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Epilogue:  A Touching Moment

Angel couldn’t believe it! His Seer- *his woman* lay prone on her bed; elbows out with her hands tucked under her upper chest, her long exquisite legs stretched out – completely naked and receiving a massage that, to his raging mind, was just this side of decent.

His robot look-alike worked silently with firm, soothing strokes, wearing only a pair of black boxers. From the looks of the Bot’s expertise it had obviously been programmed as a Grande Masseur- and Angel felt intense relief at the calm assurance from Fred that the thing touching his Cordy was at least limited to *that*.

But it was still *way* too much, he thought with a stifled snarl. The foot thing had been a bad enough shock to his possessive streak that was more than a mile wide!

Before Angel could react with his surging need for a much-patented violent response, the Bot straightened up and informed the relaxed beauty that more oil was needed. The endearment ‘Baby’ nearly had him jumping on its back and whooping it’s ass into scrap metal.

The Vampire contained himself with iron [HAH!] control, instead retreating stealthily before the clone could turn around, and then hid out of sight. As soon as the inferior piece of shite metal entered the kitchen, he made his move. Grabbing the ‘Angelbot’ in a headlock, Angel reached for the de-activation switch Fred had told him about between the shoulder blades. Instantly the Bot sagged forward.

After propping it up against the wall near the door, Angel ran through his options feverishly…a wicked smile finally curling his mouth as he stripped to his boxers, grateful that they too were black- but no way was he swapping them with the Bot’s tiger motifs! Uh-huh!

He paused on his way out, rolled his eyes and walked back over to the inactive bot. With a face filled with disgust, he pulled the waistband of its boxers out and checked, cringing; then sighed with relief to find Fred had told the truth about that too!

Cordy wants a massage? Then she’ll get one she won’t forget in a hurry” he muttered under his breath as he made his way back to her bedroom.

For a few seconds he just stood at the foot of the bed the heat in his eyes reaching out and lapping at her golden skin.

“You got the oil?” Cordy glanced over her shoulder with a slight frown, wondering why her scrumptious Bot hadn’t continued with her massage on entering the room. It rarely stood around once given a ‘task’.

Her frown deepened for a moment when she glanced at his eyes, then relaxed when the gold-tinge blinked out, leaving its usual blank brown irises behind.

“Must be the light, she murmured to herself, shrugging lightly and settling back down, too relaxed to notice the absence of a certain ‘tiger’.

Angel released the held unneeded breath with silent relief when the split-second look of uncertainty disappeared from her beautiful face as she turned away.

His whole body buzzed with anticipation as he loomed over her, reaching for a delicate foot. She moaned softly in approval when he proceeded to knead her flesh with complete concentration. A small warning light went off in her brain at the subtle change in the bot’s touch, but it didn’t register in her conscious mind enough to alert her.

As his hands followed the sensual lines of her satiny legs, Angel bit back a growl of intense pleasure. He couldn’t believe he was actually touching her like this- and getting away with it, he thought smugly.

The times he’d fantasised about caressing every inch of her were too many to count, and as he pressed the tips of his fingers gently into the well-toned calves, he absently wondered how much he’d be able to touch before she rumbled him.

Shrugging his shoulders fatalistically, Angel moved around the bed to settle down next to her hip, keeping his hands on the backs of her knees. Glancing furtively at her face that was turned towards him, and seeing her eyes closed, the wicked smile that graced his masculine lips widened as he upped the anti.

Spreading out his hands, he let his hard fingers slide inwards; kneading firmly and at the same time easing those gorgeous legs apart. After succeeding in gaining another fraction of space, Cordy clocked him and tensed immediately.

Angelbot, honey; NOT the inner thigh – we DID go over the what-not -to- touch list, remember?” Cordy stiffened a little as those cool hands continued to knead her just above the knee; creeping up inch by slow inch higher; and applying slight pressure as he went along, causing her legs to part a little more.

She attempted to press her thighs closer together, determined to ignore the heat shooting through her loins, but the bot refused to let her, keeping her legs where he wanted with delicious ease. The one thing she could be thankful for was, given his present position next to her, he at least didn’t have a bird’s eyes view- but just the thought of being so vulnerably open; and with the added image in her mind of the Real Angel doing this to her had hot moisture surging through her core.

Dear God! She may want Angel with a desperation that bordered on obsessive nymphomania – but there was no way in HELL those plastic-clad metal fingers were going anywhere near there!

Angel’s nostrils flared excitedly as the hot scent of her arousal surrounded him, shaking his head roughly to clear it, he forcibly pushed aside the urge to bury his greedy fingers deep into her body. If he was wrong about this, *that* action would be totally unforgivable.

“Just relax, sweetheart; I only want to please you.” Angel smirked widely at her growing discomfort. He resisted the temptation to watch the path his bold fingers were taking and instead leaned over her supine form until his mouth brushed her ear.

“Am I pleasing you, *baby*?” he whispered huskily – and her head jerked up as she caught his eyes. Instead of emotionless brown orbs, her gaze was drawn into very hot, melting chocolatey goodness – with a hint of wicked humour and deep hunger.

“Oh, Fuck!” Angel sniggered at her panicked exclamation, and almost laughed out loud when she went to rise, then thought better of it.

“If you ask nicely, my sweet.” he purred, his large hands now at the juncture of her thighs, his fingers lightly brushing against her soft curls. He growled low in his throat at the sizzling moisture that immediately slicked the pads, even whilst a part of his mind screamed out for him to stop before he went too far.

Cordy froze. She was naked on her bed. She was naked on her bed with the real, flesh and blood Angel looming over her. She was naked on her bed with the real, flesh and blood Angel looming over her with his fingers skimming over there! She nearly came on the spot!

“Just stop right there, Mister!” Hot shock quickly replaced by semi-outrage as she clenched her thighs; squeaking sharply when instead of getting rid of his invading hand, she’d trapped it and unintentionally forced his cool flesh against her hot, slick folds – but at least those devilish fingers had stilled she thought with a mixture of mild relief – and major disappointment; or they’d have probably been on the inside by now!

She gulped, her body releasing yet more liquid arousal at the thought. Dammit! Why did I have to go and spoil it? She groaned silently.

Angel shuddered at the hot sensation of her slick petalled flesh pressed against his trembling fingers. His whole body tightened as he imagined ‘other’ parts of his anatomy that close!

“What’s wrong, Baby? *Both* of us aren’t human- so what does it matter *who* touches you?” Angel couldn’t keep the low growl of jealousy accompanying his words.

A fucking robot gets to touch the woman of his many erotic dreams and fantasies, and he’d now been told to keep his hands off? – no fucking way! With that thought in mind, he boldly reached out his other hand to smooth the soft flesh that had pressed out at the chest between her body and the mattress. He groaned silently: her skin felt like velvet satin.

“There’s a big difference between an innocent massage and pervy hands copping a feel, Angel!”

“Innocent? You call lying on your bed in all you’re delicious glory innocent? Come on, Cordy; would a *towel* have hurt?” this time he didn’t even try to suppress the growl of discontent.

Delicious? Her heartbeat accelerated at his choice of word.

“If you don’t remove your hands, I Will- and it involves detaching them from the wrists, Mister grabby” It was Cordy’s turn to growl- although it came out more of a breathless moan.

“And anyway, its not like Cloney-guy is bothered by my-my birthday suit – and there has *never* been any of the touching *you* are doing!” she continued huskily, her colour heightened as he reluctantly slipped his hand from between her thighs; but not before running his thick fingers along her delicate folds first.

Yep!- Definitely a Perv; her cheeks flushed even more as she bit back a groan of pleasure.

Angel heard the revealing sound, and, by the way her honeyed juices slicked his fingers, his Seer was far from put off by his ‘touching’! That boosted both his ego and his confidence. Having got this far, leaving her untouched was the furthest from his mind. He dipped his head, letting his lips skate the exposed flesh of her nape.

“Why me?” Angel whispered against her skin sensually, darting out the tip of his tongue and lathing the spot he’d brushed soft kisses against.

He really needed Fred’s assurances to be right- if she *was* wrong then he’d been seriously out of order, and knew, without a doubt [unfortunately!] that if Cordy decided as a punishment that he became a literal eunuch, he’d consider it.

“W-what?” Cordy stuttered, trying not to push into his cool, worshipping mouth with great difficulty.

“Of all the men you could have chosen to be your sex slave- why chose *my* likeness, Cordy?” Pleasesayitpleasesayitpleasesayit!

He’s *not* my sex slave! – Jeez -what do you take me for? Can I just say *Ewwwe?*” she returned horrified- deliberately evading answering his original question, and hoping he’d not notice.

No such luck.

“Okay: All-round Masseur and whatever else it does- but you still haven’t answered my question” feeling braver, he now nipped lightly at her nape, soothing the slight pinches with a more aggressive tongue.

His sex tightened and jumped when the beauty below him shuddered deliciously.

H-he was – the runt of the litter?” she half moaned out the lie, “No one else was interested in the poor thing, so I was merely… taking pity on him?” Her body squirmed pleasurably as his hands again began kneading her betraying flesh.

“Try again, sweetheart.” Angel upped his gentle assault, hands squeezing and manipulating her shoulders and spine, running lower and massaging her ass with deep, lazy strokes.

Words failed her. Having the flesh and blood version of her hot fantasies touching her bare flesh overloaded her already shot system – she cracked.

“It was better than nothing at all.” As soon as the words slipped out, Cordy froze.

Oh, CrappityCrappityCrap! Did she just say what she thought she’d said? Turning her face into the soft pillow, she died of mortification.

Angel felt his undead heart clench in joy at her admittance- and thanked the Powers that soul lossage was no longer a factor. He slid his hands up and circled her small waist, pressing his calloused fingertips into her warm skin rhythmically.

Cordy; you only had to ask; I’m all yours, baby – for as long as you want me.” The emotion behind his words rocked her mind, and her head shot round to face him in shock.

As he read the answering love in her eyes, Angel flipped her onto her back, all earlier hesitation completely disappearing. After holding her melting gaze a little longer, he finally swept heated darkened eyes down her golden body, almost gasping with delight at the perfection that was his woman. Then settled his long powerful frame over her, tucking her warm body under his cooler one.

After several long, smouldering seconds of holding her molten gaze with his burning dark one, he braced himself on both arms and lifted up, causing their loins to mould together like the proverbial yin and yang.

“Now, about this massage; where do you want me to start?” At her moaning giggle, Angel proceeded to thrust and surge ever so gently over her, rubbing her body with his in a mind-blowing all over massage that had her entire body clenching with excitement.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth he felt those long lithe legs wrap around his waist and both of her hands push at his shoulders. Reluctantly obedient he rolled over and then found himself, to his extreme delight draped instantly by her very warm body as that hot little mouth latched to his throat.

“You just lay there, big guy” and she meant that in more ways than one after seeing the evidence of his desire, “Cos its way past my turn” Angel groaned helplessly as his Seer went on to worship every well-muscled inch of him.

FIN. ~ Thanks for the challenge, Hely, mwah!


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