Counter Moves 2


His dark gaze focused on the doors to the hotel, eagerly waiting for Cordy to come in. After getting no sleep whatsoever, Angel had gotten up extra early to watch her come in.

He’d drawn pictures of that body, those breasts, until he had to go into the bathroom for some one-on-one. That had to be the quickest round of monkey spanking known to vampire-kind, not counting the next three times. His lack of sleep wasn’t helping his rein on his demon, but that was the last thing on the vampire’s mind right now.

Now, Angel was anticipating Cordy walking into the hotel looking all ruffled and sleep-dewed. No one else could see how her skin radiated after sleep; no one else could see the way she glowed when she got her menses.

No one else was allowed to!

The door swung open and the woman sauntered in. Her breasts covered up by a nice, light cream jacket that only served to increase Angel’s anticipation. Cordy yawned as she took off the jacket; the light blue sweater underneath literally wrapped itself around her breasts! Her purse fell to the floor as she stretched like a cat in the sun.

“Oh God!” Angel pleaded, it must have been cold outside as neither her bra nor sweater could hide those pert little buds. A sheer scarf was draped down the centre of her chest, drawing his appreciative gaze to the cleavage.

He watched as Cordy turned around, bending at her waist to retrieve the small purse off the floor. Giving the vampire a perfect view of the way her knee-length skirt clung to her ass.

“Huh!” Angel squeaked, his eyes glazing over when he saw no visible panty lines. “Oh God!” First the breasts, and now he wanted to see more- well, in fact all she had to offer.

She has to be wearing a thong…a little scrap of nothing that hides…nothing he groaned aloud, my fingers wouldn’t even have to move much to get right….there-

“Angel? You okay?” He jumped a mile when her voice practically purred in his ear; so into his thoughts he hadn’t seen her approach. Falling off his chair was definitely not smooth- but on looking up at the brunette now standing over him, it was bloody well worth the humiliation.

Jeeeeesussss! White and sheer and-and; God! How did that thin strip stay in place? That’s it: Soul, take a hike. Angel let out the growl he’d kept in for the last few days and shot to his feet. Before Cordy could berate him for staring up her skirt- ‘cos she’d clocked him this time, he’d thrown her over his shoulder and made his way up the stairs with the speed of light…or dark, going by his salacious thoughts right now.

“Put me down you great big…. PERV!” Cordy was at a loss of words after that exclamation [which was a first!], and yelped when her feet landed back on the floor with a jolt.

Looking around, she was astonished to find they were now in his room- alone…. and Angel looked very hungry.

This was what he was reduced to! Kidnapping his seer and dragging her to his room like some raving lunatic. This was all her fault, her and those damn, pert and bouncy breasts.

“Y-you j-just…!” Cordy couldn’t find the words she wanted to say. Her finger kept making rapid contact with his chest, a move that would normally make him step back but a move that wasn’t doing a damn thing right now.


She wasn’t going to come in here, day after day wearing things like that and not allow him anything! He was a desperate manpire here, couldn’t she see that?

“There’s only so much I can take!” Angel growled at her, pointing his own finger at her. See how she liked that! “God woman! How much do you think I can take from you huh? Is it your life’s mission to purposely drive me insane?”

Drive you insane?!” Cordy yelped as she jumped out of his way, walking backwards around his room. It was usually the other way round; parading his salty goodness like there was no tomorrow, showing off his naked chest- okay, so he was usually wounded at the time, but semantics, pfft: “You’re already insane… Wh-what are you doing?!” The yelp became a high-pitched squeak.

Angel began to stalk her round his bedroom, a predatory gleam lit up the darkening orbs as he moved slowly. Taking each step with measured control he didn’t have, prolonging his own torture just for the hell of it.

“You are not getting out of this room woman!” he told her. That’s right. He told her what she wasn’t going to do. “Not until I say so”

“Get away from me!” Cordy squealed as she jumped away from the vampire. “You’re crazy, nuts, stone cold insane!” Her hands came up to protect herself as her head shook from side-to-side. She was notgonna laugh; encouraging whatever brainstorm he was having wouldn’t help matters, so she bit down on the inside of her lip- hard!

Angel shook his head slowly as he continued to stalk her around his bedroom, tracking every step she took with his gaze. His fingers came up and, starting with the collar of his shirt, began to unfasten each button.

Hazel eyes widened when the vampire moved from one button to the next, never ceasing in his stalking. Cordy’s jaw dropped when Angel flung the shirt over his shoulder with reckless abandon and moved closer to her. HELLO, salty goodness!-And didn’t that sound familiar?

The white muscle shirt clung to his broad chest, his shoulders were so well proportioned with so much strength in them Cordy was sure he could hold the world up. His arms were heavy and thick with muscle, pale skin pulled taut across each muscle. God he was gorgeous! Nope: bad thoughts, girl!

A silver chain hung from his neck, drawing her wide-eyed gaze to the column of his throat where she realised how nice his neck looked. Angel seemed far too relaxed and that scared her! She refused to admit how much it aroused her too.

“You keep away from me!” Cordy squealed when the vampire got closer. Diving onto his bed, she stood in the middle and tried not to get tangled in the bed sheets. A half hysterical giggle caught in her throat, and she inwardly berated the big part of herself that was actually enjoying this cat and mouse game.

“In your words honey, I think not” Angel’s voice was smooth, calm and completely controlled. He rounded the side of the bed, getting ready to pounce on her when she vaulted off it, placing the bed between them.

“I love this game!” Angel growled at her, his dark eyes were full of male mischief as he went after his seer. His demon was positively giddy; he didn’t think he could take so much excitement!

Cordy yelped loudly when the vampire set the chase in motion. Diving over the bed after her as she bolted, yelling for help! “Gunn! Wesley! ANYBODY! Angel’s gone crazy HELP ME!” Again, that giggle almost exploded from her mouth, even as her heart pounded with a weird excitement.

“Scream all you like, you are not getting out of this room” Angel let the brunette get so far before ending the quick game of chase. Reaching out, he wrapped his hand around her upper arm and spun her to face him.

Cordy had never been stunned into silence in her life, but at the sight of Angel acting like a man, she couldn’t find any words. And to tell the truth, words weren’t exactly on her dazed mind right now. Her eyes locked onto his face, fascinated by the mixture of desire, determination and pure mischief imprinted there.Wow! I actually feel like a woman in his eyes! That was an intensely satisfying feeling.

Come on, Cor, put those hot little fantasies back where they belong- oh God; why did he have to be acting out fantasy #17?– Only it wasn’t her desk he was chasing her around.

The vampire focused in on her breasts, licking his lips and giving her a devilish grin that flashed a deadly fang. White teeth glinted in the light as he curled his hands around the middle of her sweater.

“Don’t you dar…!”

Angel cleanly tore the blue sweater down the middle, exposing the breasts he’d been dreaming about for days. Encased in simple white cotton, her breasts were barely concealed by the half-cups that pushed them up. “I love your breasts!” he breathed.

Cordy snapped her hands over her chest, attempting to hide them from his lewdish gazing. “Y-y-you PERVERT! You are a dirty old man! Get your horrid, dead paws off of me!” Using her free hand to push his chest, she tried to get away from him; ignoring the fact she wasn’t putting as much gusto into the escaping bit as she should be- hell, she was enjoying herself too much.

The vampire ignored her attempts without remorse as he pulled her hand away, sighing deeply when he could look at her breasts. Angel could hardly contain himself, his fantasy was right there in front of him. This moment needed to be done just right.

Breathing harshly, he watched as he finally got touch those breasts groaning loudly as he did. His gaze, blacker than night, focused on the sight of his hands cupping her. A bolt of lust shot through Cordy from her breasts, where his cool hands now rested, right down to her groin.

Angel was touching her! Actually touching her in a none-vision capacity…and it felt sinfully good. Cordy’s mouth dropped open and a soft moan left her traitorous lips. Leaning forward, her dangerously scorching boss whispered in her ear.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” his voice caressed her ear and seduced her to a point where she was sure she had transformed into a Cordy-shaped puddle at his feet. Her eyes widened even as her thong became soaked in an instant as her mind gave her a vague visual of exactly what he may be offering to flash.

Vague because, so far, she’d only been able to guess- pretty hard when he insisted on wearing black pants all the time. Damn loose pants, grrr!

Drawing every bit of courage around her naked shoulders, Cordy shocked him by saying “Okay; whatcha gonna show me back?”

The shock only lasted a second though, as excitement and euphoria built up at the come-on in her gorgeous eyes. Without missing a beat, his hands went straight to the waistband of his pants, drawing her gaze; her eyes widening as she belatedly noticed his straining flesh behind that fabric; she licked her lips in anticipation. That was for her- HER!

Unzipping his pants and releasing the button, Angel paused, looking up his melting brown eyes narrowed in on her partially exposed chest.

“You first, baby” Cordy melted at the throaty endearment and with shaking fingers fumbled with the clasp of her bra, letting the soft cotton fall way from her full breasts. A soft purr slipped from the vampire’s slack mouth. Finally!

“Hello? you show me yours, remember?” Cordy prodded, Angel’s eyes pulled reluctantly away from her golden skin to meet caramel eyes that were hot even as they hinted at emotions he’d been so far blind to. His undead heart would have stopped beating if it had been working.

Her mouth dropped to the floor at the same time his pants and boxers did. Dark curls decorated the base of his sex, contrasting greatly with the pallor of his cock. Each contour could be seen as his excitement urged him harder and fuller, ensuring his body would satisfy the female. Not that there would be much problem there!

Through wide, uncertain eyes Cordy absorbed the visual of near-perfect masculinity that was standing right in front of her. For the life of her she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the generous jutting male shaft bobbing proudly at her. she could almost imagine it saying “Hello Corrrrrdy!”

Angel took advantage of her distraction and pounced, hands curling around her breasts and finally giving in to the uncontrollable urge to taste her until his hunger was sated. Wrapping pillowy male lips tightly around a pert, strawberry pink bud, the vampire groaned deeply when he felt Cordy arch into the stimulation, her body wanting more.

The squeak that left the still stunned brunette spurred him on, making him attempt to force as much flesh as possible into his mouth. His wet tongue bathed and twirled roughly over the little tip, lavishing as much attention as she could take.

Shots of pleasure ran through her veins as sensations bolted like lightening from her breasts to her core, increasing the arousal that burned hot between her toned thighs. Angel relished in the responses he got, retaliating by lightly biting the sensitised bud with sharpened teeth.

Then it was his turn to squeal in an unmanly way when he felt aggressive warm fingers wrap around his shaft and moved slowly up the hard shaft. The vampire bucked high and hard into her fist, letting his oral hold on the delectable breast go in order to moan out his approval.


Holding tightly onto her prize, Cordy used her grip to force the Vampire to step backwards. She followed him doggedly until the back of his legs hit the edge of the bed. Who the hell is in charge here? he dazedly wondered, as the table were decidedly turned

The pants still wrapped round his ankles caused him to lose his balance and he fell hard onto his back. Before he could bemoan the fact a hot wet mouth wrapped around the tip of his cock.

“Fuck-ing HELL!” his hips shot off the bed, nearly spearing the poor girl!

Choking a little, Cordy released him to glance up and glare. Angel barely managed to look sorry, too busy pulling back his fading control over the situation

“Now you’ve done it!” he growled, his eyes glowing wickedly. Before she could blink, he’d grabbed her hips pulled her up towards his face, ripped of her thong and planted her down on his mouth. The wail she let out was beyond human. This was….ooohh- but she also felt cheated from her prize.

“Turn me around – TURN ME!” she growled back, grabbing his shaft in mute explanation. Clicking on pretty quickly for a sex-fogged vampire, Angel lifted her and turned her until she faced his feet, then plunked her back down and got to work

Cordy was sure to hell she felt a bit of teeth just as her mouth engulfed his straining flash and she moaned deep in her throat, causing the vampire to lurch towards her. Prepared this time, she restrained his gyrating hips and leaned further over, almost squealing when it moved her mound over his working mouth until his tongue hit her clit. God, her friends had talked about this position- but WOW!

Liking the purely female sound she made , Angel latched onto the little hard nub and sucked- hard. he had to restrain her by the hips at her instantaneous reaction to that move and his eyes crossed as she returned the favour and hollowed out her cheeks, sucking him even harder. Neither one was going to last long if this “I can do better than you, bucko’ game went on any longer.

Against her heat, Cordy felt breathless sighs brush blasts of soothing, cool air across place that burned the most. His tongue deeply entered the female alcove, learning all her body’s secrets and tasting the sweet honey that rained down into his mouth, coating his lips and tongue.

Her moans vibrated along his velvet shaft, making his entire body hum and throb with the beginnings of climax and instead of stopping to be able to penetrate her tight cavern, Angel found himself encouraging her. What she lacked in experience, she sure than hell made it up with delighted gusto! Low growls told her exactly what he liked and what he loved, so far the feel of her hot tongue sweeping over the tip of his cock had him growling the loudest.

The feel of her mouth wrapped snug around his solid shaft pushed Angel closer to the edge, forcing the plans of getting her to ride him hard out of his none-functioning brain. All around him, he could feel the way she took his cock deep, working his climax closer and closer.

When the throbs began to increase, Cordy couldn’t stop her hips from bucking against his sensual oral pleasuring. Tongue delved high into her body, drinking the arousal that was made for him and coaxing more into his mouth. The tiny bud of her clit was reddened and swollen as Angel swept the tip of his tongue over the pearl, eliciting a quiet scream from the brunette.

“Angel!” Cordy reluctantly released his cock from her mouth, allowing herself the ability to sound out the vampire’s name in a wild shriek as he brought her closer to orgasm. His tongue treated her clit to intense pleasure as he slid a long, thick finger inside her core and pulled back for a moment to watch in fascination as her body immediately opened up for him.

“So hot” Angel mumbled, his gaze the shade of melted gold was focused directly onto his digit as he penetrated her tight body with a confident caress. She felt like wet velvet, soft to feel but hell on his heightened sense of touch. Feminine muscles clutched his finger over and over as her shrieks got louder and louder.

“Want you to come for me” he breathed, increasing the pressure and pace of his finger inside, seeking out the place that would send ecstasy blazing through her body. Spearing the female body, Angel centred everything he was into making her come hard on his hand.

Arching her back when the orgasm rushed through her, sending a burning shower of arousal down to scorch her thighs and his hand. Cordy dug her nails, disrupting the flawless marble of his flesh with pink welts as blood was coaxed to the surface. “Ahhh!”

Not giving his seer a chance to recover, Angel almost violently shoved her away from him and moved quickly to cage her shaking body with his. Not bothering to ask if this was what she wanted, he flipped the glassy eyed brunette onto her stomach and straddled her hips. “Mine baby, no more waiting and no more games”

Cordy gripped the soft pillow below her, raising her hips off the plush mattress and moaned when the hard ridge of his erection became nestled between her folds. Eager to please, she pushed up onto her hands and knees, whispered begs for more slipped past her lips to tease his ears.

Inching the tip of his sex slowly into the heart of her body, Angel paused to absorb the heat and relished in the way his skin ignited. “I wanna…!” he didn’t get a chance to finish that sentence as primal instinct won the battle between take and tease, forcing him into sliding inside her with a
powerful move of his hips.

The hotness of her body held the vampire completely still as his body kept her firmer one hostage. One heavily muscled arm wrapped tight around her stomach, pinning her to him and the other was down by hers. The solid wall of his chest was tucked closely to her slender back while his hard thighs cushioned the more feminine ones.

Wet, scorching heat completely encased his aching cock, the feel of it forcing his balls to pull up towards the base of his shaft. Dark curls taunted the slick, sensitive folds as his length stroked the inner walls of her sex with confidence. Arousal spilled down to soak the skin of his thighs as Angel shifted his hips, penetrating deeper.

Cordelia felt her breath lodge at the back of her throat as she stretched to accommodate his size. Inside, her muscles were so tight, she felt they would snap and break at any time. There was a momentary dull ache spreading from her stomach to her hips, indicating he was buried to the hilt. The female in her satisfied and smug at that not-so-small achivement.

A loud and deep groan sounded from the vampire as his shaft was gripped in a tight fist. Her body seizing him with a violent hold that vibrated right the way through his body. Pulling back, Angel panted heavily as he became fascinated by the sheen of liquid sex making his cock glisten. Pushing forward with a sure thrust of his thighs, he watched as her body once again enveloped him in that same tight, hot grip.

He penetrated so deep, he elicited a quiet scream from Cordelia as she responded to it. Rocking back against the solid ridge of his erection, she ground her hips hard on his and relished in the burst of carnal pleasure that move created.

Inch by excrutiatingly pleasureable inch, Angel made her body take him all. The tip of his sex crushed hard on the edge of her cervix, stimulating the highly sensitive inner place with hard punches. Burning rain fell openly from her entrance to wet the flesh of his thighs and making the resisting tight walls slick to his sensual touch.

The roughened skin on his fingers skirted down the perspiring, golden body until he grazed the swollen red bud hidden between the petals. Angel started slow, skimming her clit with light, breezy touches that had Cordelia jerking her hips away from the stimulation only for her to ask for more. His fingers toyed with the responsive bud, tugging and teasing until he felt it throbbing beneath his caress.

Rasping two thick fingers across the dewy folds, he mimicked the sinful way his body was possessing hers. In and out, he drove his cock fully into her without any thought of his own needs. All his attention focused on the woman moaning his name and bucking wildly back against him. This was what he wanted, what he now had and he’d be damned if she was going to get out of this unscathed!

Balancing on one hand, Cordelia reached between her legs to cup his balls, using her nails to scratch and taunt the sensitive flesh at the base of his shaft. The distinct sound of his arousal-slicked skin rasping off hers gave some indication the rough way he was owning her. His tight balls bounced off her sex, adding to the sensation of his fingers and inducing more female juice to be expelled. His thighs, her ass were drenched with liquid sex and inside, she only got wetter.

Glazed hazel orbs snapped open when she heard him speak and felt pointed fangs scrape over her jugular, threatening and yet welcomed. He was unmoving inside her body, holding still and keeping her from climaxing, doing nothing but waiting her response. Did she want to be owned? Was it that much different to how they were now? Angel already considered her to be part of his family so why not make it official and stake her own claim while they were at it?!

Turning a sultry glance over her shoulder, Cordelia teased the vampire with a long lick of her moist lips. “I’ll make me yours if you make you mine”

A strangled laugh mixed with a heart felt groan as she returned his ownership with an equalled passion. Not only did Cordelia want to be his but she wanted him to be hers too. How could one vampire get so lucky? “I already am, baby” Angel stated, his ochre gaze twinkling with merriment, amusement and arousal.

“Then prove it and finish what you started” her voice trailed off wickedly, “Unless your done…!”

“Done? I haven’t started with you yet!” Angel planted a chaste, swift kiss on the sweaty skin at her throat before easing his sex from the tight feel of her body. A quick move and he found himself staring down at a surprised but delighted vixen faced woman. “I wanna watch when I make me yours”

His gaze remained fixed to her face as he placed the tip of his cock at her entrance. Stilling just as he inched in before embedding his sex to the hilt.

Her back arched high, pushing her breasts against his chest and her body took him all. Long, slender legs came up to lock at the base of his back, leg muscles yanking him down to blanket her.

Nails scored down the expanse of his back, urging the vampire to go harder, faster. Hips bucked up erratically, ensuring she gave as much as she got. The icy hot scrape of his shaft rubbed and taunted her clit, the base of him bounced rapidly against her over-heated folds. Large, male hands ran down her body to drag her hips higher to meet his, angling them so he was in total control.

Reddened, plump lips slid over sweat-covered skin looking for his harder, masculine mouth. Her tongue slipped out, sweeping across his defined lower lip before delving into his cooler mouth. Angel’s groan of pleasure was lost as his own orgasm caused his cock to swell inside her. The sensation of her tightness gloving him so perfectly, the heat of arousal, the kiss; everything attacked all his senses one by one.

Under her hot hands, the muscles on his back flexed and rippled. His mouth manipulated hers into quick, fiercy kisses that brusied her lips more. Her body opened up even as inner walls closed viciously around his cock, creating delicious resistance for him. Blood pressure increased, heightening her temperature and causing her body to throb with climax. Her hips writhed and jerked erratically against his, drawing out the orgasm as it washed over her.

Above her, Angel’s form turned harder as his own stronger hips pushed down onto hers with enough force to pin her to the mattress. The pressure in his intensified as he repeatedly thundered inside her. Once, twice until that building pressure was released and the burst of cool ejaculate shot from his cock. He wanted, needed to bite her, just to make this perfect.

Amidst the remnants of climax, Cordelia saw a quick flash of uncertainty on his pained expression and gave a quick roll of her eyes. Turning her head to one side, she encouraged him “Angel…”

“Cordy” Angel groaned as his head dropped into the warm crook of her shoulder, teasing himself with a taste of her passion fuelled blood. On his mouth, he could feel that life just thrumming through her jugular, making her pulse pound and vibrate. His fangs left red welts along the flawless column of the delicate casing before he pierced the skin.

Cordelia took in a sharp intake of oxygen as sensation took over. She had been expecting more than the initial pain but there wasn’t anything but an intimacy beyond what they had already done to each other. Her hands dug into the corded, bunched contours of his back as her legs gripped his waist tightly and she relaxed into it.

Licking the puncture wounds lovingly, Angel tended the permanent love bite until the bleeding stopped. Peppering the red and slightly swollen skin with butterfly kisses, the vampire nuzzled her throat with care and attention, taking the time to inhale his scent now embedded on her.

Lazily rolling his larger body off of her, he turned his woman onto her side so he could look at her. Her expression was that of the cat who got the full-fat cream and side serving of smoked salmon. Bruised red lips curled up into a secretive, little smirk and hazel orbs held a lightshow of emotion only he could understand.

Clearing her throat, Cordelia broke the companionable silence. “So, what brought that show of macho-vamp on?”

“Oh, just blame it on the boobies!” And as she snorted with laughter, Angel reached out for his prized possessions with an even larger grin on his face…

Smuttyfic Finished. *phew*


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