Title: Cariad
Author: Trillian
Posted: 28/06/05
Rating: N-17
Content: Cordy, Angel goodness.
Summary: The one thing that will always remain unspoken.
Spoilers: Ats Season 3
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, GT, anyone else, just ask.
Notes: I found this whilst looking for something completely different!
Feedback:If you must, lol.

Angel drops to his knees inhaling her scent deeply, taking it in and making it a part of him all the while slowly rubbing his forehead against her mound. She gasps at the sudden friction and tries not to buck into his face. Her skirt, although now pushed up on to her waist is in the way so he tears it off. Cordelia giggles at his mini tantrum and runs her fingers through his hair, scratching her nails down the back of his neck and slightly inside his collar. Angel hisses at the contact and captures her errant hand giving it a quick kiss before dropping it on his shoulder.

He returns his attention to teasing her, as he slides two fingers over and just inside her panties; running them along the inside of her thighs. She sighs and wonders how she’s going to remain standing once he starts his full assault, but all thoughts skitter away as the apartment’s cool air hits her now bare sex and the first flat stroke of his tongue hits her. She whimpers and he does it again, and then slowly moves inwards to French kiss her. Her hands scrabble to make purchase against the door, anything to keep her grounded. She finds nothing and as he moves a thumb to torment her clit, she starts to rub her own breasts; squeezing them, trying to relieve the tension that is slowly coiling up inside her.

Angel can feel her approaching orgasm on his tongue, her inner muscles starting to pull at him. He removes it, ignoring her moans and replaces his thumb with his mouth, sucking hard. The pressure is too intense for her and she breaks, flying away and arching into his face; screaming her release. He brings her down slowly, licking at her gently savoring her essence before giving her a final swipe of his tongue and standing up. As he does, his hands move up the back of her legs, over her ass and onto her waist as he waits for her to open her eyes. She’s panting heavily, her heart beating a mile a minute and as she calms she can feel him watching her, feel his arousal digging into her hip.

Cordelia cups him, hearing his quiet moan and intake of breath and finally she opens her eyes. The amber eyes and the ridges of Angel’s demon are staring straight back. She smiles shyly and continues her torment of him through his pants. He smiles back, all fangs and smugness at making her scream for him. She unbuttons his shirt and pushes it off him and as he starts to kiss her neck and shoulder, her hands reach for his zipper. He growls into her collar bone as she pops the button on his jeans and slides the zip down ridiculously slowly, before finally pulling him free. He freezes as her hand wraps round him, aching with want and pulsing in her fingers. She elicits another growl as she lets go to take his trousers fully off, making him step out of them and kicking them away. Now she is the one her knees. She wraps her hand around him again and gently licks the head of his shaft, making him buck and growl her name. Without warning she sinks him in to the hilt and he almost falls backwards at the sensation of her warm mouth covering him; reaching an arm out to hold himself steady against the door.

“Christ, Cordy…” Angel’s voice is raw.

She releases him with a small pop and stands back up, giving him a slightly smug look of her own before it turns devilish. He narrows his eyes at her in question but she wraps her hand around his cock and leads him to the bedroom with it. He laughs outright and she lets go so he can turn on a bedside light. As he turns back around, she is undoing her blouse and letting it drop to the floor. And as she unhooks the front of her bra, he can’t help but touch himself watching as her breasts bounce free. He reaches for her and together they tumble naked to the bed with a squeal and a growl. He slides his way up her body, awakening the ache in her again her legs falling open in invitation. She holds him close while he stops to play with her breasts; licking, sucking and kneading them both into hard peaks. She’s starting to buck against him, letting him know where she wants him to be, needing completion. He agrees readily and moves further up against her so that his tip is rubbing against her folds.

“You ready baby?” He asks her already feeling just how wet he’s making her. She runs her thumb over his bottom lip, pushing it slightly inside his mouth and running it across his teeth. She stops when she reaches one of his fangs and punctures the tip of her thumb onto it, just enough to draw a few drops of blood and he has his answer. What little blood is drawn explodes on his tongue and his patience comes to an abrupt end. Angel draws himself up, sitting on his haunches and pulls her body towards him. Holding her still with one hand on her flat stomach, he uses the other to guide himself slowly into her. He watches as, inch by inch he disappears, until he is fully embedded in her heat. Oh. My. God. Cordelia wants to arch her body into the astonishing sensation he’s created by pushing and stretching her so slowly, but he’s pinning her to the bed with one strong hand. He’s in as deep as he can go and it’s almost the undoing of them both. Their both panting and suddenly looking at each other in amazement and wonder at the feelings that are starting to surface unbidden and frightening in their passion.

“So tight Cor…” He murmurs

“Been a while…” She replies.

Their eyes lock again and he knows just who her last lover was. She half smiles at the jealousy that she sees ripple over his face. He grips her hips with a growl, determined to erase any memory of that Pylean jackass and starts to slide himself in and out of her. She groans as he really starts to fuck her. He adjusts them so that they are in the missionary position but that’s fine by her. Means she can grab his ass; something that she’s wanted to do since she was seventeen. She smiles slightly and then moans as he works an arm behind her and alters the angle of his thrusts. The pressure is starting to build in her womb again, every thrust taking her closer and closer to the edge. He’s starting to moan with her, and pulls her up towards him a bit further so he can suckle her breast. Her nerve endings are starting to fire and she mumbles to him, “So close…so close.”

The sensation of actually being embedded in Cordelia Chase is unlike anything he’s ever experienced; and God help him, he’s already addicted. There is no earthly way he can give this up. She meets every one of his thrusts with perfection, her heat scalding him in its intensity. He hears her mumbled words and can start to feel the flutter of her muscles beginning to milk him. “Come for me, baby…”

She does and she is glorious. He feels her explode around him and seconds later he joins her shooting his seed deep inside her willing body. She opens her eyes just as he comes in her, stroking deeply against her one more time making her orgasm that bit sweeter. They collapse in a heap, all sweat and satisfaction. Both of them reel in the knowledge of who they’re with and the amazing heights they just scaled together. He leans up off of her, resting on one arm as he gently caresses her face with his other hand. He is in awe.

“Cor. You okay?”

She mirrors his hand gesture and replies,


They grin at each other and as Angel searches her eyes for any trace of regret or pain, he sees something that he can’t quite believe. He morphs back to human as his heart swells from his discovery. Cordelia watches him carefully, knowing that her eyes in that moment have truly given her away. Watches him morph back and stare at her and then lean in to do the one thing they haven’t done all night. Kiss. It’s slow and lazy and just a little bit playful but in it is everything they both need to know and the one thing that will always remain unspoken.



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