Turning the Tables 9

Part 9, First Time For Everything

Even though Angel lived on the other side of town, Cordelia’s steadily simmering fury got her there in less than half an hour. It was obvious to her that he’d had a showdown with his ex last night and had dug the stake in, twisted it, wiggled it around a bit before extracting it. A part of her wished she’d been here to see it, the moral-holding half of her felt bad for Buffy, the girl had loved Angel even if she hadn’t shown it the right way.

Standing outside the vampire’s door, Cordelia debated whether or not to knock or just to barge in uninvited. She was hurt, angry and wanted answers from him, she deserved answers to why he told Buffy he’d slept with her. That was going past the line of revenge, even in her book. That was Angel going male on her, she never put up with teenage boys thinking with their dicks and she wouldn’t put up with Angel thinking with his dick in that way either.

Her still hand was no less than a centimeter from the door handle when the door got flung open, revealing Angel standing there dressed in his usual white muscle shirt and black pants. Cordelia unconsciously undressed him with her eyes, bare feet led the way to his strong and well formed legs. The material moved in synchronicity, curling around his powerful thighs and the heavy muscle there flexed as he shifted under the weight of her stare.

White cotton clung to his chiseled stomach, a large hand wrapped around his side as he waited for her eyes to reach his. Expansive and very male chest rose and fell slowly with deep, inhaling breaths as he purposely tasted the hint of sweet arousal that brought an exotic, fruity scent to the dull air. Contracting pectoral muscles rippled beneath the cotton top as her desire-filled gaze darted up to his shoulders.

Hard curved lines ran from the juncture of his neck down his back, his throat moved softly as he swallowed the heady taste of the heating arousal pouring off her. Pools of melted toffee watched as his tongue slowly swept over his full lower lip before tracing the perfect cupid’s bow of his upper lip. The soft sheen making that hard, parted mouth look soft and supple.

A warm, unfamiliar feeling swirled at the center of her thighs when her dilated gaze locked onto his black, endless whirlpools of restraint. His masculine jaw visibly clenched trying to keep a leash on his instincts and not react to the ravenous desire radiating from her.

Angel felt his arms drop down to his sides, hands curled into tight fists and the vampire walked backwards giving Cordelia the silent invitation to come in. If he spoke to her now, he wasn’t sure what would come out of his mouth. He watched as she walked inside, flicking her wrist to close the door with a thud which disturbed the deafening silence.

“Why did you say that?” she whispered, not taking her eyes off his for a single second; she wanted to know if he was sincere with his words before she acted on what she wanted to do, what they both wanted to do.

He didn’t pretend to not know what she was talking about and he wasn’t stupid enough to lie to her either. “I wanted to hurt her” he whispered back, not flinching from her gaze when something shifted in the hazel tide.

“Are you still so hung up on her that you want to continue to play this game?” the husked whisper rising to a light, wispy tone that came out sounding like more of a moan.

“No more games” Angel answered surely, his voice ricocheting all around her like a low, throbbing beat. His body was pulsating with the craving to lower her to the cold concrete floor and replace that want in her eyes with ecstasy. He knew she needed to have this out with him, knew that before anything else Cordelia wanted assurance from him and he was going to give it to her.

“I happen to like my cock, it comes in handy sometimes. Tell her whatever she fucking wants to hear before it blows up!”

“I don’t know what to say, I really don’t” Cordelia responded softly, “I thought you’d be better than to brag about sleeping with me. You crossed the line there and you gave her ammunition for her to brand me a slut in front of the entire school. You could have waited until you had something to brag about. Are you sorry you said that?”

“I’m not sorry I stood up for myself with Buffy, but I am sorry how she used my words against you. I didn’t think she’d come out with it in public like that” Angel told her honestly. The desire hadn’t lessened or gone away with his words, he could see it written in golden caramel, he could scent the exotic arousal dancing around the room and he could feel it bouncing off his senses.

“You should know what a woman scorned will do for revenge, I started dating you to get mine” Cordelia reminded lightly. Her earlier fury all but forgotten as she felt herself be eaten up by his devouring gaze.

“Am I still revenge?” Angel asked, the vocalized throb made her blood turn hot and her thighs clench tightly together. “I don’t want to be just revenge to you, I don’t want to be used anymore. Don’t do that to me Cor, please”

“No more games, Angel” she confirmed with a nod, “I want honesty from you, I’m not asking for forever or even for a short-term commitment. If you are serious about dating me, I hope you are, then all I ask is honesty and friendship”

“You already have my friendship and honesty sweetheart, that won’t ever change I promise. Just you being there helped more than I can tell you” Angel told her with a half smile. “I know I have your friendship and honesty, that’s more than what I’ve had for most of my existence. I just need to know i-if you can accept me Cordy, all of me”

“I don’t know; your other half is a bit much for little me to handle. Evil you is scary, mean and a big bully; but he gets brownie points for knowing how to dress. Yes, I can accept you Angel, I know you’re a vampire and you have a penchant for violence at times and I know what you would do given half a chance. You’re also a good man who has a lot of endearing qualities…” Cordelia’s eyes once again scanned his body pointedly as a slow smirk graced her lips.

“What would those endearing qualities be then?” Angel asked with a restrained grin.

“A big cock, good body and cute, scary demon… Cute my ass, I’ll show her cute. Bite the bitch!”

“I was hoping you could show me, that is if you want to. I know we can’t do it all because of perfect hap…”

“My soul was secured in hell, no matter how happy I get my soul goes nowhere. If you feel uncomfortable then we’ll wait”

“Will you hell wait, waiting is not an option. She’s teasing, don’t you dare let her get away with doing that to me. I swear to Satan and all he stands for if you let her leave me with a hard-on once more I’ll never offer you my advice again. Now turn her round, bend her over and show her what a real vamp feels like!”

“I’m not uncomfortable and I wasn’t last night either, I was just a little embarrassed cus I normally don’t pounce like that” even now, Cordelia flushed slightly at her actions. “And I didn’t want to ruin our first date with sex”

“It wouldn’t have ruined it and it wouldn’t be sex with us, sweetheart”

“Don’t say those two words please, I’ll never call you Hans Soulio again. I promise”

“It would be making love”

“Oh you asked for it boy, put em up”

Angel didn’t waste another second, within an instant he’d scooped her up with a supernatural ease and jogged up to his room.


Once there, Cordelia found herself laid down gently on his bed with Angel laying next to her, gazing at her with a look full of hesitancy. “Have you… Is this…?”

“Yeah” she responded shyly, “So don’t worry if you’re not all that good, I have nothing to compare you with!” she teased him flirtatiously.

“I’ll show you good, Soulio why don’t you fuck off and let the big boy take care of this? It’ll save me the embarrassment of having to fix your mess later”

Angel narrowed his eyes at her, “Sweetheart, you don’t tease a vampire or make fun of his pride and joy. If you do that then the vampire might just spank you”

“Okay, you deserve a tiny smidgen of credit. You’ll get my utmost respect if you actually gave that ass a sound spanking!”

Turning her face fully towards him, he slid his fingers along her cheek to thread through her hair, letting the strands fall softly down to her shoulder. Angel swept his tongue across her lips in a smooth, long tasting lick, Cordelia parted her mouth giving him the satisfaction of teasing the hot feel of her tongue with his cool one. Sliding his hand from her ankle up over her calf and round her thigh, he squeezed down on the sensitive inner muscle before moving his hand up further.

Her mouth pressed harder against his, making the entry of the kiss deeper as she swirled the tip of her tongue around his, sweeping over the soft underside with a wispy flick. Angel’s eyes flashed a little when the back of his knuckles brushed against the slightly damp cotton material of her panties, the temperature heating up his skin just a little.

Cordelia raised her left leg, bending at the knee making her skirt rise up her thighs to wrinkle around her ass and the tops of her thighs. Her body was warming up rapidly to melting point as she relaxed into him, her right leg falling limply to the bed beneath her. Her nails made small welts in the skin of his neck as she trailed them down over his collarbone and over the white shirt to settle on his stomach.

“Clothes off, clothes off, clothes off, clothes off”

Angel felt her body’s resistance become non-existent, he uncurled his fist and covered the pubic mound, marveling at how his entire hand blanketed her. Cordelia’s breath hitched in the throat when she felt his fingers rasp against the shape of her labia with a feather-light touch. Her core throbbed with anticipation as a fresh wave of liquid rushed through her, she knew he could feel the essence coat his hand.

“Uh… Wet, she’s so fucking wet”

There was something about stimulating her through her panties that got Angel right where it hurts. His cock, hard and smooth, made his pants tight and the pressure was slowly building in his balls bringing them close to his body.

“Uh” with a groan, Angel invaded the hot cavern of her mouth with a strong and demanding kiss, his tongue tangled frantically with hers as arousal swept like a wave through him. His hand brushed, stroked, taunted, teased and squeezed her sex, fingers moved in slow circles over her mound and labia, searching for the place that would make her wetter.

Cordelia responded with as much passion, her lips begged for more and her hips jerked against the pressure of his hand. Masculine fingers found the entrance to the inner place and Angel pressed down hard bringing her hips off the bed. It was a delicious taste of how she would react when he was in her and pushing hard against her G-spot. Cotton panties, so wet, clung to her and when Angel tore away from her mouth, the material was transparent and he could see her perfectly.

He could see the intimate blush through the white staining her flesh with desire as he continued to pet her over and over. Angel watched as his fingers glistened with a soft sheen as he moved his hand over her core as a whole, the gentle warmth of before was turning into a blazing inferno of arousal. Quickly, her panties were removed with a flick of his wrist and flung onto his floor carelessly.

Smooth, bare, naked and wonderfully pink, Cordelia lay wide open to his wicked gaze and her tiny pearl-like bud of her clitoris visibly hard to the touch. Angel watched as he caught a small droplet of arousal on his fingertip, his mouth watered and his cock pulsed painfully inside the confinement of his pants. His fingers moved to make a V over her labia, pressing down to release more liquid from her.

“Angel” Cordelia moaned as her eyes turned down to see him playing with her, seeing his hand working her up with pressurized touches that coincided with each burning throb her body made. The tip of his finger smoothed the droplet over her clit, making the pink pearl glisten. She hissed and her hips rolled against the caress.

Angel was entranced as though he’d never seen a woman aroused so openly before; he slid his finger down until he was teasing her with penetration. “You want this?” he slipped a tip inside her slightly, making her buck up a little “Or this?” he moved his finger back up to her clit, flicking over the bud rapidly.

“Inside me” Cordelia watched as he eased a single finger inside her, a breathless whimper escaping from her throat as he soothed her core temperature with the cool feel of him. He held still for a second before pushing up knuckle-deep into her, curling his finger inside until he located the intimate G-spot. Angel immediately locked onto her face, seeing her lips parted and gasped intakes of breath make her mouth dry. “Again”

Angel pushed up with a short burst of pressure on that spot, bringing a quiet and illicit scream from her. “Like that sweetheart?” he started to move within her, withdrawing his touch from her only to penetrate her again and again and again.

Vampires came with added senses of sight, scent, hearing and touch. Angel could feel every single one of her intimate muscles clenching around him, he could hear the sound that happened when he entered her and he could see the liquid sex coating his hand. He used his other hand to unzip his trousers, letting Cordelia feel the hard steel on her thigh. “Play with me”

She timidly took her hand, wrapping it round the solid length of his shaft and relished how he groaned at the simple touch. His cock flexed in her grip, demanding her to move. Cordelia watched herself as she softly pushed her hand down his shaft until she reached the base before swiftly moving up. Angel bucked into her fist as he added another finger to her core, eyes unmoving from the sight of his fingers slid in and out between her thighs.

Moving at a constant and even pace, the vampire indulged in voyeuristic pleasure as he continuously felt soft velvet open up to him more and more with each penetration. Angel squeezed his eyes shut, thrusting his cock harder against her moving hand and responding by pressing down on her clit every time he entered her body.

“Uh… make her come like that, wanna watch her pussy open up just like that”

Cordelia dragged his lips back to hers, moans disappearing as he stole the air from her lungs. Her hips arched off the bed, thighs clamped together and she trapped his hand right there, Angel pushed her hips back down and used his other hand to hold her still. “No… Please… Uh” senseless contradictions spilled from her mouth as he began to fuck her just like that.

“So fucking hot, open up sweetheart” Angel broke through her with a hard push of his hand, a burning shower of liquid covered his hand as he moved his fingers at a rapid pace within her. Black whirlpools locked onto her sex as he saw the rush of orgasm, he could see the tiny pulse making her clit throb and extend with sensation. The intoxicating scent of sex surrounded and drugged him, as she came. Vaginal muscles contracted so tightly around his fingers, Angel found it hard to move.

“That’s it baby, squeeze me good. She is gonna feel so fucking good around my cock”

Releasing his cock from her grip, Cordelia grabbed his thick wrist and moved him faster, “Angel…” his name came out in a wild squeal. Hazel eyes wide, lips parted and deep, harsh breaths sent painful stabs to her lungs. Her hand clutched his wrist and her nails dug into his skin in time to the deep-seated clenches of her vaginal contractions.

The wicked waves gradually turned to tiny laps around his fingers as Angel stilled his hands’ movements. A hissed breath was released through gritted teeth as the intensity slowed down around until her orgasm was a whispered memory embedded all around him. “Clothes off” he sat up and yanked his shirt from his torso, revealing the marble-washed carved landscape of his form. Pants were pushed off and slung to join her panties and shirt on the floor.

Cordelia moved a little slower, her body still reveling in the after-glow of her climax, easing her sweater over her head she copied him and threw it to the floor. “Right, clothes off would be better suited for this type of behavior” she agreed, her voice nothing more than an erotic, tropical breeze. Angel looked at her, naked from the waist up.

Pert, full and firm breasts encased in a white bra, nipples visible through the shimmering material; Angel raised an eyebrow at the fashionable garment and the word Good Girl embroidered in silver, curly writing. “My mom hid the lingerie catalogue, it was either this or my limited edition Gossard” she explained sheepishly with a shy smile.

“Good girl my ass, if she’s good then I’m the fucking Pope! She’s a bad, horny little slut but the coy act is working for me”

“Something tells me you’re not a good girl Cordelia” his voice was full of sly knowing, “What would your father say if he knew you were such a vixen?” Angel teased as he tugged her skirt over her perspiring thighs and off her completely, leaving her aroused and naked on his bed. Dusky pink pebbled nipples begged to be licked and tasted set off her tanned breasts, stomach smooth with soft curves that spelled woman to Angel. It surprised him she’d be so soft and supple; physically she was older than her 17 years.

“Are you just trying to be me on purpose? Do you think I’m impressed by that wussy version of naughty talk? Naughty talk is when you call her a horny little slut and order her to suck me off… Tell her to suck me off”

That brought her parents note back to her mind but she simply smiled coyly, purposely not telling him her mother had caught him touching her boobs last night! Cordelia ran her gaze all over his physique with a hunger to rival his.

He had hard, heavy muscle all over, his body was lean and lethal; the skilled grace in which he moved was silent and predatory. The way his hypnotic eyes captured and held her in place, unable to move was a sure sign he thought of her as prey. Swallowing the lump in her throat at that last thought, she removed her shoes and dropped them with a thud to the floor.

Angel ran his tongue slowly over his teeth as he crawled onto the bed, up to her body and used that lethal frame of his to push her onto her back. His hands curled round both her knees to separate her slightly shaking thighs to allow him to slide between them. “Wrap those legs round me sweetheart”

“Oh fuck, that’s hot”

As he moved her hips towards his, Angel groaned loudly when the heat of her core brushed directly over the sensitive spot of his cock, making him thrust against her. “Are you sure?” his voice cracked with restraint and hope.

“Very” Cordelia purred and locked her legs tight around his back, “Please now?”

Taking hold of his erection, Angel slid the tip along her labia like he did with his hand before pushing into her. Instantly, her muscles contracted like a vice around the welcome intrusion, the vampire groaned again as he pushed in a little more.

An ache seemed to spread to both her hips as the vampire slowly penetrated her body. Cordelia arched her hips up to relieve some of the pressured but pleasuring pain, she hissed, and raked her nails along his back.

The vampire looked down into the hazel gaze as he pushed fully inside her, feeling her walls expand to hold him perfectly in a glove of tight velvet. A small scent of blood clouded his senses and he held still.

“Cordelia… Virgin… Blood… Oh God… Fuck her and fuck her now or I will”

The vampire didn’t dare move, his control was slipping and so was his heart; falling into her body, mind and soul. His head spun, his body ached and his chest burned with it all. A low, vibrating growl pierced the silence as the ridges settled over his handsome face, fangs grew into deadly points and black orbs flamed into tigers’ eyes.

Using his body, Angel pinned her down and held himself deep inside her, panting breaths harsh as he held onto the gossamer thin thread of control. “This is m,e  sweetheart” his voice no more than wisped version of purred base, “If you could love me, I need to know”

Looking up into his demonic gaze, Cordelia tenderly stroked the side of his face and leaned up to give him a chaste, sweet kiss. “How could I not?”

That was all he needed to hear, rocking slowly into her at first, Angel moved his hand up to caress her breast; tugging and teasing her sensitive nipple until the dusky pink became a ruby red. His mouth sought hers, soft and pliant to his harder mouth; moist, deep and frantic kisses covered his lips.

Experimentally, Cordelia flexed her hips into the cradle of his powerful thighs making the tip of his cock hit a place that made her cry out. With the response of her, Angel increased his gentle pace, changing his shallow penetrating thrusts to longer, smoother and slicker ones that made his shaft brush against her clitoris with each push.

Her skin was slick with perspiration, his skin was hot as he absorbed her human warmth and made it his. Angel flicked his tongue over a rose red pebble before biting down, the point of his fang scraping against the sensitive peek sending shocks straight to her sex. Cordelia bucked up harder against him, using her legs to pull him further into her.

Heavy breathing, skin rasping against skin, quiet moans were the only sounds heard as Angel branded her as his in the most sinful way. Driving his cock in deep and testing her limitations with his brute strength until she cried out his name. The screamed plea on her mouth awoke something within him that had been dormant for too long.

“Let me own you sweetheart” Angel murmured to her, ignoring her pleas he slowed the pace down long enough to ask her that. “I wanna own you completely. Let me”

“If it’s permission you want, make her give it to you. Make it spill from her lips”

“Yours, all yours”

Withdrawing from her, Angel gave in to his demon’s desires to dominate her and flipped Cordelia onto her stomach. “Good girl, that’s what I like to see” came his rumbled, growled words that poured from his smirking lips. He ran his hand firmly over the swell of her ass before bringing his hand down in a light, stinging slap that had her gasping in shock.

“A-Angel, what are you doing?” Cordelia shot out as she peeked over her shoulder at the vampire now staring at her as though she were a four course dinner.

“You’ve been a bad, bad girl sweetie, teasin me and leavin me aching, fantasizing about that hot, little pussy of yours. Tut tut Cordelia” Angel replied with a husked, teasing lilt to his warmed voice. His fingers dipped into her stretched core and his hand swept over her mound before he entered her fully with one dynamic push.

The scream of pleasure was music to him as Angel pulled his body back to watch his cock move swiftly in and out of her body. Climatic rain made his erection shine and the vision of his flesh stained slightly red from her blood brought a snarl from the back of his throat. His body became harder, his thrusts more powerful and his control finally crashed down.

Burying her face into his pillow Cordelia muffled her screams as the vampire took her closer and closer to the precipice of another climax. Her hands clawed his sheets, water was squeezed from her shut eyes as her body became his to own. A hand brought her face away from the pillow as Angel pulled her back to his chest, continuing to penetrate her with wicked sexuality.

All he needed was one little drop, one simple taste of her orgasm drugged blood would make his world stop spinning, it would bring him home. Angel yanked her head a little roughly to one side, baring her neck to see the hammering pulse of her jugular.



“Arrggh!” the sharp prick in her skin caused Cordelia to flinch momentarily before relaxing and let the strong, oceanic currant of orgasm wash her away. Her body quaked and she came apart in his arms, her hand reached back to pull his head closer to her neck as the pain became intense pleasure as he drank straight from the heart of her. She rocked back and forth on his cock, riding the surf until he could bring her back.

Angel felt everything happen in slow motion, his tongue was bathed in orgasm-rich blood; liquid fire coated his erection and thighs as he felt her open up completely. It wasn’t the blood that set him off; it was the last whispered words in his ear before she fell silent.

“I love you, Angel. I love you”

His hands gripped her hips, leaving finger-shaped bruises in her soft skin as feral bursts of ejaculate soothed her over-heated core. Once, twice, three times he felt the pressure in his balls leave his body, the high it left him was delicious and he was getting light headed.

It felt like it was over all too soon and Angel cushioned her fall to the bed, his arm and shoulder seemed to make a better pillow for her and he agreed. Cordelia whimpered as his softened sex slipped from her well-explored body and she flopped back into the solid wall of his chest, sated.

“Oh” what was she supposed to do and say now? All she could think of was “Oh!”

“Oh is right babe… Oh!”

“You okay?” Angel purred, nuzzling the damp skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Hurt you? She damn near squeezed my cock off and you’re asking if she’s hurt?! Okay, so it’s not like I’m complaining but you could still be a little sensitive to my body’s feelings”

“Hmm?” came her sleepy response as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

“I asked… Never mind sweetheart, go to sleep”

“Tell her, be a fucking man for once in your souly existence and tell her or she will leave”

“Cordelia… I love you, too”

“Sniff, eyeroll, wipes eyes. That is so sweet… Wanna call the emergency dentist? I think my rear molar needs help”

“Mmm good, now shut up I’m tired”

Angel curled his body around hers, bringing her chin up a little so he could rest his chin against the top of her head. His hands smoothed down her lithe body, fingertips tracing soothing patterns on her skin. He listened as her heart rate returned to normal, slowing down with the pull of sleep, he watched as her breathing evened out and she curled totally into him.


Before the whispered word had finished being spoken, Angel had fell asleep, snoring softly.

“Great, fucking great. I bet I’m the only damn demon with a soul that snores and I just bet he’s gonna blame it on me… I get the blame for everything. I’m not such a bad fella once you get to know me…”

The End


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