under him. His thrusts became erratic, each plunge hitting that perfect spot causing her inner walls to contract around his invading length.

Cordelia screamed as every muscle tightened into an aching flex lifting her hips from the mattress and welcoming the heavy thrusts. Angel growled as his body repeatedly slapped against the solid impact of her raised bottom. “That’s it baby take it. Give yourself to me.” Angel growled his commands between the bites and nips of blunt teeth against her neck and chin.

His words became a beacon slicing through the thick haze that had engulfed her and she responded surrendering to the beast that would love her without boundaries. Her vaginal muscles constricted hard creating a tight squeeze around his buried shaft that stripped away the last of his resistance.

Bone shifted, fangs extended and muscles stretched in an erotically beautiful distortion. Grasping for leverage against the swelling length pushing uncontrollably deeper and stretching her body beyond its limit Cordelia dug her nails into his neck releasing a heavy grunt as blunt teeth bit into his throat.

Undone by her reaction the demon roared and fangs penetrated the delicate flesh of her neck as the vampire mastered his claim. The sounds emanating throughout the room became guttural moans and gasps and grunts as their bodies melted into the exploding orgasm. They came with such force the bed winced and whined under the heavy vibrations of energy pulsing between them.

Lust and hunger sated their bodies collapsed surrendering to a comforting blanket of bliss. Vampire features retreated giving way to the more familiar human form as Angel gently licked at the two perfect punctures that would forever mark their union. “You’re mine now Cordy, completely…there’s no going back.”

“I was yours even without the he-man show.” Her eyes only half open succumbed to the call of slumber and closed completely as Angel eased their bodies over pulling Cordelia snuggly against him. “You don’t fool me big guy you just wanted a sip of the good stuff.” Cordelia mumbled as she drifted into sleep.

Angel chuckled as his woman, his partner, his mate snuggled into the cozy embrace of his arms. He slid his tongue against the roof of his mouth relishing the lingering taste of her blood. The good stuff, Angel repeated to himself as he chuckled again. A gentle kiss to her forehead and Angel closed his eyes joining Cordelia in the peaceful paradise of sleep.


Hours passed as the afternoon sun hung over the city, its rays glistening against the windows of buildings below. For the first time demon and soul slept soundly, content to be one. Reveling in the blissful haven of the warm, beautiful women wrapped in his arms Angel’s senses failed to capture the hint of the skilled intruder.

Ears strained to catch even the slightest of movements as the intruder took the steps leading to the apartment in an eerie silence. Eyes clouded with confusion squinted struggling to filter through the darkness of the lower level. Trained skill dominating the dark space spying eyes landed on the sheet covered mass.

“Angel?” Her voice tentative and her resolve unsure she waited long seconds for a reply. No voice except her own breaking the quiet solitude she tried again. “Angel?”
Louder she demanded a response other than her own. “Angel!”

His senses awakened with a start. Their private shelter breached Angel instinctively wrapped his arms more securely around his most cherished possession. “Who the hell are you? You are either very brave or very stupid. What do you want that you would risk your life?”

“Angel?” This time the not so timid voice reeked of disbelief and anger.

Taking a deep scent comprehension dawned as his eyes focused on the small frame of The Slayer once known as the love of his life. Sleep roused by Angel’s jerky movements and deep voice Cordelia attempted to sit up only to be held in place by the heavy weight of strong arms.

“Buffy?” Angel responded before thinking through the repercussions of his word.

“Buffy?” Cordelia hissed suddenly robbed of her sated and tranquil rest.

“Hush baby.” Angel whispered as he protectively pulled the sheet tighter around her naked body. “Buffy’s here.”

“Buffy? Is here?” Buffy’s ears perked at the muffled but definitely feminine voice.

“Ssshhhh” Angel leaned further over the clump curled beside him sending his uninvited guest an unexpected glare. “Buffy, what the hell are you doing here?” Angel asked in a tone Buffy found equally bewildering.

“Me?” She asked. Caught off guard by his reaction to her presence Buffy fought to maneuver the turn of events to her favor. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Something smelly is about to hit your fan big guy.” Cordelia mumbled from beneath the shelter of her sheet.”

“Hush.” Angel whispered strengthening the hiss of his command with a firm squeeze to Cordelia’s butt cheek. Cordelia relented with a begrudging grunt before again falling silent as well as hidden.

“Well Angel?” Buffy spit displaying her ‘I’m In Charge Of This Conversation’ stance by placing her hands firmly on her hips.

“I live here.” Angel countered with a barely controlled growl unimpressed by her empty threat of control.

“Not here.” Buffy tried again giving another show of agitation with the stomp of a foot. “I mean here, here. As in here in this bed with…that.” Buffy added pointing a stabbing finger at the covered lump Angel was hovering over.

“That’s it!” The voice no longer muffled blasted through the thin sheet as Cordelia tried to sit up struggling unsuccessfully against the arms and leg restraining her. “Buffy, you are such a bitch.” Cordelia announced twisting her head around to look in the direction she thought the girl should be standing.

Realization sank in hitting Buffy like a cold, hard slap on the face. The shocking dose of unbelievable reality denied her voice the rage Buffy so desperately needed right now and left in its quake nothing more than a timid yelp. “Cordelia…Cordelia Chase?”

“Well Duh.” Was the only response from the voice still imprisoned by the sheet and most of Angel’s now folded over body.

Angel’s brain was quickly becoming a swirling mush. There were too many thoughts running in too many directions to keep track. This was not how he wanted Buffy to find out. He had wanted to go to Sunnydale and tell her the truth, offer her his friendship and give her and the love they had share the respect she deserved. And he had wanted Cordy to make the trip with him. Cordy, he had to protect Cordy. Buffy had changed the sequence of events by coming to LA when he had expressly asked her not to. Regardless of how much Buffy was about to be hurt Angel knew he had to protect Cordelia from being hurt and embarrassed by the untimely intrusion of confession time.

Angel extended an arm, the flat of his hand directed at Buffy indicating her to stay where she was. “Just stay there Buffy and give me a minute.” Retracting his arm Angel lifted the sheet greeting the hidden girl with a smile. “Hey, you OK?” Angel whispered his voice tender and filled with concern.

“I’ve been better but I’m OK. Any chance she’s gone?” Cordelia whispered back burying her face into the pillow when Angel answered no with a shake of his head.

“You want to come out now?” Angel asked not quite sure if any relinquish of control over Cordelia was a good idea right now.

“No, not really but I don’t have much choice if Miss Manners over there is determined to stay for the next act.” Cordelia answered, carefully turning over as Angel kept the sheet pressed tightly against their oh so obviously naked bodies.

“Hey Buffy, how’s tricks?” Cordelia faced Buffy greeting her with a bright smile and calm voice that only she could master at a time like this.

“How’s tricks? I think that’s a question I should be asking you. Finally found your true calling I see.” Buffy responded finding the rage that had eluded her earlier.

“What the hell is that suppose to mean?” Cordelia practically shrieked at the girl’s insinuation. Her intended leap from the bed was instantly halted by the strong arms surrounding her.

“You need to take charge soul boy. Do not let that prissy bitch talk to our girl like that. If you can’t handle The Slayer step aside and I’ll do it.”

You keep quiet and stay out of this. I can handle Buffy and I will protect Cordy, not that she seems to need much help.

“Don’t be selfish Angel it’s not very soul like. We shared our girl now share The Slayer with me. I can be tactful.”

That I’d like to see, you being tactful. I don’t think so Angelus. Now stay out of my head. I have to think.

“Hell I’ll show you tact.” Angel’s hand unconsciously gripped the section of sheet covering Cordelia’s chest. “Let’s just slip the sheet down and show bony ass what a real woman’s breast look like. That’ll teach her to invade our love nest.”

Are you insane? What am I saying of course you are you’re freakin’ psychotic.

“Hey she flaunted that Rambo wannabe farmer in your face; didn’t she? I know you smelled his steroid pumped ass all over her. Hell Angel she fucked soldier boy every which way from sundown and charges in here appalled to find you with a woman in your bed. It took you a hundred years to find us a real woman and she’s appalled? Hell I’m appalled, completely satisfied but appalled.”

I know Angelus; I know but just shut the fuck up. I’ll handle this. I don’t want to hurt Buffy anymore than I have to…and don’t worry I’ll protect Cordy. I won’t let Cordy be hurt by this. So just stay out of it you’ll only make it worse.

“Say what you will soul boy but you know as well as I do those breast are perfect. Perfectly fuckable. Ummm we should have done that. Get rid of slay bitch we got things to do.”

Angel groaned unaware the throaty reaction to his demon’s description of Cordelia’s breast was outside the seclusion of his head. His hips instinctively flexed pressing his hardening erection into Cordelia’s backside. Feeling the firm and clearly identifiable poking Cordelia jerked her head up gawking at the vampire draped over her.

“Angel I don’t think now is the time and ewe you pervert.” She whispered hoping to avoid detection by their audience. “I thought until Buffy showed up unannounced you tackling me in the graveyard in front of the Scooby’s was my most embarrassing moment…but apparently not. Now stop, I’m not in the mood to star in a porn show.” Cordelia added a jab with her elbow to make her point.

“You will always be my porn star sweetheart.” Angelus purred inside Angel’s head as Angel mumbled an almost incoherent sorry. Slinking his erection away from a pissed off Cordelia Angel silently cursed the horny bastard that was the source of his humiliation.

Angel cleared his throat eager to avoid any further opportunity to disgrace himself. “Buffy go upstairs and wait for us in the office; we’ll be up shortly.”

“Go upstairs? You’ll be up shortly? But Angel I don’t want to talk to Cordelia. She should stay down here or better yet get dressed and go home.” Buffy made a point to embellish her words with oozing disgust as she glared at the girl cradled inside the arms of her still considered boyfriend. “You do have a home don’t you Cordelia or do you just sleep in whatever bed you wind up in?”

“Buffy that’s enough. You will not talk to Cordy that way. Go upstairs Buffy. Cordelia and I need to get dressed and we need to talk then we will join you in the office.” Buffy stood frozen unable to believe what was happening. Angel was dismissing her. Angel was choosing Cordelia Chase over her. “Now Buffy, you’re only prolonging the inevitable.” Angel added wanting to jolt the stubborn girl into movement.

“You did good soul boy, real good. Now let’s get our reward for your good deed.”

Thanks and be quiet we’re not out of this yet.

To Angel and Cordelia’s relief Buffy spun around and dashed up the stairs. The slamming of the upper level door signaled the privacy if somewhat meager they had finally achieved.

“Well this is definitely a diary moment.” Cordelia muttered as she wiggled inside the confines of the tightly wrapped sheet.

“Hmmm I would have thought our three vigorous rounds of incredible sex was diary worthy.” Angel purred against Cordelia’s cheek as he pulled her closer.

“Pervert.” Cordelia hissed then giggled at the incredible bad luck of their first day spent in bed together.

“I’m not a pervert, Angelus is.” Angel defended.

“Dumbass, there’s only one of you. You’re a perverted vampire with a perverted soul.”

“But you love me and that’s makes you a pervert lover.”

“Pfftt, that makes me The Slayer’s naked punching bag if we don’t get dressed so you can go upstairs and get rid of her.”


Wesley blinked repeatedly believing his mind must be playing tricks. Opening his eyes a third time his sight remained fixed on the petite blonde standing in the doorway of Angel’s private office. “Buffy…Buffy Summers?”

“Wesley?” Buffy answered his question with one of her own.

Life is just getting better and better Wesley thought. His new life in LA was already filling up with close friends, a gratifying job and hopefully soon a place of his own. Now to his surprise The Slayer that had ridiculed and belittled him in Sunnydale was standing just a few feet away. By the look on her face Wesley had no doubt the girl had mistakenly believed her intrusion downstairs would be gratefully welcomed.


Angel rolled onto his back pulling Cordelia on top of him. “I would never let Buffy hurt you. I won’t let anyone hurt you. You’re my girl and I’ll always take care of you. I love you Cordy.”

Cordelia answered with a kiss. It was a short kiss but it reflected the love and devotion his promises made her feel. “Now my pervy vampire that I love so much, get your naked butt dressed and get upstairs.”

“We don’t need to rush. Let’s give it a minute.”

“Why?” Cordelia asked remembering Angel’s words to Buffy about putting off the inevitable.

“Because Wes came in a few minutes ago. He’s talking to Buffy now. Let’s just wait a few more minutes and see what she does.”

“How’d you…” Angel tapped a finger against his ear ending Cordelia’s question.


Hummm. Wesley contemplated the lack of enjoyment he was experiencing at the snotty girl’s obvious fall and was even further confused by the need to comfort her. “Miss Summers is anything wrong? You seem upset.”

“Upset? No, everything’s fine. I’m just waiting on Angel. He’s…well he’s…” Worried about avoiding the embarrassment of her dilemma Buffy stumbled over her words. “Angel’s just getting dressed so he can come upstairs…and we can talk.”

“I see.” Wesley figured whatever she interrupted downstairs must have been a rude awakening for everyone concerned. “Well please do have a seat. You might as well be comfortable.” Wesley offered gesturing toward the sofa in the outer office.

“Thanks maybe I should sit down.” Buffy answered walking toward the indicated seating.


“Maybe we should get dressed Angel. We need to be ready for anything.”

“That would require me letting go of you and I’m not ready to do that just yet.”

Cordelia swept a curious eye in Angel’s direction. “Who are you and what did you do to my vampire?”

“I am your vampire. I just decided to listen to someone who has decided to be my ally instead of my enemy.”

“Is that so?”

“Yea, you know Angelus is not so bad as long as you keep him satisfied.”

“You’re telling me that even if you somehow lost your soul I’d be safe with Angelus because he’s sexually satisfied?” Cordelia asked wondering why she never saw any ‘bone a vampire save a life’ banners in Sunnydale.

“Ummm, kind of but not really.” Angel answered unsure how he should word his true answer to Cordelia’s question.


Not really sure where to settle himself Wesley chose to sit behind what he assumed to be Cordelia’s desk. He glanced at the clock cringing at the time that had passed. It had already been a good ten minutes since he arrived to find Buffy waiting in Angel’s office. “Angel shouldn’t be much longer I would think…I hope.”

“Yea, not much longer,” Buffy mumbled not bothering to look up.

Hoping to ease the discomfort of their silent wait Wesley busied himself with the various papers strewn over the desk. Feigning interest in Cordelia’s note pad Wesley attempted to read the chicken scratched notes, some unreadable, some not even complete thoughts, all a blatant display of her misinterpretation of the English language.


“If I ever lose my soul Cordy, get as far away from me as you can. Angelus wouldn’t mean to hurt you but I think he might turn you.” Angel reluctantly warned.

“Turn me? Why?” Cordelia gasped before she could cover the surprise in her voice.

“Because he wouldn’t want to lose you…ever.” Angel purposely kept his voice calm emphasizing the matter of fact tone.

“And you Angel…you don’t feel that way?”

“It doesn’t matter what I want or don’t want the soul wouldn’t let me. Turning you would take away your warmth, your humanity. It would change what makes you the woman I fell in love with. I want you just as you are Cordy for a long as life permits me to have you. It’s more than I’ll ever deserve even with a soul.”

“Don’t say that Angel. You deserve to be happy.” Cordelia pressed harder against Angel willing him to believe her words.

“I am happy, happier than I ever thought possible. For the first time in my life and unlife I am truly happy.”

“That’s good. I want you to be happy, happy like you make me.” Cordelia darted her eyes toward the ceiling. “What’s happening up there now?”

“They’re still talking. Let’s wait a few more minutes.”

“A few more minutes sounds good.”


Wesley reluctantly glanced at the clock again. Another twenty minutes had ticked off. That made a total of thirty Wesley mentally calculated wishing a demon would force its way in and knock him unconscious.

“Ah, we’ve certainly enjoyed an abundance of sunshine here in LA. How about you? Nice weather? Lots of sunshine? In Sunnydale that is.” Wesley rambled fearing he would be unable to stop if statue stiff girl did not soon answer him.

“Huh? Oh yea, nice weather. Nice demon fighting weather. Lots of sunshine. Nothing like staking a vampire on a nice sunshiny day.” Buffy added, her eyes still glued to the door separating the offices from Angel’s private area downstairs.

“Yes, of course.” Wesley responded with a gulp. “Ah, Miss Summers, it looks like Angel may be awhile and why I have no idea, I assure you. But no matter, I was thinking you might like to join me for a late lunch and maybe a spot of tea?” Wesley stood holding onto the hope that Buffy would have the common sense to take his lead.

She peered at the door a few seconds longer as though her answer might be ready to make its entry. Whether answered by the lifeless door or not only Buffy would ever know. Rising from the well-used and slightly uncomfortable sofa, she turned her attention to her short-term watcher of not so long ago. “Thanks Wesley, lunch would be good and it looks like Angel might be busy right now.”

“Yes, quite right. Shall we go then?” Wesley asked offering the crook of his arm to her.

Buffy accepted the gentlemanly offer resting her arm inside his and allowing Wesley to lead her outside the office of Angel Investigations. “So Wesley, where does one find a spot of tea in LA?”

“Hmmm, I’m not sure. Maybe we could just take a stroll in the sunshine and see what we find. Perhaps we will discover the perfect place for a spot of afternoon tea. Perhaps Miss… Perhaps Buffy, this will be a good day for new discoveries.”

“Perhaps it will Wesley, perhaps it will.”


The silence of the office drifted down the stairs blending with the dim stillness waiting below. In the mist of all this quiet two bodies lay motionless except for the rhythmic breaths shared by lovers.

Up above the sun was shining over the bustling city but deep below in a sheltered haven a demon with a soul dreamed and in his dream he was a king and the king held his queen in his arms as he slept.

The End

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