When Goddesses Play Gamesb


One second he was in that blissful vacuum of dreamless slumber and the next he was sitting in the sunlit courtyard of a café, with a grinning Cordelia opposite him. “Hi Angel”. She said with sunny cheer, and the wide grin got wider.

Startled didn’t begin to describe it and the burn of the sun on the top of his head brought instant terror. A warm hand covered his on the table just as he was going to dive under it. “You’re not going to burn, so stop with the hysterics, Angel”.

Chocolate brown locked with knowing hazel, Angel frowned, turning his hard face into a picture of confusion. “This is just a dream and imaginary sun won’t hurt you. At least mine won’t”. She added artlessly.

Shocked he stared at her, raking his eyes over the cream, almost sheer cotton sundress with the kind of lacy detail that would have taken the dress out of reach of the ex-cheerleaders pocket, a matching sunhat and large designer sunglasses lay on the table beside her drink. What the hell was going on?

Then he spared himself a glance and his eyes widened even more. Where had they come from? He didn’t even own a grey t-shirt and blue jeans. Shocked he jerked his gaze back to the only familiar thing around and latched onto her face.

Cordelia lifted her hand from his and picking up her coffee cradled it in her hands then peeked at him over the white ceramic rim. “Your dream”? Angel finally asked slowly, while he shook his head from side to side. “I don’t get it” he admitted and watched as she took a sip of creamy coffee.

“Well duh! Why would you, this is my dream and you’re in it”. She had that ‘gotcha’ look on her face. The one that told him there was more to come. He braced himself and tried to figure out how to prise it out of her without going all the way round the world to do it.

“And”? He prodded, deciding simple is best. The less conversation you gave her, the less she had to work with he figured. The sun was bathing them in a warm glow and Angel started to feel dizzy at the unaccustomed feel of it on his skin. It made the whole surreal nature of this confrontation feel even weirder.

“And we’re not leaving it until I get some answers from you, buddy” Cordy told him bluntly, her face serious and filled with unshakable determination. “And I should warn you, you’re gonna hate every minute of it” she added, satisfaction dripping from every syllable.

The courtyard was buzzing with people and the low hum of conversation, but not enough to detract from the almost intimate setting of the linen laid table, silver cutlery and fragrant coffeepot. Angel saw nothing but the wickedly pleased brunette opposite him.

Whatever was going on, he had a bad feeling about it. Cordelia looked like the proverbial cat that got the cream and while it was a fetching picture, he wasn’t in the mood to play games with her.

Leaning forward Angel narrowed his eyes to glare at her. “Guess again, I’m leaving” he announced slowly and carefully planting his hands on the table he rose with slow deliberation, giving her a darkly triumphant look while he did it.

Cordelia just looked up at him, her sunlit face serenely assured. “Sit down, Angel” she instructed and much to his intense fury he found he had no choice, his body refused to obey his commands- but did as she instructed.

“Did I forget to mention you have to do everything I say too”? She asked innocently.

Cordelia saw the hot fury the second it blazed to life in those ebony orbs and a helpless thrill sizzled inside. She tamped it down and kept her face neutral. No need to antagonise him more than necessary in her opinion, even if the dumbass did deserve it.

“Okay, let’s get the ground rules established shall we”.

She ticked them off on her fingers. “First, like I said- what I say goes. Second you cannot lie and third- well I’m playing this by ear, so I’ll let you know when it comes to me”.

Angel could hardly believe his ears. There he’d been thinking about how much he loved her and what a wonderful person she was- and now this. Could she never just do things the normal way? Whatever happened to conversation and talking things out? Whatever this was it wasn’t normal- meaning she’d made a deal with someone or something and that pissed him off. These things were dangerous. But he’d deal with that later. First priority was getting her to stop it.

“Stop this now, Cordelia” Angel demanded, his voice a deep throated growl. “Whatever you’ve done, cooked up or arranged. End it here and we’ll forget about it” he offered. Like hell! “Carry on and I swear I’ll make you pay”. He threatened ominously, his powerful frame taut and still.

Cordelia sat forward without a shred of fear and slamming the cup on the table rose up on her hands to lean into his thunderous face. “Are you threatening me, Angel? Hah watcha going to do? Considering when after all of this over. You won’t remember a thing”. Her hands gestured around the scene, taking in the sun, the cafe and the two of them.

At that news, his face darkened even more until fury was evident in every line of his hard, handsome face. Cordelia saw it and pounced. “Oh you don’t like that? Too bad, it’s called payback”.

If possible his body got tenser and his eyes flickered over her flushed face.

“What are you talking about? Payback for what”? From the look of foreboding on his face, Cordy could tell he’d guessed but was hoping he was wrong.

“I had a long chat with a *not* so good friend of your buddy Loki” Cordelia advised him archly, laying the coupe de grace on him with effortless skill. “Trust me there isn’t much love lost between the Greeks and the ‘barbarian north-men’ as she called them”.

Cordelia watched as horrified comprehension dawned; his eyes closed, jaw unlocked and then powerless to stop it his head dropped to the table between his hands. She winced at the thud and caught the mumbled “Dammit”, he couldn’t hold back.

Satisfied he got the picture Cordelia sat back down and nonchalantly picked up her coffee cup, then carelessly donned the sunglasses, hiding half of her face. “Now that’s all cleared up. Let’s get started”.

Angel’s head came back up. “Cordy..” and there was a resigned, yet pleading look on his face.

Don’t start with me, Angel. You brought this on yourself when you lied to me. So just.. don’t even go there..okay” there wasn’t an ounce of mercy in her voice and the glasses hid her eyes from him.

“I didn’t lie to you. It wasn’t up to me. It was just the way it turned out” Angel defended himself hotly. Anger was coming back to take the edge off the shock and guilt. Cordelia snatched the glasses off her face and slammed them back on the table.

“That’s bullshit, Angel. You could have told me afterward and you damn well know it”. Cordelia hissed back inflamed. She could see the return of temper to his dark eyes and wanted to hit him. “And don’t bother with trying to intimidate me into letting this go either- not gonna work this time. You owe me the truth, brood boy”.

Angel could see the condemnation on her face and it hurt. “Truth! What truth- I thought you already knew it all- remember.” He was on a roll and didn’t stop to do more than draw breath to speak. “Besides what was I supposed to have told you huh? That we’d been forced into having.. sex. I didn’t think you’d even want to know”. He snapped out.

They froze, almost nose to nose with eyes locked as awareness flashed to life between them. Cordelia’s own miserable confusion was reflected in his face and memories of their joining teased at the edges of her mind. She dropped her eyes first and sat back in her chair.

“Yeah well, you never gave me the chance to decide one way or the other did you”, she accused, causing renewed guilt to flood him at the hurt in her voice. He tensed dreading what else was coming. “I won’t be kept in the dark- ever. So we either do this and move on, or I’m outta here and you can find yourself a new girl to be tortured by the PTB’s for you”.

Cordelia looked back up only to be caught by the look of fury, tightening his already sculpted face; topaz ringed eyes shot sparks at her over full lips pulled back in a snarl. She’d been banking on that idea bothering him but hadn’t expected such a strong response. Seeing it she couldn’t help an instinctive jump back in her seat.

Angel was instantly conflicted. His first impulse was to tell her to just go, if that was what she wanted and thus protect his privacy, but it was immediately overrun when another part of him wanted to reach out, grab hold and shake her until her teeth rattled for even suggesting she’d leave. The internal battle lasted about two seconds before privacy lost.

“Ask your questions” Angel sat back too and smoothing out his expression, crossed his arms while holding her now wary gaze with manufactured calm. If she could have heard what was going round his head as he vowed for revenge Cordelia may have hesitated- for about a minute.

Taking a deep breath and holding it in puffed out cheeks, Cordy watched him. “Are you still in love with Buffy”? She rushed out, as if the speed of speaking it might lessen the impact.

“No” the answer had popped out before he’d even thought about it. They stared at one another, transfixed at that answer.

“Are you sure” Asked Cordelia shocked, despite herself. All of sudden her palms were sweating. Get a grip Chase and close your mouth it looks dumb. She quickly snapped her lower jaw back into place.

“How the heck do I know? It just came out.” Angel snarled, chagrined. “You’re the one who said I couldn’t lie”. He reminded her sullenly and feeling uncomfortably like a butterfly on a pin, shifted in his seat. “Can we just get this over with”?

“Do you love.. me”? Cordelia asked a little tentatively, feeling stupid for even asking when he was looking at her with murder in his dark eyes. Well she did say I could ask him anything! At the time the idea had been practically irresistible, trust reality to rain on her parade or more accurately a moody vampire.

“Yes” slashing brows snapped down at the second unwilling admission forced out of him. “Though right now I could strangle you” he growled with total conviction ringing in every word. He gave her an unfriendly smirk. “How’s that for a truth for you”? He jeered softly.

“Thanks, but I didn’t ask”. Shot back Cordy with every bit as much snark in her voice. She tilted her head and squinted in thought. “Okay here’s another one” and the evil look on her face had him tensing. “Have you recently had sexual fantasies about me”?

Oh Crap! He tried to keep his mouth shut by locking his jaw hard enough to crack it, it didn’t work. “Yes”. He said harshly, sounding like it was torn from him. His arms dropped and he only just resisted the urge to cover his head and hide.

Cordy’s mouth dropped open in pure dumbstruck amazement, followed by a wide smile with a touch of glee “You have- really“?

He desperately wanted to hit something. “I answered the damn question. Now can we move on” he yelled, veins throbbing in his neck and forehead.

Okay, geeze calm down. I was interested” complained Cordelia with a blush for all the strange looks they were getting from their fellow patrons, not to mention frowns from the staff. Asking for details would have to wait she wisely decided, disappointment made her voice sharp. “And keep your voice down or we’ll get thrown out” she hissed.

Humiliation had him growling. “Your dream remember- turn ’em into frogs or something”.

“Oh yeah-right”. She’d gotten so caught up she’d forgotten this was all a fantasy, only interactive and seriously fun! Making a swift decision she stood up and replaced the glasses with a flourish. “I think we need a change of scene. How abut a nice walk on the beach”?

Angel gaped at her and felt like he’d somehow managed to walk into a mental quicksand. “You want to go for a stroll“? He asked incredulously.

“Yeah” She said airily and flicking back her long hair, jauntily perched the hat on the glossy locks. “C’mon, stop being such a stick in the mud. When was the last time you walked on a sandy beach in bare-feet”? She cajoled.

“Bare feet” Angel echoed in disbelief.

“urghh, stop with the echo. If I wanted a parrot I’d go buy one; except, not cos they talk too much”. She was babbling but wasn’t quite sure how to stop. Already she was regretting the idea of not having a solid table between them in case he decided to get physical. He wouldn’t she assured herself, but kept a good distance between them- just in case.

“Afraid of the competition”? Quipped Angel rising to his feet with ill-grace, a quick glance around the café and patrons provided no helpful clues on how to escape.

“Hah hah, smartass”.

“I’m not going barefoot” he asserted as he followed her out, weaving between the tables feeling as conspicuous as hell in the tight shirt. “Couldn’t you have at least given me some decent clothes”? He groused towards her back.

A bare back, underneath which her hips swayed gracefully in the exquisitely made dress. Angel averted his eyes off the tempting expanse of bare tanned skin, before his body betrayed him too. Not that there was much left to betray; that reminder had his palms itching to wrap around her delicate neck.

The walk to the beach was short and filled with a strained silence they both felt. “Look, just give me one thing” Angel stopped walking to make her look at him. “How does this end. I mean does this just go on until you wake up or what”?

“No, at least, not the way she explained it to me” Cordy blushed and dropped her head, then remembering the sunglasses looked back up and sent him an assured smile. “When I want to end it- I just have to say three words”.

“Which are”? She actually opened her mouth to answer, when clarity hit and she pulled her tongue at him.

His lips twitched at the sight and heaving a resigned sigh he just looked away to scan the area. Blue, green water glistened under the bright sun, sand crunched underfoot and the numerous bodies turning brown under the rays were oiled and glistening on their colourful beach towels.

“Who’s she”?

“Aphrodite” she answered absently, her mind too preoccupied with other things to guard her words.

Angel went still for a moment, a perplexed look on his face. What did the Greek goddess of love want with them?

Cordy could still feel the blush warming her cheeks and hoped he’d think it was the heat. His first question had flummoxed her for moment, bringing back a floating memory of something Aphrodite had told her.

To finish our little game, all you need do is say three words. These being ‘Aphrodite release us’ or and this is my personal favourite. The moment of orgasm, should you decide to make use of him that way; but.. there is one thing you *must* do and that is read the agreement as there exists in it a clause I’m not allowed to tell you.

She hadn’t read the agreement. Dumb very dumb, in fact so dumb it was .. . “Oh shut up, Cor”!

“What”? Angel interrupted her mental dialogue.

“Nothing” She got out as quickly as she could and forced out a laugh. The damn thing was like 10 pages long for chrissake. Gimme a break, and anyway there’s not going to be any of…. that.

“Are we just going to carry on walking? Cos if so, I’d like to go back to bed” Angel told her sardonically.

They stood facing each other on the sand. They’d walked so far along they were all but alone, with the nearest group of sunning bodies being a good fifty feet away. For an instant Angel considered just pouncing on her and somehow, getting the three magic words out of that pretty mouth. But he rejected it, she’d only tell him to get off the minute he released her mouth and then he’d have no damn choice but to obey. It was tempting though.

“Just say the damn words, Cordelia” he growled, injecting every bit of authority he could into the demand. “You’ve had your pound of flesh, be satisfied with that”. He tensed waiting. Their eyes clashed in mini battle of wills and she saw the flicker of something predatory move in the depths of his.

It was hard; harder than she would have believed to resist the command in his tone. Where had her anger gone and the burning need to get her own back? Why did she feel guilty for forcing this on him when she knew he wouldn’t remember any of it anyway and they could just go on as before?

He’s not in love with Buffy. Oh god; that was it wasn’t it? That changed everything. It was even more important than him telling her he loved or wanted her. Even if he didn’t she knew she could make it happen- but only if he wasn’t still in love with Buffy. Not that any of that mattered anyway cos he did want her ..and love her.

She opened her mouth to end it; then shocked herself. “I can’t”. She saw his brows snap down into a black scowl and tensed. He *really* looked ready to throttle her now.

“What do you mean, you can’t” He snarled infuriated and advanced on her until there was only an inch between their stiff bodies. “You said..”

“I know what I said” Cordy snapped, and whirled away needing space to think. She was stopped short and swung round by the hard hand at her elbow. She put out her hands to brace herself and collided with his chest. The sunglasses slid off her face and into the sand, unnoticed by either of them.

Throwing back her head she stared unflinchingly up into his furious face. What the hell; he wasn’t going to remember any of this anyway. “I used to be jealous of Buffy”, she told him flatly.

It took a second for the words to sink into his brain. “No you weren’t” he refuted, shaking his head at her. “You were Queen C. Nobody got to you unless you wanted them to”.

For some reason that stung and she wrenched free of him. “Right, cos I was such a hard-faced bitch, is that what your saying”? Her chin was held high, reminiscent of those days.

“That’s not what I meant” Angel replied, wincing and ducked his head. “I’m not good with words. You know that” he admitted and rubbed a hand over his tense neck. “I just meant that even at seventeen, you were a very strong willed person.”

“Maybe, but I still wanted you”. He stared at her and she stared back.

“I saw you and I wanted you. Thought I could get you too. But you proved me wrong and I blamed Buffy for that”. Cordy kept her head high, refusing to feel shame.


“Let me finish. This isn’t for you; this is for me, okay?” She interrupted fiercely. He shut his mouth, unable to remember ever seeing her look so determined. “But I did blame you for letting her treat you like some kind of.. oh I don’t know, lapdog-maybe”.


“If the shoe fits, buddy” she quipped, a quaver in her voice. “Then you went all Angelusy and I was glad you weren’t mine” she admitted baldly and watched him grimace. He turned away obviously unable to meet her eyes anymore but she hadn’t finished yet.

“I thought I was over you, then my life went to hell and you were the last thing on my mind”. His profile was etched in granite and she saw him nod. “So I came to LA to make a better life for myself. Met up with you and bingo, my life is a circus again”. She laughed, she couldn’t help it. Geeze it sounded so pitiful.

“I’m sorry” Angel told her quietly, closing his eyes and feeling the breeze run over the hairs on his arms that where standing upright as goose-bumps rippled over his skin.

“Get real, Angel, I don’t blame you and I don’t want apologies for it either, so stop with the lame ass guilt trip. I saw you again and even without realising I was doing it, I made you accept me back in your unlife”. She said it with finality and he looked at her to catch the tiny smile tugging at her full lips.

As if in silent agreement they dropped to the sand to sit, a few feet apart. Cordelia with her chin on her knees and Angel with his long denim clad legs spread out before him, making furrows in the sand.

An answering tug pulled at his lips. “I remember it a little differently” he teased.

“Yeah? Well you would being a guy and all. Can’t see past your egos”.

“Hey, again” he exhorted loudly and then shooting off a thoughtful sideways glance turned them back on her. “Ok ,maybe I was a little self-absorbed”.

“Understatement much”. He gave her a quelling look and she grinned. “But that went for the both of us- what a pair huh”?

“Maybe” he admitted softly and lay on his side, his chin cupped in his hand. “So are you sorry you joined the Agency”?

“No” she said thinking about it. “I kinda like what we’re doing- making a difference and helping people. Its good to do, ya know”? The breeze played with her hair, whipping the ends up under the brim of the hat. “That is when we’re not being mentally tortured and blown up” she added with a dark look up at the sky.

“We’ll try and limit that to weekends only” deadpanned Angel, gazing at her with a soft look in his usually aloof dark eyes.

“Gee thanks” she snarked softly but the crinkles round her eyes gave away her smile hidden against her drawn up knees. “Can I ask you something”?

His brows rose at that and his lips tilted mockingly. “I thought I didn’t have a choice”. But she looked so guilty he let her off the hook. “Go on”.

“Were you ever going to tell me what happened that night”? Cordy asked him directly, looking at him archly as if daring him to admit he wasn’t.

“No” Angel admitted keeping his face expressionless. “I really did think you’d hate the idea of me touching you like that”. Hazel eyes seemed to pin him to the spot.

She said nothing for some time, just gazed back at him. “I won’t be second best” she finally spoke up, “and Angelus scares me. Doesn’t mean I don’t love you too though”.

There was a building pressure in his chest, spreading down into his belly. “You’re not second best” he admitted hoarsely and then stopped and sucked in a breath. “As for Angelus..”.

“What about Angelus”? Cordy prodded with a knowing look on her face.

“He’s as much a part of me as the soul”

“Well duh! I know that”

Angel held a finger to his lips, shushing her. Then reaching over he gently grasped her arm and tugged until she toppled to lie next to him. The hat fell off releasing a tumble of glossy locks onto the sand, and a startled Cordy found herself looking up into his face with only inches to spare. Despite herself she started to drown in the warmth of eyes like melted chocolate.

A cool finger trailed around her jaw, to her chin, stopping just under her full bottom lip. Her skin tingled where that light caress had been. “When I touch, he touches you. Does it hurt”?

“No” she whispered, mesmerised by the sensuality surfacing in the both of them. His lips hovered a little lower and her eyes dropped to trace the masculine curves. “Still afraid?” he asked her, and she closed her eyes as the deep caressing timbre of it seemed to sink into her bones.

“Excited and afraid” she admitted and opened her eyes again.

“Loki said my soul is permanent, I didn’t believe him”. The truth was pushed out, past the determination he’d used for months to keep it to himself.

Cordy licked her lips, to moisten them and gazed deep into his soul, seeing the need there. “Aphrodite said the same thing and she hates him. So, not gonna lie”.

Angel gave a tiny groan and closed the distance to brush his lips to hers, luxuriating in being able to relearn the texture of the softly quivering skin. “Kiss me” she demanded against his lips.

It was all he needed to firmly slant his mouth against hers, firmly fitting them together so he could slide deep into her welcoming warmth with his seeking tongue. A spark was instantly lit as the emotions built over the last hour became a mini conflagration. Angel sank into her and their kiss while Cordelia pulled him in.

There was a flash and then.. nothing.

Cordelia woke with a start. Her hands flailed a little as she sat up, searching her darkened bedroom, dawn lighting the sky on the other side of her curtained window. “Goddammit” she yelled and flopped back onto the sheet.

She was so busy silently cursing fate and Greek goddesses that she didn’t hear her bedroom door silently swing open. When she finally realised she wasn’t alone her eyes swung to the half naked and powerful frame of the vampire currently leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Problem”? Angel asked her, his face gently enquiring.

“Erm.. no, don’t think so” replied Cordy over brightly, flushing under his strangely intent gaze.

“Really”? Angel uncrossed his arms and sauntered inside, closing the door behind him. “Might wanna re-think that”, was his softly spoken advice. Cordelia tracked him as he got closer to her bed. He paused, then “What was that about me not remembering a thing”? He finished in a silky purr.

“You remember”? She managed to squeak out before she suddenly found herself pinned beneath him, his long legs straddling her pyjama clad hips. Gasping at the rather helpless position she found herself in she blushed and tried out her sweetest smile. “Hi Angel”.

“Hey yourself” he returned smoothly, bracing himself with a hand on either side of her head. “Guess you got duped” he mocked with a slight grim smile. Cordelia stared up at him, transfixed.

He didn’t *look* angry, but then he didn’t look anything like the usually semi remote, socially inept vamp of her experience either. He looked, dangerous. But only not in a ‘eat’ you kind of way. Scratch that, he did look kinda devouring only instead of feeling frightened her body flooded with heated arousal.

“Are you mad”? She asked testing the water, so to speak. Instead of answering he leaned down and nibbled at her lips, making her gasp again at the feel of those blunt teeth. “Haven’t decided yet” he rumbled back and she could feel the smile he gave all the way to her toes.

Her hands came up to clutch at the hard bunched muscle of his biceps. “What are you going to do”? Her eyes slid closed when he nudged her head over to nip at the soft skin of her neck. “Make you scream…” he came back up and kissed her hard on her open mouth, “my name…”, she stared at his wicked smirk and he finished with a dark purr. “Very loudly” he warned and then taking advantage of her dazed mind, plunged into her mouth.

The possessive sweep of his tongue inside her mouth sent her wits spiralling into oblivion. Her last conscious thought was simply. Oh thank GOD! No more waiting and wondering. Tasting her deeply Angel threw months of pent up emotion into the kiss. Slanting his mouth to deepen it he curled his tongue around hers, teasing the velvety surface with his teeth while he sucked on the sensitive tip.

Cordelia’s hands slid up and down the rock hard strength of his arms, frantically seeking purchase while desire streaked through her. She didn’t even notice she couldn’t breathe as he devoured her lips, but followed him every step of the way as their mouths fused again and again, tongues darting in, smoothing, sliding and entwining as they racked up the sexual heat together.

Still hungry for more of her taste Angel left her lips, pulling away to let her breath in ragged pants while he caressed every inch of her face, rubbing and kissing each gorgeous feature, eyes, nose, eyebrows, cheekbones and that tiny intriguing mole that always seemed to beckon to be explored; before dipping down to trace the shell of her ear.

“Does this mean you still love me, even after..”? Cordelia asked even while she arched under him, desperately trying to reach high enough to brush her vest covered and aching breasts against his naked chest, whimpering when she couldn’t.

Before she could issue a demand that he come down to her, she shivered as a dark thrill splintered inside at the feel of him nuzzling the soft skin at the curve of her neck. She could feel the throb and race of her blood and knew he could too.

“After what? You trapping me in your dream so you could invade my privacy, and then order me around”? His teeth clamped down on the cord of her neck the instant he’d finished speaking. There was a kick in her pulse under his mouth and helpless to stop himself he drank in the heady mix of arousal, tinged ever so slightly with excited fear.

Cordelia gasped and her breathing got choppier at the sharp arousal piercing her core and dazedly she wondered why something normally so terrifying only made her hotter. “Must do” Angel muttered and licked the reddened skin he’d caused. Cordy’s nipples pebbled under the now too rough knit of her vest and she pulled at the hem to lift it up.

“Want it off” she mumbled and struggled to pull the fabric up. Angel left the tantalising flesh of her neck to grasp the vest with one hand and tug it up and off her, leaving her naked from the waist up.

“You are so beautiful” he whispered and helpless to stop it his eyes devoured her lush body. Her breasts where plump and full, enticingly rounded with rosy turgid tips that made his mouth water with greed. He ducked down and Cordelia grasped his dark head as he lowered his lips to one breast, taking the mutely begging tip deep into his mouth.

Angel used one hand to cup the soft flesh for his mouth, the long fingers kneading the plump flesh as he suckled strongly on the velvety nipple. After months of denying himself even the slightest touch, his fingers flexed on her softness as the need for all of her raged higher. It was all he could do not to just rip the rest of her clothes off and gorge himself on a fantasy of memories made real.

Still caged by his body Cordelia writhed under him while soft whimpers of pleasure fell from her open lips. She felt the tug of his teeth on her breast, stinging a little before soothing the tiny pain with the sweep of his wet tongue.

Her loins tingled and throbbed, made worse by being tightly closed between his hard legs. Needing to touch him too, her hands skated over his body wherever she could reach, using her fingers and nails to slide and scrape the hard ridged expanse of his chest and abdomen. Enthralled by the difference to hers, she lingered on his nipples, feeling the small soft skin pucker into hard points begging to be plucked.

The pace kicked up a notch as Angel moved to her other breast, lavishing the same torment with equal thoroughness on it before capturing her lips in another sizzling, soul stealing kiss as a prelude to scooting down her body in search of more hidden treasure.

With her hips now free to move she undulated under him, then felt him slide his arms around and under her hips as he pressed kisses into the indentation of her belly. Angel tightened his arms until she was pressed against him and she whimpered at the restriction that tight hold imposed. To him it was necessary though, a race to finish wasn’t what she needed and his own desires would soon spiral out of control if he didn’t rein it in.

One cool hand slid beneath the band of her pants, pulling it down to the base of spine, so he could cup long fingers around the curve of one cheek, kneading gently. Cordelia reached down to splay her fingers over his broad shoulders, kneading the hard muscle with desperate fingers as his tongue dipped and swirled in her belly button.

Pleasure speared into her belly, so intense she wriggled in his arms, while liquid heat pooled and spread, flooding her aching womb and soaking his exploring fingers as he delved into the soft, damp folds from behind. Panting Cordelia speared her hands into his hair as he went lower, pulling down the plain knit of her pyjamas as he went.

Squirming in earnest now under those skilful fingers, she bucked at the tingling awareness that spread like waves from her centre now he was so close. His firm lips brushed against damp curls, nuzzling and the breathing in the spicy musk of her arousal. “Angel” she whispered his name, pleadingly as she bucked again, desperate to feel his mouth on her.

Angel didn’t hear her call his name; he was deaf and blind to anything but the feel and smell of her, so close yet not close enough. He opened his mouth, feeling the prickle of her pubic hair against his sensitive tongue and groaned, when the scent of her essence teased the back of this throat with sweet promise.

It was too much and his control slipped a notch. In a move so quick she could only wail at it, he spread his palms, long fingers wide on either side of her hips and jerked her up, so he could plunge his tongue down into the hot crease. It was too shallow and hoarsely she demanded more as her head whipped from side to side as the agony of waiting and wanting reached new heights.

She pulled her legs apart with thighs trembling with tension and her feet nestled beneath his erection between his spread knees. The rustle of his sweats and the feel of the crisp cloth was forgotten as he finally set his mouth on her. Desire shot through them both, as oblivious to anything but each other they let themselves be swept away on a tide of consuming passion.

A few seconds later, Angel reared back to pull her free of the last of the pants and threw them aside before lifting her back to his greedy mouth. His face was taut with barely checked passion and his eyes, ringed with demonic gold closed in ecstasy as her essence once again coated his mouth and face. His agile tongue delved between each fragrant fold, circling the drenched entrance to her body and lapping with delicate greed at the creamy evidence of her need.

He ran the flat of his tongue all along her, stopping just short of the hard little bud, protected by the most delicate flesh of all. His fangs tingled and a low growl escaped from the depth of his wide chest, to vibrate against her. Cordelia felt rather than heard it and her fingers left his rumpled, finger mangled hair to slide down and cup his cheek, urging him on.

Lowering her back to the bed, his hands cupped her knees to pull her legs further apart, exposing her fully to his avid gaze. Then his firm lips softly enfolded her clitoris, brushing the heart of her sex with sweet caresses before a darting tongue flicked back and forth, making Cordelia arch up at the resulting lash of pleasure.

Angel scraped his teeth impossibly carefully over that tiny bud and felt the wet heat get wetter and hotter, drenching his chin. Lust and a hunger no human could understand, rose up to rake at him with dark need. Unable to resist the siren call of it, he swooped down to spear straight up into her; then back out, hearing the last of Cordelia wail as her liquid sex flooded into his mouth, dripping down his hungry throat.

Finally he took her clit into his mouth, suckling mercilessly hard and keeping her thrashing body tight to him so there would be no escape from that torturous splintering pleasure. He wanted her to come in his mouth, wanted it all- needed it.

Wanting to see him, Cordelia lifted herself up on her elbows and watched with glazed passion drugged eyes as he devoured her sex, his dark head dipping between her trembling thighs, held open by his hands as with eyes closed he took all she could give.

Cordelia started to come in that instant, as passion overwhelmed her senses, dragging her deep into that carnal whirlpool. She flung back her head and rocked back and forth on her heels, keening wildly from her throat. Finally just as the last peak whipped her up, she screamed his name.

Cordelia was still trying to recover her senses when he left her to strip off his sweats. Still breathing heavily and willing her racing pulse to slow, her eyes widened at the sight he made. Hazel eyes feasted on him, sweeping over wide muscular shoulders, and then down, taking in the hard planes of his chest and the grooved ridges of his abdomen with a purely female admiration that turned her eyes molten with lust.

“Feeling sure isn’t the same as seeing is it”? She admitted huskily.

Angel felt every sweep of that honey gaze like a caress, and keeping a lid on his own needs he stood still so she could look her fill. It was only fair since he’d already done that with her twice now. But seeing her practically eating him with her eyes was sure putting one hell of a strain on his already pushed to the limits self-control.

“Like what you see then”? He asked equally husky and with a tip tilted smile.

“Haven’t finished yet- let you know when I have”

Long muscled legs, with calves like sculpted marble completed the picture but it was the part in between that continued to draw her oh so willing fascination. Boy, was he hung or what! She didn’t remember seeing him in all his glory last time. In fact it just wasn’t possible, cos she sure as hell would have remembered if she had.

A thin line of silky dark hair, starting from his navel led the eye unerringly to his erect shaft. A purely smooth and thick muscle, standing proudly erect from a nest of course dark curls. Cordelia had no idea why her mouth was watering, she just knew it was. “Oh yeah, I like. I definitely like”.

“Thank god, I can now understand the fascination. Erect makes a huge difference to the look, believe me”. Angel choked back a strained laugh and deciding enough was enough, climbed back on the bed with her.

Is that right?” he asked with a chuckle. “good to know”.

Expecting him to climb on top she gasped in surprise to find herself turned over onto her front. “Angel” she started to complain but then the rest was muffled in the pillow. She lifted her head, “Not fair, I wanted to explore” she huffed sulkily.

Angel gave a silent groan and lifting the heavy length of her hair, kissed the back of her neck. “Sorry Cordy, next time. Have to do this my way cos I’m about to explode and having your hands on me will definitely tip the odds”.

“Lame”. She exclaimed and her pout was so provocative he almost rolled her over so he could ravish her mouth again.

“Trust me” he whispered in her ear as he covered her with his big body, then slid muscled thighs between hers to spread them again. Gulping a little as he settled his weight on her and half expecting to be crushed, Cordy pillowed her face on her hands and tried to relax as his lips trailed down her spine, detouring every now and then to nibble on this or that part of her slim back and down to softly flaring hips.

Now he was naked too she could feel the silky smooth and hard length of his erect shaft as it brushed against her bottom and the backs of her legs with each move he made. Sitting back on heels, Angel travelled the length of her spread before him, lingering with honest male appreciation on the pert round cheeks of her butt, and the tantalising glimpse of dark curls where her thighs parted.

Using his hands, Angel cupped the lush cheeks, loving the texture of her silky skin on the tingling palms. “You have a great ass”, better than great, but then he was no poet, being more of hands on vampire really.

“Thanks, I haven’t seen yours” she griped, still smarting. He chuckled knowing she still hadn’t forgiven him, “Next time I promise it’s all yours”, even if it killed him he thought and groaned when his already unbearably aching shaft throbbed at the thought. It was definitely time to move on; lingering would have to wait for another time.

Cordelia jumped, startled when she felt the slow slide of a thick finger deep into her sex, and her eyes almost crossed when he hooked it and methodically started to push and drag at a spot deep inside. Hot licks of fiery pleasure sizzled out of her core, spreading to her belly and thighs.

Already having had an orgasm she was still slick and wet and his finger moved effortlessly in and out of her. “Oh my god! What is that..aahh, don’t- just do . not . stop”. If he stopped she’d kill him.

“I wasn’t going to” an amused deep voice sounded below and she closed her eyes momentarily mortified that she’d said it aloud. Embarrassment was soon forgotten though as pleasure took away everything but the ability feel and move.

Her hips came off the bed to undulate against his hand and that wonderfully invasive finger, moving in time with the pounding rhythm of her throbbing blood as her passion willingly rose for a sequel. Angel felt the rise in her, the softening inside her body that meant she’d soon be ready take him and his shaft throbbed with the painful need to bury itself inside that wet heat.

To both pleasure her more and prepare her, he added another finger and used the other hand to hold her squirming hips in place as he worked them inside her tight passage, twisting them to scrape against the quivering delicate tissues that clamped down with mingled alarm and frantic pleasure.

Pleasure and pain entwined until she could hardly tell the difference anymore and didn’t care as the darker side of passion dragged her deeper into its seductive embrace. Streaks of ecstasy shot from her loins to almost every pulse point in her body, heating her blood and making her ready to beg for more.

He watched his fingers disappear into the dark wet furrow with avid dark eyes. He took panting breaths through lips parted over gritted teeth; desperately grasping his slippery control for the last few seconds before he could finally sink into her. She was so hot and wet it made him ache all over, as muscles already tense, tightened even further at the glistening sheen covering her butt from the liquid coating his fingers and hand.

“God, I need you” he groaned as his control reached the very limits and Cordelia jerked at the growl that was his voice, then gasped when the fingers left her to grasp her hips and pull her up onto her knees. The sheet came with her, still held convulsively in her grasp and she writhed even more when she felt herself impaled from behind.

The moment Cordelia was high enough; Angel fisted his sex then positioned the broad head against her drenched entrance. Just the feel of her flesh, warm and living against his shaft had him surging uncontrollably, seeking more of that tantalising life, needing to feel it around a part of him. She had to take him now.

He ground into her, pushing through the muscles guarding her womb, and stretching her until he could finally sink to the hilt. Cordelia keened at the painless yet hot scrape of that thick invasion, while her body clenched around him in the elemental struggle to accept him inside her much more delicate body.

Harsh grunts were pushed from his lips and his eyes slid closed over gold lights at the rhythmic clenching of her inner muscles on his throbbing shaft. Instinct had him pulling her closer even as he thrust deeper, filling and possessing her in the only way he could.

Pure instinct had her coming up on her hands just as one of his smoothed up her back to grasp the nape of her neck. Her pulse throbbed and pounded under his fingers and he groaned low and withdrew halfway only to thrust heavily back inside, making them both cry out in dual pleasure at the resulting wash of electrifying sensation.

After that each and every invading slide reverberated inside her, setting off mini explosions of pulsing shockwaves through every nerve cell and raising that addictive tension higher until Cordelia thought she’d scream.

That was the end of anything remotely civilised as they surged and retreated, plunging together and apart in the race for even more pleasure. Angel locked an arm around Cordelia’s waist to keep her to him as he pounded into her silken depths, his sex rasping slickly along the sensitive nerves of her passage.

He rode her hard and fast now and Cordelia could do nothing but hold on tight to the bed and feel every possessive thrust. His wildness sending her higher than even the most carnal caress could have possibly done. Her cries joined his as she thrust back onto him, every bit as wild while her nails dug into the mattress with frantic abandon.

Release threatened to take her over the edge before him and she was already convulsing around his shaft when he literally picked her up so that her back was flush with his chest. His pelvis ground into her bottom; lifting her up for his thrusts while his hands reached round her to roughly cup her breasts, fondling the hard tips with his fingers as he continued to pump, getting harder and faster as she milked him.

Angel surrounded her, possessing her completely from the inside out and accepting that was the easiest thing in the world. Her head fell back to rest on his sweat-sheened shoulder and instinctively knowing what he needed Cordelia reached around to grasp his head, bringing his lips to her neck as the orgasm rippled through her, taking her down into that dark abyss and setting of a myriad of tiny darting lights behind her tightly closed eyes.

His fangs pierced her neck, and feeling the sweet blood slide into him was enough to finally drive him over the edge to fall into an explosive orgasm that this time tore Cordelia’s name from his lips as he came apart too. He bucked heavily into her and then still holding tight, retracted his fangs and roared as his seed spilled into her welcoming body.

Still joined they fell back to the bed to lie spooned together, panting and trying to find their sanity again as the fog of passion cleared. Cordelia found her wits first.

“You bit me” she wasn’t accusing cos hello! Accessory to the fact and all.

“Yeah, sorry” his breath puffed on her nape, whispering over the tiny hairs there.

“Will it leave marks”? She asked with a tiny frown.

“No” he sighed, “I sealed it after”

“Oh, that’s okay then” she finished and yawned wide enough to crack her jaw. “Night then”.

He didn’t have the heart to tell her it was daytime and Wesley would be arriving soon.



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