I Need You

Title: I Need You
Author: Scorchy
Posted: Sep 22 2003
Rating: PG-13 for language
Category: Humour
Content: C/A
Summary: Inspired by my own crisis yesterday!!
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO & Cal’s place
Thanks/Dedication:Thank you Anthony for giving me the inspiration to write this. You ruined my night and you didn’t even say you liked my outfit so thank you so much and I hope your blindness gets cured! That’s all.

She carefully drew the line around her lips, taking as much time as possible to get it perfect. Filling in the line with the matching lipstick, Cherry Crush by Revlon, the natural hue of her lips slowly became a deep, rich pink-red that increased her pout. Her almond shaped eyes were coated with a burgundy, glittery eyeshadow that sparkled gold in the light and the apples of her cheeks were dusted with a shimmering bronzing powder bringing out her tan.

Eyelashes, thick, curly and long with the use of a metallic gun-metal black mascara from Mister Mascara and had cost a bundle. The mid-thigh length dress, a matching gun-metal black, strapless and held up by willpower alone encased her toned body and clung to it like a second skin. Gorgeous black, strappy sandals decorated her small feet with ties cris-crossing up her bare, long and tanned legs to finish half way up her calves.

Her hair in unruly waves of chestnut silk fell around her shoulders and down her back, touching her waist. She looked stunning and she knew it.

Tonight was the first night in ages that she had the chance to go out and show herself off to the public of Los Angeles. Maybe even score a date with a cute, young man perhaps.

“Not that Angel ever notices” Cordelia snarked to her reflection as she set her lipstick down on her vanity table. “He wouldn’t notice me if I bit him on his fat ass! So, I’m going out tonight and I’m going to let my hair down and have some good, old fashioned girls night with Laura. You remember Laura, right, Dennis? She’s the one who would throw a guy down and have his pants off before he could scream for help!”

Dennis tinkled the little glass bells in response.

“Oh yeah!” she grinned brightly at her reflection “I look good… No scratch that, I look way hot. Tsst! This girl is hot!” she hissed and touched her shoulder in a show of extreme arrogance.

Dennis would have loved to be able to roll his eyes.

“Tonight, I’m gonna forget all about a certain stupid, blind vampire and go completely wild”

Dennis got worried.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Oh no” Cordelia griped as her grin faded to an expression of horror, she just knew who that would be and she refused to answer. “No way, this is the first time in ages and I’m not working. I don’t care what he offers me”

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Dennis, turn up the music and make it loud will ya?” music began to pour out of her stereo. Dennis, being the sweet ghostly room mate he was, changed the station to a one which was playing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper.

“Hell Yeah, just bring on the fun!” Cordelia squealed excitedly and looked at her watch, just ten more minutes and she would have to order a cab to go meet Laura. “Good choice Den my man!”

He hated that nickname and he hated it when she got into one of these moods. Girls these days were uncontrollable when they got like this and she was a ringleader in this kind of behaviour! That dress seemed more like a belt than anything else.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“AARRGGHH! He’s just going to keep on ringing isn’t he?” Cordelia screeched in annoyance. “Dennis just gimme the damn phone. Ok Cor, be firm and stand your ground. You are not going into work because you want to go out. See easy…!”

“Cordy you there?” Angel asked down the phone when he heard the answering click.

“Yes I’m here, what do you want?” she asked in reply as she began to feel the dread sinking in and taking over her really funky mood.

“I was wondering what you were doing tonight” the vampire mused down the phone in a light, sweet voice that made her sigh secretly.

Maybe he’s going to ask me out! Maybe he wants to go for a drink or two followed by some serious durty dancing and then going back to the hotel for some…! “Um I was going out actually” Cordelia fanned her face as she spoke to her hunky boss. “I’m meeting Laura in about twenty minutes. Why?”

“Oh no reason, I just wanted to know if you were busy that’s all…” Angel’s voice drifted off, the light and breezy tone was replaced by a more saddened one and she could hear the tiny, on purpose sigh he made.

“You called for a reason Angel, what is it?” Cordelia insisted, knowing what it would be and getting ready to give in to his request.

“I-I” here comes the stuttering “I was just wondering if you could come to the hotel tonight that’s all. But if you’re going out…” his voice again drifting off and leaving the rest of his statement unsaid, not that he needed to say the rest of course.

With a large sigh of her own, Cordelia decided not to give in and proceded to tell him she was not going into work tonight. “I’ve already made arrangements with Laura, I can’t let her down because it’s been ages since we’ve gone out together on a real girls’ night”

“Oh that’s okay, no big” he sighed “It’s just that, well, I need you Cordy. I mean really need you tonight”

Breath hitching, heart stopping and stomach suddenly becoming a sanctuary for the world’s population of butterflies, Cordelia’s expression became dreamy as she started to twirl strands of her hair around her fingers. “If you need me then I can cancel with Laura” a plan started to form in her mind. “Just gimme ten minutes to call her and say I won’t make it”

“A-are you sure? I’m not ruining your night out am I?” Angel asked with the right amount of childish hope in his voice. “Because if I am…”

God, she was so damned weak when it came to her delicious, hunky and totally hot boss and it made her seeth with fury at herself.

“No you’re not ruining my night out Angel. I can do this anytime” if he needed her then she’d be there for him!


“I’m here Angel!” Cordelia hollered as she entered the Hyperion, she had kept her dress on and dotted strawberry perfume oil all over herself knowing he liked that! If this little get-up didn’t attract his attention then nothing would!

“Great!” Angel called back as he came out of the office followed by Wesley and Gunn. All three men were dressed to the nines in shirts, pressed pants and shiny shoes! “I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show” he said as he approached her, totally oblivious to her outfit.

“What do you mean?” Cordelia was highly confused, if he needed her then why was he dressed like he was… “You’re going out?”

“Yeah, us fellas need a night to ourselves” Angel told her, keeping the smile off his face. “Connor’s asleep and I’ve put everything you need in one, little space so you don’t have to search for anything. Also, I’ve given you my cell so you can take any business calls we might have”

Her jaw dropped and she couldn’t seem to stop blinking.

“Angel, the cab will be here shortly” Wesley stated as he and Gunn left the hotel, smirking to each other both silently congratulating the vampire’s smooth talking.

“Thanks for doing this for me Cordy, it means a lot to me that you were willing to give up your night out to babysit for me. I really needed you tonight and you haven’t let me down” the vampire told her in all sincerity. “I won’t be back late. See ya” he had to keep himself from running from the fury in her eyes. He was going to pay and he knew it!

“That bastard!” Cordelia fumed to the empty lobby as she stood there in a tiny scrap of a dress, horrid heels and a full make-up job and he hadn’t even noticed. “That rotten, smooth talking, egotistical asshole!”


It was around 12 when Angel got back from the bar, creeping stealthily into his bedroom where he figured Cordy would be. He felt guilty about using her like this but it had been a bet between him, Wesley and Gunn. The bet being he couldn’t talk Cordy around his little finger for a change and he’d won with flying colours!

It had taken everything in him not to throw Gunn and Wesley out on their asses while he dragged her to his bed. When he saw her in that dress, wearing those heels and looking that, he had felt his still heart beat.

Now, he was looking at her asleep in his bed with Connor laying quietly awake next to her and gurgling happily to himself, Angel felt his heart beat again. Going over to his bed and the woman he loved, the vampire took off his shoes and lay down next to her.

“When will you ever learn hmm?” he asked her quietly as he folded his arms around her. “You don’t need anything to get me to notice you, I love you for who you are. Though when you look like you did tonight, it helps! I’ll make it up to you with dinner tomorrow night!”

“I’m holding you to that you asshole but don’t think you’re getting away with this little trick that easily!”

“I love you!”

“Mmm… okay, you’re forgiven!”



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