Title: Unexpected
Author: Smutsluts
Rating: N-17
Category: Pure, unadulterated smutty fluff!
Content: C/A
Summary: A better take on ‘Expecting’, S1 – enjoy and salivate.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: Please ask first
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In the now…

Angel ran faster than he’d ever run in his unlife, leaving the Plymouth behind in fear of delays as he streaked forward in a blur of black leather, with pounding footsteps scraping the concrete with each powerful, racing stride.

What if I don’t get there in time? Panic grew to towering levels. Dammit; I *have* to! He picked up his pace….

Twenty minutes earlier…

“You know, Merle, I’m not always gonna be around when you get yourself into these scrapes.” Angel threw the dead demon into the dumpster that his snitch held open for him.

“Yeah, well; most of the ‘scrapes’ are cos of you in the first place.” Merle grumbled, letting the lid drop and smirking furtively as he just missed the vampire’s hands. “And I don’t reckon you’ll pay me – as usual” his squeaky voice rose to a harsh whine.

Angel wiped his hands down his leather duster, stepping nearer to the small demon, his eyes intent as he slipped a hand into his pocket and withdrew a roll of dollar bills, waving it temptingly with a twist of his lips.

“You come good with the information I asked for, and I promise you’ll get paid this time.” Merle eyed the money, licking his thin lips; scowling when the vampire drew it back when he snatched for it.

“Okay, okay… this guy your hot little Seer has been seein’? Well, he’s bad news alright.” Angel’s face froze; the few times Cordelia had gone out on dates, check ups had always come back clear – plus, after the first date, they never called her for a repeat.

He’d always nodded sympathetically when she’d bewailed ever finding a guy with date endurance; reassuring her that, no, she wasn’t boring or plain; patting her shoulder comfortingly when she’d sigh heavily and say that with her ‘resume’ maybe it was for the best- always hiding the guilt and relief at her words.

Guilt for his interference that caused the guys in question to keep away “From MY property!” and relief that she would seem to give up. Not that he felt that way about her, cos, no way, uh-huh! He loved Buffy – always would. He was just looking out for a friend. No other reason, he was pretty sure of that. Vampires were just naturally possessive, that’s all. If he said it often enough to himself, Angel was sure he’d believe it- eventually. Buffy was blonde- right???

But this Wilson guy; earlier tonight, she’d left for a third date with him – which he’d only just found out earlier tonight. And he’d burned on the inside. Affronted possessiveness ate like acid into his fake calm, a front that would last about two seconds tops, if he could get his hands on the sneaky brunette. She’d lied to him, and was seeing some guy! God, he had *no* idea who this guy was or just how well Cordy knew him.

Each time all she’d told him was that she was meeting two’ female friends’ for drinks and eats, and it was only due to one of her friends ringing just after she left to remind her they were meeting ‘the guys’ at a popular haunt that he found out. Angel had immediately gone into research mode, and contacted Merle to check him out after drawing blanks about the man.

“What kind of ‘bad news’, Merle?” The Vampire abruptly got in the demon’s face.

Surrogate for demon spawn – and Cordy was a target he’d been working on, along with his friends and hers. In return, the men were paid copious amounts of money – and tonight was the night they made good. They’d already left the wine bar before he got there, and after a little persuasion, the barman had told him he’d overheard the ‘hot’ brunette’ invite her date home.

And now he ran.

Reaching the apartment building, he looked towards her windows, and his head exploded with savage rage, even whilst his heart sank. The only light visible was the gentle glow of a lamp – in her bedroom.

With a burst of speed, he raced to the front door, kicking it open without pause as he went straight for the partially opened bedroom door – then stilled at the sight before him.

Cordelia had sat up in shock, obviously hearing the door burst open. Except for a pair of rich red silk panties, she was gloriously naked; arms crossed protectively around her chest, attempting to cover her ample breasts. The guy, Wilson was stripped from the waist up and his belt hung open.

Relief surged through the vampire as he realised he’d got there in time: then white-hot rage took over that this scum dared touch his property. Ignoring Cordelia’s cry of shocked outrage, Angel lunged for the guy, hooking a powerful arm around his neck, and literally lifting him off his feet as he dragged him out of her apartment.

As he beat Wilson to within an inch of his life round the back of the building, Angel kept reminding himself that the guy was still human, reluctantly leaving him in a bloody heap before returning to his Seer’s apartment.

Cordelia was still in her room, curled up on her bed, now with a sheet wrapped around her, a mixture of shock and growing anger on her beautiful face. His anger narrowed on her. How could she do this to him? Even as rationale whispered he had no right, his demon wanted to leave its permanent mark.

“What the hell did you think you were doing?” Cordelia rose to her knees, clutching the sheet around her, facing the vampire who stood motionless at the foot of her bed.

Although not a bruise on him, she knew she wouldn’t be able to say the same for her date – and she couldn’t understand why Angel had forced himself in and attacked the very first man she’d ever invited into her bed. All she did know for sure was that her boss still vibrated with deep rage; and part of that rage was now focused on her. Her chin lifted higher.

“What is your damage, you crazy…. psycho vamp?” she shot at him, then shrieked when finding herself suddenly pinned beneath heavy muscle, her wrists shackled over her head with powerful hands.

“Three dates? – Is that all it takes, Cordelia?” his voice grated along her nerve endings. “Three dates is all that’s needed to climb into your bed?” she gasped at the blatant insult, then glared hotly into the narrowed eyes above her.

“How dare you – get off me, you bastard!” she hissed angrily, her fingers curling into claws and going for his face, screaming at him when her wrists were shoved harder into the pillow behind her head.

Her breath caught in her throat at the strangely sensual smile that curled his beautiful mouth; choking it out when the sheet was ripped away, leaving her exposed to his suddenly hot gaze.

“If you wanted a lay that bad, baby, you only had to ask!” he purred, cutting off her response with hard, devouring lips.

As Angel ravaged her mouth, Cordelia gradually realised that, although he pinned her down, he didn’t actually touch her. This realisation surprisingly subdued her struggles. Feeling his hard body against hers set off ripples of desire that rocked her, and when those hard lips abruptly softened, hers opened like petals to the morning sun. The cool sensual slide of his tongue against hers caused her to moan softly.

She couldn’t resist him; how could you resist someone whose very presence warmed your heart?

Yes, Cordelia had finally decided to take the plunge tonight- mainly to assuage the arousal that burned in her belly for the Manpire who now kissed her with such passion that lights exploded beneath her closed lids. His hands left her wrists and cupped her face like he was handling the finest porcelain, and her heart melted at his gentleness. Even raging as he was, he seemed incapable of causing her pain.

“Angel” she husked when he finally released her mouth to let her breath. At the sound of his name on her lips, he tensed as awareness came crashing down on him with a clarity that hurt!

Cordelia blinked in shock suddenly finding herself alone; the sound of the front door pulling shut behind the vampire galvanised her into action. Shooting up from the rumpled bed, she flew to the window, looking out, not surprised to find no sign of him.


I can’t believe it! I nearly raped my best friend! Angel paced his room frantically tying to calm the arousal that still hardened his taut body; guilt wasn’t working – which just made him feel worse.

Oh, God! What if she leaves me? He would have been surprised if Cordelia ever brightened his door again after what he almost did! I shouldn’t have left. I should have apologised and then done or said whatever it takes to soothe her. I don’t want to lose her- I can’t.

Hardly knowing what else to do other than give it time and releasing a primal snarl, he pulled off his clothes and headed for the shower. Knowing deep inside that the cleansing water wouldn’t be able to wash away the shame of his actions.

-Times two…

Thirty minutes later, he walked into his room with a towel wrapped around his lean hips, another held in his hand as he roughly rubbed the moisture from his hair – stopping in his tracks at the sight before him.

Clad in the same rich red silk panties, but this time with a matching scrap of a bra, Cordelia reclined on his bed, her barely covered breasts heaving with the obvious exertion of turning up here so quickly and preparing herself for …what? He swallowed hard even as his heart lifted at her openly wanton pose.

Silence lay like a heavy blanket as his stunned, yet rapidly heating eyes ran over her from head to toe, then back again, finally meeting hers; desire and shyness shone out of those beautiful hazel orbs, and still he couldn’t speak.

“You said I only had to ask.” Her soft words fractured the silence. “So…I’m asking.”

Her softly spoken words burned him to the bone. The woman he’d fantasised about was now offering herself to him. Did she have any idea what the consequences of this would entail?

Without a doubt, Cordelia Chase would belong to him – and there would be no going back. This thought decided his reply.

“Go home, Cordelia.” His demon screamed denial, and Angel doggedly ignored it; folding his arms tight, and silently praying his arousal wasn’t noticed by the woman so enticingly displayed on his bed.

Cordelia’s mouth dropped open – instant mortification taking over. Had she read him wrong? Humiliation filled her, rapidly followed by anger. Pulling herself to her knees, she crawled to the end of the bed until inches separated them.

“Oh, no you don’t, buster!” she ranted hotly. “I had it all planned tonight – and you ruined it!” she poked him hard in the chest; gasping when he grabbed her wrist in his large hand.

“If I hadn’t have, you would be impregnated by demon spawn now, sweetheart.” Angel snarled, his face so close their noses brushed.

“You-you’re lying!” she stuttered, pulling back and tugging at her caught wrist, but he wouldn’t release her, yanking her towards him once more.

“No, I’m not. He was being paid to find women to carry a demon’s young – and he nearly succeeded.” The growl of possessive anger couldn’t be stifled.

Cordelia stared into amber flecked eyes for long seconds before hers dropped away; she believed him – he’d saved her yet again…but:

“Okay; you stopped me being a mommy- but why did you…” her face flushed, unable to finish.

Angel looked down silently. What did he say? The sight of seeing the girl he regarded as his, half naked in the arms of another brought out his demon; giving in to the need to wipe any trace of another man’s touch?

“I was angry – jealous,” he finally admitted, watching the shock fill her beautiful eyes as his revealing words sunk in.

Angel jealous of her attentions to another? He’d never give her any reason to believe her growing feelings were reciprocated. In fact she’d spent the last few months, ever since Doyle told her about the lack of a happiness clause thanks to Willow; expecting him to walk out and back to Sunnyhell. Only he hadn’t, didn’t even mention it.

“You mean, like a vampire thing? Cos I know vamps get like that over things?” she asked tentatively. He shook his head, and then asked.

“Why are you here, Cordelia?” Angel hoped it was because she too felt the same way as him. If it really were just due to being left frustrated, a part of him would surely curl up and die.

“I. Well…” Cordelia’s head dropped for a second, before looking back up and taking the proverbial bull by the horns.

“I want you.” She swallowed hard as the flicker of amber burned into gold as her bald answer.

“If you want me, then why that…?” he couldn’t even say the name.

“Hello? Like you’d look at me! I knew I was wasting my time even hoping. I mean c’mon you never even told me about Willow’s little joyous slip- like it means nothing that you can go back to being Buffy’s little lapdog”. Her lips curled a little with remembered disdain. She hated the thought of her proud, noble-minded friend going back to being *that*.

Angel’s brows snapped down to stormy levels at the implied or more accurately very definite insult to his previous relationship with the slayer. Then he had to mentally concede she was just being her usual blunt and right- self.

“And then I decided to move on and…” He wasn’t so engrossed in the past that he didn’t immediately catch on to what she was saying.

“And?” her revelation tightened his gut. Unconsciously his hand tightened on her wrist, as hope sparked and incited his already possessive feelings for this girl.

“Well, I thought that if I let someone else in, then maybe how I feel about you, would…. go away.” she whispered uncertainly, her head dropping once again.

“So…this-you being here has nothing to do with frustrated anger at being thwarted?” Even as he asked the question, he knew it wasn’t the case, but his own insecurities were starting to clamour for attention. Her head shot up; her face a picture outrage.

“No! You think I’m a slut or something? Just because I nearly…it doesn’t mean I jump into bed with any guy that comes along!” She was yanking at his restraining hold now and he let her do it a few times before letting go, guaranteeing that she’d fall on her back. Which she did and he promptly followed her down.

Cordelia soon found herself staring up into a hard, intent face looming dangerously close to hers. “No I don’t think of you like… that. But let’s get one thing straight here. No matter what you think of my past. I am *done* with trying to be something I’m not”. Dark eyes bored into confused, startled hazel and his lips became a taut, slashing line.

“Buffy was different, and as much as I loved her. I never want to feel that way again. Constantly *trying* to be worthy, be human, feel and act as if I *were* human”. Angel’s voice dropped deeper, lower and the pitiless look in those dark eyes had her heart beating like a trapped bird in her chest. “I’ll never be that again, even if by some impossible miracle I wake up one morning human. I’ve lived for two centuries as a demon, its as much a part of me- what and who I am, as this soul everyone *loves* so much”.

“Wow, that was long and involved- for you. What are you telling me Angel? That you won’t ever love me as much as you did her”? Cordelia met his gaze without flinching, letting him see how much his answer meant to her- to any possibility of them.

Angel took his time answering her and when he did there was no doubting he meant every word. “No that’s not what I mean. If you let me love you there’ll be no stepping back from me. I won’t be put aside every-time some normal guy comes along who looks promising. Clear”?

Understanding dawned and Cordelia was instantly transported back a few years to Sunnydale seeing all over again Buffy’s habit of picking up attractive guys as if they were on a test run. Only to turn back to Angel when they failed her and she needed him.

“I can understand that. I’m no toy to be picked up and put down on a whim either. So I won’t treat you that way. Fair enough”?

There was no sympathy or pity in her voice, only assurance. He would have hated the first but loved the last. It was all he needed to hear and hesitation disappeared as his mouth swooped down to cover hers in a sweetly endless kiss that instantly clouded her mind to everything but the hard heavy body sheltering hers.

The towel had slipped and gathered between them, rubbing against her skin as they moved together, arms and legs tightening around one another as they both deepened the kiss, sliding in so that their tongues gently duelled and explored. Cordelia ran her hands over his wide, thickly muscled shoulders, revelling in each marble-like curve, dipping into heavy bone.

Angel let himself settle into her warmth, feeling her body mould itself to him, a silken enticement that called to the very deepest part of him in a siren song. Longing filled him to sink further, bury his aching hardness in that feminine softness but he held back, needing to taste more- have more first.

Each stroke of her hand on his body left a trail of heat that wound his already aroused form tighter. Shivers raced along his skin, raising goose bumps as pleasure seeped into every pore. Cordelia wrapped her legs around his hips, using her calves to push down the towel so she could feel all of him over her. Then clinging tightly she undulated her breasts and loins against his ridged and planed chest and *oh god* that hard probing length that surged gently against her belly. Molten heat pooled at her centre, seeping out to wet her panties and scent the air.

Angel levered up and braced himself on his arms, settling deeper into the cradle of thighs, and rubbing against her. The friction of that deliberate caress had spears of fiery pleasure racing inside; curling her toes and making her eyes roll back at the feeling of being whipped up in a current of pleasure. Her bra disappeared and cool fingers cupped one breast, testing the fullness and weight in a sensitive palm while the thumb brushed ever so softly over the already turgid tip. Cool lips tugged at it and her eyes flew open; her hands grasped his dark head, spearing trembling fingers into the thick strands as they continued to move together in a provocative imitation of lovemaking.

Instinct drove Cordelia. Who needed experience when every move he made called to the female inside her, that primal part of her that cared only about the pleasure he was bringing to her craving body. But her heart swelled and pinched as emotion rose above want.

“Is it me you want? Or just sex”? Each panting word throbbed in the air between them.

“I want you” he growled low, passion roughening his already deep voice. “Every gorgeous and aggravating inch of you”. Maybe one day he’d tell her the times when she’d stood across his desk, arguing with him. When all he could think about was dragging her over the wooden surface, ripping her panties off, covering her startled mouth and penetrating her at the same time. Killing two birds by shutting her up, and taking her at the same time.

Blunt teeth tugged sharply at the engorged nipple trapped between them. Angel soothed the sting with a circling tongue and then latching onto the begging berry coloured tip, suckled it deep into the cavern of his mouth. He flicked the tip and heard her hiss and then pushed up further so she could arch underneath him. He felt the pulse between her thighs get faster- heavier and he burned with pure need as his groin tightened unbearably.

Cool fingers brushed over sodden red silk, feeling the soft flesh quiver beneath them. Cordelia tugged at the terry towel and pulled back to demand huskily.

“Take the towel off. I want to touch you”. The demand had him tensing and lifting, helpless to stem the tide of anticipatory pleasure. Her hot hands encircling his throbbing flesh had him groaning deep in his chest.

He felt like cool, pulsing marble, as she explored his thick length, caressing every inch of him while her breath hummed in her throat. “I like the feel of it” she whispered against his throat, then nuzzling deeper, licked the sweat dewed skin to taste his salt on her tongue.

“Like velvet covered steel”. She didn’t give him a chance to unlock his jaw to speak, just captured his lips in another soul stealing kiss that made his head whirl and senses swim.

He slid under the silk to delve inside the moist, slick folds of even silkier living flesh, every soft fold a delight of spicy heat and impossible temptation. Despite not needing to breathe his panting matched hers, and each rise and fall of his still chest met hers in a constant caress. Then he scooted down her legs faster than she could blink, Cordelia gasped as the damp silk was torn off her body and instantly replaced with a seeking mouth that dipped, laved and sucked ravenously at her flesh.

Purring growls reverberated against her loins as he feasted with carnal appreciation on her most intimate place. While her hands tugged on his hair; pressing him down even as her knees came up to cradle his shoulders; mindlessly exposing every luscious part of her sex to his greedy mouth as he lapped at her drenched centre. Her back arched, as electric currents raced over her spine, tugging her under the surface of desire and deep into an undertow that pulled at every sense, drugging her.

His tongue stabbed deep inside her passage drawing out the liquid sex and swallowing the flood of spicy honey that flowed into his mouth. He flicked the tip over the flushed flesh that circled her entrance, feeling her juices flow with living warmth down his starving throat as she aided her own body’s feeding of him with her frantically grinding hips.

“I know what you want” she told him, low pitched and breathy.

She felt his “what”? against the flesh he refused to leave and another current of pleasure had her squeezing her eyes shut against the sight of that dark head nestling between her open, sweat glowing thighs. His hands gripped her hips holding her tightly in place, lifting her up to his mouth as he nipped at the nub of nerves that was the centre of her sexual pleasure.

She didn’t answer directly but simply forced open her eyes and looked down at him. He sensed her gaze, and lifted up so that their eyes clashed in heated arousal.

“Hungry, Angel”? The air sizzled as his eyes narrowed at her challenge.

“Always” he growled back, a knowing look in his glittering dark orbs, he held her gaze and sat back then ignoring her gasp lifted her up over his chest to drape her legs over his hard shoulders, then latching onto her clit suckled it deep, drawing hard into his mouth. Cordelia screamed at the resulting wash of sensation as the feel of it sizzled along her nerves.

Her thighs trembled in his hard grasp as the orgasm built, stringing her up in a web of tension just begging for the release that splintered through her as she lost it and came, bucking hard against his mouth and chin.

Angel took it all, every last drop her body could offer up. Then with his face hard and passion taut he dropped her back to the bed, still kneeling naked between her quivering thighs while his eyes raked her body with an intensity that made her heart kick even as she struggled to reach the surface of sanity.

She’d seen him half naked before, and known he was a feast for the eyes but nothing compared to the sight of him now; sitting back with a predatory grace like she’d never seen. Sweat turned the lamp light into a burnished golden caress on his skin, moulding every rippling muscle as he languidly pumped his cock in one hand.

His hard challenging gaze staring unwavering at her face, breathing still choppy Cordelia licked her lips and deliberately let her eyes wander to his hand as it worked his shaft.

“Not so shy and brooding now, are you, Angel”? His open sensuality stirred her soul and pushed aside the last vestiges of shyness.

“That’s your fault” he quipped but slowly, and quirked a brow, a muscle ticked in his jaw and his nostrils flared with rising excitement. His hard sculpted lips curved into a smirk. “Even Joe Stoic has a boiling point and I reached that before your even got here”.

Laughing throatily Cordelia sat up and crawled over to meet him. Her naked body glistened in the light, as she joined him, twining herself around as her arms wrapped around his neck. She tasted herself on those taunting lips and it only made her wetter, she tucked a hand between her legs and coated her fingers in her own juices, then took over from him, rubbing, and massaging the hard throbbing male flesh and covering him in her scent.

“So what’s gonna make you boil over then, broody boy” her hands cupped his balls in the nest of prickly hair underneath his shaft. Intrigued she rubbed slender fingers between the two sacs, feeling them go tight and close to his body. Angel kissed her back hard, letting her feel his teeth as he changed. Feral topaz eyes commanded hers as he purred silkily between gleaming fangs.

“Suck and see, baby”. His surprisingly crude reply turned her on even more, if that were possible

His hand cupped her neck, gently pushing her head down his ridged body then he groaned and his head tipped back, ridges and fangs highlighted as he growled his pleasure at the hot lips that now enveloped the broad tip of his throbbing cock.

“Ohh yeah, that’s it Sweetheart”. Helplessly his hips thrust into her mouth while his hand massaged the crown of her head through the thick glossy brunette locks that spread over his rock hard thighs.

“Suck me harder” he begged and demanded at the same time and to reward her when she swallowed him he reached over and tweaked a nipple between finger and thumb, then continued to knead while she sucked him off.

His deep cries of pleasure got higher as she sucked hard, pumping her hand down the shaft she couldn’t reach even going as deep as she could, her jaw ached but she wouldn’t stop, she was loving this. He was helpless to do anything but let her do as she wanted and she did it with gusto. Her tongue flicked over the tip, then circled it, feeling the ridges swell and veins pulse in her mouth.

Angels’ eyes were nearly crossing and his balls tightened with the threat of an encroaching orgasm, his eyes shot open and the topaz glittered with volcanic demonic lights.

“That’s enough” he growled and pulled her almost roughly away, only just managing to remember to be careful not to hurt her; something he’d never want to do.

“It’s been a while,” He offered when she shot him a disappointed look. “Guess I need to calm down” he admitted with a strained grin.

Mollified but still determined not to be dominated by him, she kept her hand wrapped around his cock, his face melted back to human and his mouth dropped open as she squeezed him hard and he fell back to the bed with her.

“Cordy! Calming down doesn’t mean make me come- right now”. He complained huskily.

Her grin got wider at his desperate tone and held onto his shoulders tightly when he threw a leg over hers, flipped them over and settled himself firmly between her cradling thighs again.

“You’re gonna pay for that” he mock warned and then expertly nudged between the fold of her labia, widening the entrance to her body but not entering- yet.

“Ya think”? She returned, proud that it came out only a little breathlessly and then started to nibble her way up his strong jaw to take the lobe of one ear between sharp teeth to give it a stinging nip.

“Give your best shot” even as she said it her tongue traced the shell of his ear, making him squirm and sink deeper into her.

The feeling of being stretched and filled was startling but welcome as the dragging ache in her womb reached new heights.

“Hurry up, Angel. I want you inside me” she whispered, making him groan and involuntarily flex his hips, surging deeper as lust flared hotter inside him. She was slick and wet, and he shuddered as his arousal reached new heights when her tight passage fisted him, constricting around the ultra sensitive head.

“You’re tight” he whispered back and leaned back to watch her face, then unable to keep any distance between them leaned back to nuzzle against her face, brushing his lips over her mouth and nose, relishing the wash of warm breath over his skin.

“Well- duh! Virgins are so I’m told” she teased and whimpered a little as the stretching reached uncomfortable levels. He froze and his face turned back to hers. Dark eyes bored into hazel and he saw the truth of her words in her eyes.

“You’re a virgin”? He asked, startled wonder in his voice and expression; an internal ‘yippee’ sounding off in his brain. Cordelia’s brows rose at the question and he winced and kissed her in apology.

“Didn’t mean it like that” he muttered hoarsely between kisses and relaxed when she softened again and kissed him back.

Cordelia wrapped her legs around his hips, locking her ankles, and then knowing what was stopping him, took care of it herself. She couldn’t prevent the scream that tore out of her throat, though when her sharp thrust up tore through the barrier and he filled her completely.

Angel sucked in a breath and subduing his instantly raging libido, gathered her tightly to him and then rolled onto his back. Reasoning, in this position at least, she’d be able to move against him as much as she needed to get comfortable.

“Guess you didn’t want me to go slow and easy then” he quipped lightly.

He couldn’t help groaning a little at the tight, frantic clenching of her indignant passage on his shaft. Keeping still while she quivered on top of him, shifting and wriggling was just about the hardest thing he could remember doing in recent history – added with the joy that he was her first; and definitely her last. He couldn’t hold back the smirk of possessive triumph.

Trying to soothe her and calm himself at the same time, he ran his hands up and down her back, kneading the locked muscles of her spine until they began to relax and melt under his firm, long fingered hands.

“It’s okay, Cordy. Give it a minute; you’ll get used to it”.

“That’s easy for you to say. Geeze, you could have warned me -and I thought the rebar was bad” she groused but didn’t try and get off him. Finally the sharp hot scrape of his penetration began to ease and she stopped squirming over him like a crazy woman.

“Hey, you didn’t exactly give me any time to get into it” Angel defended himself but didn’t stop the slow massage that was slowly but surely melting her over him.

“Yeah well I thought with all the horse riding I’ve done”. Cordelia nestled closer, not that he was particularly mattressy or even that comfortable. But he was *built* and that alone was worth draping herself all over. Hmmmm, her own pin up guy – only without the yucky, greasy oil. She tried not to think too much about the thick intrusion currently throbbing in her nether regions.

“That’s a fallacy. I’ve never come across a virgin who wasn’t one because of a horse” Angel scoffed, all experienced male smugness. It didn’t last long.

“Oh really, and how many have you *come* across”? Cordelia rested her chin on his breastbone and blew a few dark strands off her face to make sure her arch look had no obstacles.

Uh oh! “None in the last century” He winced that sounded even worse. Cordelia obviously thought so too as hazel eyes narrowed in warning. Desperate not to get into it, or put himself in a position where he could *really* make himself look bad. He kissed her open, about to speak mouth to shut off the flow of words.

“Enough talking- the hard parts over”

Distracted by the soft kissing and not to mention the sucking of her bottom lip into his mouth and nibbling part. Cordelia wriggled her hips “Doesn’t feel like it to me” she breathed into his mouth.

He smiled against her lips. “That hard part’s stickin’ around”.

Cordelia’s hysterical giggle was cut short when he flipped them back over so he was on top again. She tensed expecting more pain when the smooth, if abruptly unexpected move sank him deeper into her body, only the pain didn’t come. What did- was an electric charge that sizzled straight from her loins, down her thighs to her toes and whizzing back up to her stunned brain.

When she could unstick her tongue from the roof of her mouth again, she demanded in all seriousness, “Wow, do that again”.

“I plan to, lots of times” Angel assured her with a small sideways smirk and a quick hard kiss on her passion-swollen lips. “Only without the rolling or we’ll get dizzy”. He flexed his hips in a smooth roll that pulled him part way out before surging back into her.

“That do”?

“Oh God, yeah”

Just feeling that heavy, slow and stretching slide had her anticipating all over again the pleasure his penetration had denied her. Passion and desire roared back to life like a spark to gasoline. Her blood began to pump slow and heavy again in a prelude to rising tension, while her breathing deepened. Pressed against his rock hard chest, ripe firm breasts became fuller and heavier as the nipples turned into aching turgid tips, begging for more of his attention.

Angel felt the rising tide of desire in her and felt his own crash against the self-control he was imposing on himself. Not helped by the hard stabbing points of heated temptation currently scraping with maddening teasing bushes against his chest. Pushing his arms under her shoulders to raise her closer he nuzzled into her neck and started to pump shallowly into her velvety heat. She clasped every inch of him in a powerful welcome as the muscles of her sex clenched down, taking him into her rather than just being taken.

Cordelia felt his open mouth against her jugular and instead of scaring her, it turned her on even more, raising goose bumps along her skin and making every screaming pore desperately sensitive. A part of her wanted to tell him to do it, but she guessed, a little disappointed, that he wouldn’t.

Her arms came up to clasp his head, and the fingers of one hand thrust into his thick hair as liquid arousal drenched her core, making them both slick as he worked himself between her thighs. The hard muscled planes of his chest kneaded her aching breasts each time he thrust. They were as close as possible and still it didn’t feel anywhere near enough to Cordelia or to Angel as they surged, locked together in a tight embrace.

Their bellies rubbed, as she wrapped her legs around his hips again and tightened her arms, needing, wanting more of him- all of him. His mouth suckled the skin over the pulse in her throat and she turned her head to give him better access, rubbing her cheek against his dark head as his teeth clamped down on the cord in her neck.

That tight possessive grip had her moaning at the intense sensation of dark edged pleasure that streaked down to her already frenzied loins.

“Bite me” it came out despite her trying to force it back.

“No” he growled it against her skin as he suckled harder, raising the blood to the surface as his mouth watered and shaft swelled and throbbed with need.

Her nails dug into his shoulders as emotion swelled in a rising tide. “I want all of you- not just a part- bite me now” she growled back and dug her heels into the bed, lowering her hips and then slamming them back up so that their hips crashed together, instantly raising the passion in them both to savage and primal levels.

He met her challenge and then some; she felt his growl against her throat as he began to pound into her. Faster and faster until one powerful thrust became two and then she felt nothing but the filling, scraping heat of him slamming and possessing her too fast for her to keep up. She didn’t give a damn and just clung to him, loving his wildness.

Her nails dug into his back with tiny stings, inciting him even as she chanted with her soft lips pressing against the top of his head,

“bite me, Angel, do it. I want it”. She was holding onto him like she’d never let go and calling to his demon, offering herself even as her body flooded with blissfully racing blood as her orgasm rose up, lighting a fuse in her.

Cordelia was vibrating under and around him, every muscle locked and screaming with spiralling tension just begging for release from the too pleasurable torment. She could feel him panting and grunting against her neck, and her breathing got choppier as she started to come, feeling as if she were splintering apart.

Angel went rigid as she heaved and bucked in the mindless throes of orgasm and his control snapped. His fangs elongated against his will and sank into the downy skin of neck, piercing her and then retracted to let her blood flow like ambrosia into his mouth. The piercing pain electrified her and she screamed at the feel of it, but nothing could halt the flow of an explosive orgasm that whited out her vision, setting of sparks of heat in her belly and loins as he drew out her blood with ravenous lips.

His arms were like iron bands around her, gripping her tightly as his tongue flicked against the flowing wounds in her throat, feeling the hot living blood fill his mouth and coat his tongue. He trembled and quivered with ecstasy at the taste of her even as his spine tingled and balls tightened under his pounding thrusting cock. Her juices flowed and coated their thighs, while sweat slicked their bodies as they moved against one another. Their cries of pleasure chanting in the air in a rising crescendo.

She was caged and surrounded by him, stretched and possessed, above and below while he fed from her and she loved it! She held him as tightly as she could, never wanting it to end. He was hers! She’d never let him go. She told him so, her voice hoarse yet resolved and he lost it completely, she could feel the wildness escalate and wasn’t afraid, the bed banged against the wall with every thrust but he didn’t hurt her.

His lips swooped down onto hers, taking them in a rough kiss and plunging his tongue into her welcoming mouth. She tasted her own salty blood and fell into another orgasm. Joining him in his and milking his hard thick length as it frantically released his seed, flooding her already drenched loins as they both dove over the edge of release together



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