Season of Solace. 86

86:     Angel’s Bedroom, Crawford Street Mansion, Central Sunnydale

“Don’t be so grumpy,” Cordelia laughed at Angel’s dark scowl. “I didn’t say that it looked like a banana. I haven’t even seen it yet.”

Stunned, Angel didn’t know whether to laugh or growl at that, but a smile worked its way onto his face, matching hers. His hand came up to her caress her cheek, thumb roving across the curve of her lips and then replacing it with his mouth, gently this time in contrast to the last one, softly smooching, enticing her to open to him.

Cordelia’s hands were stroking up and down the ladder of his ribs momentarily distracted from her task. His free hand slid down the curve of her back clasping her rounded bottom with a large palm and giving it a little squeeze before sliding it back up to join the other. She was addictive and he wanted more from her than he dared to admit.

The longer Angel thought he was in control of his needs, the easier it was for him to go one step further with a kiss here, a caress there, just a little more. So, he gave in to Cordelia’s wishes, seduced by her innocent enthusiasm. Cupping her face, Angel spread teasing kisses across her mouth, cheek, and the curve of her brow before turning his lips to her ear to prompt her, “Touch me.”

“Here?” she ran a fingertip across his collarbone following it up with a kiss to his shoulder. Angel merely shook his head allowing her to play her little game and allowing himself to enjoy the anticipation. The roving fingertip moved downward on a winding path across his pecs to rub his left nipple.

The fact that it hardened under her touch seemed to catch Cordelia’s attention as she flicked her eyes up to his, asking, “What about here?” Then her wet tongue snaked across it, her teeth scraping just enough to elicit a grunt of pleasure. He thought of the ways he wanted to teach her to use that facile tongue and telling her where he liked to be bitten.

Angel’s thoughts moved in the direction of the hand now rubbing a circle around his navel realizing that he could not take the teasing much longer. He wanted her hand on him now. When Cordelia purred in his ear, “Am I getting warmer?” Angel covered her hand with his and led her directly down to his cock.

A sharp gasp sounded from Cordelia’s parted lips, her eyes widening with shock. Then his hand slipped back out of his pants leaving Cordelia’s fingers splayed out across his thick erection. Her cheeks flamed red as her shyness returned, but hearing Angel moan in pleasure at the contact chased her nerves away.

Tentatively, she moved her hand, fingers brushing lightly along his shaft and the soft pouch. Going on instinct, Cordelia glided her fingers up and down taking hold on the third stroke. Angel seemed to like it considering the way his hips bucked in response.

He muttered something against her mouth just before pushing his pants down over his hips. Their eyes clashed for an instant before hers dropped to see what Angel had revealed. Cordelia forgot to breathe for a second, holding her breath in total fascination at the sight of her hand wrapped around him.

It only took a few strokes before Angel completely lost his resolve about stopping at letting her bring him off with her hand. Just when he had come to the conclusion that it would be impersonal enough to avoid any danger was a mystery because there was nothing remotely impersonal about it. He could still taste her orgasm on his tongue, scenting it in the air around them, her arousal so apparent that he had to touch her again.

Capturing her hand, he moved with her for a few strokes showing her the pace and rhythm he liked. Then he wrapped his arms around her, easing them both down on the bed, ridding himself of his pants. Braced above her, Angel settled into the valley of her thighs as her legs parted to him leaving room for Cordelia to continue to stroke his cock.

Angel buried his face into her neck to ply it with hot kisses, his hands sliding from her thighs to breasts, fondling them, his mouth coming into play even as his hips thrust forward with the movements of her hand. Hot, clenching arousal held them captive. Cordelia’s legs curled over his hips instinctively pulling him closer to the source of her need.

Throbbing, the hot sweep of her hand was too much, too fast as Angel felt himself now aching for release. Angel captured her wrist guiding her to let go and taking the other to press her hands up above her head. “I want you too much,” his words had her trembling as his hips crashed forward to press his hard length against her slick folds.

When he banged up against her clit, Cordelia saw stars, a cry escaping from her throat. Angel’s name was on her lips again, wanting more, telling him not to stop. Releasing her wrists, he reached between them to rub the swollen little nub and slide two fingers inside planning to bring her off again while trying his damndest to ignore what he really wanted.

Free of his hold, Cordelia clasped his face, staring up into eyes full of conflict, “I want you, too. Now, Angel, please. Now, now,” she muttered in between kisses to the rhythm of his fingers. The gentle thrusts were shallow, fingers curling inside her, rubbing places that left her quaking inside.

Angel’s mouth was a distraction all of its own, but she noticed the few seconds of time where his fingers left her body, moaning a protest in response. She opened her eyes, preparing to tell him to keep going. Then her gaze fell down to Angel’s rampant erection, now fisted in his hand and shiny with her own wetness.

Releasing his hold, Angel spread Cordelia’s thighs gazing hotly at the sight of her, his eyes glazed and body taut with need. Every instinct demanded he take her, make her his, bury himself to the hilt deep inside her. One hand dropped down to rub a thumb along her slick folds, the other moving back to his cock stroking the blunt tip up and down her swollen crevasse bumping her clit and then dipping inside, trying to stop, but desperate to feel the tight squeeze of her body around him.

Once there, he wrapped his hands around the top of her thighs thrusting slowly forward, watching the sensuous expression on Cordelia’s face alter to reveal a hint of fear. Angel was riveted by it unable to tear his gaze away from hers and heard himself muttering something he hoped was soothing as he thrust deep, taking her virginity.

Cordelia cried out once, her arms wrapping around Angel’s shoulders when he lowered the angle of his body. One hand caged her jaw, turning her to meet his kiss as he held his hips still, allowing her to adjust to the intrusion, but fighting against his own desire to take her fast and hard.

Her pliant lips melted under his, their kiss escalating quickly into a fiery clash of pure need. When Cordelia’s hips made a slow circle, her tight heat clenching him, Angel took it as a sign to move withdrawing his length until only the tip remained and then thrusting forward. For her sake he tried to take it cautiously, starting slowly, but the traces of discomfort masking her face soon vanished.

Cordelia swamped Angel’s senses. The feel of her body relaxing beneath him and the trust she showed each time she tilted her throat toward his kisses awakened his possessive streak. Every thrust inside her stirred it further. Cordy was his now and although his demonic senses were attuned to the hint of blood that mixed with her arousal he did not have to fight an overwhelming urge to stem his need to taste it.

Right now the only thing that mattered was the incredible feeling building up in his loins and the hot clench of Cordelia’s body around him each time he buried himself to the hilt. The sounds of her escalating pleasure filled the air and Angel delighted in every lusty little mewl she made.

The hands clutching at his shoulders moved to stroke his back as her hips rocked up to meet his. Flexing his body, Angel kept up with the delicious rhythm and moved to brace himself freeing his hands to caress the silky skin that was now shiny with perspiration. Cupping her breasts, he toyed with the velvety peaks with his mouth and fingers.

Cordelia was so caught up in sensation that her eyes were shut tight, head tilted back against the pillows as her body arched against his. The momentary pain she had felt was nothing compared to the sparks of pleasure that came with each stroke. An urgency built within her that made her push that much harder against him. The bang of his body against her clit made her hiss at the sweet throb. She could feel him inside her seemingly harder than before.

When he called her name it took her a moment to find the will to open her eyes. “Look at me,” she heard him plead for it. The raw edge to his voice told her that Angel was about to lose control and she wanted to see that half expecting him to morph into vampire form. “Look at me, Cordy.”

Dark with passion, his eyes were again tinted with streaks of gold, a hint of bony ridges showing across his brow. Cordelia planted a hand on his cheek, lifting her mouth to his, opening to let his tongue stroke hers. Licks of fire spread out deep inside her, liquid heat pouring around Angel’s hard cock as his thrusts sent her hips crashing into the mattress.

She reached a pinnacle of pleasure screaming his name as Angel reached down between them to gently rub her clit with his thumb. Her knees flexed up higher grasping at him as he fucked her with an untiring intensity. Sliding her hands down his back, Cordelia filled her hands with his buttocks feeling the hard muscles flexing beneath her grasp as she climaxed around him.

Angel felt her orgasm take over as Cordy keened in pleasure, her body tensing and contracting around him. She looked so beautiful stretched out beneath him, flushed skin, rosy lips parted and damp from their kisses, dark hair cascading across his pillows, her nipples dark and erect against the paler globes of her gorgeous breasts.

Amongst the random sounds of her pleasure, he felt her lips move against his cheek as she muttered, “Love you.”

Suddenly he clasped her hips, thrusting faster and harder before, and letting her words fill up the empty places inside of him to sooth away the anger and fear he had felt at the possibility of losing her. His climax was almost silent compared to hers, but no less intense as he poured his heart and need inside her.

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