It’s in his Kiss 1

Title: It’s in his kiss
Author: Zanita
Rating: Overall, N-17
Category: Angst, Romance (future smut, most definitely!)
Content: C/A eventually, B/S, mebbe.
Summary: Tipdip’s challenge *Not only does Spike witness the kiss but Cordy does too. For some reason or another she is no longer evil, wakes up at WH and tries to find Angel but alas, he’s already headed to Sunnydale. She can’t wait to see him so you’ll have to figure out how to get her there just in time to witness the kiss…(maybe Willow can help using her Mojo.) *Needless to say, Spike and Cordy are furious and conspire together to get back at Buffy and Angel. How?? By pretending they’re a couple and involved romantically with each other. (How original is that? ) This of course, start to take place after Spike saves Sunnydale with the help of Cordy and Angel but doesn’t die. * You can use you own scenario…doesn’t have to be mine.

Ultimately what I’d like to see is:
C/A eventually get back together as well as B/S (B/S not that big of a deal to me) *Major jealous scenes..preferably by a jealous Angel..or whatever.*There is smut-o-rama.
Spoilers: Ahhh, maybe. Post S4
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, GT; anyone else please ask
Feedback: Always welcome

Part 1

The limo slowly wound it’s way down the road. It was late and Angel could just see out the darkly tinted windows. He ran the days events through his head. So many emotions bombarded him. The loss of his son, grief. The killing of his son, guilt. He knew that he wasn’t really dead. But the spell that Wolfram and Heart performed needed his body lifeless. And so he slit his own son’s throat.

The pain that lanced through him with remembering the act was unbearable. Conner was everything to him. His life had been complete with his son and Cordelia by his side. The thought of Cordelia’s still lifeless body brought another wave of grief on him. Lilah had told him that there was next to no chance that she would ever wake up. That eventually her body would give up and she would just simple fade.

Deep in his heart he knew that if Wolfram and Heart couldn’t figure out a way to bring her back then there really wasn’t one. Admitting that knowledge to himself he let the despair flow over him. Consume him. And in the privacy of the limo he wept for the loss of her and of his son.

2 hours ago:

She could hear chanting. Soft and melodic. Her world consisted of several shades of gray. She was weightless, floating, swirling, flying yet not moving, twisting and turning. It was making her nauseous.

Trying to stop the feeling of going to heave she reached both hands up and held her head. She thought it was strange that the chanters had started groaning……or was that her? As she opened her eyes the world started to come back into focus. She saw pastel walls. Beautiful lacy drapes. She acknowledged that she was laying on the softest bed she’d ever been in. She was clouded with a down comforter so soft and warm that she knew she could snuggle up here and sleep for a week.

Hearing a door open she looked toward the noise. 5 robed figures were rushing out the door. She sat bolt upright wondering who the hell they were and why were they in her room? And, Hey! This wasn’t her room. Where the hell was she?!

Before another thought could enter her head Lilah came in the door that the figures had just left through.

“Oh just great. That’s all I need. What am I? A prisoner? Thought up some other means to torture me with to piss off Angel?”

“Hello Cordelia. It’s good to see you………alive.”

“Of course I’m alive. I think I’d know if I was in a near death experience……..wait a minute…….”

Confusing images were swirling around her head. Memories of herself but not herself.

“You may not remember everything just yet. It’ll take time. You ‘ve really performed a miracle today. Not even *our* staff could figure out where you’d gone or how to bring you back. And that’s saying something.”

“I was up……but they sent me back and I couldn’t……and I was scared and Conner and ……..Ewwwwwwww! No…..I didn’t? Did I?”

“Afraid ya did.”

“But it wasn’t me. and then Angel…..Oh God. Angel……

“Yep. Really did a mind fuck on him. Didn’t ya?”

“Shut up.”

Cordelia held her head in her hands again. This time she *knew* she really was going to be sick. The things she did! Stumbling out of the bed she went to the only other door in the room and hoped to God it was the bathroom. Throwing the lid up she retched into the toilet over and over. Tears streaming down her face as the knowledge of what she had done invaded every part of her body. When her body couldn’t take any more and the gagging stopped she laid on the cold floor and sobbed.

Lilah watched quietly from the door. Trying not to feel bad for the woman. But some small part of her had been touched by these people. These do-gooders. Her enemies. This life of hers had always been a game and Wolfram and Heart had all the things to make that game more interesting. But over the years her interaction with Angel Investigations and the people that were the life of it, had shown her things that she had never knew a person could be capable of. Not that it changed her view on life or death for that matter, just that they had given her a new way to look at things. And she wasn’t even going to think about Wesley had done to her.

She watched as Cordelia made some internal decision. As she picked herself up off the floor, straightened her nightgown, scrubbed the tears from her eyes and gave her, Lilah, one of the coldest stares she’d ever seen.

“Where’s my family.”

A demand, not a question.

“Some are here, in the building, others…….aren’t.”

“Don’t play games with me Lilah. Where is ‘here’ and where they hell are they.”

“Well I assume they’re all going over their respective job descriptions but seeing as I’m not any of their keepers I don’t know for sure.”

“What? What do you mean ‘job descriptions’?”

“Let me give you the short version……..You came back, you slept with Conner, you gave birth to a super being, you went into a coma, the being gave happiness and joy to the world, Angel stopped world peace, Conner killed the being, The Senior partners gave the LA branch to Angel Investigations, Angel killed Conner, Angel went to Sunnydale.”

The words tumbled through Cordelia’s mind trying to connect. But the only things that landed were ‘Angel killed Conner’ and ‘Angel went to Sunnydale’.

“Connor’s dead?” Her mind processed it but her heart wouldn’t accept it.

“Well, no. I said Angel killed Conner. But he’s alive and living the life of someone else and isn’t the wiser. It was part of your boss’s deal with the partners. We wipe Connor’s’ memory and give him a new life and we make sure that you are taken care of and try and find a way to bring you back. Which, hey thanks, now I don’t have to do all that over time since you woke up yourself.”

“Where is Conner now.”

“He’s safe. Angel checked in on him, without Conner knowing of course, on his way to Sunnydale.”

“He’s safe. You’re not lying to me are you?”

“As much as I’d like to……no. I’m not.”

“Why did Angel go to Sunnydale.”

“To help that little blonde thing he’s so hot for is my guess. I showed him a file that had information about an apocalypse and the slayer. And some kind of mojo amulet that was suppose to be the key. Knowing Angel, he’ll probably offer himself as a sacrifice to stop the world from ending.”

“You said Wolfram and Heart was given to Angel Investigations.”

“Yep. That’s what I said.”

“Then I need to get to Sunnydale as fast as I can. What resources do we have.”

“You have everything that we had when we ran it.”

“When did Angel leave?”

“Oh, I’d say about 2, 3 hours ago.”

“And he stopped to check on Conner before he went.”

“Yea, that was about an hour out of his way.”

“Then find me the quickest way possible to get there.”

“Well, technically, I don’t work for you but I think I can do you this one thing.”

“Whatever. Just do it.”

“Well didn’t we wake up on the wrong side of the coma?”


Pulling out her cell phone, Lilah knew just who she needed to call. Speaking to the secretary on the other end swiftly and commandingly she told her what she needed. She snapped the phone closed and turned back to Cordelia.

“He’s on his way.”

“He who?”

“The quickest transportation.”


“Racknoor. He’s our Portal specialist. He can open one in 10 seconds flat. Pretty handy when you’re in a hurry. Though we’re rarely allowed to use them now. Some idiot screwed it up for all of us.”

Cordelia did a small gulp. “Portal?”

“The swirling’s a bitch but hey, it gets the job done.”

There was a small knock at the door. Lilah issued her command of ‘come in’ and Cordelia saw one of the tallest, thinest men she’d ever seen in her life. He was 7 foot if he was an inch and even Fred would look plump standing next to him.

Lilah didn’t even glance at him. Just said “Sunnydale.” and he mumbled a word and did a thing with his hands and Cordelia was standing in front of one of her worst nightmares.

“Well? Go. He can’t hold it open all day.”

Swallowing her fear, Cordelia straighten up her body and stepped into the portal.



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